Monday, 30 June 2014


Good morning great young mind, how was the weekend? Hope you guys had madt fun oh! I can't believe its Monday all of a sudden, NAWA OH!!!! I heard it was the Greeks who invented the calendar calculations and made it 7 days(I heard oh). My question is why didn’t they kuku make the weekends longer? Asin man works for 3 days and rest for 4 days.. Haba? Na so them like work Reach? It is well oh :(.

So my weekend was just there oh! I had my normal ROBOT lifestyle routine and I so cannot wait for my sister to come back home jo. Contemplating on going on a kinda Warning strike, so my father will start paying me House chores allowance, I mean since this Job thingy, he gives me little or no cash :( #JourneytoIndependence Haba! Khaki no be leather nah, Junior sef suppose rest or Chop money small nah. **Wears sad face. Heheh Okay Did I tell you guys my sister has graduated from Med School? I thank GOD oh! That geh can be my mother figure all time, every time.…  And yeah mehn she is coming home pretty soon so that’s my consolation.. I dey really do count down. :p

So in the light of seeking what to share with you awesome friends this week, I listened to a particular Motivational video by Eric Thomas(E.T) over the weekend and It centered on your WHY? I was kinda laid back about it initially, but then when the message touched my inner of hearts, I decided to share it with you guys cause I am a believer in: “if it don’t Touch you, then it aint worth sharing”.

Traveling down memory lane a Bit…. I resumed University on the 17th of February 2008, and as against being ecstatic like other students, I was a bit indifferent about it. I remember my Trip to the campus on the 16th had me in a looonng  chat with the student sitted next to me on the the bus about not knowing what to expect as I got into the University, and about the fear of the unknown. You see I never wanted to attend that University, rather I wanted to attend the Nigerian IVY league Universities that most of my Ex class mates were going to, you know the really cool schools. I was even at a time being prepared to go over many rivers, oceans and mountains to study in an Onyibo mans land, but BAM! One crazy man carried his 2 left legs and came to my house and advised my Parents that Junior first be trained here, that he first Understand Tradition. And I am like who sent this Yeye man to come and Pour sand-sand inside my garri nah? If i was Older yeah, I sure would have challenged him oh, but oh well, what could I do? I was 15. So that was how I was laced up, bagged up, and on a waybilled on a 9 Hour Journey to Eastern Nigeria to learn how the IGBO people live, how they cheated one another, poured out aggressiveness on one another, and how they hated one another. Have I told you that under  my first 3 months, I was almost kidnapped, I had to run for my innocent small life(Gist for another day.. I was so small, I could have been put into a sack, and would have passed easily for Tubers of yam :)) Dear Reader, if you live in the east for a while ehnnn, you will be so frustrated most of the times as to how they complicate the simplest of issues. Dang it was hard.

Upon arrival, clearing et al, attending lectures was worse. On My first lecture day,  I remember just standing at the center of the crowded hall, perplexed. You see I had to have a Physics lecture with  well over 1200 students, sitting and listening to 1 man who murmured to himself, without any sort of Public address system, it was hard, and It was tough. My first 2 years were horrible, and had it not been for my elder cousin with whom I stayed, aswear I would have run mad. I guess that was the beginning of the Young and Confused dream lol..

Back then, my hostel folks always called me a nerd, a geek, an ACADA! I spent at least 7 Hours daily while in the lodge looking into books which sometimes I didn’t understand JACK of what the author was saying, and had to read over and over again to get it in. Most times, cramming was the key, we often times crammed Calculations well over 3 pages long and when asked to give Technical relevance and application of those calculations, For where? We had no idea jari! No road, cause all we had done was crammed but not understood. Little did everyone know that i was little of a nerd, but only worked so hard cause of my WHY's!

