Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Good morning great Young mind, how are things going? We trust you are having a Fab week? To all still sad that the weekend is over, mehn e tire me too oh! But sha never mind, this week too will pass, so just create an environment that will make you smile and achieve. :-) 

You recall the saying “Practice what you preach” right?  So on one of my short long trips as usual, I had time to practice think and analyze my “Wahala” self, plus reminisce on my growing up stories. I must say that it was a very Loooooonnnnngggg thinking process, cause if my life was a Seasonal movie, It would have up to Season 17 with 50 episodes in each.  So back to the matter: during my moment of reminisce,  a particular thought appealed to me so much, and I just couldn’t but feel sad as I remembered it, so I thought to share it with you Awesome great minds, cause you never might know, I might have a fellow “Crazy JdB kinda person” out there. So if you are kinda like me, this is for you.

Just like every rebellious Growing up child, I have..... 

had really Boiling arguments with my Dad, ranging from; Women, to Money, to career etc, and on one particular occasion it was about a decision(I no go talk the topic) I wanted t take which he didn’t approve of. On one of my unbecoming moments when my blood was boiling hotter than lava in a soon to erupt Volcano, I remember telling him to his face that I would be a better Father than he was. Ouch right? Yeah! Well Sad is how I feel each time I recall that crazy moment. I said this cause  I was so upset at the way his decision on the subject matter was not aligning with mine, and trust me at that moment, all I thought about was how my words made me feel better, and not how my words were crippling the receiver. :-(

You know many men, especially Family men always want to seem hard and gangster in their approach to pain and emotions, even me sef dey try do am with many of my come and go girlfriends, but recall that in the Bible, God caused Water to come out of a Rock, proving that even the “strongest” of Men do feel pain, maybe we just don’t show it much. Fast tracking to now, each time I look back at that day, the level of regret I feel is unexplainable, as I realize that the same Man I claimed to one day become better than had since I was born giving his all to make me a better person, starved so me and my siblings could have food on our tables, decided not to wear the most Gehn- Gehn of dresses not cause he could not afford to buy them, but cause he had to distribute the money into four to buy dresses for 4 small children who basically never knew the worth of money, nor appreciated his efforts(most especially me #confession). I remember how when I was young, each time I felt ill, my Dad would take his time to ensure that I got well, and even skip work. He did this not just cause I was his "Mini-him” but cause he loves us so much (as he did same for all 4 kids). If you are a Nigerian based in Nigeria, then I am guessing that you have been to the ever rowdy Balogun market. From as far back as I can remember, Dad would carry all 4 of us, and line us in a kinda parade line, and take us from store to store to buy the best Christmas clothes that we wanted (not that there was oh!) cause he always made us get what we wanted even if we had to enter every bloody store. That’s how cool my Dad is.

So this morning, my thoughts revolve around this thinking process. Many of us feel we can do so much better as parents, that we would groom perfect kids, that everything would be perfect as soon as we assume that role of parenthood. But the truth is I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy. A couple of my friends have attained the position of parenthood, and many more are quite close to that point, and trust me, the way I see it: No be small thing oh! Cause most are struggling through the process of change from being a hippy Exuberant Youth used to calling 2 great people Mother and Father, into being called Mummy and Daddy.

Think about it…

Recall that the Holy Books advices that “we should do unto others, what we would like others to do unto us”. So If we do not appreciate the parents that we have now, do we think that the kids that we will have tomorrow would appreciate us? My kind advice is that if you ever get to that point that you just want to vent your anger, feel free to do so. But do not use the harshest words on your Parents who thought you how to speak. Plus I know Parents can be veeeeerrrrryyyy annoying(X5) most times, but think about it: In most instances, our Parents are ussually right on the long run…. Lest I forget: Thank you Barr. Duru, I love you Dad cause you are the Best Dad here is… (Fathers day came in early for me I guess.:-) ).

Dear reader, thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, and do have a Fab week. Abeg give both of your parents a Hug for me oh, and tell them to come read Young and Confused (we would like to read their comments). lol... Watchout for the My Mothers version of this story.. that Woman sef suffer for my hand shaaa... I Love you so much Mum.



  1. I'm sure your dad would be so proud to read this. You were just being a child, all that matters now is that you grew up and changed to this person you are now. It would be bad if you didn't
    Don't sweat too much about the things you did as a child
    Nice read as usual :)

    1. Thank God you liked it Ms JB, I am glad. The strangest thing with growing up to me is that; we have to carry our Huge luggages of memories and Mistakes that we could have easily avoided along with us as we grow. Well I guess thats just part of the whole process.

  2. Hi JdB.

    I have included a review of your blog into my 14-for-14 challenge here:


    Let me know if i have misunderstood/misrepresented any of your blog content.

    Cheers to awesome & finer blogging years ahead.


  3. Wow! Boss I just read it, Thank you so much. I am humbled, and you have done us a great Honour Sir. Bigger you too. I always admired the professionalism and skill with which you write, and never ever ever expected to be Featured on your Blog. Thank you so much Boss, I will keep working harder to get better. GOD Go Make U Bigger.