Friday, 4 April 2014


Dear Great mind, this is a little rant that I have on my heart, and I know you guys take out 7 minutes of your time to come read impacting articles, but this is way short of that, and I am very sorry :(. This is me putting my Pain on the only place that matters to me, The Young and Confused Blog.

So today like every morning, I woke up with a spring from my Sara-foam bed, and even before I knelt down to say my prayers, I took a look at my Lumia 520 phone cause I knew she would have sent me a Whatsapp message(I mean she always did for the past 8 days, and Yes, I was in Lof), and as usual she did :). To me this was fulfillment, it was Excitement, it was Raw Ecstasy even without sex, so I said my Prayer before reading it (I respect God wella oh, thanks to Daddy and Mummy, and Nneka :) ). Ehen Back to my rant: So I did my Push ups with a version of Ikechukwu and Wizboys balabala track playing in the back ground. I mean I was so excited, I almost went 50 at a stretch, but you know nah “tire no be lazy”, so I quit at 46 :(. I mean Ms Ballotelli was in my life, and today was our 8th Day together (Can you Imagine I fell in Love in 8 days to a girl Miles away, I need Therapy shey?). But o well, guess I couldn't help it, cause I am only Human

The past 8 days were wonderful, We talked about everything, even Marriage, and in my mind, I had moved out of Lagos and relocated to the United States of Heaven. We even talked about marriage. The chats, calls although MTN almost embarassed me sha with their Bad network, the voice notes et al. And yeah her accent was super, and her Beauty spot on. But Today I had an unsettled feeling just before I left for work. Looking up at the stars, I was inspired to send her a Voice Note, so I poured out my mind to this shooting star, forgetting that shooting stars are only Temporal. A wonderful love story I guess, but just like T-Notes said, I caught feelings, and like she later said, I caught it too fast. But can I help it? I am only Human

So just before 6 AM, we got chatting, my smile could have charmed Agbani, well na because my Shooting star was at the other side of the world, chatting with me. But then, just then, SHE FRIEND ZONED ME. Mehn I couldn’t cry as I read “Life long Friendships” on my screen. I almost Zoomed it to comfirm my position. Me Friend!!! How can!! Do friends want each other? I asked my self. It was heart wrecking.

So the long and short is we broke up a relationship abi na Friendship wey never start, and just like a Nigga that I am, I tried to regain my Glory in her eyes, so she doesn’t go around believing that she had won. I made her believe a lie that seemed true, that truthfully was a lie in its own truth. Well what can I say? I am only Human.

I am sorry for this Rant, and I give you my word, that though I am really hurting; this will not happen again. Funny thing though, is this Girl was Everything to me. Beautiful, smart, outstandingly funny, had a smile that made Agbani look like 2nd runner up (not first oh), she was my very own Up NEPA Baby, She was my Beauty-In-Measurable. But you know what she said, She said I should grow up, and that I caught feelings too Quickly! and I am like KMT (she thought me that). And I ask myself, well What could I do? I am only Human.

This is where I say: I kissed Dating Good bye. See this Money, if I use the energy and swag wey I dey use pursue Woman pursue am ehn, I would be richer than Dangote whom I trained... Heheheh But Well soon and very soon, another Babe will blow the Fuse in my Brain and I will lace up my spike shoes and chase her endlessly, cause I am only human. :)

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time, I promise I won’t do this again. I am just hurting and needed to tell the people who mean the world to me: You, and all  Young and Confused Readers. You guys are the Best. Someone please let Ms Ballotelli know that she just lost Gold. And yes I wore that Boot in Naijas Sunny weather, wanted them since i was 16. :)

P.S: the picture above is my Theatre troupe while at IMSU, they go for a competition this weekend, and I am just Hyping them. Good luck to Mirror Of Justice Theatre troupe at CATHSETTI 2014. GOD Speed Fam.


  1. nice. but sorry bro such is life. and crazy enough, such is most girls. i could imagine feeling something for a girl, and it turns out she wants me as a friend, that would make any HUMAN unhappy. and YES you are HUMAN. take live easy, make the money and you would be the one deciding who gets to be in the friends zone.

    1. hehehehehe My Twin Brother Igbe Obinna is in the Building :) . Thank you so much for your advice sir, I will hold it to heart as I always do. Cheers, and Thanks once again.

  2. Hahahahahahaha
    I kissed dating goodbye last may. Ego di nkpa

    1. Lmao @Amaka, nne ike a gulam. Thece haf tire me Jo. Na Ego be the Koko now :)

      Thank you so much for your comments, they give me this heart warming joy. My am I glad. Cheers.