Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Dear Younger version of me,

At your age I was called Nonso, and so simple was everything. I can’t but ask how you are? I bet you are on the field playing Catcher with Tolu (who is now very Rich by the way), or in the house playing Table soccer with Emma (Who is now a Pastor), or Just causing Havoc at home as you did from time to time. Dang I miss you, life as I knew it then was so plain simple, it was as simple as ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU! But Nonso, life as I live it now is a Battle, a struggle to survive. I am afraid, Life hasn't been the same without you. :(

Somedays, I lie on my bed and reminisce… I think of you, and smile. I remember how I so much wanted to grow up, I remember how much I despised being young, how much I hated being told what to do, where to go, what not to eat, and what friends to keep. I remember how many times Mum and Dad and godmother sat down to hold Family meetings on top my head cause I was as Troublesome as Adolph Hitler, I remember when I first fell in love with T and she said No for 4 years, but you were drunk in love persistent, I remember how many times I told myself that I couldn't wait to grow up, and run my own show…  But Dang I was wrong, growing up has been short of what I thought it would be. Why? Let me illuminate you.

Nobody told me that growing up would be so dang hard, nobody told me that I would have to go to the Craziest University, where we ran from  Cultist like there was a bloody award at the end of the running ( Imean no body wanted to die, lmao!)… :), Nobody told me that I would graduate and have to wake up by 4 AM every day of my life in search of the Things that Papa and Mama once gave to me for free, Nobody told me that I would one day have to do 400 push-ups and 70 sit-ups so I could protect a Girl that I hadn’t paid Bride price for , And to be able to intimidate, or as the case may be punch a drunk Bozo of a driver who hit my car from behind (car wey I never even buy sef), And YES!!! Nobody told me that girls would say “No” to the same smooth guy, who at 13 every girl wanted to be with! Nobody told me that I would be afraid of being a Father in my twenties (I mean that i s my worst fear, I fear it more than I fear being Poor in life sef. Lmao), well that is self Imposed Yimu fear for me sha as Cee would say, Nobody told me that I would have to date girls not just for the fun of it anymore, but quietly in search of someone who will create and bring a child like you into this world, and be your Mama, . And the most annoying of all is that nobody told me that I would have to leave Papa’s house, not cause I want to, but cause I have to. And I am like this life is crazy! We have to do stuff we don’t want to, cause the world wants us to! nawaoooo. Nobody told me that Life is so Bloody tough.

I was a Fool to want to grow-up too fast and be in-dependent, I was so wrong to have failed to appreciate the every moment I had with you as a kid. So this is me saying I miss you, this is me saying I want to be you again, but this is also me saying that soon I will be 30, and then I will miss being 23 again, so I have decided to enjoy my Twenties, so I don't get to draft a letter to him when I turn 60 with grey hair and a walking stick. ;)

When you were here Nonso, we sent letters via Post office (That place no dey even function again, and working there is like living on pension before you even retire now lol), but now, there is the Internet, and the characters of our letters have no Limits. Regardless though, I will have to drop my pen here. I hope that someday I will be you again, but I am like Dang! That’s like hoping that fishes will one day date lions :) , but Trust me, regardless of how much Trouble you were to Papa and mama, I want my sons to be just like you.

Cheers, and Happy Children's day to you Duru Adolphus Chukwunonso.

Your's Sincerely,

The You I have become

(John de Beloved)

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time, I am humbled when I check my stats, and see the page views that I see, and I am grateful to GOD for the opportunity to know you, and the fact that you sacrifice your precious time here. The best year of my life was 9. We changed houses, and Life was so dang fun, and then 15 also, cause that’s when I first fell in love. What was yours?

P.S: Happy Children's Day to you! If you like be forming Mature, and claiming I am not a child there, The gospel truth is that there is a Child in all of us, and it is at that moment of being a child, that moment when nothing really matters, it is then that we actually get to enjoy the true worth of life.

P.P.S: In the spirit of children's day, I met a very Young Versatile Blogger. Her name is Seyram Nutsukpui  and she is a very Nice Ghanian Blogger, plus she is pretty young. Kindly show her some love by clicking on her name to check out her Awesome Blog. Thanks. xx



  1. literally had to think about my favorite childhood times - probably between primary 1-4. once i changed school in primary 5 i was miserable. lool. nice post.


  2. hehehehehhehehe Lmao! @ ".....Once I changed school in Primary 5 I was miserable...." that really cracked me up :) :) :). Its funny how growing up tends to distort things at times, I thank GOD for memories.

    Thanks Changing Post Codes, i am glad you visited and ff'd the YnC Blog, and we are humbled that you can relate with the post. I will do same ASAP. Cheers to Brighter days of fun loving writing.

  3. If I could speak to the younger version of me, I would tell her to hold on.. I would also tell her she can't fix what's not broken.... Nice post

    1. AH!!!! Tibs, thats deep oh! hmmmnnn... Truly, dwelling on pain and regret is a real lose-lose situation. Thanks for this beautiful comment. You see how talented a writer you are? With such few words, you pierced the Fake Armour of courage i constantly wear #Broken. Even your comments teach me a lot. :)

      Thanks for Dropping by Bubba.

  4. Wow! Hehheehe. Meh, I love this imaginary younger version of u asin I mean the advise. Hmm am feeling all these post big time.

    1. Wow Temi, Thank GOD you like them. Mehn the me i was and the me i am are a Total Package oh! i scare myself atimes. Thanks for your Motivating comments baby mi, we are sooooo thrilled to have you here.