Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hey Great Young minds, whats popping? Just want to do a "quickie kinda" introduction of an awesome article I read on my Inspirational Blog of Life: Its about a Blogging/writing contest tagged the "14 FOR 14 challenge. It is a Blogging contest scheduled to run for a whole year, during which each blogger is expected to write and submit one article every month for 12 months, as well as publish 1 introductory and 1 concluding post for the challenge through the year 2014. kindly read more about it here
To us at Young and Confused, its a win-win sorta thing hence our reason for joining the chalenge. Plus it will also bring more purpose and flair to our blog, plus having that writing is basically about thrilling you awesome readers, we promise to make it worth your while. I am gonna try my best to win, as i hear the winner gets a pretty nice gift at the end(hoping its a candle light dinner with the girl of my dreams oh) ;-)
Will be sharing a couple of life stories if i am accepted into the contest, so kindly stay tuned and please use your conscience to read the posts oh ;-D . Finally, having that every writer/Blogger has to choose a Theme, permit me to allign my theme for this contest with the reason this blog was started in the first place. So the Theme will be: Growing Up.
I hope you great readers stick to the appointment/14 dates/14 hangouts through the year, as  I promise to make it worth your every second.
God Bless.



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  1. Hi Duru
    There is no accepting, you just opt in.
    This will serve as your introductory post. It is enough.
    Link it up to participate. Read more on that here

    For the rest of the posts, always title it well so we can easily categorize it
    E.g. 14 for 14 challenge: ... you can use your theme, Growing up:...
    Check out how I did mine here, my posts for this challenge will always start with 'style my way' for easy categorization. As seen here

    Where is your post for January? If you posted it already, pls rename it accordingly so we can easily identify it.
    I couldn't figure out which one was your main post to start this series from all your posts in January. I'm afraid, you should have two posts in January already dedicated solely for this challenge.