Monday, 31 March 2014

JOY Unexplainable

Hello Great Young mind, Just as we share our confusion with you guys, We decided to similarly share our Joy with you wonderful people. I will like to say a very big Thank you to T.Notes for the Huge platform he has given to the Young and Confused (YnC) Blog. You have done us such a great Honour sir, We are humbled Boss.

We are thrilled at Young and Confused this morning, as we just got featured on T. Notes Blog. heheheh as if we knew massive stuff was coming when we said we were expectant on our You are a very nice guy and I like you very much but...  post, where we stated that as YnC clocked 9 months: we were expectant of something big! heheheh Great young mind, it finally happened oh!!! Our first Blog feature popped up.

We are grateful to GOD almighty, as he is our source and Bedrock, and we are thankful to Ms. Janyl Benyl who lit the match stick that set the Bush burning.. :) 

Please Check out the YnC Feature on T.Notes Blog here

P.S: Ms Janyl Benyl once told me that: "A grateful Heart always opens doors of Opportunities" so if you are Young, if you are Confused, and if you are growing up: never look down at your dreams, but rather look up to them with enthusiasm and hope that no matter how high up they may seem, I might not be there yet, but I will get there. We sef dey do am for YnC :).

JdB’s zone appreciates every form of Acknowledgement. To all the readers: It is cause of you we write, your smile is our Joy, your success and growth our Target.  To my Dad and Siblings ( I know one of you will read this :) shhhaaa): Junior is growing up :), and to Bim; You be real Eminado plus Shooting star.. **Hugs every one! I dey feel like person wey win Grammy right about now oh! hehehe You know nah! issorait... ;-)

Thank you for the past 7 Minutes of your time (Well what can I say, 7 is my best number :) ) Happy Monday, and last day of March 2014. ooooooossssshhhheee!



  1. Lol.. Great post! Many more strides and landmarks by God's grace

    1. Amen 1 + The One, wish you the very best too. You do us such a great honour... I have been silently stalking your blog, and I am thrilled each time I visit. Thanks for stopping by. But you refused to join our 14 For 14 challenge though... :(

  2. Lol. You're welcome Jdb. You have a good blog, it's only proper that it gets reviewed somehow - even in my own small measure. Hope you carry on writing and giving us that good ole blogging content. Cheers to getting all the more awesome!

    1. hehehe Thanks once again T. Notes, I am humbled by your words. We hope and pray to get better.