Tuesday, 7 January 2014


A happy new year once again Young great mind , I am thankful to GOD that we made it here and definitely we will get there(na you know where be your own there oh :-) ). Its amazing to think that the 7th day of January is here already, this is a clear indication that January is already sprinting its way out.

With the Joy of every new year comes the thrill of Fireworks, new clothing, lots of food :-D and most especially the highly placed hurdle of setting and choosing the goals and resolutions for the New Year . Many are "graciously blessed" with the ability to stick to their resolutions for 365 days and even more years to come, but for the rest of us (me inclusive) whose resolutions last only the first 7 days of the year I say "come on guys, we seriously need to step up our game in 2014". Heheh

I bet we all have set our resolutions for 2014, no more drinking, no more clubbing, deciding to stick to one girlfriend through the year (for us guys), to save more and spend less, etc. But my question for your great mind this morning is: HAVE YOU SET YOUR GOALS FOR 2014? What are they? what do you aim to get this year? what do you aim to achieve? Are they simple goals which you are sure that you can achieve come December 2014? Or are they tough goals which upon writing them down, you only but wondered the possibility of them being a reality, but just still wrote it out as a form of FAITH AT WORK?

Allow me to share with you something very disturbing I read in this first 7 days of January. It was the  status update on a contacts profile on one of my Networks and it read thus: “What life don’t offer you, assume you don’t merit it”. Silently I kept reciting these words in my head over and over again as I pondered on them. However, they seemed to trouble me even the more as I thought on them. Did I not merit that Playstation 4 in 2013, I asked myself. Did you not merit to get married to that girl/man of your dreams in 2013? Did you not merit that high class UK Admission in 2013? Did you not merit to have that minimum balance of 500k in 2013?These just kept resounding in my head and it took quite an effort to shake of these thoughts. The truth is that Of course we "merited" them. We are sons and Daughters of GOD and hence we merit all good things, because the bible tells us that he (Christ) became poor that we might become rich. Maybe we did not work hard enough for them, or plan properly to achieve them or give our time enough for them, or maybe they were never meant for us but we as sure as the Nigerian HARMATTAN merited them.

 So come this 2014, I want to encourage you to set goals that have no limitation, nor boarders. To Think as big as you can and as vast as the universe, cause I have come to understand that if we dedicate our lives to a goal, an idea, or a purpose, the probability of failing at that venture are close to zero. So in all the goals you set in 2014, I encourage you to, believe you can achieve them. Believe in you, believe in your goals and believe in GOD. Choose not to believe in the words of others, cause their words don’t have to become your reality. I can state how many times I have totally not done something I wanted to do (achieve a goal) simply because I chose to discuss it with people who would tell me it can’t be done even before I can finish describing the idea to them. In 2014, I want you to set out without both the fear of Failure (what if things don’t work out) nor the fear of success (what if things work out and I can’t handle them) and go for that goal in your mind.

Also kindly endeavour to ALWAYS WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS AND REVIEW THEM FROM TIME TO TIME IN THIS YEAR, as there is a higher tendency for us to achieve goals and targets that we write down, than those stored in our "Einstein brains". Dunno the supernatural power behind this oh, but it works for me always. Try it out and thank me later. :-)
 In 2014, breakout, reach-out, Fear less and be the best you can be.

Lemme end this post by requoting our "Quote of contention": Whatever life doesn’t offer you, go out and get it from her, cause you can have whatever you want and more. It might not be easy, but its possible.



  1. nice one. i guess i shld tryout writing the goals down as u suggested. In addition to ur great write up, i wld encourage us to split this large goal into smaller goals, then by the time we are done wt these small goals, we wld come to realize that we hav achieve d big

  2. Yes Obinna, nicely said. When we divide Big goals into small fragments, achieving them becomes a lot easier. Nice one bro. Hope you set pretty big goals yourself oh? If you can share please do. What's your biggest goal???

  3. Happy new year
    Best wishes for the year

    1. Thank you so much BLOG mother :-) I pray, fast, hope and pray again that my writen posts thus far are not disappointing? Thanks for the support, I appreciate. Happy New year to you too :-)