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Hello great young mind, I hope your week is going preety well? In the light of the Valentine season almost upon us, "I say make me sef form Lover boy small **shinesteeth" thus when I got the inspiration of this great Topic, I decided not to hold back, but to share my perspective with you awesome people and the world. Kindly permit me to first appreciate you for the 7 minutes you are investing in reading this post.

So is there an age too young to be in Love?

So many peple  today are of the idea that one must be a 20'something to be in love, while many argue that one must be at least an undergraduate to be in love with their line of argument being that it is only at these ages one would have fully attained maturity enough to handle love, her virtues and her vices. So travelling down memory lane a bit, do you remember how old you were when you first fell in Love? When you first felt that icy chilling feeling on your spine by the mere sight of the lady (guy), when you had to compose and change your "walking step" cause you saw her (him) at a distance, when you had to co-ordinate yourself the most at Sunday service cause she (he) was sitting just a row behind you, or when you dressed your best for friday Juma'at prayers so you look good when you see him or her. Truth be told most people actually fall in love at a very young, age and statistics show that this ussually happens between the ages of 15-17. 

From my perspective, Love is a beautiful thing, and age is but a number like Chinay says (dont ask who Chinay is J) and Thinking about it, Children show the most sincerity of emotions as against matured people, as when we were children, the feeling of Love towards our friends, parents and siblings was not restricted to personal gains, love or sex, but genuinenss of intention, compassion and emotion. I remember my first love, I was so "Drunk in Love" with her, that I remember telling my Mum that I wanted to get married! Funny enough I was just 15. Mmmeeehhhnnn you needed to see preaching mama gave me **Shinesteeth. Falling in Love is like the ocean, and it has no age limit, plus its beauty lies in the moment and not the age, in that present time when both parties are together, and not in the future, nor past. So be you 15(like I was) or 32, when the love bug bites you, it makes you a child again, and no matter how old you really are, it brings out that meekness and baby like feeling in you.... So i guess no matter our age, we are all always gonna be kids in the eyes of Love.


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  1. Oh there it is
    Really nice!
    I enjoyed reading it

    Please, can you edit this title to either 14 for 14 challenge: Too young to love or Growing Up: Too young to love?
    And whatever you choose, is what you will always use for the posts filed for the challenge.
    You'll make it easier for those hopping around to check your posts for the challenge out
    Thanks for joining in with a great piece

    1. Alright Ms JB, thanks a lot. I am glad you enjoyed it, cause this love thing do me strong thing. **shines teeth. Ehm will change the title like you said, saw the 14-14 post on your blog on the title thingy, will do that ASAP. Thank you so much, as my page views are sky rocketing already, and this is giving me more purpose to write. :-) you are the best... xx

  2. Very nice post. I remember coming home from nursery school and my aunties would tease me endlessly about a boy; Tobi in my class who I couldn't "breathe" without. So yeah Love or Puppy Love in my case has no respect for age!

    oh btw, I totally agree with JB. I was "hopping" for your first post for challenge and almost missed it.

  3. Wow, "couldn't Breathe without"" your's was preety serious oh Ms. Cee !! **smiles. Thank you for visiting, I am glad you liked it. Will edit the Title thingy ASAP for easier aceess. Thanks once again.