Tuesday, 18 March 2014


We are Thankful to God almighty for the Past 9 months on this Blog… If YnC were a Woman, she would be expectant of a child this month oh, and I am so ecstatic for the journey thus far (and expectant of something BIG soon). A very big Shout out to my inspirational Blog Mentor and Blog Mother Ms Janyl Benyl ( www.janylbenylshares.com) for every bit of encouragement on the Journey thus far, and Hearty congratulations on her recently beautiful and enlightening article on Bellanaija a while back, I was so thrilled to read her post there. (Hopefully I will be able to get an award soon and call your name on the stage while giving my speech Ms JB).

Alright Great Young minds, what’s popping? Trust you guys are having a Ghen-ghen Week devoid of trouble and wahala? Well to those facing challenges, just know that whatever issue or difficulty you might be going through, it will also pass, so never give up… Can I get an AMEN!!! 

I want to go a bit of the Rugged Preaching way today, cause on my short trip this morning, I got time to think and have a good laugh at myself, and thought to share my confusion thoughts with you guys. So if you are a guy reading this post, please put on your Imaginative Cap, and enter this Thought Process. Have you ever wanted a girl so muccchhh that... 

she is all you think off, dream off, and talk of? To you she is perfect and without blemish, her skin radiates like that of a new born, her eyes are blue in your eyes (where as the real color in the eyes of others na Black oh!), her voice is like your medicine that a common “Hello” can change your bad mood, and I am tempted to say that unlike Iyanya  all you wanted was not just her waist. :-)… So have you?  And then when you summoned courage enough {after months of research on how to talk to babes, watching Toasting videos on Youtube, interrogating her friends about her likes and her hates, plus seeking advice and tips from them player player elder ones you know} you two finally get talking. To your utmost surprise the Babe is so much into you.. Not snobbish, not arrogant, laughs at your jokes, lets you hold her hand et al and infact shows you a green light (one that only you sees though). After a month of being friends with this chick, calling her for averagely 17 minutes every day, liking all her pictures on Instagram, chatting with her 24-7 on Facebook et al,  you figure it’s the right time to strike the iron and pop the Question. So after 1 month gone into the Friendship, you summon courage enough to ask her to be your girlfriend… and BOOM!! Boko-Haram strikes, and like a Balloon, the lovely friendship goes KABOOM!! cause she gives you the “You are a very nice guy and I like you very much but..…” line. 

Well trust me, I have been there so many times, and the feeling is Cryably cryable… You think for days, you wonder to yourself why not? You use your own imagination to complete the statement after the but part, and if you are still innocent like I was you sometimes cry… ;-( as you just become perplexed. Sometimes you even go on Hunger strike till the Choir of worms in your Stomach start singing for Joy… lol

Now I dey wan form love counselor this morning, but many guys like me believe that you can't stay friend with ladies you tried to date. Well trust me. That thought is very right, cause if you try to hang on you will be friend zoned, and that's not a place to ever want to be with a girl you like. Let me share my sad experience with you guys: I started pursuing woman at the age of 14, and so I was told “No” very early in my life. There was a girl whom I liked so much, let’s call her T. To me T was the immediate Younger sister to Arch-angel Michael, cause everything about her was just VERY perfect, and she practically shone like the moon (not sun oh! cause I am still beefing her inside Heheh). So long and short, she said no for 4 years and I was like the Nigerian PHCN who kept coming and going, and trying my luck year by year (sheybe we should never give up ni). I wonder how come I was too unsmart to run for my life, but I guess I was too young and Drunk in love then. Me and T still see atimes, but trust me, I have zero image in her head as i will always be that boy who never grew up.

So to all my brothers who have been told the “I like you very much,  and you are a very very very very nice guy but” line… kindly run for your pride, cause staying to hope that one day the Lady will grow to like you is like waiting for a ship at the Airport, so get up, smell the coffee and move on, cause waiting will only turn you into a dead Lion, and you know what they say: a Living Goat is better than a Dead lion + there are many fishes in the river so Lets go a fishing guys... :-)

Do have a great time of what’s left of this Week, and thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time..



  1. Loooool!!!! Perfectly analysed...from one bro to another!

  2. Thanks Brov. I am glad You stoped by...

  3. Hahahahaha you will not kill me
    I should be thanking you for your support :)
    Congrats on the blog anniversary

    Meanwhile, I am so guilty of the 'you are a nice guy...'
    But what can a girl do? You can't date them all, even if you wanted to :))

  4. hehehehehe Ms JB,so you are one of them ba? Isorait. **smiles.