Monday, 28 April 2014


Good morning Great Young mind, whats the 411, and how was the weekend?  I do hope your face is not as grumpy as mine cause of the Monday factor oh! Trust me I practically crawled outta bed like ooooohhh!!!! I couldn’t believe it was Dreaded Monday already. But anyway, this also will pass, so we have to keep keeping on I guess.

So last week, a certain phrase kept resounding in my head, and I found my thoughts immersed in it. It was….. THE POWER OF ASSOCIATION…. but having that I couldn't make much out of it, I just kept norm in my normal way, and kept struggling in the Nigerian Jungle with my 2 percent of Hope left. I however knew they were strong words none the less.. So fast forwarding to last weekend, I was opportuned to Listen to the Biographies of World Great men Like Donald Trump (my Uncles grandsons Brothers last born), Obinna Igbe( My mentor and Course mate at IMSU) Bill gates (My Step Aunts second Daughters wife’s inlaw) and my very Own Brother from an Onyibo Mother Mark Zuckerberg{I mean I have to Famz nah **Winks}, and it just kept hitting me that these guys were not just great Men, but Great Young men. I couldn't but wonder how a Youth with a mind and Hormones raging to the Moon could ignore the Exuberances in which their many peers (Me inclusive) indulged in, and have the eagle eye for success as the above did. Truth is I still don’t know how they did it, but I noticed what they did do.

I noticed they all had an Individual Drive for success, an Individual will for greatness, and an Individual Itch and irritation for mediocrity. But most worthy of note was that these weren't what made them great, rather what brought out the greatness that lay within them was  that that they attached themselves to greater men. Jobs to Wozniack, Zuckerberg to Sean parker, Trump to his father, and Gates to Paul Allen. The determinant of their being successful at a young age was those with whom they spent a great amount of time with, their everyday life with, those who they sat dined and lived with; And I came to the realization that life in itself is just that Easy: The level of Success one will ever attain, is directly proportional to the level of success of the people with whom we associate the most. They rub off on us, inspire us and inevitably dictate the way we think and act.

I grew up with a Popular saying that went like “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” Well I haven't attained the level of excellence to dispute this Quote, but one thing I know is that I have attained the level of experience to realize that Its not just our friends that subconsciously affect our persona, but everyone with whom we associate. So the Question is not: who is your Friend? But who is in your space the most. As a great Admirer of the female specie ;) permit me to add that, even those we date and align our thoughts, affections and emotions to, go a long way to make us, or mar us. So think about it.... If your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't believe in your dream, or encourage you to become a greater person, is the “”love”” worth keeping?

Permit me to ask Questions.. Is your life going in the direction you want it to go? Are you at the level of success you want to attain? Are you at the level of socialization you dream of? Truth is if you aren’t, the change lies in you, and In your decision to Associate with the right kinda people. So if your Answer is No, then i suggest you try different people. So go out, Volunteer for NGO's, Join a Theater troupe, a Choir crew, get a Mentor, just change your circle to something that will morph your mindset, and increase your progress some how. And Yes! if you have to: Change relationships, Don't stay stuck. 

As I conclude this Monday Ghen-Ghen Rant, I ask myself, does it mean INTROVERTS would be less successful? and my Response is Introvertism (Self formulated word) is not a way of life, but a decision. If one chooses to stay alone in a box out of fear of being Hurt or not being up to par, my fear is that the person will remain there (like Captain America) and not realize that Life has changed while in seclusion. So to those who believe in the 1Man Mopol lifestyle like myself, I encourage us to kindly break out, reach out and grow out. Lets not stay in our shell trying day and night to Think outside a box for that Great Idea alone, rather please lets think like there is no Box, and increase our worth. Cause genuinely no man is self made, and one can only be as successful as those he/she associates with.

