Tuesday, 31 December 2013




Its the last day of the year 2013, and firstly I will like to share my joy with you guys. Yesterday 30/12/13, I won the award as the "Most inspiring reader" on what I like to call my mother blog: www.janylbenylshares.com. Ms JB was the one who fueled my interest to write and put my thoughts out in the open via blogging cause she made it look so easy. Kindly check out the link above for my award. :-D

This is a preety awesome feeling for me and it has made me realise that as youths we shouldn't pursue just success, but rather we should chase after fulfillment and that way, we can have  success and a whole lot more.

As we close the doors of 2013, and enter into 2014, I urge you to set targets and resolutions for yourself not because you want to be successful at the end of 2014, but cause you want to be fulfilled. I advice that we set targets that as at December 2014, their attainment would bring not just wealth and comfort but inner peace, joy and happiness.

As young people, our dreams are quite similar, be very Rich, live very well, have a great family and die at a ripe old age. Some of us even adopt the "happily ever after" line of thought, But these award has got me thinking about what is important at the end, success or fulfillment?. Cause one can be successful without being fulfiled, but one who is fulfilled will definitely be successful. Which would be better at the end of our lives; to die knowing we were successful with lots of material wealth to show, or to die knowing that we fulfilled that which we most longed for?

Happy last day of 2013, see you in 2014.


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