Friday, 15 November 2013


3 days ago was my Birthday(12th November) and so I am still in a bit of a "BIRTHDAY MOOD" **Shines teeth. Today my heart is drawn to share with you what i tag a "Faulty Thought process", one that i think should be re-adjusted amongst this great Generation of youths named You and I.

Growing up as a child, I vividly remember my Teachers asking our Primary 2 class WHAT we wanted to be when we grew older. With so much enthusiasm that could be felt in the class as much as the Harmattan cold, I would hear responses like: Aunty I wanna be a Pilot, I wanna be a Doctor, I wanna be a Teacher et al.... Our teachers back then would smile and tell us how we could truely be all we wanted to be#kudostothem. I remember how many times I promised my mother I would buy her a Limousine from my huge returns as an Engineer. heheheh #smallmindBigdrerams. To us back then, life was just plain simple; Go to school, graduate, build a big house, get married have loads of kids and live hapily ever after.

But age has proven me wrong, and to an extent has proven my numerous child Life teachers and guardians wrong cause now I know better. Life is not about "What we are" The Job, the Title we bear, the Degree we attained upon graduation, the course we studied(y) et al, its about "WHO WE ARE". In a world containing Billions of people, we have millions of Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers etc that are Broke failures. Why? Aren't they working hard enough? Figured that its simply because they focused on their fancy artificial Profession and not their original God given Personality. If we would only sit down and ask ourselves as youths who we want to be in the nearest future, we would have a clearer vision.

I heard something this week that had me thinking, it said:

"Greatness is achieved simply by setting a goal and being willing to die for that goal"

What better way is there for us to set a goal than to draw a picture of Who we want to be and not write numerous application letters for What we want to be.

Please dont get me wrong, Profession is very important!!! But permit me to state that it is our personality that drives our success in our chosen Profession. So if you set out to be the best Engineer, Computer Scientist, Business man, Doctor or Lawyer, it is the "Who you are" that drives the "What you do"...

Finaly, please Always remember that you can be whatever you want to be with a great Education, and a great Job, but you can also succeed without it as it is your personality that produces results, success, fame, Money etc and not your Proffession.

Thank you so much for your time, and please remember that "You are the Best there is..." #JdB