Thursday, 29 May 2014

From a Troublesome Son, to his Strict Father whom he loves..


Today I celebrate the Birthday of the most Important person in my life. My human source, my mirror of measurement, my source of inspiration, my biggest fan and follower, my mentor, my disciplinarian (Shoe hit my head tire, plus i will not forget Junior come and kneel down here, and carry this table up.. lmao That thing can pain for Africa sha oooo) my advicer and my friend.

The man who believed in me when there was no glimmer of hope that I would turn out any good, the man who had the patience and endurance to think of the troubles I created, the man who had sleepless nights thinking of how to make me and my siblings better humans even at his expense, the man who is the source of my plenty Play play, brains, and every single thing i know. Happy Birthday to You Barr. Adolphus Duru Snr. , you are the Best Dad that any troublesome child like me could ever ask for.
I wish you could read this, but having that you and the Internet are neighbours that never really see eye ball to eye ball, I want you to know I love you loads sir, and that each time I argue, I am only trying to be a man, cause i always know deep within me, that you are always right....

Thank you for bringing me and my 3 siblings into this world, thank you for teaching us never to loose hope, even when all hope truly is lost, thank you for teaching us the true value of life. At least all those "is there any tree i planted at the backyard that I pluck money from" words, as well as all the Koin koin shoe you used to discipline us kinda worked smalll :) . I don’t know how you were at 23, but I know for sure that I want to be like you when I am your age.

We love you Papa, may GOD keep you for us.

Thank you for the past 7 Minutes of your time, me, my siblings and My Papa are grateful... This man is my Super Hero, he doesn’t fly to save us in times of trouble, but he would if he could.


Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Dear Younger version of me,

At your age I was called Nonso, and so simple was everything. I can’t but ask how you are? I bet you are on the field playing Catcher with Tolu (who is now very Rich by the way), or in the house playing Table soccer with Emma (Who is now a Pastor), or Just causing Havoc at home as you did from time to time. Dang I miss you, life as I knew it then was so plain simple, it was as simple as ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU! But Nonso, life as I live it now is a Battle, a struggle to survive. I am afraid, Life hasn't been the same without you. :(

Somedays, I lie on my bed and reminisce… I think of you, and smile. I remember how I so much wanted to grow up, I remember how much I despised being young, how much I hated being told what to do, where to go, what not to eat, and what friends to keep. I remember how many times Mum and Dad and godmother sat down to hold Family meetings on top my head cause I was as Troublesome as Adolph Hitler, I remember when I first fell in love with T and she said No for 4 years, but you were drunk in love persistent, I remember how many times I told myself that I couldn't wait to grow up, and run my own show…  But Dang I was wrong, growing up has been short of what I thought it would be. Why? Let me illuminate you.

Nobody told me that growing up would be so dang hard, nobody told me that I would have to go to the Craziest University, where we ran from  Cultist like there was a bloody award at the end of the running ( Imean no body wanted to die, lmao!)… :), Nobody told me that I would graduate and have to wake up by 4 AM every day of my life in search of the Things that Papa and Mama once gave to me for free, Nobody told me that I would one day have to do 400 push-ups and 70 sit-ups so I could protect a Girl that I hadn’t paid Bride price for , And to be able to intimidate, or as the case may be punch a drunk Bozo of a driver who hit my car from behind (car wey I never even buy sef), And YES!!! Nobody told me that girls would say “No” to the same smooth guy, who at 13 every girl wanted to be with! Nobody told me that I would be afraid of being a Father in my twenties (I mean that i s my worst fear, I fear it more than I fear being Poor in life sef. Lmao), well that is self Imposed Yimu fear for me sha as Cee would say, Nobody told me that I would have to date girls not just for the fun of it anymore, but quietly in search of someone who will create and bring a child like you into this world, and be your Mama, . And the most annoying of all is that nobody told me that I would have to leave Papa’s house, not cause I want to, but cause I have to. And I am like this life is crazy! We have to do stuff we don’t want to, cause the world wants us to! nawaoooo. Nobody told me that Life is so Bloody tough.

