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Hey great Young Mind, Happy St. Valentine’s Day To You, I trust we all have grooves and big thingys planed out for today. Well I was thinking of a really great Post to put out this week, and I admit I hit the Writers Block big time, but I thank GOD for the inspiration to pull this Rabbit out of a hat.
So in the light of The St. Valentine ’s Day celebration today, I had to put up a post about love, so there came this.  On a short trip this morning, I had my self stumbling on a couple of thoughts and then I thought to Myself: Would the great Love stories which we grew up reading and knowing have been different if either of the couples were NIGRIANS? Okay lets wear our Imaginary cap a bit. Imagine if Jack of Titanic was an Igbo man, If Paris of Troy was a Hausa man, and if Romeo of France was a Yoruba man, would the love tales have been a bit different?
From my experience with the female folk (Though still little), it appears that the female folks of old and those of today all have a similar ideology I.e:  The will to Die for Love, the will to not quit on that which they want so dearly, The will to stick to their decisions and stick with the Men in their lives no matter whose Ox was/is gored, or no matter if  their Love resulted in a war. I thought to myself what if Helen, Juliet and Rose were Nigerians, would they do the same things they did? Would they try so hard to keep what they wanted? Well my answer to myself was a sincere YES, cause it seems that is just how women are SPECIALLY designed. They seem to be willing to sacrifice their all to get what they want, either positive or Negative.  Shout out to all the Ladies out there. JAs I really respect this a lot.
But then I thought to myself again, what if the men were Nigerians. in Imaginary mind, i thought to myself, What If Jack was a Black Thick Igbo Nigerian man, I am sure he would never have allowed only Rose to stay on the floating plank, while he stay in the icy cold water and Freeze to Death no matter what. In my imaginative mind, I imagine  him suggesting a “Turn by Turn” Floating Proposal and I can hear him sey to Rose “Nna Baby Rose, this water Juru oyi too much oh (is very cold) bikonu your turn have finish, abi you want me to turn to Ice fish here? Maka why nah? Let me stay small, and you stay small until flying boat show. J
 I imagine if Paris was a thick Hausa man, I am sure he would have had the full mind just as the Onyibo Paris did to  steal  Helen away from her husband. But in my imaginative mind, I imagine that when  the war broke out and he saw the size of Agamemnon’s Army he would have jejely (Quietly) returned Helen. In my mind, I can hear him say to her just after the Death of Achilles, “Wallahi Yarinya, me I am no do again oh, I suggest you carry your kaya and return back to your husband house Maza Maza.
Finally I think of the greatest Lover boy in the History of the world, my Friend: Romeo. The strong guy who was willing to drink poison cause of Love. This particular story is most dear to my heart, because it was one of the most intriguing Love stories around as I grew up, and I saw it on TV a lot. I remember how our beloved NTA 10 would dramatize the death of the 2 love birds (plus all the King James English they spoke). But in my Imaginative mind this morning, I want to imagine Romeo as a Yoruba man. I can imagine how consistent he must have been with Juliet, not choosing to break her heart, and not even let her break a nail. How he would have adored her so much. And I imagine their passing hours when they decided to drink the poison, I am sure Egbon Romeo would have been like Baby mi  Juli, shee wa sure she e fe mu kini? ( in English: Juliet Baby, are you sure you want to drink this stuff?)cause he would have ben scared of Dying.
The result of my Imaginary thinking made me ask  my self 1 last question “WOULD THINGS HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT HAD THE MEN BEING NIGERIANS?" If these great stories were played out in real time by Nigerians, would the guys have really died? My answer is a sincere NO, Because Nigerian Men that I know oh, no go gree die for Love talk less of Woman. So I can bet my everything that these stories would sure have ended differently. Plus I am sure that dying for Woman na old School now no matter the size of the Love. Heheh  **shinesteeth
Happy Valentine’s day every one, do have a blast, and Please share Love not STD’s, Conceive happiness not Babies.
Have a great celebration Great Young Mind, and thank you so much for your Time.

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