Do have a Fantastic Monday and a stress free week. Thinking about it, there’s a Public Holiday in Nigeria this week, so its all green from where I sit **wears a cheeky smile.. My prayer for you this week is that Your neighbor shall not find out your WiFi pass word and begin to reap where he did not sow ;)

Thank you for the Last 7 minutes of your time, you do me a great honor..

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead..


Thursday, 24 April 2014


Good morning Great Young Mind, How was the Easter celebration? Mine was Horrible oh! MTN Practically froze my line, I could do nada! Anyways there was plenty food, so that compensated :).  MTN sha sent one fine voiced girl to call me and apologize for their stupid service, so I forgive them too (I felt like Dangote  my Boy).  I had prepared a Ghen-Ghen post for this week oh, but Magically the thing "Ghost moded" on me, it just disappeared from my flash, :( so I immediately felt that was not the Post I was to make, and decided to do this instead. This was jointly inspired by a Picture on Instagram (Oya talk haf do, lets go to the action). Hope it touches that 1 person it is meant for, and I hope that 1 person is you. ;)

Every day we wake up to the sound of that Alarm that Buzzes so loudly, we feel like smashing the Phone on the ground, every day we Step up, Dress up, and Turn up. It could be for that 7 am lecture, or for that 8-5 Job. But we Turn-up cause we HAVE to, leaving behind the things we WANT to. We wake up to go to Jobs that we don’t Love, dress up For Lectures we didn’t want a part of, but had to take it cause Dad Said “My Daughter must be a lawyer”, and put up with people and Relationships that belittle us, and make us little or nothing just cause we fear to be alone. Well welcome to Planet earth: That’s what we do, as if you snooze you Loose. But are we really happy?

On some days when I have to wake up and drag myself outta bed (example this morning, I almost cried) I ask myself why? Why is there so much rush in this world? We go on our Roads and as early as 5 am all the vehicles are Bumper to Bumper, horns are blaring and every one is rushing to that Place not of comfort, but of survival. Why is there so much intent of Humans to outdo each other? Why do girls go their all to have the most expensive Bags, shoes et al just to be classier than other girls? Why are classrooms so competitive that there is little room for genuine friendship anymore? Why do we guys go out and buy the most expensive cars and gadgets just so we can woo that Chick, and be the Dopest of our friends? Why is there so much competition for one to outdo the other? Do we need to actually compete or Run a race which at the end is not relevant? Why do we work so hard to make this money? Is it to get more money? If yes! then why do we need more money? After all, they say the richest man is not the man who has the most, but rather the man who needs the least. So if more money will only make us want more, then why do we chase it like our air is dependent on it? The only answer that comes to mind is the feeling of RELEVANCE, after all that's all what the above mentioned bring. 

Truth is this is an utter confusion in my head, but it seems Humans are Born to Race! But sadly not a race against time, or a race against themselves, but a Rat race against one another. We work so hard to get more money, to buy things we don't need, to impress people we don't truly like. But this morning I ask myself is this all there is to life? Acquire, acquire, and acquire? I saw a picture on Instagram Yesterday about a Girl who passed away. She was very beautiful! You know that everyman’s kinda dream chick, long legs, wonderful smile, young and Vibrant. But sadly it wasn't one of those “ff my Friend and she ff’s back IG posts”, rather it was an RIP post. Yes! She was young, and sadly she was no more. :(

So sitting down at my work desk this morning I can’t but ask myself: At the end will all this matter? Will this Race I wake up daily to run and my constantly trying to outdo the next person bring me the Fulfillment I seek? Will how much change I have in my Bank account be the basis for how successful I lived? Will the Amount of Brazilian hairs you have acquired be the proof of living a Beautiful life? Will the amount of Girls I used and dumped be the proof of my true worth? Will the amount of Degrees I acquired determine my date of departure? Will the Beauty for which every one wants to die for in you be your salvation? The truth is I don't know, but Steve Jobs (R.I.P) once said: I will live every day as if it were my last, cause in Death there is no shame, no Fear of Failure, no competition to outdo another, No! Nada!! There is only Nakedness, truth and sincerity (Paraphrased) 

So think about it, what do you want time to remember you for? And what do you want to remember your time here on Earth for? But one thing I know for sure is that at the end, its how many hearts we were able to touch that will really count, cause even after we are gone, that’s the only proof that will remain.

