Thursday, 24 April 2014


Good morning Great Young Mind, How was the Easter celebration? Mine was Horrible oh! MTN Practically froze my line, I could do nada! Anyways there was plenty food, so that compensated :).  MTN sha sent one fine voiced girl to call me and apologize for their stupid service, so I forgive them too (I felt like Dangote  my Boy).  I had prepared a Ghen-Ghen post for this week oh, but Magically the thing "Ghost moded" on me, it just disappeared from my flash, :( so I immediately felt that was not the Post I was to make, and decided to do this instead. This was jointly inspired by a Picture on Instagram (Oya talk haf do, lets go to the action). Hope it touches that 1 person it is meant for, and I hope that 1 person is you. ;)

Every day we wake up to the sound of that Alarm that Buzzes so loudly, we feel like smashing the Phone on the ground, every day we Step up, Dress up, and Turn up. It could be for that 7 am lecture, or for that 8-5 Job. But we Turn-up cause we HAVE to, leaving behind the things we WANT to. We wake up to go to Jobs that we don’t Love, dress up For Lectures we didn’t want a part of, but had to take it cause Dad Said “My Daughter must be a lawyer”, and put up with people and Relationships that belittle us, and make us little or nothing just cause we fear to be alone. Well welcome to Planet earth: That’s what we do, as if you snooze you Loose. But are we really happy?

On some days when I have to wake up and drag myself outta bed (example this morning, I almost cried) I ask myself why? Why is there so much rush in this world? We go on our Roads and as early as 5 am all the vehicles are Bumper to Bumper, horns are blaring and every one is rushing to that Place not of comfort, but of survival. Why is there so much intent of Humans to outdo each other? Why do girls go their all to have the most expensive Bags, shoes et al just to be classier than other girls? Why are classrooms so competitive that there is little room for genuine friendship anymore? Why do we guys go out and buy the most expensive cars and gadgets just so we can woo that Chick, and be the Dopest of our friends? Why is there so much competition for one to outdo the other? Do we need to actually compete or Run a race which at the end is not relevant? Why do we work so hard to make this money? Is it to get more money? If yes! then why do we need more money? After all, they say the richest man is not the man who has the most, but rather the man who needs the least. So if more money will only make us want more, then why do we chase it like our air is dependent on it? The only answer that comes to mind is the feeling of RELEVANCE, after all that's all what the above mentioned bring. 

Truth is this is an utter confusion in my head, but it seems Humans are Born to Race! But sadly not a race against time, or a race against themselves, but a Rat race against one another. We work so hard to get more money, to buy things we don't need, to impress people we don't truly like. But this morning I ask myself is this all there is to life? Acquire, acquire, and acquire? I saw a picture on Instagram Yesterday about a Girl who passed away. She was very beautiful! You know that everyman’s kinda dream chick, long legs, wonderful smile, young and Vibrant. But sadly it wasn't one of those “ff my Friend and she ff’s back IG posts”, rather it was an RIP post. Yes! She was young, and sadly she was no more. :(

So sitting down at my work desk this morning I can’t but ask myself: At the end will all this matter? Will this Race I wake up daily to run and my constantly trying to outdo the next person bring me the Fulfillment I seek? Will how much change I have in my Bank account be the basis for how successful I lived? Will the Amount of Brazilian hairs you have acquired be the proof of living a Beautiful life? Will the amount of Girls I used and dumped be the proof of my true worth? Will the amount of Degrees I acquired determine my date of departure? Will the Beauty for which every one wants to die for in you be your salvation? The truth is I don't know, but Steve Jobs (R.I.P) once said: I will live every day as if it were my last, cause in Death there is no shame, no Fear of Failure, no competition to outdo another, No! Nada!! There is only Nakedness, truth and sincerity (Paraphrased) 

So think about it, what do you want time to remember you for? And what do you want to remember your time here on Earth for? But one thing I know for sure is that at the end, its how many hearts we were able to touch that will really count, cause even after we are gone, that’s the only proof that will remain.

So please take a Breather from that Desk, call your Old friend and chit chat, Tell your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend how Much you Love her/him, Show love to your Parents and siblings, give to the poor, just do something that will make you smile deep within. Because on the long run, we don't know how much time we really have.

Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time, my prayer for you this morning is that your Time will tell a Tale… Do have a Ghen-Ghen Thursday.

P.S: I love my Job so much, but Body no be fire wood oh! Somedays e dey tire me ** Crying in Frenc, but #Thankful

“The Race is not to the swift, nor is the Battle to the mighty, but it s GOD almighty who shows mercy”

Dedicated to the Young Lady on Instagram. I never knew you, but you inspired me to write this, and hence you have left an impact on my life even at death. R.I.P

+Bimmykins68 :) Thank You for being here **Hugs.



  1. And How You made someone feel will always stay with them forever and ever. This is nice. Thanks for dropping by

  2. Hello Ritah, Thank you too, it was fun to be there. Thanks for stopping by YnC, and i am wearing a very big Grin cause you liked this post :) :) :). Cheers to future days of Blogging together.