Monday, 26 May 2014


Good morning great Young mind, how was the weekend? Trust you guys had madt fun oh, and there was joy shared around all time every time? To all original Real Madrid fans, a Hearty congratulations to you guys oh, well we all saw it coming nah, when CR7 is in top form... And to all Bend down select real Madrid fans, especially them Manchester United fans Turned Real Madrid fans, I pray that your Girl friend will leave you for a season, the way you left Manchester for Madrid during glory days :p.
Well if you all had madt fun as I am guessing, then I am pretty psyched up for you, cause thats what life is really about, making every minute count.

So I was on my own oh yesterday, trecking back from mass, and as a social Network person, I always look forward to the beeps that come with turning on your phone after a long turn off. So I was expectant and anticipating (Plus I was trying to woo one girl on Instagram, so I was expecting her answer :) ) But Bam! Bam Bam! Instead of getting a ghen-ghen i feel the same way about you JdB, or notifications on FB, I got a mail from the office! You know those kinda mails that make you shout WHAT THA HELL! Well yeah I shouted that 4 Times, and had to pack my TRECKediz benz in one Koro and reply ASAP. So lets just say, the mail was a "You are not doing well enough and your coy is having a bad name from the Ministry" kinda mail, and the fault was from my desk. damn I am screwed as I said as I shrieked. So its official, I am in trouble :(.

So its 2:29 Am in Festac as I type this, and I don't know exactly why I am up. I haven't been able to sleep since 12:48am, and all fingers point at the Boko Haram mail from the office that worried me all Sunday and made me look like a total sucker behind a desk. But regardless, I said to share my fears on the YnC Blog plus having that I know I am doing my best, I will weather this weather. I have this gehn gehn meeting by 7 Am and trust me, na Mr. Durus Fuck up be the Prime subject. Hope I am safe at the end of Today sha. But what ever it turns out as, I have to take full responsibility for making the coy look bad.

So in line with the Thoughts of doom above, I saw a picture on the page of one of the girls i was trying to Toast on Instagram a while ago, and it just struck me. It struck me that there are certain things which we do as youths, certain decisions we make at our prime, and certain uncorrectable errors we create, errors that even remorse and almighty Alcohol cannot heal, and which regret becomes our only alibi. Now I cant believe i am writing this, cause about 4 Months ago, I would have shot the author of this post, but I guess growing up involves thinking deeper.

From where I stand right now, SEX is just an Overrated activity, which just complicates life and makes everything so dang hard. Thanks to the Media, sex sells like wildfire, even kids in primary school are very aware as at today. But today I choose to be Anti as against Pro, I choose to jump on the Bandwagon of 1+The One, and preach NO SEX TILL MARRIAGE. I wonder how long I can preach this thing sha oh, yimu for me jari :)..

Let me tell you why: At church yesterday, having that I always get to sit at the back cause thats were you get to be able to meet all the fine chicks, and catch trips et al, I saw so many women with their kids, smiling, happy and elated, and I saw their Husbands sited to their left all suited up and listening to the sermon. It was a nice sight to behold, as things like this makes you want to get married lmao. But what caught my attention apart from all the fine girls seeking attention everywhere oh!!! was a young girl with this Bundle of Joy in her hands. I could have sworn she was familiar, and i knew she wasn't married. But she had a Child in her arms, a child that was Unexpected, and unplanned. I watched as she nurtured this child, felt his every pain and monitored his every growth for the 2 Hours long mass, and i was like damn! The love of a mother. But where was his dad i asked myself? This was a question, of which i knew the answer.

So my message this morning is to the guys, i really don’t know how many will get to read this, but i hope it touches that one person it is inspired for maybe its even for me sef. So many times we just want to release stress and have a fling, so many times we get drunk, VERY DRUNK and do things that we just didn't plan out properly, so many times we create the Unexpected out of a 1 night stand! But my sermon this morning is not one to Judge you and me, but rather illuminate you that these children we create out of wedlock aren't breakable plates that can be carved and Broken at will, they are Humans that deserve to live. When we create them, when we form the unexpected, we should have responsibility enough to stick to the girl who felt something for you, and agreed to our demands, and take care of her and the child. Cause that child has and deserves a future just as you do.