So please take a Breather from that Desk, call your Old friend and chit chat, Tell your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend how Much you Love her/him, Show love to your Parents and siblings, give to the poor, just do something that will make you smile deep within. Because on the long run, we don't know how much time we really have.

Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time, my prayer for you this morning is that your Time will tell a Tale… Do have a Ghen-Ghen Thursday.

P.S: I love my Job so much, but Body no be fire wood oh! Somedays e dey tire me ** Crying in Frenc, but #Thankful

“The Race is not to the swift, nor is the Battle to the mighty, but it s GOD almighty who shows mercy”

Dedicated to the Young Lady on Instagram. I never knew you, but you inspired me to write this, and hence you have left an impact on my life even at death. R.I.P

+Bimmykins68 :) Thank You for being here **Hugs.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014


So it was just a couple of minutes past 5pm on a Sunday Evening, and my Mum and I were at a salon. I mean I was 11 then and a real definition of a “follow follow child”. It was then we heard the erupting Bomb sounds. We immediately jumped into my Mama’s old Red Corolla and rushed home, with the Earth quaking beneath us as she sped off. WE WERE SCARED AS HELL. At home, my Dad and all our siblings were worried, the skies turned Black with smoke. My Funny Beautiful neighbor was asking for forgiveness of sins, as she thought the world was coming to an end. hehehe I mean she was 10. We ran up stairs, with the walls shaking as we proceeded, and the calendars, Baby pictures and Wall clocks had fallen off the walls of the sitting room where we all gathered. What was happening? We asked one another. Had the Armageddon began? Was a Civil war commencing? We immediately shut all the doors, and prayed for the best, while hoping for the worst. My Local Dog called Doggy then Varnished (funny how Animals are never involved in mishaps, they always seem to know when Bad stuff is going to happen shey?). There was no NEPA as usual, so we were in the dark both physically and in our minds. My DAD had not gotten the hold of the new Nokia 3310, so we couldn’t reach our loved ones in other parts of Lagos. It was in plain words SCARY. We waited, prayed, and hoped, and after a while, it all quieted down. The Quakes stopped, the troubles varnished. We turned on the Radio, and there it was on all the stations: Bombs stored at Ikeja Cantonment had self detonated". There was no war, There was no Armageddon, There was no Boko Haram. Yes, Today was the 22nd of January 2002.

Fast forward to today the 14th of April 2014, I woke up by 4:30 am, did my push ups and was excited as i finally crossed the 50 at once threshold, hurried to meet my ride and get to the battle field of daily survival, chatted a bit, slept a lot :). Yes! I was all grown up, not a 11 year old "follow follow Boy" again, but a 22 year old Man.  And then just as we were about getting ready to manage the B.S called Monday, it Happened!  the news came through that Boko Haram had struck at Nyanya park Abuja, killing at least 70 persons wonder who counted, sure its more, and left Hundreds wounded. What? Why? No one knew. Our Monday in Nigeria became black effective immediate.

So Tonight I ask myself, how much longer are we going to sit and stay in this Rut like Toinlicious thought me not to do in her comment, how much longer are we going to live in Fear in our own homes? how much longer are we going to hear news of Deaths on our TV screens? how much Blood will have to be shed? The people who died today were not Politicians; NO! They were not Military men, nor activist nor snitches, No! They were Nigerian citizens who had already accepted this pity of a country we live in, where Gold plated IPhones are given as Souvenirs, where a man eats 600k or more per day in his Feeding budget, where there are no Jobs, and were we all have decided to keep keeping on no matter what. They were Traders, Drivers, Civil servants, Teachers, Restaurant sellers, students, hawkers et al. We had just about swallowed the killing and Raping of innocent school Children in the North some weeks back, and then we are hit by the same Boomerang of a sect on this morning. Yes! Today is the 14th of April 2014, and the Bomb which we were so scared about just 11 years 9 months ago, has become a way of life for us, just like Bangger at Christmas :(. I weep. 

