Wednesday, 29 January 2014




Hello great young mind, I hope your week is going preety well? In the light of the Valentine season almost upon us, "I say make me sef form Lover boy small **shinesteeth" thus when I got the inspiration of this great Topic, I decided not to hold back, but to share my perspective with you awesome people and the world. Kindly permit me to first appreciate you for the 7 minutes you are investing in reading this post.

So is there an age too young to be in Love?

So many peple  today are of the idea that one must be a 20'something to be in love, while many argue that one must be at least an undergraduate to be in love with their line of argument being that it is only at these ages one would have fully attained maturity enough to handle love, her virtues and her vices. So travelling down memory lane a bit, do you remember how old you were when you first fell in Love? When you first felt that icy chilling feeling on your spine by the mere sight of the lady (guy), when you had to compose and change your "walking step" cause you saw her (him) at a distance, when you had to co-ordinate yourself the most at Sunday service cause she (he) was sitting just a row behind you, or when you dressed your best for friday Juma'at prayers so you look good when you see him or her. Truth be told most people actually fall in love at a very young, age and statistics show that this ussually happens between the ages of 15-17. 

From my perspective, Love is a beautiful thing, and age is but a number like Chinay says (dont ask who Chinay is J) and Thinking about it, Children show the most sincerity of emotions as against matured people, as when we were children, the feeling of Love towards our friends, parents and siblings was not restricted to personal gains, love or sex, but genuinenss of intention, compassion and emotion. I remember my first love, I was so "Drunk in Love" with her, that I remember telling my Mum that I wanted to get married! Funny enough I was just 15. Mmmeeehhhnnn you needed to see preaching mama gave me **Shinesteeth. Falling in Love is like the ocean, and it has no age limit, plus its beauty lies in the moment and not the age, in that present time when both parties are together, and not in the future, nor past. So be you 15(like I was) or 32, when the love bug bites you, it makes you a child again, and no matter how old you really are, it brings out that meekness and baby like feeling in you.... So i guess no matter our age, we are all always gonna be kids in the eyes of Love.


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Friday, 24 January 2014



Hey Great Young mind, how you dey???  From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you a wonderful T.G.I.F and a splendid weekend in advance.  I am sure we all have prepared our plans for the weekend like having a gehn gehn dinner with that Babe we have been toasting for so long ;-) , hanging out at the beach with our Lovers, going clubing with Friends, etc all in line with enjoying the fun of being young, and basking in the soon to end exurberance of youthhood. Being young is amazing, and must be one of the best times of ones life cause we have all the time, vigour, strength, raging hormones, enthusiastic spirit and in summary We are just full of life, so make sure you always have fun cause hey Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once).

But...... Have You ever stopped to think about who you spend all of your Youthful time and energy with? Are we really spending all the time of our Youth with the right people? Have You ever thought to realise that we are here, and we are who we are cause 2 people made a decision to produce us in their own times of Youth (when their own hormones too were boiling  ;-) )? Yes I am refereing to our parents. Many of us (me inclusive) have come to a point in our lives where we never appreciate that we have parents that toiled to get us to where we are, and so when we get that salary, we spend it on expensive gadgets, Jewelry and on TGIF'ing with our padi's and Lovers while we neglect the 2 people who are actually supposed to matter the most to us in this world. Many of us even believe that hanging out with our parents is TOTALLY uncool. Well think about it...

When last did you hang out with your Dad except for those few minutes in the sitting rom when you guys had to sit and discuss family issues? When last did you sit and watch the English Derby and enjoy a can of chilled beer with him? When last did you take your mum to the salon and hang out with her, discussing and laughing about memories with her while in the blow drier just like you guys did while you were still 16? When last did you take your parents to the beach to enjoy the toils they have gone through for you, or take them some place that makes them feel young again? Cause the sincere truth is that as we grow older, so do they. Many believe that providing for all their material and financial needs is all that matters, and so we hide under the auspices of "I am busy", "Work is hectic", "I dont have time" "School is crazy" etc whereas we have more than enough time to hangout with our Lovers for long hours on the weekend.
My Elder sister once told me something(those days when when my head still dey hurt): she said "Appreciate your parents while they are still here, cause as you grow older, they also grow older and we dont know how long more we will have them"  As much as we all reject them leaving us, they will do so someday, and no one but GOD almighty knows when, so letting them know you love them while they are still here no be crime!
So its the weekend, but lets try make this one special for that Dad who starved to send us through the Best/Worst University (he starved non-theless **shinesteeth) and that Mother who had the option of killing us after conception, but loved us enough to carry us everywhere for 9 months and then didnt give up on us in the Labour room but spent all her Energy pushing us out to let us enjoy this great world. Please note that its never about the value of MONEY we spend on them, but about the value of the TIME we spend with them.
Have a pleaseant weekend Young one. TGIF Bebe :-p ...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014



