Wednesday, 14 May 2014

14 FOR 14 CHALLENGE (GROWING UP_ MAY) The Enemy Within

Good morning Great Young mind, how is the week turning out? I hope, trust, fast, pray and believe that everything is turning out super fly for everyone oh! In the light of the gehn-gehn Movie that these crazy Abubakar Shekau and his wrong Boko Haram followers are acting, well all I can say is “There is GOD oooooo”, so the guy should brace himself for the Gehn-gehn Evil that will befall him pretty soon, cause GOD is watching them and I trust their time of doom is on its way. Having that the US Army are in Nigeria, I recently considered enrolling, make I kuku use the opportunity become US soldier now. But when I heard gun wounds are very painful, I jejely decided to decline :(

Oya back to the matter, the Journey of the 14-14 challenge has been a great walk oh, and we are currently in the 5th Month and I am like wow! This has given me the opportunity to meet great Bloggers like Ugo, T-Notes, Cee, Toinlicious, Bim, Seyram, 1+ The ONE, Ritah and others too many to mention, and each time I look back at the innovator of this Idea i.e The amazing and wonderful Ms Janyl Benyl, I cant but marvel at how much of a Blessing 1 person can be. In fact Ms JB deserves the NOBEL prize for the most gehn-gehn person ever liveth.

So going on top the matter(Yeah I am a huge Wizkid Fan), waking up this morning, I got the opportunity to think and look back at the past years of my life, and the part most worthy of Note was my Child hood. As a child, I was scared of literally everything, but what I feared the most was the DARK. I remember when my Banker of life Mum back then, would come home from work with all them SUYA lineage things, and then in her very calm voice SHE would say "Junior, go and get me plates from the Kitchen so I can share this for you and your siblings". Effective immediate my heart would start to Race, and the Happiness of all the orishishi delicacy, would turn to FEAR instantly. 

Why? 3 Reasons: 1. Mother always came home from work at Night, so it was always Night when she would send me on such Journey to the evil Forest. 2. NEPA was very wicked during my childhood :(, I bet that I saw Power (abi na Light) for only 8 percent of my childhood. Sometimes it was like FESTAC Town was off the map of NEPAHOOD. 3. The kitchen was DOWN STAIRS!!! (NA THIS ONE FEAR ME PASS). So summing up all the above usually gave me Goosebumps. You see, I always feared that there was some Ojuju (Monster) crawling around in the dark ready to devour me, but having that if I didn’t go down to get the plates, I wouldn't join in enjoying the wonderful stuff Mum always brought from work, I always had to Boy-up, and step up. So I would wear my heart on my sleeves, dash down stairs with my heart racing like Micheal Schumacher's Cars, and with candle wax spilling all over me as I usually went with a lit candle that most times came back with smoke instead of Fire as the speed don off am. I also can't count how many scars I got from falling on the stair case while in Hussein Bolt mode :). But each time I got back up and gave sweet mother the plate, Mum always gave me that well done my Boy smile, that one that made me realize that for Mama’s smile, conquering fear was worth it all time every time.

So the idea of my story is; most times when we try to do really great things, there is always this Loud voice in our heads saying it can't be done, saying we would fail, asking what if the monsters down stairs got us, what would we do? But just like I learnt with mama, its best when we ignore these voices, and simply strive for that thing which we want, its best if we take the candle(Idea) in our hands regardless of the Wax pouring on us(Pain), wear our heart on our sleeves, reach out to the door way of the stair case (start the process) and run to the kitchen to get the plate (Do the Dang thing) cause at the end, the Voice of Limitation will never cease, but will always be there TRYING to tell us what we can and cannot do(casue thats all Fear can do, Try and convince us), but it is left to us to decide what we want and don't want to do, cause its not these voices of doubt that make us, but the decisions we make that define us. Plus at the end, Mama's smile (The result of hard work) will always be worth it.

The Journey is the Reward- Steve Jobs (R.I.P)

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, as it is you that gives us the Electrical Motivation to go on :). Each time I get Notifications of comments, my hairs practically stand, cause I am glad that someone somewhere sacrificed 7 Minute of their life for the Young and Confused dream.

As you conclude this week, my prayer for you is that, "Every situation in your life that currently tastes like Raw coffee, will this week begin to Taste like Pure Honey" #PastorJdBmode

Cheers, and do have a Ghen-Ghen Wednesday, + a Fabulous week ahead.

Unnecessary P.S: I think I met another girl, but with all these No’s of 2014, I have decided to become a Temporal Monk. ;)



  1. lol.....Duru, thanks for the encouragement..:)

    1. :) :) :) :) WoW! Ugo, thanks for stopping by. Reading your comments always warms up my heart, and I am wearing this very genuine smile cause of you right now :). Thank GOD you liked it. Cheers

  2. Wow,,,This is awesome Duru and its hilarious to that. I was figuring you out in the dark taking those flights of stares to collect the plate..hahahahh I know getting to higher heights sometimes its never easy ---so many blockades along the way...
    And by the way thanks for dropping by and the listing here. I am forever grateful.

    1. Lmao! you needed to see me in my Superman mode back then. I was bloody fast :) :) :). Thanks for visiting, and for your comments. I always have this sense of acceptance with each comment you drop Ritah :)

      About your Super Blog, trust me I will visit there all time every time. Cheers.

  3. Lmao! you are soo funny! wondering what your mom would have said if she knew the 'demons' you battled each time she sent you downstairs and a BIG yimu @ temporary monk. I doubt you can stay so long without being tempted to "catch feelings again". Old habits you know ;)

    1. Yaaayyyy!!! Cee visited us at YnC!!! **skelewuing. I am so glad to see your comment Cee, It usually gives me this unexplainable joy. As I read this one yeah, I am wearing this large smile, which is rooted from deep within me. :) :) :)

      You know as I grew up, I got to realize that Mama did it on Purpose. She knew I was scared of the dark, hence thats why it was always I who was sent into the Evil forest, and not others. She used it as a scheme to help me outgrow the Fear of the dark.

      @ Temporary Monk! hehehehehehe Baby mi, this time I no catch again oh! I haf Tire jo, so i tendered my Letter of Leave to the Federal Ministry of Dating and Relationships (F.M.D.R) Lagos Branch. Lmao! thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you liked the Post, and I thank GOD you could relate with it. Cheers.