I was a Fool to want to grow-up too fast and be in-dependent, I was so wrong to have failed to appreciate the every moment I had with you as a kid. So this is me saying I miss you, this is me saying I want to be you again, but this is also me saying that soon I will be 30, and then I will miss being 23 again, so I have decided to enjoy my Twenties, so I don't get to draft a letter to him when I turn 60 with grey hair and a walking stick. ;)

When you were here Nonso, we sent letters via Post office (That place no dey even function again, and working there is like living on pension before you even retire now lol), but now, there is the Internet, and the characters of our letters have no Limits. Regardless though, I will have to drop my pen here. I hope that someday I will be you again, but I am like Dang! That’s like hoping that fishes will one day date lions :) , but Trust me, regardless of how much Trouble you were to Papa and mama, I want my sons to be just like you.

Cheers, and Happy Children's day to you Duru Adolphus Chukwunonso.

Your's Sincerely,

The You I have become

(John de Beloved)

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time, I am humbled when I check my stats, and see the page views that I see, and I am grateful to GOD for the opportunity to know you, and the fact that you sacrifice your precious time here. The best year of my life was 9. We changed houses, and Life was so dang fun, and then 15 also, cause that’s when I first fell in love. What was yours?

P.S: Happy Children's Day to you! If you like be forming Mature, and claiming I am not a child there, The gospel truth is that there is a Child in all of us, and it is at that moment of being a child, that moment when nothing really matters, it is then that we actually get to enjoy the true worth of life.

P.P.S: In the spirit of children's day, I met a very Young Versatile Blogger. Her name is Seyram Nutsukpui  and she is a very Nice Ghanian Blogger, plus she is pretty young. Kindly show her some love by clicking on her name to check out her Awesome Blog. Thanks. xx


Monday, 26 May 2014


Good morning great Young mind, how was the weekend? Trust you guys had madt fun oh, and there was joy shared around all time every time? To all original Real Madrid fans, a Hearty congratulations to you guys oh, well we all saw it coming nah, when CR7 is in top form... And to all Bend down select real Madrid fans, especially them Manchester United fans Turned Real Madrid fans, I pray that your Girl friend will leave you for a season, the way you left Manchester for Madrid during glory days :p.
Well if you all had madt fun as I am guessing, then I am pretty psyched up for you, cause thats what life is really about, making every minute count.

So I was on my own oh yesterday, trecking back from mass, and as a social Network person, I always look forward to the beeps that come with turning on your phone after a long turn off. So I was expectant and anticipating (Plus I was trying to woo one girl on Instagram, so I was expecting her answer :) ) But Bam! Bam Bam! Instead of getting a ghen-ghen i feel the same way about you JdB, or notifications on FB, I got a mail from the office! You know those kinda mails that make you shout WHAT THA HELL! Well yeah I shouted that 4 Times, and had to pack my TRECKediz benz in one Koro and reply ASAP. So lets just say, the mail was a "You are not doing well enough and your coy is having a bad name from the Ministry" kinda mail, and the fault was from my desk. damn I am screwed as I said as I shrieked. So its official, I am in trouble :(.

So its 2:29 Am in Festac as I type this, and I don't know exactly why I am up. I haven't been able to sleep since 12:48am, and all fingers point at the Boko Haram mail from the office that worried me all Sunday and made me look like a total sucker behind a desk. But regardless, I said to share my fears on the YnC Blog plus having that I know I am doing my best, I will weather this weather. I have this gehn gehn meeting by 7 Am and trust me, na Mr. Durus Fuck up be the Prime subject. Hope I am safe at the end of Today sha. But what ever it turns out as, I have to take full responsibility for making the coy look bad.

So in line with the Thoughts of doom above, I saw a picture on the page of one of the girls i was trying to Toast on Instagram a while ago, and it just struck me. It struck me that there are certain things which we do as youths, certain decisions we make at our prime, and certain uncorrectable errors we create, errors that even remorse and almighty Alcohol cannot heal, and which regret becomes our only alibi. Now I cant believe i am writing this, cause about 4 Months ago, I would have shot the author of this post, but I guess growing up involves thinking deeper.

From where I stand right now, SEX is just an Overrated activity, which just complicates life and makes everything so dang hard. Thanks to the Media, sex sells like wildfire, even kids in primary school are very aware as at today. But today I choose to be Anti as against Pro, I choose to jump on the Bandwagon of 1+The One, and preach NO SEX TILL MARRIAGE. I wonder how long I can preach this thing sha oh, yimu for me jari :)..

