Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Recently, I was thinking of what area of life to channel this wonderful piece of Idea (My Beloved Blog) towards, I thought to make it a Gossip Blog, but in as much as I love to write, gossip has never been my thing (plus Na woman wahala/ Job be that), I thought to make it a Tech site, but that would crumble in weeks as I was sure to run out of ideas. Well out of the deep blue confusion I was swimming in, came an Old Idea which had been on my mind for quite a while in the past. It seemed to just re-appear out of the blues like the way spirits appear in Nigerian Movies. lol

“Let’s make it an inspirational blog”
That was my IdeaI Almost started shouting “Eureka, Eureka” like old uncle Einstein my great, great, great grand uncle did (Do not blame me nah, Success has brothers in the strangest places)
Well Still on the matter, I aim at making it a place to share growing up issues between you and me, a place where you can read about every aspect of growing up life and a place where you would meet people with blessed like minds like you. To this effect, the name Young and Confused has been introduced.
Over the years growing up taught me a lot of things which I wish I didn’t have to wait for experience to teach me but unfortunately I had to. My aim is to make this Blog encircle around things that are related with growing up from the Early teenage life to the early age of Youth life, things only very few parents or Friends would discuss with you.
Stay tuned and touch the Mouse not lol.

Friday, 19 July 2013


In life I have heard tales of people go on, and on, and on, complaining about what they do not have, what they do not like, what they do not enjoy being done to them and all. (I must say that sometimes it becomes a burden even listening to them). The truth is that Complaining is one of the easiest things to do, because just any one can complain. Anyone can complain about the life he/she does not have, or about things they hate. But very few people look for the possible good in the midst of the so called “problems”. We all want to have better Jobs, finer girlfriends/ Boyfriends, bigger houses and even some of us worry about minute things like digital devices. I once heard a young man say oh! I am tired of this Java phone I want an Android! Absurd it seems but that’s Life.  Life is a mystery. The level of want is as deep as Hell itself, it never gets satisfied. Man just wants and wants and wants. Why don’t we just stop for a while and think of a way to actually appreciate the moment? Do you notice that what you complain about you actually stop enjoying? Do you notice how much complaining drains your Energy and makes you feel like a dying Rose? I don’t think anyone wants to be inefficient or drained, so I have a simple solution to your problem!  


Appreciate here and now, as against complain, be thankful to GOD for what you have and even what you do not have”


I tried to do so once in my life and the turnaround was fantastic. I started to add weight as an end result ;-) . I began smiling more and in turn Life in General became more perfect.


My little nuggets for all of us with which I will end today’s Heart of Gold session is:


“The man who wants more, must strive harder than the others who like wisely want more, but first must appreciate that which he has and where he is”


F.N: I do not believe in the thoughts of people who say that Diabolic means hamper their success. I mean, he who works hard, GOD will bless and he whom GOD blesses the devil cannot stop.


Now as you start the weekend, let’s try to make it a point of duty to become better, work harder and enjoy NOW in our life as this is all we have. Go out, have fun, club, hang-out with friends, throw a party, go see your parents etc but no matter what, DO NOT COMPLAIN


Thursday, 18 July 2013


So officially, let me use this great opportunity to welcome you to JdB's Blog. It is without DoubT going to be a wonderful life time with You and me Together! :-)
So what better way is there to start a Project than With GOD? "So therefore" as my Lecturers back in my University days would say while solving Engineering Maths: my first Post is going to be about an upcoming Christian Event... ;-)
The Creative Thinkers (A set of focused, Devoted,  Blessed, and life impacting youths) Present a Life Changing Seminar Tagged:
DATE: July 19 2013
VENUE: R.C.C.G Grace Assembly: No. 1 Dipe Olu street opposite Airport Hotel, behind Tanterlizers, Allen Ikeja, Lagos.
TIME: 10 A.M (No African time oh!!! :-o )
Guest Speakers Include: Mrs. Love Oyedepo Ogah (Sure that you recognise the surname), Pastor Ubong Ntia (The Registrar of Covenant University) as well as Pastor Nkem Chima (Senior Pastor of Pennacle Teens Lagos)
It promises to be a life changing event, plus there is gonna be Lots to Eat and Drink, so hey! You stand nothing to loose, rather than gain a greater Future.
Be there oh!