Tuesday, 21 January 2014



Its amazing how many of us youths see this nation. Our nation, Our Nigeria. A land flowing with not just milk and (H)oney, but also with milk and (M)oney, the Giant of Africa, the Juganut of the Black man. Please permit me to share my experience with you. Having that I am yet to buy my 2040 Range Rover Sports vehicle exclusively made for JdB, and that I am a Lagos brought up and based young mind, I have to enjoy the pain and amusement of boarding the public transport from home to work every day. On very few occasions, I have been previledged to witness the hustling young Nigerians  who stand up in these transit busses A.K.A "Danfos" say a short prayer, and then start to sell their almighty Tablets or Syrups. To me these tablets are Miracle personified (if they ever work) cause one single doze is claimed to be capable of healing Leprosy, eliminating Fibroid, increasing Libido, exterminating malria, vapourizing H.I.V, making the blind see, making the lame work and at the same time stoping mouth odour as well as deworming a person J. Everytime I come in contact with these people, I never  fail to wear a smile on my face. A smile usually not born out of Mockery, but one which sometimes makes me understand that the Nigerian youths are/ must be one of the most enthiusiatic and hardworking people on planet earth. 
Having that I have never crossed the boarder of Naija, from my interaction with the small Shengee, Yankee and Jando family and friends I have, I come to doubt that there is any nation with its youths so willing to go the extra mile, and as far as bending an "Evident Lie" to become "True" just to extort money from some gullible few. I dont believe that there are youths capable of selling books about becoming rich in 4 days, when all we have in our accounts is that 1000 naira which the ATM wont let us take. I hillariously wonder why these book sellers dont just read these books themselves and become the millionaires they claim to be able to develop, and then i realise that its not that these books are fake, but that most of us are not willing to believe in the miracle of Knowledge. I must say that nothing drives me to become a better person more than the passion exuded by the Young hustling Generation called You and Me.
But its sad. It sadens my heart when I see in the midst of Young hustlers people who sit down, legs crossed, hands folded doing nothing. It saddens my heart when I see great minds sit and blame the Government for their woes continuosly. its sad when I see others stay aside and laugh at that young man hustling to make change by selling that Kunu he stayed all night to make (rather than commit crime)  and say the Government is to blame for both their woes and his, it saddens me when I see bright minds darkened by the shaddows of the "NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR"
It is evident and hard to deny, that many of us have come to place our inability to succeed and our unwilingness to believe and work on the Nigerian Governmemt saying things like; If the Government gave us monthly allowances, Life would be better (but how many NYSC members actually start a business from the N19,600 monthly allowance), we say if the government provided more jobs (but still most of us look at the SURE-P allowance and say the monthly pay is too small), we say if the government trained us more in Europe (But how many of us sincerely intend to ever come back if taken there). it is Ironical to state that most of the people who say these things refuse(d) to believe in Education (settling for Mediocrity in the University) but rather choose to believe in the Steve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg/and Bill Gates juju to bless them with wealth unending after dropping out. It is Ironical how many of us who say these things start a business venture and quit under 1 week due to lack of profit, whereas Cocacola in thier first year only sold 85 Bottles. It is ironical how many of us who say these things sit down in our 25k a month salary based Jobs and ping/Watsapp/ Facebook all day waiting for some miracle NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR to pave the way and make us Accidental Millionaires.

The truth is the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR is the reason why this "Nigeria" is where she is, the goverenment factor is why our Leaders do the things the way they do, simply because like many in our generation, they grew up depending on the Government for scholarships abroad, free accomodation, Government jobs etc. How many of our leaders but a countable few actually went to these foreign countries, got trained and returned willingly to better the nation that sent them there untill given a 1M a month salary? how many of our leaders actually provided a job that gave Employment to the next Generation to which they would hand over the mantle? Permit me to say that at this pace, if we our youths do not stand up and redefine this NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FACTOR, we will once again be a generation solely dependent on the government, solely dependent on oil and gas, power and Natural resources, a nation solely fuelled by complaints.
When people say Nigeria was once a great Nation, I shake my head in disbelieve, and only choose to liken Nigeria of Old to a New Toy with all her Engines and batteries fully functional, and which the owner was once kind enough to share with all his friends. Whereas the Nigeria of Today I liken to that same Toy whose Engines have now become rusty, and whose owners have decided to now only share it with the previledged few. I think its time we Young Minds look within and without and say to ourselves that "It is not just about what Nigeria can do for Us, but also about what we can do for  Nigeria"

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