Let me tell you why: At church yesterday, having that I always get to sit at the back cause thats were you get to be able to meet all the fine chicks, and catch trips et al, I saw so many women with their kids, smiling, happy and elated, and I saw their Husbands sited to their left all suited up and listening to the sermon. It was a nice sight to behold, as things like this makes you want to get married lmao. But what caught my attention apart from all the fine girls seeking attention everywhere oh!!! was a young girl with this Bundle of Joy in her hands. I could have sworn she was familiar, and i knew she wasn't married. But she had a Child in her arms, a child that was Unexpected, and unplanned. I watched as she nurtured this child, felt his every pain and monitored his every growth for the 2 Hours long mass, and i was like damn! The love of a mother. But where was his dad i asked myself? This was a question, of which i knew the answer.

So my message this morning is to the guys, i really don’t know how many will get to read this, but i hope it touches that one person it is inspired for maybe its even for me sef. So many times we just want to release stress and have a fling, so many times we get drunk, VERY DRUNK and do things that we just didn't plan out properly, so many times we create the Unexpected out of a 1 night stand! But my sermon this morning is not one to Judge you and me, but rather illuminate you that these children we create out of wedlock aren't breakable plates that can be carved and Broken at will, they are Humans that deserve to live. When we create them, when we form the unexpected, we should have responsibility enough to stick to the girl who felt something for you, and agreed to our demands, and take care of her and the child. Cause that child has and deserves a future just as you do.

I know its not pretty cool being a Father at 23, nor a Dad at 19, but if you were responsible enough to have Sex, and enjoy it ;) then you should be responsible enough to stand by, and protect your creation. Carrying a child is a lot of work, changing Diapers its Harder than Engineering Mathematics, Breast feeding is like Daily Hemispherectomy of the Mammary gland,  buying clothes et al, is just too much a job to leave for a 20 year old girl to cater for. I know its scary to be a fether, and thoughts of being forced into marriage is even scarierX5. Trust me, if na me ehn,  I for don relocate go Sambisa forest. But my advice to the guys is that when we get fucked up, and create an unexpected, lets seek advice rather than abscond, lets take  a while to cherish our Boy/Girl and see the wonders copulation can bring as against distant your self from the girl you once professed undying love for. No matter what, please i take MTN beg you, don’t abandon your creation, Man up, and step up to your responsibility, cause that's what real men do.

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, you do me a great Honor by your comments and page views. My prayer for ME JdB today is that, I don't get the boots (haba na everyday i go dey pray for una?) :) make una bless me too.. Abeg say Amen oh! Fear e haf kill me pinish for hia.

P.S: About the post, I must say that it took me courage to write this, and the pressure at the office sure gave me more reason to think. But I just go tired of all the female children baring Children in Lagos Metropolis, while the Bobo absconds to Kafanchan out of fear. I guess growing up for me is bringing maturity with it.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Time to Let go…

Good morning great Young mind, Elenkemeghani? (means What’s happening in Igbo), I hope that everything is going smoothly for you wonderful people, and that the week is unwrapping in a close to perfect way. If you live in Lagos and you have been part of the Everyday Traffic at Orile, all I can say is: 

“Be patient, Engineers will soon invent flying cars" :) #Hope

Before I commence, permit me to say Hearty Congratulations to all Arsenal Fans, you guys are a real definition of Patience is the Key oh! If those 2 goals had not been overturned, I wonder what would have become of Wenger by now. So keep excersing patience, and soon, maybe in 15 years time you guys will win UEFA! :p .

So I have been a proud customer of MTN since 2004, I had managed their idiosyncrasies, their no network during festive seasons, their sending me Text messages more than any girlfriend I have ever had, their no network until you go to the top of Mount Everest  et al, and I had been Faithful regardless. But of recent I lost Faith in them. What broke the camel’s back was last Easter; the flying Bozo’s practically locked me out. You needed to see how everyone stated the "Nonso you have changed oh, you don’t regard us anymore"line cause I didn’t do the ritual of calling nor texting, as MTN just didn't let me! I couldn’t call, text, nor Browse. I was so burnt that when they finally gave me access, I went Bash Ali on them on Twitter :(. However they later sent one very Beautiful, Sexy, Agbani Darego, Omotosho girl to apologize by calling Mr. Duru (well she had a Fine voice so I assume she was all of the above :) ) and Life went on. But in May they just went from Bad to worse, I couldn’t make calls, unless I went to the top of Olumorock. I couldn’t browse properly in my room unless I sat down, crossed my leg, tilted my head to the right and to the left 10 Times, and laid down facing the ceiling, not forgetting to  open the Window. it was so bad that if I Moved from that exact spot! O tan ni e, the Edge network e haf go. So I got really mad, damned the 10 years of patronage,  and decided to port. I just decided it was time to let go, I couldn’t take any more pain.