Dear Federal Government of Nigeria, Every night I go to bed in grief, tired, frustrated, and angry, but hopeful. But Tonight I go to bed in regret of being a Citizen of Nigeria. I know my voice won't change a thing, but at least my Silence for all these years hasn't either. Who are these Boko Haram guys: They are you and me, they are our neighbors, our colleagues relations, they are Nigerian Sponsored Nigerians. I read on Atoke’s Monday Morning Banter on Bella Naija about how we need to report any suspicious acts, and be snitches for a Cause. I agree a lot. Lets snitch to save our lives, lets snitch to prevent the next Bomb Massacre. If you know somebody that knows somebody, that knows somebody that makes Bombs, SNITCH!!! and let this Nonsense stop. if you cant report to the police, Fine! Go to the DSS! EFCC! ICPC! or ARMY! Just do something, please.
Please stay Young and Confused, please snitch.

Nigeria My country, the Giant of Africa, Where is your Glory?




Monday, 14 April 2014


So a happy Holy week to you great Young minds, trust you all are observing it oh, no Touching bory, no sipping Percentaged chemical water, no sin of lookery, no too much Chop chop and no too much Longer throat still wondering how i will survive this week :(. I really look forward to the Easter Sunday, I think there is going to be a Gehn-Gehn Party in my area, and also plenty Animals to celebrate with so let this week do and go jo :). 

In line with the Religious Events of this week, which started with the Palm Sunday Yesterday, and then to the Holy Thursday, then the Good Friday, to the Easter Sunday and Monday, and then finally the Galille Day don’t you just love Catholicism, we go celebrate and chop chicken this week tire, I sat at mass yesterday and  listened to Padre preach about Judas and the Passion of the cross, and it had me thinking. First I asked myself if Judas was Grown up? and wondered how old he was? If JESUS (Peace be upon him) was less than 33, then he must have moved around with his peers now? I thought to myself, maybe even guys his age, or just a bit younger or a bit older than him; which means Judas must have been just around 33. I then wondered that for Judas to follow Jesus, it meant he did it not take that decision out of the Hunger for worldly pleasure as JESUS wasnt one to show affluence in the likes of riding white Horses (Ferraris of Today) or wearing Gold crowns (Using Iphone 5C) et al, but out of the fact that he must have loved his work, the Work of a simple Disciple of our messiah, preaching and volunteering to make a change in this world just like many of us.

You know growing up, I had a picture of Judas painted in my head as this Evil, Heartless, ruthless guy, a sabatoir who casted and stabbed my Messiah in the back. But growing up, a new school of thought has risen(Although I am not sure how it started) which describes Judas as Expecting JESUS to perform some sort of Miracle, and disappear when the Mopol Jerusalem Soldiers tried to grab him, a thought that claimed Judas meant no harm, but just tried to be a Very good sharp Igbo man trying to make Profit and corner some 30 pieces of silver. Which of the descriptions is correct? that I do not know, but what I know for sure is; Judas was Human just like you and me, and he made a stupid, foolish, and dumb mistake.

Yes Flesh and Blood, and Maybe Young and confused, maybe he had a girlfriend who had demanded for the Equivalent of a Brazillian hair or something, maybe he wanted to buy the equivalent of a Samsung Galaxy S5, maybe he needed to buy a house, or maybe he just was greedy. The truth is we will never know, but as I write this post I wonder if many of us Youths do not do the same thing on a daily Basis. If Many of us do not rip off our parents, colleagues, course mates, class mates, associations and even Friends for an equivalent of 30 pieces of silver, our Government daily betray us with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver, and just like Judas, it never ends well.