What was my WHY? My WHY was my Dad. My Dad had sent all my elder siblings to the kinda ivy league colleges,  that he couldn’t afford to send me there too, cause if he did yeah,  it was sure he would go bankrupt. My WHY was the fact that I HATED it there at the my University, that I promised myself that I did not want to spend an Extra day after graduation. I hated the excessive Freedom, the lackadaisical attitudes, the lack of drive , the crowded first year lectures, the Cultism, the Fear of being obtained.. it was all just too sudden. May I add that I was 15 when I went there, so I was a definition of a FEAR FEAR,  But my WHY just had me going: “Junior do this for Daddy” “Do this to get ouutta here”. I knew my Dad was in pain sending all 3 of us to the University at a time, so I promised myself I would come out and make him not suffer again, come out and buy him all the wonderful things of life he deprived himself of to send  me to Uni, come out and make him proud. But my second why drove me even more like the accelerator of a car. It had me saying “Lets do this and get out”, “ Lets do this and go make the cash”

You see Life is teaching me that LIFE in itself is Bloody hard, there is so much pain and confusion everywhere, students struggle through school, lovers struggle through relationships, people go to jobs that they do not love, Mothers abandon their kids out of fear and inability to go on with the family, But I am learning that until a man decides the WHY for which he started something, he would quit at the nearest opportunity. Steve Jobs(R.I.P)  said that If a man does not find what he loves and does it, he is reasonable when he decides to quit. The WHY in that case is his love. So today, I ask you: WHY do you Blog? WHY did you decide to apply for that job? WHY did you decide to get married? WHY did you decide to get into that relationship? WHY did you decide to get into University? WHY did you decide to start that gym session? Cause the truth is life is teaching me that: until you find that WHY, and stick to it no matter what, it is sure we are going to quit at the nearest opportunity we have, and Quitting will always be our best of allies. 

So as we live June behind, I implore you to let your WHY keep you going through the pain, through the heart breaks, through the disappointments, through the insults you receive from those you least expected, through the failures you encounter through university, through the women in your life abandoning you for no just reason, I implore you that your WHY keeps you going.

Let me live you with the words my Cousin and guardian Pius Duru said to me during one of my complaining sprees at Uni  years back.

“No matter how glorious a place is, or how rotten it may seem, its only Temporal, it is only a passing phase” ( Paraphrased, as he said it while we were seeing a movie :) I wasn’t paying full attention).

Thank you so much for the last 7 minutes of your time, you do us a great Honor with your reads. My prayer for you this week is that you shall never be abandoned the way people are abandoning the Blackberry devices ( I mean I feel sad for those guys :( ) 

P.S: Remember I told you my sister was coming home? Well yeeaaah mehn she is. I thank GOD, she was awarded as 1 of the top graduating student of class of 2014 at her Med school. So here and now, I can only ask myself that when GOD was sharing this Brain for others, where was I??? hmmmn Maybe I was pursuing woman In heaven sha ;)

Testimony time: I finally attained 20 comments on one post, and I am like Yeah meeeeehnnnnn Shout out to the beautiful ladies in my life, especially my Blog Mother Ms Janyl Benyl :) you guys rock jo.. I would have called more names yeah, but una know una self nah. **Winks. 

P.P.S: Permit me to say hearty congratulations to my Friend and Commenter, plus editor of one of my favorite Blogs: Changing Post Codes. She just got admitted into the Nigerian Law School Abuja, so she is coming home **Skelewuing I hope I get to meet her in person oh, she is such a fab blogger. 

P.P.P.S: Did you guys see the Brazil Vs Chile match, and the Netherland vs Mexico one? nna ehn those Big teams were Lucky oh! heheh But had both crashed out yeah, the WC would have become reeaaalllyy Boring. @ Howard webb, you can cause Controversy shaaa.. @ Temi do not be afraid, I won't talk of soccer today **Winks Good luck Super Eagles against France. Hmmnn I Fear for the worst, but hope for the best.

 Goodnight June, Good morning July(In Advance) Bigger things a gwan by GOD'S grace..



Monday, 23 June 2014


Good morning great young mind, what's the 411? What's the story? How are things over there at your end? To my Jando people: How is Summer turning out? To my Naija People, we know nah ;),  Rain has been pouring Cats and Elephants for a while now, so I hope them Rubber foot wares are still serving oh :). Last week I Jonsed and wore a suede footware to my place of struggle, and I personally felt foolish for myself as I was wading through water with my Big boy suede shoe :( . It was heart breaking. 

