Monday, 31 March 2014

JOY Unexplainable

Hello Great Young mind, Just as we share our confusion with you guys, We decided to similarly share our Joy with you wonderful people. I will like to say a very big Thank you to T.Notes for the Huge platform he has given to the Young and Confused (YnC) Blog. You have done us such a great Honour sir, We are humbled Boss.

We are thrilled at Young and Confused this morning, as we just got featured on T. Notes Blog. heheheh as if we knew massive stuff was coming when we said we were expectant on our You are a very nice guy and I like you very much but...  post, where we stated that as YnC clocked 9 months: we were expectant of something big! heheheh Great young mind, it finally happened oh!!! Our first Blog feature popped up.

We are grateful to GOD almighty, as he is our source and Bedrock, and we are thankful to Ms. Janyl Benyl who lit the match stick that set the Bush burning.. :) 

Please Check out the YnC Feature on T.Notes Blog here

P.S: Ms Janyl Benyl once told me that: "A grateful Heart always opens doors of Opportunities" so if you are Young, if you are Confused, and if you are growing up: never look down at your dreams, but rather look up to them with enthusiasm and hope that no matter how high up they may seem, I might not be there yet, but I will get there. We sef dey do am for YnC :).

JdB’s zone appreciates every form of Acknowledgement. To all the readers: It is cause of you we write, your smile is our Joy, your success and growth our Target.  To my Dad and Siblings ( I know one of you will read this :) shhhaaa): Junior is growing up :), and to Bim; You be real Eminado plus Shooting star.. **Hugs every one! I dey feel like person wey win Grammy right about now oh! hehehe You know nah! issorait... ;-)

Thank you for the past 7 Minutes of your time (Well what can I say, 7 is my best number :) ) Happy Monday, and last day of March 2014. ooooooossssshhhheee!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Good morning great Young mind, how are things going? We trust you are having a Fab week? To all still sad that the weekend is over, mehn e tire me too oh! But sha never mind, this week too will pass, so just create an environment that will make you smile and achieve. :-) 

You recall the saying “Practice what you preach” right?  So on one of my short long trips as usual, I had time to practice think and analyze my “Wahala” self, plus reminisce on my growing up stories. I must say that it was a very Loooooonnnnngggg thinking process, cause if my life was a Seasonal movie, It would have up to Season 17 with 50 episodes in each.  So back to the matter: during my moment of reminisce,  a particular thought appealed to me so much, and I just couldn’t but feel sad as I remembered it, so I thought to share it with you Awesome great minds, cause you never might know, I might have a fellow “Crazy JdB kinda person” out there. So if you are kinda like me, this is for you.

Just like every rebellious Growing up child, I have..... 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


We are Thankful to God almighty for the Past 9 months on this Blog… If YnC were a Woman, she would be expectant of a child this month oh, and I am so ecstatic for the journey thus far (and expectant of something BIG soon). A very big Shout out to my inspirational Blog Mentor and Blog Mother Ms Janyl Benyl ( for every bit of encouragement on the Journey thus far, and Hearty congratulations on her recently beautiful and enlightening article on Bellanaija a while back, I was so thrilled to read her post there. (Hopefully I will be able to get an award soon and call your name on the stage while giving my speech Ms JB).

Alright Great Young minds, what’s popping? Trust you guys are having a Ghen-ghen Week devoid of trouble and wahala? Well to those facing challenges, just know that whatever issue or difficulty you might be going through, it will also pass, so never give up… Can I get an AMEN!!! 

I want to go a bit of the Rugged Preaching way today, cause on my short trip this morning, I got time to think and have a good laugh at myself, and thought to share my confusion thoughts with you guys. So if you are a guy reading this post, please put on your Imaginative Cap, and enter this Thought Process. Have you ever wanted a girl so muccchhh that... 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

14 FOR 14 Challenge (GROWING UP _ March)



Hello great Young Mind, how is the week turning out? Trust you guys are having Mega fun and living life to the Giga fullest as much as you can. I trust Una nah **winks. Well a couple of week ago I got into some mega trouble that involved me going MIA and AWOL cause lets say some top people got really mad at me cause I did the right thing (so incase I miss 2 consecutive posts, abeg come find me, cause i might have been hurt :-( ). It was crazy and shout out to CHINAY for being there for me (I am thinking of marrying that geh oh, but as my Mum used to say, “NONSO YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO THINK OF MARRIAGE” plus we are still undefined).

Wednesday, 5 March 2014



Hello Great Young Mind, What's the story being, and I hope you guys are doing great? So a couple of days ago, I was at one of Nigeria’s prestigious International Airports, (though I detest going there cause of the impunity with which they treat we innocent non-travellers) to pick up my wonderful relation, who was forced to return back to Naija  cause of the Putin and Ukraine wahala, and as usual nah, it got me thinking. J

While I waited for my wonderful Fam to arrive, I couldn’t but observe the environment which I found myself, as I watched people troop out of the airport. I watched as the White Folks came out shoulder high with their series of loyal Nigerian Oddleys carrying their bags for them and practically worshipping them. I watched as the Nigerian Security GATEMEN Agents in uniform kept ordering we humble waiters to go back and not block the entrance: but most especially, I watched the faces of the people.

I watched the smiles on the faces of Nigerian returnees as they trooped out of the Airport, how their skins resonated like the very sun, I saw their shoes, dresses, phones etc, and I was struck by the aura which accompanied them as they returned. It was like they were returning from Heaven I thought to myself. Similarly I watched the faces of the people like me as we stood outside of our Prestigious Nigerian Airport (as we are never granted access into the building to wait be it Rainy, sunny, Snowy, Hurricanny, Earthquaky et al). I heard and couldn't but listen to the series of discussions about Nigeria’s Failed Political system, the complains about Nigeria and the reasons why we will never be better, I saw the frustration even on the faces of the seemingly rich as all they could do was sigh in Phonetics cause of the delayed arrivals, and I saw the similar frustration on the faces of the relatively not so rich folks which was nearly triple of what the Rich showed(cause the more the delay, the harder and more expensive it would be to hire Taxi’s **smiles), I saw the cast of sadness on some faces, I can’t  deny I also saw Jealousy on some faces too oh, I saw the feeling of 2nd best(insecurities)  in some people and I wondered to myself, Am I standing at Heavens gate, or just some Airport.

Well the beauty of going to the Nigerian Airport is usually in the joy one witnesses when people see their family and friends arrive and the awaiters (like me) run to them kissing, grabbing, crying and celebrating them no matter the form of Embarrassment that others might see it as. Its usually a beautiful thing.

Finally before I left that night, I thought to myself, Are all Airports gateways to Heaven? Well, "Who no go, no Know" as they say. Well if the Nigerian International Airport is the gate way to heaven, then to me Nigeria is not yet Hell, but maybe Purgatory. Cause there is still hope that one day, the International Airport will be seen to me as not just Heavens gate, but as a Transit from Abrahams Bossom in Heaven, to some other part of Heaven.
P.S: Sorry if I don’t sound Janded, I am basically a “I Never cross Boarder before kinda person”

Happy Ash Wednesday to all the Catholic Folks in the house, Enjoy the Lenten season as it starts. Thanks for the past 7 minutes... I appreciate.