In the light of the above, I got thinking, and I realized that life was also that simple. Many of us complicate our lives in the most unnecessary ways, by having Faith in situations headed for doom. We hang out with people who think lowly of us just so we are categorized as up to par, we stick to and Date people who dont believe in our dreams out of the fact that the babe is beautiful, we stay in Abusive and insultive relationships just cause we are scared of being alone( I remember 1 time, I got very drunk cause 1 woman said she was Leaving me. I drank and slept all day, and guess what, she still left. #lobatan, if na now, i will give you transport and join sef :p), we go to jobs we do not really enjoy just cause we are scared of not being financially free, we study courses we have zero flair for, just cause Daddy says my son must be a Banker. When will you ever do that which you want to do? 

Thanks to Blog stalking and reading, I have learnt that we have only one shot at this thing called life., After this, there will be no other opportunity to live it, so rather than manage an uncomfortable relationship Move on! Life is too beautiful to not be appreciated and to not be motivated. Rather than be looked down on by people, Live on, cause life is too precious to not feel accepted. Rather than be abused or insulted or consistently embarrassed in an Onion cutting exercise called relationship which makes you cry unnecessarily, move on and find someone who appreciates your worth, cause most definite, there is 1 person for everyone, and You Only Live Once. About studying a Course your Father wants, I would have advised you to Move on and change course, but, so not to be the reason your Papa stops paying your school fees, DON’T MOVE ON OH!, but be patient till you have your independence, and then you can live the life  you want

As I conclude this post Today, I remember what a girl once said to me, she said she was MANAGING me! OMG I never had felt so worthless, but then I realized the only worth that I had in the eyes of this Lady, was that which I had given to her, and shown to her :(. So effective today, I implore you great  young mind to give yourself High worth, cause if you do not first Love yourself, No one will. So kick of your shoes, take YOU to the beach, Take YOU to the Cinemas, take you to that very expensive Lunch, Take YOU clubbing, and have a great time. Cause truth is, You MATTER! A whole lot more than anyone you know.

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, my prayer for you this week is that even as Arsenal was able to lift the FA Cup for the first time in 8 years(after almost 6 version of Iphones had come out), any delayed celebration in your life shall be released this week. #PastorJdBmode

Do have a Fab Tuesday, and remember that it is your Worth in your eyes that matters, not your Worth in the eyes of another.

P.S: Moving On is hard, but its worth it. #trustme


Thursday, 15 May 2014


Good morning great Young mind, Yesterday night I actually sat down to watch TV as against stumbling on others watching it, and I can't say what made me turn it on, (as I rarely do so on week days), but I was glad I did. So as I reclined on our seat, I saw a Headline that Read something like: 

"Stephen Sutton passes on"

I didn't know who Mr. Stephen was, but there was emotion in the way the Broadcaster said it. It was like the way someone might have reported the death of Nelson Mandela on the day of his demise. I wondered! This was the post his mother Put up on his motivational FaceBook page in the Early hours of Yesterday.

A brief clip of Stephens life was then shown, and it was there I realized that Stephen was Diagnosed of cancer in 2010, when he was just 15. After being diagnosed, he stated in his clip that he was pained just as every other human being would be, but then he chose to not stay "stuck in the Rot" like Toinlicious would say, but to take on life head on.

So instead of brooding over something that couldn't be changed, Stephen Sutton wrote a Bucket list of the 48 things he wanted to do before his time  would be up. That involved sky diving :) I wish I could crack a joke as I write this, but this is not the Time.

Stephen left this Earth at 19, and before he left, he set a Target to raise a couple of Hundred Thousand Dollars to Fight cancer, he didnt! But instead, he raise a couple of Million dollars, and donated all the proceeds  to the Teenage cancer trust, and became a major source of inspiration to people fighting cancer all over the world.

Stephen Sutton was Young and Confused just like us, but he chose to live every minute of the last 4 Years of his life in the best way that he could. So today, I think we should emulate Stephen and do the same, rather than wait for a countdown to begin living our life.

And this is what People Thought of him:

So this is us at Young and Confused /The Blog/ saying fare well to one of the Greatest Men that ever lived. Age is but numbers, it is the value in our Years that matters.

I LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Signed: Duru John de Beloved.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

14 FOR 14 CHALLENGE (GROWING UP_ MAY) The Enemy Within

Good morning Great Young mind, how is the week turning out? I hope, trust, fast, pray and believe that everything is turning out super fly for everyone oh! In the light of the gehn-gehn Movie that these crazy Abubakar Shekau and his wrong Boko Haram followers are acting, well all I can say is “There is GOD oooooo”, so the guy should brace himself for the Gehn-gehn Evil that will befall him pretty soon, cause GOD is watching them and I trust their time of doom is on its way. Having that the US Army are in Nigeria, I recently considered enrolling, make I kuku use the opportunity become US soldier now. But when I heard gun wounds are very painful, I jejely decided to decline :(

Oya back to the matter, the Journey of the 14-14 challenge has been a great walk oh, and we are currently in the 5th Month and I am like wow! This has given me the opportunity to meet great Bloggers like Ugo, T-Notes, Cee, Toinlicious, Bim, Seyram, 1+ The ONE, Ritah and others too many to mention, and each time I look back at the innovator of this Idea i.e The amazing and wonderful Ms Janyl Benyl, I cant but marvel at how much of a Blessing 1 person can be. In fact Ms JB deserves the NOBEL prize for the most gehn-gehn person ever liveth.

So going on top the matter(Yeah I am a huge Wizkid Fan), waking up this morning, I got the opportunity to think and look back at the past years of my life, and the part most worthy of Note was my Child hood. As a child, I was scared of literally everything, but what I feared the most was the DARK. I remember when my Banker of life Mum back then, would come home from work with all them SUYA lineage things, and then in her very calm voice SHE would say "Junior, go and get me plates from the Kitchen so I can share this for you and your siblings". Effective immediate my heart would start to Race, and the Happiness of all the orishishi delicacy, would turn to FEAR instantly. 

Why? 3 Reasons: 1. Mother always came home from work at Night, so it was always Night when she would send me on such Journey to the evil Forest. 2. NEPA was very wicked during my childhood :(, I bet that I saw Power (abi na Light) for only 8 percent of my childhood. Sometimes it was like FESTAC Town was off the map of NEPAHOOD. 3. The kitchen was DOWN STAIRS!!! (NA THIS ONE FEAR ME PASS). So summing up all the above usually gave me Goosebumps. You see, I always feared that there was some Ojuju (Monster) crawling around in the dark ready to devour me, but having that if I didn’t go down to get the plates, I wouldn't join in enjoying the wonderful stuff Mum always brought from work, I always had to Boy-up, and step up. So I would wear my heart on my sleeves, dash down stairs with my heart racing like Micheal Schumacher's Cars, and with candle wax spilling all over me as I usually went with a lit candle that most times came back with smoke instead of Fire as the speed don off am. I also can't count how many scars I got from falling on the stair case while in Hussein Bolt mode :). But each time I got back up and gave sweet mother the plate, Mum always gave me that well done my Boy smile, that one that made me realize that for Mama’s smile, conquering fear was worth it all time every time.

So the idea of my story is; most times when we try to do really great things, there is always this Loud voice in our heads saying it can't be done, saying we would fail, asking what if the monsters down stairs got us, what would we do? But just like I learnt with mama, its best when we ignore these voices, and simply strive for that thing which we want, its best if we take the candle(Idea) in our hands regardless of the Wax pouring on us(Pain), wear our heart on our sleeves, reach out to the door way of the stair case (start the process) and run to the kitchen to get the plate (Do the Dang thing) cause at the end, the Voice of Limitation will never cease, but will always be there TRYING to tell us what we can and cannot do(casue thats all Fear can do, Try and convince us), but it is left to us to decide what we want and don't want to do, cause its not these voices of doubt that make us, but the decisions we make that define us. Plus at the end, Mama's smile (The result of hard work) will always be worth it.

The Journey is the Reward- Steve Jobs (R.I.P)

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, as it is you that gives us the Electrical Motivation to go on :). Each time I get Notifications of comments, my hairs practically stand, cause I am glad that someone somewhere sacrificed 7 Minute of their life for the Young and Confused dream.

As you conclude this week, my prayer for you is that, "Every situation in your life that currently tastes like Raw coffee, will this week begin to Taste like Pure Honey" #PastorJdBmode

Cheers, and do have a Ghen-Ghen Wednesday, + a Fabulous week ahead.