Its amazing how many of us youths see this nation. Our nation, Our Nigeria. A land flowing with not just milk and (H)oney, but also with milk and (M)oney, the Giant of Africa, the Juganut of the Black man. Please permit me to share my experience with you. Having that I am yet to buy my 2040 Range Rover Sports vehicle exclusively made for JdB, and that I am a Lagos brought up and based young mind, I have to enjoy the pain and amusement of boarding the public transport from home to work every day. On very few occasions, I have been previledged to witness the hustling young Nigerians  who stand up in these transit busses A.K.A "Danfos" say a short prayer, and then start to sell their almighty Tablets or Syrups. To me these tablets are Miracle personified (if they ever work) cause one single doze is claimed to be capable of healing Leprosy, eliminating Fibroid, increasing Libido, exterminating malria, vapourizing H.I.V, making the blind see, making the lame work and at the same time stoping mouth odour as well as deworming a person J. Everytime I come in contact with these people, I never  fail to wear a smile on my face. A smile usually not born out of Mockery, but one which sometimes makes me understand that the Nigerian youths are/ must be one of the most enthiusiatic and hardworking people on planet earth. 
Having that I have never crossed the boarder of Naija, from my interaction with the small Shengee, Yankee and Jando family and friends I have, I come to doubt that there is any nation with its youths so willing to go the extra mile, and as far as bending an "Evident Lie" to become "True" just to extort money from some gullible few. I dont believe that there are youths capable of selling books about becoming rich in 4 days, when all we have in our accounts is that 1000 naira which the ATM wont let us take. I hillariously wonder why these book sellers dont just read these books themselves and become the millionaires they claim to be able to develop, and then i realise that its not that these books are fake, but that most of us are not willing to believe in the miracle of Knowledge. I must say that nothing drives me to become a better person more than the passion exuded by the Young hustling Generation called You and Me.
But its sad. It sadens my heart when I see in the midst of Young hustlers people who sit down, legs crossed, hands folded doing nothing. It saddens my heart when I see great minds sit and blame the Government for their woes continuosly. its sad when I see others stay aside and laugh at that young man hustling to make change by selling that Kunu he stayed all night to make (rather than commit crime)  and say the Government is to blame for both their woes and his, it saddens me when I see bright minds darkened by the shaddows of the "NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR"
It is evident and hard to deny, that many of us have come to place our inability to succeed and our unwilingness to believe and work on the Nigerian Governmemt saying things like; If the Government gave us monthly allowances, Life would be better (but how many NYSC members actually start a business from the N19,600 monthly allowance), we say if the government provided more jobs (but still most of us look at the SURE-P allowance and say the monthly pay is too small), we say if the government trained us more in Europe (But how many of us sincerely intend to ever come back if taken there). it is Ironical to state that most of the people who say these things refuse(d) to believe in Education (settling for Mediocrity in the University) but rather choose to believe in the Steve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg/and Bill Gates juju to bless them with wealth unending after dropping out. It is Ironical how many of us who say these things start a business venture and quit under 1 week due to lack of profit, whereas Cocacola in thier first year only sold 85 Bottles. It is ironical how many of us who say these things sit down in our 25k a month salary based Jobs and ping/Watsapp/ Facebook all day waiting for some miracle NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR to pave the way and make us Accidental Millionaires.

The truth is the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR is the reason why this "Nigeria" is where she is, the goverenment factor is why our Leaders do the things the way they do, simply because like many in our generation, they grew up depending on the Government for scholarships abroad, free accomodation, Government jobs etc. How many of our leaders but a countable few actually went to these foreign countries, got trained and returned willingly to better the nation that sent them there untill given a 1M a month salary? how many of our leaders actually provided a job that gave Employment to the next Generation to which they would hand over the mantle? Permit me to say that at this pace, if we our youths do not stand up and redefine this NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR, we will once again be a generation solely dependent on the government, solely dependent on oil and gas, power and Natural resources, a nation solely fuelled by complaints.
When people say Nigeria was once a great Nation, I shake my head in disbelieve, and only choose to liken Nigeria of Old to a New Toy with all her Engines and batteries fully functional, and which the owner was once kind enough to share with all his friends. Whereas the Nigeria of Today I liken to that same Toy whose Engines have now become rusty, and whose owners have decided to now only share it with the previledged few. I think its time we Young Minds look within and without and say to ourselves that "It is not just about what Nigeria can do for Us, but also about what we can do for  Nigeria"

