Friday, 24 January 2014



Hey Great Young mind, how you dey???  From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you a wonderful T.G.I.F and a splendid weekend in advance.  I am sure we all have prepared our plans for the weekend like having a gehn gehn dinner with that Babe we have been toasting for so long ;-) , hanging out at the beach with our Lovers, going clubing with Friends, etc all in line with enjoying the fun of being young, and basking in the soon to end exurberance of youthhood. Being young is amazing, and must be one of the best times of ones life cause we have all the time, vigour, strength, raging hormones, enthusiastic spirit and in summary We are just full of life, so make sure you always have fun cause hey Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once).

But...... Have You ever stopped to think about who you spend all of your Youthful time and energy with? Are we really spending all the time of our Youth with the right people? Have You ever thought to realise that we are here, and we are who we are cause 2 people made a decision to produce us in their own times of Youth (when their own hormones too were boiling  ;-) )? Yes I am refereing to our parents. Many of us (me inclusive) have come to a point in our lives where we never appreciate that we have parents that toiled to get us to where we are, and so when we get that salary, we spend it on expensive gadgets, Jewelry and on TGIF'ing with our padi's and Lovers while we neglect the 2 people who are actually supposed to matter the most to us in this world. Many of us even believe that hanging out with our parents is TOTALLY uncool. Well think about it...

When last did you hang out with your Dad except for those few minutes in the sitting rom when you guys had to sit and discuss family issues? When last did you sit and watch the English Derby and enjoy a can of chilled beer with him? When last did you take your mum to the salon and hang out with her, discussing and laughing about memories with her while in the blow drier just like you guys did while you were still 16? When last did you take your parents to the beach to enjoy the toils they have gone through for you, or take them some place that makes them feel young again? Cause the sincere truth is that as we grow older, so do they. Many believe that providing for all their material and financial needs is all that matters, and so we hide under the auspices of "I am busy", "Work is hectic", "I dont have time" "School is crazy" etc whereas we have more than enough time to hangout with our Lovers for long hours on the weekend.
My Elder sister once told me something(those days when when my head still dey hurt): she said "Appreciate your parents while they are still here, cause as you grow older, they also grow older and we dont know how long more we will have them"  As much as we all reject them leaving us, they will do so someday, and no one but GOD almighty knows when, so letting them know you love them while they are still here no be crime!
So its the weekend, but lets try make this one special for that Dad who starved to send us through the Best/Worst University (he starved non-theless **shinesteeth) and that Mother who had the option of killing us after conception, but loved us enough to carry us everywhere for 9 months and then didnt give up on us in the Labour room but spent all her Energy pushing us out to let us enjoy this great world. Please note that its never about the value of MONEY we spend on them, but about the value of the TIME we spend with them.
Have a pleaseant weekend Young one. TGIF Bebe :-p ...

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