Unnecessary P.S: I think I met another girl, but with all these No’s of 2014, I have decided to become a Temporal Monk. ;)


Monday, 5 May 2014


Good morning Great Young Mind. From the Bottom of this Ironical Heart of mine, I say Thank god it’s MONDAY!!! ** as I cringe to my very marrows :(.  So how was the Weekend? Hope you guys balled oh! and had a swell time? Well I went Woman Hunting again oh as usual ;), and as usual, I got a very strong NO :( !!! Lmao, I am sure if all these NO’s were votes, I would be where Barrack Obama is, or be the President of the World by now, but Oh Well! It was worth the try I guess. #RoadtoCelibacy

So in search of a Topic to write on this week, I asked my spiritual Ghen-Ghen Confidant for one, and Tada! This came up. True thing is; GOD has never failed me regardless of my many wahala, and non born-againishness, so Baba Twale Sir. 

So.... Imagine if there was NO Tomorrow! Imagine if the Idea called tomorrow was totally deleted from the mind of man, and all that we had was a today, all that we had was NOW! Imagine if after Today, time and life as we knew it would stop. Imagine how you would live, what you would do differently, the things you would say to the ones you care about, what fears and doubts you would overcome, and just do the dang thing. Imagine if after reading this post, there was no Future and all that mattered was now. All I can ask is what would you do differently?

Truth be told is that in Reality, THERE IS NO TOMORROW! All that there is, is a Now. I see Tomorrow as just a figment of our imagination, created by man, to enable him forestall things, and help him plan for a Now that is yet to come. Think about it: Can we live in Tomorrow without it being first a Present? Can we exist in the future? Truth is, life through my eyes is an Imbalance, but what I strongly believe in my heart of hearts is that there is No Tomorrow, cause even when Tomorrow comes, it immediately turns into a Now before we can exist in it, so we can never exist in a time that is yet to come, but only exist in Now, the very Present, this very Moment.

So is there any Project that you want to achieve, and you are first waiting for Tomorrow to arrive? Any big Dreams you have concealed in your minds? Any life of affluence and wealth? Any girl you want to Toast? Highest she go say NO! Any hopes? Any fears? Anything you want to say to someone or something you want to do? Something! Just go out there and do it, cause keeping it in a Tomorrow that literally doesn't exist, (and which is simply a now that is yet to come) is delaying any sort of gratification that you will get. So do the dang thing, and let it be written in your annals of past Now’s.

I see life as a Book. We wake up and exist in the now of every day, constantly scribbling down our every activity on the annals of this page called Now. We keep writing and writing, and keep making HUGE Mistakes, without any hope of correction, cause we can't turn back the hands of time (cause realistically there is no past, all there is, IS A NOW!) But I see every day as an opportunity to make a new scribble and make the corrections we failed to do at the last now, on the next Now that presents itself to us. 

So my kind unsolicited advice, is that you go out Today and score, go out there and leave a Legacy that when your final Now comes, and you are no more, the Now that will come in the nearest now, will remember that you did what you wanted to do Now, and not hoped for a time that is uncertain, but lay only in our imagination. That You go out and Fall in Love, and Tell that Fine Girl or Boy how you feel, that You begin to Live the life of success, affluence, and Excellence NOW, regardless of the fact that you do not have that many many Cash, or that University degree. Cause NOW is all that we truly ever have.

I am really confused this morning, but I want to say from the Bottom of my heart which many girls have trampled on in this 2014 :'( a Very big Thank you for sharing the last 7 minutes of your time with me. Without these page views that you give, and the Links you guys give to the Young and Confused /Blog/, I doubt if I would still have kept keeping on. So THANK YOU! and please remember that You, yes You there! are why we write.

Do have a very Tushly refined and Wahaless Monday, and my Prayer for you is that: That 1 person whom you love will truly see the value in you this week, and stop acting like a BLOODY Nit twit. Yes I am a helpless Romantic.

P.S: Shout out to the initiators of the #Bringbackourgirls campaign on Socail Media, it was everywhere, and our Oga Boss Jona finally made some mumbled media chat yesterday. Yep, we finally pushed FG to do/say something, and that's what Uniting against Docility can bring. Shout out to Nigerians both here and in Diaspora. I saw a clip of a protesting woman in Washington on CNN. She was seriously weeping, as though the Two hundred and something girls (Please pardon me, as sadly, no one knows the ideal amount,not even NTA) were related to her by blood, and it broke my heart, as to what extent Love for the unknown can go :(

P.P.S: Dear BH( This new nick name for Boko Haram is kinda cool oh) If you ever get to read the YnC Blog, I plead for you to remember that he who cannot create life, shouldn't destroy it, Please rethink your stand.