Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Hello Great YOUNG MIND, What’s popping? What’s the 411? What’s the story? Hope the week is not bringing you days you never want to live in, but rather bringing you days that bring you joy, and make you smile. Well just in case it is on the sad side, just know that even this will pass, so keep keeping on. At the end, the Journey will be the reward, and the story will make the glory brighter. But Dear reader, can I ask you a question?

Why? Thats my Question. Why does there always have to be sadness and pain? Why is life so unfair? Why do I always get to be the one who gets hurt? Why always me? Why did she have to just get up and leave? Why don’t I have a Job? why isn’t my family as rich as others? why can’t I get in or out of the University? why couldn’t my family stick as one?  Why did he/she have to die?  Why is my country such a mess?  Why does Russia have to invade Ukraine? Why 9-11? Why the insurgency in Nothern Nigeria? Why Hurricane Katrina and Luis? Why? Why? Why? We always ask why. So sitting here I ask myself why? Why is the world so unfair? Why do the really nice people who give their all to make the lives of others better, and who normally should deserve the best by default, always be the ones that live in the most pain? Why do the good people who deserve to live, be first to die? Why do the people who love the most never get loved back in return? The truth is life through my growing eyes is an in-balance.

As a 23 year old, I have seen my fair share of hurt and pain, and questioned the reason why some pieces of my jig saw puzzle of life where just missing as a kid/Teenager. So many times, soooooooo many of us used sex, drugs, alcohol and other gehn-gehn methods to try and find the rationality in pain, and resolve these relatively hard to understand questions, but trust me they haven't and NEVER will work. Having that they never really worked (as the more I indulged in the exuberances of Alcohol, Sex and drugs, the more complicated my case became), I resolved at a later time of my life to just look up at the sky and be angry at GOD and the universe for being so unjust. I would look up to the heavens shout, curse and ask the universe why. Funny thing though is that: when things are great in our life, we don't ask GOD nor the universe why. :(

The truth is life will never be perfect. No matter how hard we try; there will always be sadness. No matter how much the pastors preach prosperity; there will always be poor people who have nothing to feed on. No matter how much we try to love; we will still get hurt. Sometimes I see life as an exam, and trust me most of us fail daily. Some days I sit and wonder, why am I here? why wasn’t I left in heaven where Nepa doesn’t take light and where I can play the playstation 2 all day? why was an imperfect me thrown down into this imperfect world of hate, pain, death, wars, crime and others? why wasn't I  allowed to chase girls in the world before, get married to my Shooting star babe there, and live a dope life? what is the true reason for existence? The truth is that we might never know, but what we know is that we are here, so I think it’s better to just make the best out of it.

On my way home yesterday, although I had the most uncomfortable Journey ever (The traffic in Lagos don dey tie wrapper sha :( ) but it gave me time to both sleep in the bus and think. As I gazed out of the window deep in thoughts (okay lemme not lie, I was thinking of the newest babe in my life. she is super duper cool and fine oh. #marriage ;) ), I saw a Young Man who had had one of his legs amputated, hence had to use crutches to move around. I saw how much he lived like every other person. I wouldn’t say he was smiling, but he was living his life in the best way that he could, and he wasn’t a begger, but a very normal Young man. This amused me a great deal, but then the part that broke me was when he had to jump over a pavement. He did it so gracefully, and just kept moving. Did he deserve to loose a limb and be handicapped? I dont think so. But then the message finally struck me: What mattered to him wasn’t that he had lost a limb, but that he had to keep moving as against wallow and live everyday in self pity. From this stranger I re-affirmably learnt that life will never be fair, no matter how hard we try, how much we pray and no matter how much the pastors preach. But like that young man,  the only way this life is worth living, is if we just keep keeping on, just keep trying to try no matter how hard, just keep going and live life as best as we can no matter how hard it seems, or how crazily sad it gets. 

Growing up is a journey, and remember that all Journeys have a destination, but if we sit down and wait, curse and hate for not having what we want, we will never get what we can get, and will in time loose what we have.  So rather than hate, be Thankful to God for that which you have, cause as my Blog mother thought me: “A Thankful heart opens doors of opportunities” 

I dedicate this post to every Young Mind going through hell, I advice that you never loose hope, but keep keeping on

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time, as you are the reason why we try. Please remember that at the end of every battle, everything will be alright, and if everything is not alright now, then we are not at the end.
Keep keeping on, and let hope die last.

Do have a Ghen-Ghen Tuesday, and happy New month. Hey its April Fool oh! (Issorait, my April fool line is that I met Ballotelli's sister, and I think I like her, but I dont know if she ikes me ;) )



  1. You're welcome for taking 7minutes of my time :D Life can be wonderful truly even with the ups and downs. As long as you don't stuck in the rut, you can make it.

    Nice blog. Got here from T.Notes :)

    1. Wow!!! Toinlicious thank you so much, I am glad you liked it. Yeah Life sure can be fun, but it hurts me to know that no matter how much Fun it can be, the pain will never end. But trust me, I will take this your comment and try to stay on the brighter side as frequently as I can. About the 7 minutes... I am glad. :). Shout out to T.Notes Blog for linking you here, Trust to see you more often ;)...

  2. As I read through, it got to a point and I said "oooh is he's talking about me?" Then i read further and i saw, i'm not the only one...its common to us all... But one good i always draw is to take the gift life presents to us which is called present(today)...seeing today gives us hope and when there's hope there's always light at the end of the tunnel...

    Thanks Bro for the wonderful write up.

    1. Well said Chicson, plus It is humbling that you made out time to visit. Today is really all that we have, and on the long run: Today is actually all that matters. Truly there will always be hope at the end, cause hope dies last. Your words are filled with wisdom Boss, Thank GOD you like it. Cheers, and thanks for the 7 minutes of your time sir. :)

  3. Loved this part-"Funny thing though is that: when things are great in our life, we don't ask GOD nor the universe why. " NICE ARTICLE

    1. Yessss Boss, Professor Igbe in the building :) :) Yeah, its sad that when pain comes, we tend to forget the good times all too suddenly. I must say I myself (as you know,)am most guilty of this.

      Thank you so much for your time Obinna, we are humbled that you turned up for the YnC blog sir. Cheers. #Udo