Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Blackman was taken in chains across the seas, they were sold by their very own brothers in exchange for pearls, mirrors and cash. The white man of old came to Africa for one thing, and one thing alone: TO TRADE. With them came their Religion, their Fashion and their Culture. Many of them became so used to our wonderfully blessed continent that they made it home, refusing to return to the "illusioned Heaven" from where they came. South Africa was not unlike other Africa Nations where this happened. They like others were colonised for years by our brothers from across the seas and when the time came, they fought for and got independence. But I guess they were never really free just afterwards, as Years after independence the whites still controlled a major part of their affairs, subjugating the blacks to the minority. Imagine, the white man attempted to make the Black mans hell their heaven. Ironical.
I am sure that many youths of then had settled it as their fate to be minority, to be second best, to be less than equal, to be looked at as less than Human,  and to be second in a line of only 2. But one young man chose to stay determined and look his fears in the eye. He determined that it was better to die than to live another day in that death and so he made his choice. He chose to stand against the inequality caused as a result of racial discrimination, he decided to stand against the apartheid culture, he refused to be silenced by Money and riches, nor be bullied by the walls of  a 4x4 cell and the brutality served to him by the Zombie police men of then (who I am sure must have consisted of both the Blacks and whites), he chose to live his foot print on the sands of time and make a dent on the Universe. That Young man was Nelson Mandela, who at the apex of his youth (while most of his peers slept around with various women and enjoyed the best of a second best lifestyle) stood against injustice and inequality.
One of the most striking aspects of his life was the ability to accept his fate at all times. As whether it was when he was unjustly sentenced to Life imprisonment, or when he lost his Son to the dreaded HIV/AIDS Virus, he never let any of this change the course of his decision, but like the rudder of a ship, it rather made him fight more, it fuelled his dream to achieve more and it propelled his hopes to aim for more goals.
As we Honour Nelson Mandela in this week, I kindly advice that we learn from this epitome of greatness to use our youth well, cause even the Holy book advises that we use it well now, cause someday it will wear off, and then we will be feeble just as the Late Nelson Mandela was during the last years of his Life. His fights for emancipation from the slavery of the mind which later led to him being democratically elected the President of South Africa were fought for, struggled and won at the times of his youth.
Today 12/12/13 marks a week since Madiba left the Earth, and so permit me to end this post with a question: If you are to be great tomorrow, are you living right today? and if tomorrow were a gift, are you willing to pay your today in return for tomorrow?
Rest in the Peace of the Lord Nelson "Madiba" Mandela... you died  a true hero, and not just as a veteran of the war of the mind, but as a Victorious Warrior personified.

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