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hey Great Young minds, whats popping? Just want to do a "quickie kinda" introduction of an awesome article I read on my Inspirational Blog of Life: Its about a Blogging/writing contest tagged the "14 FOR 14 challenge. It is a Blogging contest scheduled to run for a whole year, during which each blogger is expected to write and submit one article every month for 12 months, as well as publish 1 introductory and 1 concluding post for the challenge through the year 2014. kindly read more about it here
To us at Young and Confused, its a win-win sorta thing hence our reason for joining the chalenge. Plus it will also bring more purpose and flair to our blog, plus having that writing is basically about thrilling you awesome readers, we promise to make it worth your while. I am gonna try my best to win, as i hear the winner gets a pretty nice gift at the end(hoping its a candle light dinner with the girl of my dreams oh) ;-)
Will be sharing a couple of life stories if i am accepted into the contest, so kindly stay tuned and please use your conscience to read the posts oh ;-D . Finally, having that every writer/Blogger has to choose a Theme, permit me to allign my theme for this contest with the reason this blog was started in the first place. So the Theme will be: Growing Up.
I hope you great readers stick to the appointment/14 dates/14 hangouts through the year, as  I promise to make it worth your every second.
God Bless.



Tuesday, 7 January 2014


A happy new year once again Young great mind , I am thankful to GOD that we made it here and definitely we will get there(na you know where be your own there oh :-) ). Its amazing to think that the 7th day of January is here already, this is a clear indication that January is already sprinting its way out.

With the Joy of every new year comes the thrill of Fireworks, new clothing, lots of food :-D and most especially the highly placed hurdle of setting and choosing the goals and resolutions for the New Year . Many are "graciously blessed" with the ability to stick to their resolutions for 365 days and even more years to come, but for the rest of us (me inclusive) whose resolutions last only the first 7 days of the year I say "come on guys, we seriously need to step up our game in 2014". Heheh

I bet we all have set our resolutions for 2014, no more drinking, no more clubbing, deciding to stick to one girlfriend through the year (for us guys), to save more and spend less, etc. But my question for your great mind this morning is: HAVE YOU SET YOUR GOALS FOR 2014? What are they? what do you aim to get this year? what do you aim to achieve? Are they simple goals which you are sure that you can achieve come December 2014? Or are they tough goals which upon writing them down, you only but wondered the possibility of them being a reality, but just still wrote it out as a form of FAITH AT WORK?

Allow me to share with you something very disturbing I read in this first 7 days of January. It was the  status update on a contacts profile on one of my Networks and it read thus: “What life don’t offer you, assume you don’t merit it”. Silently I kept reciting these words in my head over and over again as I pondered on them. However, they seemed to trouble me even the more as I thought on them. Did I not merit that Playstation 4 in 2013, I asked myself. Did you not merit to get married to that girl/man of your dreams in 2013? Did you not merit that high class UK Admission in 2013? Did you not merit to have that minimum balance of 500k in 2013?These just kept resounding in my head and it took quite an effort to shake of these thoughts. The truth is that Of course we "merited" them. We are sons and Daughters of GOD and hence we merit all good things, because the bible tells us that he (Christ) became poor that we might become rich. Maybe we did not work hard enough for them, or plan properly to achieve them or give our time enough for them, or maybe they were never meant for us but we as sure as the Nigerian HARMATTAN merited them.

 So come this 2014, I want to encourage you to set goals that have no limitation, nor boarders. To Think as big as you can and as vast as the universe, cause I have come to understand that if we dedicate our lives to a goal, an idea, or a purpose, the probability of failing at that venture are close to zero. So in all the goals you set in 2014, I encourage you to, believe you can achieve them. Believe in you, believe in your goals and believe in GOD. Choose not to believe in the words of others, cause their words don’t have to become your reality. I can state how many times I have totally not done something I wanted to do (achieve a goal) simply because I chose to discuss it with people who would tell me it can’t be done even before I can finish describing the idea to them. In 2014, I want you to set out without both the fear of Failure (what if things don’t work out) nor the fear of success (what if things work out and I can’t handle them) and go for that goal in your mind.

Also kindly endeavour to ALWAYS WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS AND REVIEW THEM FROM TIME TO TIME IN THIS YEAR, as there is a higher tendency for us to achieve goals and targets that we write down, than those stored in our "Einstein brains". Dunno the supernatural power behind this oh, but it works for me always. Try it out and thank me later. :-)
 In 2014, breakout, reach-out, Fear less and be the best you can be.

Lemme end this post by requoting our "Quote of contention": Whatever life doesn’t offer you, go out and get it from her, cause you can have whatever you want and more. It might not be easy, but its possible.