Monday, 28 April 2014


Good morning Great Young mind, whats the 411, and how was the weekend?  I do hope your face is not as grumpy as mine cause of the Monday factor oh! Trust me I practically crawled outta bed like ooooohhh!!!! I couldn’t believe it was Dreaded Monday already. But anyway, this also will pass, so we have to keep keeping on I guess.

So last week, a certain phrase kept resounding in my head, and I found my thoughts immersed in it. It was….. THE POWER OF ASSOCIATION…. but having that I couldn't make much out of it, I just kept norm in my normal way, and kept struggling in the Nigerian Jungle with my 2 percent of Hope left. I however knew they were strong words none the less.. So fast forwarding to last weekend, I was opportuned to Listen to the Biographies of World Great men Like Donald Trump (my Uncles grandsons Brothers last born), Obinna Igbe( My mentor and Course mate at IMSU) Bill gates (My Step Aunts second Daughters wife’s inlaw) and my very Own Brother from an Onyibo Mother Mark Zuckerberg{I mean I have to Famz nah **Winks}, and it just kept hitting me that these guys were not just great Men, but Great Young men. I couldn't but wonder how a Youth with a mind and Hormones raging to the Moon could ignore the Exuberances in which their many peers (Me inclusive) indulged in, and have the eagle eye for success as the above did. Truth is I still don’t know how they did it, but I noticed what they did do.

I noticed they all had an Individual Drive for success, an Individual will for greatness, and an Individual Itch and irritation for mediocrity. But most worthy of note was that these weren't what made them great, rather what brought out the greatness that lay within them was  that that they attached themselves to greater men. Jobs to Wozniack, Zuckerberg to Sean parker, Trump to his father, and Gates to Paul Allen. The determinant of their being successful at a young age was those with whom they spent a great amount of time with, their everyday life with, those who they sat dined and lived with; And I came to the realization that life in itself is just that Easy: The level of Success one will ever attain, is directly proportional to the level of success of the people with whom we associate the most. They rub off on us, inspire us and inevitably dictate the way we think and act.

I grew up with a Popular saying that went like “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” Well I haven't attained the level of excellence to dispute this Quote, but one thing I know is that I have attained the level of experience to realize that Its not just our friends that subconsciously affect our persona, but everyone with whom we associate. So the Question is not: who is your Friend? But who is in your space the most. As a great Admirer of the female specie ;) permit me to add that, even those we date and align our thoughts, affections and emotions to, go a long way to make us, or mar us. So think about it.... If your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't believe in your dream, or encourage you to become a greater person, is the “”love”” worth keeping?

Permit me to ask Questions.. Is your life going in the direction you want it to go? Are you at the level of success you want to attain? Are you at the level of socialization you dream of? Truth is if you aren’t, the change lies in you, and In your decision to Associate with the right kinda people. So if your Answer is No, then i suggest you try different people. So go out, Volunteer for NGO's, Join a Theater troupe, a Choir crew, get a Mentor, just change your circle to something that will morph your mindset, and increase your progress some how. And Yes! if you have to: Change relationships, Don't stay stuck. 

As I conclude this Monday Ghen-Ghen Rant, I ask myself, does it mean INTROVERTS would be less successful? and my Response is Introvertism (Self formulated word) is not a way of life, but a decision. If one chooses to stay alone in a box out of fear of being Hurt or not being up to par, my fear is that the person will remain there (like Captain America) and not realize that Life has changed while in seclusion. So to those who believe in the 1Man Mopol lifestyle like myself, I encourage us to kindly break out, reach out and grow out. Lets not stay in our shell trying day and night to Think outside a box for that Great Idea alone, rather please lets think like there is no Box, and increase our worth. Cause genuinely no man is self made, and one can only be as successful as those he/she associates with.

Do have a Fantastic Monday and a stress free week. Thinking about it, there’s a Public Holiday in Nigeria this week, so its all green from where I sit **wears a cheeky smile.. My prayer for you this week is that Your neighbor shall not find out your WiFi pass word and begin to reap where he did not sow ;)

Thank you for the Last 7 minutes of your time, you do me a great honor..

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead..



  1. Thanks Obinna. We at YnC are watching and monitoring your progress sir. Soon there should be a post on your success story.. :) Thanks for stopping by, and Cheers to a brighter Tomorrow Sir. Udo

  2. Loved this post :)! And a big amen to that prayer oo! Wifi password is as important as atm pin o! Lol!

  3. Thanks Cee, I am glad that you stopped by, and I am wearing my widest smile now :) :) :) :). I am thrilled that you Loved the post. Thanks once again Baby mi.