Monday, 14 April 2014


So a happy Holy week to you great Young minds, trust you all are observing it oh, no Touching bory, no sipping Percentaged chemical water, no sin of lookery, no too much Chop chop and no too much Longer throat still wondering how i will survive this week :(. I really look forward to the Easter Sunday, I think there is going to be a Gehn-Gehn Party in my area, and also plenty Animals to celebrate with so let this week do and go jo :). 

In line with the Religious Events of this week, which started with the Palm Sunday Yesterday, and then to the Holy Thursday, then the Good Friday, to the Easter Sunday and Monday, and then finally the Galille Day don’t you just love Catholicism, we go celebrate and chop chicken this week tire, I sat at mass yesterday and  listened to Padre preach about Judas and the Passion of the cross, and it had me thinking. First I asked myself if Judas was Grown up? and wondered how old he was? If JESUS (Peace be upon him) was less than 33, then he must have moved around with his peers now? I thought to myself, maybe even guys his age, or just a bit younger or a bit older than him; which means Judas must have been just around 33. I then wondered that for Judas to follow Jesus, it meant he did it not take that decision out of the Hunger for worldly pleasure as JESUS wasnt one to show affluence in the likes of riding white Horses (Ferraris of Today) or wearing Gold crowns (Using Iphone 5C) et al, but out of the fact that he must have loved his work, the Work of a simple Disciple of our messiah, preaching and volunteering to make a change in this world just like many of us.

You know growing up, I had a picture of Judas painted in my head as this Evil, Heartless, ruthless guy, a sabatoir who casted and stabbed my Messiah in the back. But growing up, a new school of thought has risen(Although I am not sure how it started) which describes Judas as Expecting JESUS to perform some sort of Miracle, and disappear when the Mopol Jerusalem Soldiers tried to grab him, a thought that claimed Judas meant no harm, but just tried to be a Very good sharp Igbo man trying to make Profit and corner some 30 pieces of silver. Which of the descriptions is correct? that I do not know, but what I know for sure is; Judas was Human just like you and me, and he made a stupid, foolish, and dumb mistake.

Yes Flesh and Blood, and Maybe Young and confused, maybe he had a girlfriend who had demanded for the Equivalent of a Brazillian hair or something, maybe he wanted to buy the equivalent of a Samsung Galaxy S5, maybe he needed to buy a house, or maybe he just was greedy. The truth is we will never know, but as I write this post I wonder if many of us Youths do not do the same thing on a daily Basis. If Many of us do not rip off our parents, colleagues, course mates, class mates, associations and even Friends for an equivalent of 30 pieces of silver, our Government daily betray us with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver, and just like Judas, it never ends well.

So back to the Palm Sunday preaching by my Padre, I learnt that out of grief and regret, Judas returned the pieces of Silver and went on to hang him self, i.e he went on to QUIT, not seeing any sorta hope out of his mistake, and then I wonder what would have happened if Judas upon returning the money went back to show remorse, and Follow JESUS instead just like Peter did, and made our Messiah see how Sorry he really was. How if he had tried some Prison break scheme to set JESUS free, how the story would have ended differently. I am sure JESUS would have forgiven him, and then Judas would have ended up as a Hero who tried to correct his wrong, than as the Villain that he is, who died of the shame, pride and laziness to seek for a way to undo his mistake. May be my name would not have been John de Beloved but Judas de Beloved :), as if he had the humility to ask for forgiveness, he would not have been hated for the whole Life time as he is.

So in my confusion I am thinking: Everyday we screw up with our Relationships, our Academics, we betray the trust of friends, we belittle our parents and neglect their love, we hurt those who love us, we betray ourselves and indulge in Addictions and Habits even when they are sure bullets to our souls, but like Judas; are we to go hang our selves in self pity or regret, to go cry and cry and cry without proffering a reasonable solution? or are we suppose to search for the Humility to say those very soft words which Pride always prevent us from saying, the magical I AM SORRYand say it even to ourselves? Truth is life through my eyes is an Imbalance, and I Know being Judas is fun, but can we be Peter sometimes to make people know they mean not just something to us, but everything? can we try for once to stand by our words and say even if everyone leaves you, I won't, and even when we fail on those words, have that tiny obligation to respect it? can we find the humility to beg for forgiveness even after making a very stupid avoidable mistake? I wonder if we can, I wonder if I can.

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, do have a Holistically Holy week oh, and my prayer for you this week is that your life will experience a revolution that will move you from Analog to Digital, from Nokia 3310 to Galaxy S5 :). Can I hear an Amen….

Do have a great week oh, and please stay young, and stay confused. Biko.




  1. you said, being the Judas, can be misleadingly fun...sometimes. And it takes extra effort to turn things around and make the better decision every single be the Peter....and move ahead of the same pitfalls we trip into every single time. I am ranting, i know...but hey....
    Happy Easter Bro!

  2. hehehehehehehhe Mehn if them leave me Boss T.N, na #TeamJudas oh!!! but knowing that it never ends well, I think Peter is the way to go. Thanks for stopping by Sir. I am grateful for the lift you give.