So the major question on my mind is How was your weekend? hmnn hmnnn ** clears throat**. Mine was super Awesome oh; did you guys see the match between Bosnia Herzegovina and Nigeria?? Mehn that was a Super match oh, I almost fainted at so many instances of the match, but it was a real crazily fun match, i mean it was Ecstasy all the way. I heard a Line this morning that went something like “Baba GOD is Nigerian” Well yeah Mehn! cause If not for GOD ehn, there is no way we would have won that match, aswear.. @ Edin Dzeko, if you ever get to Read this blog yeah, all I can say to you is: Bros diarisgodoooo, haba! so you want to single handedly give 160 Million people heart attack at the 92nd minute ba? :( Kai, as that Ball hit the wood work yeah, I almost fainted, as in I turned Born again effective immediate :). The match was just awesome.

In the line of the aftermath of the match which we won (my I love saying that ;) ), a lot of permutation, differentiation, and integration has commenced, and the most genuine is that if Iran wins Bosnia by 2-0, and Argentina wins us by even half goal to zero, then Nigeria will not Qualify for the group stage :(, and I am like haba! After that Heart attack match that my BP was almost 300/175 una still dey do this calculation ehn? Nawa oh! I can clearly state at this point, that we have Engineering Mathematics, Calculus mathematics, and Super Eagles Qualification Mathematics. :(

Okay: Fake it Till You Make it…. During the match, I saw the devotion with which our super eagles played, and I was amazed.  I saw Peter Odemwingie Run up and down the pitch for 90 Minutes, Emmanuel Emenike intimidate the defenders like they were his younger brothers (Igbo Kewnu! Hia!! Our Fufu and pounded yam worked oh! :) ) and I  saw Onazi (the glory seeker as usual), take shots at every opportunity he had, but all these didn’t move me as much as a young Novice called BABATUNDE. Permit me to state, that My Father and I are Beefing the Coach for not playing Victor Moses oh! I mean we reigned curses on him cause of that Babatunde guy, I mean who is this guy? This was the first time ever that this young man had represented Nigeria in any event, as he was a Total stranger, an unknown face. And I kept asking myself WHO IS BABATUNDE? Trust Naija Tweetosphere nah, the same Question was trending after the match.

A couple of years ago in the University, permit me to state that I am a graduate of all those people that Climb Electricity poles to fix wires, so we had to read like our lives depended on it to come out of Uni. In one of my courses while in 4th year, I remember a Lecturer of mine who doubled both as my lecturer, and My Dads campus eyes and Ears.  You know that kinda lecturer that would notice if you skipped class, and would peruse your script to see if you underperformed after exams? Well yeah mehn. He was, so I couldn’t afford to screw up. During his lectures, he would look at me intently, as I was one of those who he expected to be in the lineage of Einstein. Trust me, I always refused to fall short of his expectations, and I read for his class like I was preparing for S.A.T. Back then. I vividly remember that I would sit in the front row, and look intently at his eyes, taken notes of everything he said. You see I was such a note taker in Uni,  the kind that if a lecturer picked up his phone and said “Call me back “ to the caller, I would take notes of the time of the call, and the exact sentence.. Yeah I was a Demi geek. But during this my dads friend lectures I always made sure I sat there and Faked it, as  there were so many times that I didn’t understand JACK of what he said, but then I nodded and jotted his words with so much dexterity, that you would think Mehnnnn Engr. Duru is an Einstein oh. *Yimu. 

You see as Humans, our emotions follow our actions, and the positions our life in the nearest present will take, are solely based on the decisions that we make today, and actions we take now. I am learning from life that: as long as we Fake the persona for which we intend to become, we most definitely will become it, simply cause by faking it, we subconsciously create the life which we want. I am also learning that humans have something that other creatures do not have, and that is our Imagination. Our imagination is the only thing that can help us see something even before it becomes, and see things in the past. So to be able to live our Dreams,  our imagination has to take us through the disappointments we face, beyond the fears that we encounter, and above the doubt that we accommodate.