So back to the Palm Sunday preaching by my Padre, I learnt that out of grief and regret, Judas returned the pieces of Silver and went on to hang him self, i.e he went on to QUIT, not seeing any sorta hope out of his mistake, and then I wonder what would have happened if Judas upon returning the money went back to show remorse, and Follow JESUS instead just like Peter did, and made our Messiah see how Sorry he really was. How if he had tried some Prison break scheme to set JESUS free, how the story would have ended differently. I am sure JESUS would have forgiven him, and then Judas would have ended up as a Hero who tried to correct his wrong, than as the Villain that he is, who died of the shame, pride and laziness to seek for a way to undo his mistake. May be my name would not have been John de Beloved but Judas de Beloved :), as if he had the humility to ask for forgiveness, he would not have been hated for the whole Life time as he is.

So in my confusion I am thinking: Everyday we screw up with our Relationships, our Academics, we betray the trust of friends, we belittle our parents and neglect their love, we hurt those who love us, we betray ourselves and indulge in Addictions and Habits even when they are sure bullets to our souls, but like Judas; are we to go hang our selves in self pity or regret, to go cry and cry and cry without proffering a reasonable solution? or are we suppose to search for the Humility to say those very soft words which Pride always prevent us from saying, the magical I AM SORRYand say it even to ourselves? Truth is life through my eyes is an Imbalance, and I Know being Judas is fun, but can we be Peter sometimes to make people know they mean not just something to us, but everything? can we try for once to stand by our words and say even if everyone leaves you, I won't, and even when we fail on those words, have that tiny obligation to respect it? can we find the humility to beg for forgiveness even after making a very stupid avoidable mistake? I wonder if we can, I wonder if I can.

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, do have a Holistically Holy week oh, and my prayer for you this week is that your life will experience a revolution that will move you from Analog to Digital, from Nokia 3310 to Galaxy S5 :). Can I hear an Amen….

Do have a great week oh, and please stay young, and stay confused. Biko.



Tuesday, 8 April 2014

14 FOR 14 Challenge (GROWING UP_ April)


“You stopped being you, and when things got hard you started  looking for something to Blame, like a big shadow. Let me tell you something you already know, the world aint all sunshine and rainbows, its a very mean and nasty place, and I don't care how strong you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. So you, me, or nobody is gonna hit us as hard as life, but it ain't about how hard you are hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, that's how it is done…. Cause if you are willing to go through all the battle you are gonna get through to get to where you want, who has got the right to stop you? No Body!

Now if you know what you are worth, you have to be willing to go out there and get what you want, but you have to be willing to take the heat, and not point fingers saying you ain't where you want to be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that, and that ain't you! You are better than that.”

Good morning Great young mind, how is the week Going? Thank God its another ghen-ghen Tuesday. I so love the way Tuesday compensates for all the mistakes and wahala's of Mondays. I mean it helps one relax, and let the truck load of assignments and piled up works overdue from the weekend just slide like water on a rock, well except for Bankers sha, una job na millitary. :p

So I was forming Aristotle this morning and listening to a motivational video I downloaded from YouTube, and then I got the extracts quoted above, and was inspired for this post. They are from the Rocky Balboa movie of the 1970’s, acted by our very own Sylvester Stallone. To us young men aiming to be muscular, that guy na source of inspiration oh, but let’s leave that talk for the gym session and early morning Pushups. :)

Its funny how life goes from the perfection it once was when we were kids, when all we needed to do was cry and our Mothers would give us Breast milk, when all we needed to do was grumble and our Dads would give us the piece of meat in their plates to add to our own yes I did that a lot. Reality sets in pretty fast, and as our body grows, I believe that our minds grow 5x faster.