I know its not pretty cool being a Father at 23, nor a Dad at 19, but if you were responsible enough to have Sex, and enjoy it ;) then you should be responsible enough to stand by, and protect your creation. Carrying a child is a lot of work, changing Diapers its Harder than Engineering Mathematics, Breast feeding is like Daily Hemispherectomy of the Mammary gland,  buying clothes et al, is just too much a job to leave for a 20 year old girl to cater for. I know its scary to be a fether, and thoughts of being forced into marriage is even scarierX5. Trust me, if na me ehn,  I for don relocate go Sambisa forest. But my advice to the guys is that when we get fucked up, and create an unexpected, lets seek advice rather than abscond, lets take  a while to cherish our Boy/Girl and see the wonders copulation can bring as against distant your self from the girl you once professed undying love for. No matter what, please i take MTN beg you, don’t abandon your creation, Man up, and step up to your responsibility, cause that's what real men do.

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, you do me a great Honor by your comments and page views. My prayer for ME JdB today is that, I don't get the boots (haba na everyday i go dey pray for una?) :) make una bless me too.. Abeg say Amen oh! Fear e haf kill me pinish for hia.

P.S: About the post, I must say that it took me courage to write this, and the pressure at the office sure gave me more reason to think. But I just go tired of all the female children baring Children in Lagos Metropolis, while the Bobo absconds to Kafanchan out of fear. I guess growing up for me is bringing maturity with it.



  1. I am in love with this posts in many ways than one! probably my best post o yours so far! lol
    Please preach the message! Many men need to hear it! And I am glad that it is coming from their kind lol..
    And I will be praying with you, that you will also have the grace to wait and love it *wink*.. A decision is a great place to start so kudos! :-D I hope I will be able to feature you and your wifey soon *BIG grin*
    Have a great week and I say AMEN to your prayer - rather than losing the job, promotion will come in Jesus name AMEN!!!!

  2. Hehheehheheheheh @ .......I am glad it is coming from some one of their kind... lwkmdoooo You and this Feature that you want to feature me ehnn 1+The One, it is well oh. Maybe sha :)

    @Your Prayer; Amen Dear. Thanks, I survived. I lost face in the eyes of my Boss' though, but I will work hard to keep up and step up. Cheers and GOD Bless you. Thank you for visiting the YnC Blog, We are always humbled by the great comments you drop. You are a real source of Motivation.


  3. Sex before marriage... hmmm!!!
    for real i don't even know my stand on it but if it happens that a baby comes out of it, by all means the man should take responsibilities for it and man up.
    hahahhaha at sambisa forest :( :(

    I'm a Manchester United fan so i was all amped up and screaming my lungs out! i just love me some CR7.

    Thank God for your Job!

    1. Thanks Changing Post codes... Ehmmm Sex before Marriage is a decsion based thingy sha, and everyone is entitled to choice, so i will not FBI'rogate you on that one. @Man United Fan.. Permit me to say a Hearty Congratulations on your worst Season since I hit puberty, lmao, it haf be for una.... Its glad to know that even Man U can fall. :) :) @ Amped up for CR 7! hehehe before nko, Success has many Brothers, sisters and Silent Toasters nah. lmao.

      Thanks for stopping by, your comments give me a reason to never hold back, cause had I held back and not posted the Letter to me, I doubt if I would have ever met you. I am glad to have you as a contact, I am humbled that you made out time to visit the YnC Blog, and I am thankful to GOD that you can relate with this post. You do us such a great honor ChangingPostCodes. Cheers

  4. Great post and I am happy the office thing turned well eventually. Wish you the very best dear.

    On the issue of men not wanting to take responsibility of their kids, just like you said, it's simply as a result of getting sexually involved with someone they never care for in the first place or still too young to take care of a child due to financial constraints, so true talk o.
    I love this post and I hope people get to understand that if one must have sex then it should be out of affection hence being able to take responsibility for the outcome.

    1. Hiya, sorry I am just replying, been swamped with lifes activities of late :(. Yeah Bubba, we Thank GOd it did, and as we speak everything is back to normal, (well kinda :) )

      Your words are totally true Bubba, but you see, the issue of Sex is kinda different for us guys. We dont have to be "Emotionally" attached, all we need is to lust, and we are good :). But like you said, if it should be done, then it should be done with the right orientation, and whatever results should be taken as it comes. Thanks for stopping by Bubba, i am thrilled to my marrows that you did, and that you commented. E hugs Bubba... **winks