Monday, 5 May 2014


Good morning Great Young Mind. From the Bottom of this Ironical Heart of mine, I say Thank god it’s MONDAY!!! ** as I cringe to my very marrows :(.  So how was the Weekend? Hope you guys balled oh! and had a swell time? Well I went Woman Hunting again oh as usual ;), and as usual, I got a very strong NO :( !!! Lmao, I am sure if all these NO’s were votes, I would be where Barrack Obama is, or be the President of the World by now, but Oh Well! It was worth the try I guess. #RoadtoCelibacy

So in search of a Topic to write on this week, I asked my spiritual Ghen-Ghen Confidant for one, and Tada! This came up. True thing is; GOD has never failed me regardless of my many wahala, and non born-againishness, so Baba Twale Sir. 

So.... Imagine if there was NO Tomorrow! Imagine if the Idea called tomorrow was totally deleted from the mind of man, and all that we had was a today, all that we had was NOW! Imagine if after Today, time and life as we knew it would stop. Imagine how you would live, what you would do differently, the things you would say to the ones you care about, what fears and doubts you would overcome, and just do the dang thing. Imagine if after reading this post, there was no Future and all that mattered was now. All I can ask is what would you do differently?

Truth be told is that in Reality, THERE IS NO TOMORROW! All that there is, is a Now. I see Tomorrow as just a figment of our imagination, created by man, to enable him forestall things, and help him plan for a Now that is yet to come. Think about it: Can we live in Tomorrow without it being first a Present? Can we exist in the future? Truth is, life through my eyes is an Imbalance, but what I strongly believe in my heart of hearts is that there is No Tomorrow, cause even when Tomorrow comes, it immediately turns into a Now before we can exist in it, so we can never exist in a time that is yet to come, but only exist in Now, the very Present, this very Moment.

So is there any Project that you want to achieve, and you are first waiting for Tomorrow to arrive? Any big Dreams you have concealed in your minds? Any life of affluence and wealth? Any girl you want to Toast? Highest she go say NO! Any hopes? Any fears? Anything you want to say to someone or something you want to do? Something! Just go out there and do it, cause keeping it in a Tomorrow that literally doesn't exist, (and which is simply a now that is yet to come) is delaying any sort of gratification that you will get. So do the dang thing, and let it be written in your annals of past Now’s.

I see life as a Book. We wake up and exist in the now of every day, constantly scribbling down our every activity on the annals of this page called Now. We keep writing and writing, and keep making HUGE Mistakes, without any hope of correction, cause we can't turn back the hands of time (cause realistically there is no past, all there is, IS A NOW!) But I see every day as an opportunity to make a new scribble and make the corrections we failed to do at the last now, on the next Now that presents itself to us. 

So my kind unsolicited advice, is that you go out Today and score, go out there and leave a Legacy that when your final Now comes, and you are no more, the Now that will come in the nearest now, will remember that you did what you wanted to do Now, and not hoped for a time that is uncertain, but lay only in our imagination. That You go out and Fall in Love, and Tell that Fine Girl or Boy how you feel, that You begin to Live the life of success, affluence, and Excellence NOW, regardless of the fact that you do not have that many many Cash, or that University degree. Cause NOW is all that we truly ever have.

I am really confused this morning, but I want to say from the Bottom of my heart which many girls have trampled on in this 2014 :'( a Very big Thank you for sharing the last 7 minutes of your time with me. Without these page views that you give, and the Links you guys give to the Young and Confused /Blog/, I doubt if I would still have kept keeping on. So THANK YOU! and please remember that You, yes You there! are why we write.

Do have a very Tushly refined and Wahaless Monday, and my Prayer for you is that: That 1 person whom you love will truly see the value in you this week, and stop acting like a BLOODY Nit twit. Yes I am a helpless Romantic.

P.S: Shout out to the initiators of the #Bringbackourgirls campaign on Socail Media, it was everywhere, and our Oga Boss Jona finally made some mumbled media chat yesterday. Yep, we finally pushed FG to do/say something, and that's what Uniting against Docility can bring. Shout out to Nigerians both here and in Diaspora. I saw a clip of a protesting woman in Washington on CNN. She was seriously weeping, as though the Two hundred and something girls (Please pardon me, as sadly, no one knows the ideal amount,not even NTA) were related to her by blood, and it broke my heart, as to what extent Love for the unknown can go :(

P.P.S: Dear BH( This new nick name for Boko Haram is kinda cool oh) If you ever get to read the YnC Blog, I plead for you to remember that he who cannot create life, shouldn't destroy it, Please rethink your stand.



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