 So my epistle this morning aims at teaching me that if you want to become a Rich Millionaire in the nearest today, a Beauty Queen, A well built individual, A professional, a Lover,  or whatever it may be that we want for ourself, I implore you that firstly you must commence by faking the lifestyle that you want. How? By taking small steps in the Direction for which you dream, by waking up, stepping up, dressing up and living up to the lifestyle you aspire for, the lifestyle of a Millionaire, a Beauty Queen, a well built individual, a Geek, a Lover et al, and subconsciously and unknown to you, you will begin to attract the said lifestyle.

I was listening to Preacher Joel Osteen a while back (he inspired this post to a large extent) and he Quoted from the good book that: 

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen”

And then I thought to myself, how better can we show evidence of the life of wealth, Beauty, affluence and success for which we dream of (Have FAITH to oneday live) as young people,  than by carrying our selves as though we already are what we dream of,  by gradually living our dreams day by day, by choosing to become what we want, regardless of our current position, or net worth.

Hence today, I am learning to FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT. Live your dreams, and be grateful for where you are. Cause the truth is, the You You are today, is as a result of the you you dreamt of becoming yesterday, and the you for which you took mild strides to become. The you which You Faked Yesterday, is the You that you are made of Today.

As regards my University story above yeah, after the semester, I fell short of an A by 1 mark, and I was so burnt at sighting the result, that I almost cried sef ;,( LMAO Kai the pursuit of good grades ehn someones cries cause of a B.. but when I realized that at so many times, I didn’t understand jack of what the lecturer earlier said in his class, but had to fake it, I was immediately grateful. Sighting the last match, take a Look at Babatunde, I am sure as hell that he was scared in the match against Bosnia, well I saw his fears, cause at so many times in the game, he was totally clueless of what to do with the ball, and loading like a Windows 91 PC lol, but regardless of his fears, I admire the confidence which he faked till he made it, how he stood out, and how he, a once Unknown figure, Trended on Tweeter at his first appearance just by not showing fear, but rather showing confidence regardless the pressure.

Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time, my Prayer for you this week is that your joy will shine like the sun, and that there shall be no event synonymous to night time or an Eclipse to dull your smile all week.. Can I hear an Amen somebody #PastorJdBmode. 

P.S: YOU MATTER! So live the life you dream of. Do not wait for your Dreams to come to you, but rather go to your dreams, and live it every day regardless of what your Account balance is, or what the ladies you walk past by say. Do not wait for Beauty, but live in Beauty Day by Day,  carry your self like the Queen that you are, cause you are Royalty by Creation. I mean your father owns the world, what else do you need to make you believe?


I forgot to Add. #EnyeamaForPresident2015 he can save balls, your relationships and even lives :)

Monday, 16 June 2014


Good morning great Young mind, how was your weekend? Trust you guys balled oh, and that everything went in a very Ghen-Ghen way…  Mehn if it did so, then Halleluiah somebody :), if it didn’t,  then Confirmed, no worry Echi di ime ( Meaning tomorrow is Pregnant in Igbo) so be expectant of good. And if it went 50-50, no worry, no be who first call police na him win case, After rain comes sunshine ;). Well for me sha, I had a dope weekend, as in ehn, all those kinda weekends that make you want to say Yeah Mehn!!!!

Okay let me tell you why. Firstly I saw the match of Netherland against Spain! Lmao you know that match that CASIILLAS was totally humiliated, and that he kept making Sloppy mistakes, and Mumuing for Africa. In my mind that day I was like: “Where are all them La liga Fans? You guys should Turn up Turn up” So that’s my first reason.  Secondly , I live the life of a very very Busy Mosquito, I get to do the 8-5, 5 days a week, get to cook the family tri-weekly Meal of Life on Saturday, and then on Sunday I get to rest (all I do on Sunday is Wash Clothes, Clean the House, go for Mass, Cook lunch, Iron every single shirt and trouser I have cause Lagos Power get K leg, Cook Dinner, and sleep) Trust me that’s the easiest day of my life regardless how plenty plenty it sounds. Don’t worry, My Sister is coming home soon, can’t wait. So I was relatively sad when I woke up realizing that Today was MONDAY! Kai! I was bittered ;,(, but the second reason kept me going, and woke me up with a  smile on my face. The reason is I met 3 new Bloggers.
        1. Amaka
           2. Tibs
        3. Temi

