Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Time to Let go…

Good morning great Young mind, Elenkemeghani? (means What’s happening in Igbo), I hope that everything is going smoothly for you wonderful people, and that the week is unwrapping in a close to perfect way. If you live in Lagos and you have been part of the Everyday Traffic at Orile, all I can say is: 

“Be patient, Engineers will soon invent flying cars" :) #Hope

Before I commence, permit me to say Hearty Congratulations to all Arsenal Fans, you guys are a real definition of Patience is the Key oh! If those 2 goals had not been overturned, I wonder what would have become of Wenger by now. So keep excersing patience, and soon, maybe in 15 years time you guys will win UEFA! :p .

So I have been a proud customer of MTN since 2004, I had managed their idiosyncrasies, their no network during festive seasons, their sending me Text messages more than any girlfriend I have ever had, their no network until you go to the top of Mount Everest  et al, and I had been Faithful regardless. But of recent I lost Faith in them. What broke the camel’s back was last Easter; the flying Bozo’s practically locked me out. You needed to see how everyone stated the "Nonso you have changed oh, you don’t regard us anymore"line cause I didn’t do the ritual of calling nor texting, as MTN just didn't let me! I couldn’t call, text, nor Browse. I was so burnt that when they finally gave me access, I went Bash Ali on them on Twitter :(. However they later sent one very Beautiful, Sexy, Agbani Darego, Omotosho girl to apologize by calling Mr. Duru (well she had a Fine voice so I assume she was all of the above :) ) and Life went on. But in May they just went from Bad to worse, I couldn’t make calls, unless I went to the top of Olumorock. I couldn’t browse properly in my room unless I sat down, crossed my leg, tilted my head to the right and to the left 10 Times, and laid down facing the ceiling, not forgetting to  open the Window. it was so bad that if I Moved from that exact spot! O tan ni e, the Edge network e haf go. So I got really mad, damned the 10 years of patronage,  and decided to port. I just decided it was time to let go, I couldn’t take any more pain.

In the light of the above, I got thinking, and I realized that life was also that simple. Many of us complicate our lives in the most unnecessary ways, by having Faith in situations headed for doom. We hang out with people who think lowly of us just so we are categorized as up to par, we stick to and Date people who dont believe in our dreams out of the fact that the babe is beautiful, we stay in Abusive and insultive relationships just cause we are scared of being alone( I remember 1 time, I got very drunk cause 1 woman said she was Leaving me. I drank and slept all day, and guess what, she still left. #lobatan, if na now, i will give you transport and join sef :p), we go to jobs we do not really enjoy just cause we are scared of not being financially free, we study courses we have zero flair for, just cause Daddy says my son must be a Banker. When will you ever do that which you want to do? 

Thanks to Blog stalking and reading, I have learnt that we have only one shot at this thing called life., After this, there will be no other opportunity to live it, so rather than manage an uncomfortable relationship Move on! Life is too beautiful to not be appreciated and to not be motivated. Rather than be looked down on by people, Live on, cause life is too precious to not feel accepted. Rather than be abused or insulted or consistently embarrassed in an Onion cutting exercise called relationship which makes you cry unnecessarily, move on and find someone who appreciates your worth, cause most definite, there is 1 person for everyone, and You Only Live Once. About studying a Course your Father wants, I would have advised you to Move on and change course, but, so not to be the reason your Papa stops paying your school fees, DON’T MOVE ON OH!, but be patient till you have your independence, and then you can live the life  you want

As I conclude this post Today, I remember what a girl once said to me, she said she was MANAGING me! OMG I never had felt so worthless, but then I realized the only worth that I had in the eyes of this Lady, was that which I had given to her, and shown to her :(. So effective today, I implore you great  young mind to give yourself High worth, cause if you do not first Love yourself, No one will. So kick of your shoes, take YOU to the beach, Take YOU to the Cinemas, take you to that very expensive Lunch, Take YOU clubbing, and have a great time. Cause truth is, You MATTER! A whole lot more than anyone you know.

Thank you for the last 7 minutes of your time, my prayer for you this week is that even as Arsenal was able to lift the FA Cup for the first time in 8 years(after almost 6 version of Iphones had come out), any delayed celebration in your life shall be released this week. #PastorJdBmode

Do have a Fab Tuesday, and remember that it is your Worth in your eyes that matters, not your Worth in the eyes of another.

P.S: Moving On is hard, but its worth it. #trustme



  1. Love this post! Filled with humour, yet a strong message.
    Also, thanks a lot for stopping by and for your wonderful comment. I am really grateful.. God bless you loads and give you grace to keep being an inspiration!

    1. Wow! 1+the One, thank you so much for this comment. Reading this brought fulfillment that cant be explained. I thank GOD you liked it, and i am very grateful for the motivation that filled your comment. I hope that I get better with my writing, and Trust me: I will try to visit your Blog all time every time to learn more. Thank you so much...

  2. couldn’t browse properly in my room unless I sat down, crossed my leg, tilted my head to the right and to the left 10 Times, and laid down facing the ceiling, not forgetting to open the Window---that has blown me away-- I hate holding onto pain that is taking me to confused grounds--- I simply walk away and the rest takes good care of itself. Now some people who think they can fix or manage others as if they have been employed to do so---arghhh I wonder--- You are a great writer too original and hilarious in your posts. I loving this ririzmusings.blogspot.com appreciates those beautiful comments

  3. :) :) :) wow! This is so much of an Encouragement Ritah, your comment above gives such unexplainable joy. Thank you so much, as You do us such a great Honor.

    I am glad you visited, and i am wearing this very sincere charming smile cause of you at the moment. Mehn when that chick said she was MANAGING me yeah, I froze like an Ice fish... lmao. thanks for being here,. Cheers to greater Blogging days ahead. Your are a huge inspiration.

  4. Hmn, i really like this and i agree. People treat you the way you let them

    1. yyaaaaayyy!!! Toinlicious visited us! You have no idea how I have hoped, fasted and prayed that you will visit the YnC blog again ;). You are like one of the cool Zuckerbergs of Blogsville :), i am so excited right about now **skelewuing. Thank you so much Toin and I thank GOD you like it, I am glad you can relate with the post. Cheers.

  5. The i was just managing you part is drop dead horrible...say whaaaaattt???
    Truly life is damnnn too short to be hanging on to meaningless relationships and friendships.

    1. True talk ChangingPostCodes, its just amazing how some people feel that: cause you love and Worship them, they have the License to hurt you all time, everytime with their words. I have learnt from my Expereieces to not attach too much value to people, but rather, just take life as it comes Bubba. Cause at the end, wetin go be, go be.

      Thanks for your Comment Dear, i am Grateful and humbled by your support. xx E hugs AKA E Touching Bory is what i am sending to you. :) Cheers