Wednesday, 12 March 2014

14 FOR 14 Challenge (GROWING UP _ March)



Hello great Young Mind, how is the week turning out? Trust you guys are having Mega fun and living life to the Giga fullest as much as you can. I trust Una nah **winks. Well a couple of week ago I got into some mega trouble that involved me going MIA and AWOL cause lets say some top people got really mad at me cause I did the right thing (so incase I miss 2 consecutive posts, abeg come find me, cause i might have been hurt :-( ). It was crazy and shout out to CHINAY for being there for me (I am thinking of marrying that geh oh, but as my Mum used to say, “NONSO YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO THINK OF MARRIAGE” plus we are still undefined).

So my experience kinda inspired this post. In the eye of the storm which I battled in the past weeks, all I kept being told by my Guardians and superiors was: How can a small Boy like you do such a thing (inconsequential that I stood for the truth oh! Can you imagine?) These words kept re-sounding in my head, and it made me understand that the world always looks at many of us as Too Young, and they do so for Too Long. Too Young to succeed, too young to fall in love, too young to fight for change, too young to stand for justice, too young to get married, too young to make a difference! But it is striking that this same World/ Environment will all of a sudden one day wake up and say; look at your mates succeeding, look at your mates getting married, look at your mates creating change (maybe on those days they just woke up on the wrong side of the Bed, cause just weeks before, we were too young to do anything). Some even believe we are too young to have big dreams. When i get hampered on the Not succesful part, I am puzzled to ask and be like but just last week I was too young and too desperate to discuss investment as an entrepreneur with you, or dream of being rich. If a mother claims her Daughter was too young to fall in love at 20, then how was she supposed to get married at 24. Was she supposed to dive into any man’s hands without proper information, experience or courtship?

Funny thing though is that it is not just our environment that looks at us as too young, but we our selves oftentimes look at ourselves as too young. Let me re-iterate that I am just 22( and i am not rich, successful or Big yet). Most of the times that I have hung out with my peers( as i rarely do) and discussed about making money, the response I hear is the “when we get there we will cross the bridge”  line. I remember a discussion I had in 3rd Year of University about what steps to take to have a Financially secured Future, I remember how that my question practically dampened the gathering cause to them it was all about living the life then, and spending their Papa’s money cause in their minds, they were Too young to think worry about the future. Even now when I ask some of my Peers about getting that Blue Chip Job: I get answers like My parents are still making contacts.

It’s funny though, that many of us who think we are too young to Invest and make money, believe we are Old enough to use brain and collect money from all our many many uncles and aunts to buy an I phone 5C, many of us who believe we are too Young to get married believe we are old enough to have sex comfortably, many of us who believe we are too young to make a change, believe that we are old enough to run Social Networks only to post pictures of living the life and post complains of how bad the Nigerian Government is, or post about how one girl or Boy broke our Heart on Twitter or Facebook. Many of us who think we are too young to Form NGO's that will touch and change lives, believe we are old enough to throw party after party.

The truth is that many of us believe that we are too Young, and sadly we believe that lie for Too long. But let’s think about it, Are we really still too young to make a change? To think about our future? To think about making a difference in our country? To Touch lives and make our Little fraction of the World a better place? Think about it, Mark Zuckerberg was just 19 when he changed the world… Still believe you are too young??? Check again, cause at the end of today, you will be 84800 seconds Older. You are never too young to achieve your Dreams cause age should determine only how long we have lived, but not how much we have achieved.

Thanks for the 7 minutes of your Time, God bless you for visiting, and may your Children not resemble your neighbor **bigsmile



  1. This was such an interesting read
    We are never too young...
    Most times it is just us allowing ourselves to find those excuses to reinforce the restrictions we've conveniently adopted for ourselves

    1. Yes Ms. JB, I guess so too. Thanks for your comments, they always give me that feeling similar to when PHCN returns power in Nigeria :) hehehe The "Up Nepa" feeling.

  2. Replies
    1. heheh Yes oh Toinlicious. Thank you for your time. :)