Trust Nigerian parents now, they always prepared us properly for the growth and maturity of our body. Mothers told their Daughters about Puberty (I remember how many times I was told “Junior Go to your room” cause of Womens talk between Mama and my Sister), and then Dads although never really sat the guys down to chat about growing up, and warn us about the changes our Bodies would face, we were however sternly warned with the “IF YOU GET ANY GIRL PREGNANT, YOU WILL LEAVE MY HOUSE! AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY” Hmmmnn that’s was enough Puberty talk to keep our heads straight for a bit ;). Good oldies yeah. But sadly, nobody told us about the pressure our minds would go through, nobody talked to us about depression, nobody talked to us about rejection, nobody talked to us about heart breaks.

Life through my eyes is such an imbalance, as things tend to never be just what you want them to be. Huge projects and long term plans all crumble in a flash, Relationships break for the silliest of reasons, friends change, we fail, people die etc, and all these affect not the body which we were so prepared and ready to handle, but the mind which nobody talks(ed) to us about, maybe cause even the older ones didn't know better. But thats just life, It will never be fair, but will always be an unending Examination.

The pressures of the mind are sometimes suffocating, that Growing up seems like a ride and a Journey to the unknown. Its a battle after a battle to fight to discover our real self, our true potential, our actual purpose of existence, and at every battle, there has always been the option of giving up. I confess that there have been times that I was so confused, and thought to just give up on life. I trust I am not alone in this line of thoughts, as many Youths grow up with this very Fragile unprepared mind, minds willing to break at the mere sight of disappointments, minds that yield to pressure not because they can't learn to overcome them, but cause they have no source of strength to tackle such pressure, and were never forewarned about them. Well I confess, my mind is a piece of see through glass. :(

Let me tell you a story of a Young man called N. Yes he is Nigerian, and I met him during one of my many voyages of life. He was smart, had Fantastic grades, had a mega Rich Family that was willing to die for him et al, but this young man had a hole within him that seemed to not be filled no matter the exuberances he engaged in, nor how hard he tried to fill it. He had a deep confusion in him that oftentimes, he thought to end his life for reasons that he himself didint know. Some would say it was psychological, or even the village people that were doing him, But No! it was a confusion created in his mind that his life was not Good enough, it was a confusion caused by the rejection he had faced in his teenage years, the abandonment he had grown up with as a child, and maybe the molestation he had been affected with as a child. Certain times, I remember him telling me that he just didn't want to go on for reasons unknown to him. I tried to understand why, but I never really could. 

As we grew older, I have come to understand that it wasn't the absence of money or success (I mean the guys family was rich enough to pay him for life, and he was top 5 in an Engineering class), but it was his mind growing up too fast to face the world, and too Lonely that he believed he would never be truly loved or valued..

So to anyone out there like N thinking of giving up on life, on goals, on Dreams and on Love (trust me nah, me na lover boy.)  My advice to you, is that you: Always remember that the great times of life are far more than, and hugely outweigh the sad, hard, and bitter times, and if you quit, you will never get to tell the world your Beautiful story of how you overcame. Plus know that that challenge you are facing is to make you stronger, so that on the long run you can emancipate someone from a similar situation. 

P.S: May I add that N is on his way to making his First personal 1 million, and is doing really great in life now. He finally found a girl who likes him small, and so Thanks to him not Quitting he is inspiring young minds in Nigeria slowly but surely.  

P.P.S: When the world gets Crazy, turn to that which you believe in the most. Some believe in the Universe, some in deities, some in GOD, but the major thing is believe in your self to be strong enough to not quit, and to be able to have Faith in that which you believe in.

P.P.S: Thanks to everyone for their concern at my Last fridays Friend Zonal heart Break, it all turned out even more Beautiful.

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, you do me such a great honor by investing in the YnC Blog.

Do have a Super Tuesday, and please, I use MTN take beg you: make today count yeah, cause now is all that we truly have.