You know how you feel when Mama buys you a new Gadget or device? Well thats how I felt this morning on my attaché drive to Survival. They are 3 super Bloggers I met last week, you know, those kinda Bloggers that you say! “Yeah Men!” and “Baby don’t go” after you meet them Lmao! Trust me, they are, and I am so excited to have met them. They kept checking on me, and that gave me a real excitement, and made me blush like a new born baby. Lmao. These guys are pretty cool and as real as Writing can be, oya if you think I am lying, check out their Blogs (click on their names).

So to not digress too much, let me tell you a tad of what I have been going through. I was just made the Ambassador of Peace by the National Federation of my FRIENDS MOTHER. You know, the first person she calls when the Mumu Boy is acting up, or being stubborn, or when he talks back at her. Well yeah, the Woman has so much Faith in me now ehn, she could ask her Daughter to marry me for free, Cause whenever they have had an Argument or confrontation, the next thing na  I am calling Nonso (so my 8-5 just added Jara on top) :(.permit me to iterate that it was this same friend of mine that stole my First Love oh, and the craze girl had the nerve to say, “Nonso Duru, if you love me then you will let me Date T, I love him”, and I was like BOMB DEY YA HEAD! Date my best friend, You well??? Lmao. #Memories shaa. So sometimes when I do stuff for this guy, I am like nawa oh! Does he deserve my effort? Well, It is well. So Lets call him T. T and I have been friends since Secondary school, you know we contributed money to buy Fat Lunch back then, joined efforts to fight Bullies (AH! Together, you couldn’t mess with us we were Tiny but Mighty. I got hit once by one Bully, and bam I punched the Bully right back.. well T didn’t fight back for me oh, but he had my back from a Distance. Lmao. See life, the Bully recently wrote me on FB and was talking to me with Utmost respect #Ironical) I always had his back too. No body messed with us. We even pursued Woman together! So, fast forwarding 8 years today, me and T are still close Friends..

Sometime last week, his Mum saw something in his room, something that Broke her heart immediately, something that made her used to be “Saint of a Son”, fall to the abyss, faster and harder than Lucifer did in her head, something she could not justify. So immediately she saw it, WW5 broke out. she cursed him, and said a lot of things to him about how disappointed she was, she slapped him, and then she called Nonso (Note the sequence of events, parents tho). I heard she even broke down into Tears. Trust me, its sad to see your Dad or Mum cry cause of you.. I almost did once, it broke my heart! Anyways she called me, and complained about everything to me, and in my mind I am like wetin I go do?? Shey I go Flog am ni? 

Now, you know all those things that people take that make them go: 

“Jah rasta Fried rice, I and I be a Bombo Claq, You come here see me, I go there see you, I go Babylon on you”  And then they shake their head like people convulsing? 

Well yeah. She saw a Wrap of it in my friend’s room, and sadly, she always saw him like an Angel who was focused on success, and not as a Jah rasta Fried Rice candidate :( 

So rewind to last week, I sat down to share T’s lunch with him, (I know nah, Hunger management no easy, well It has been raining Elephants and Dinosaurs in Lagos, so I couldn’t go out for lunch) and so T told me everything, about how he loved his Mum, about how he had lived everyday of his life to please her, about how he hated that he broke her heart, and here is this great part: about how taking the "JAH RASTA FRIED RICE SUBSTANCE" is Justified by life, but not by law. I just sat there staring at him like

“Dang! Uni has swallowed my padi”.

I couldn’t believe the utterances emanating from his Vocal useless Cavity (I insult him a lot) Almost punched him in the face sef. He said how it made him smarter, (The Bozo even said “Duru you need to try it, you will become Fucking smart”, and I am like Yimu, as long as I can update the YnC Blog, and do office work, abegi I dey alright #grateful) he said how he made him get inspiration, and then he said something that got me. He said he had been searching endlessly for the part of the Bible that condemns it, and that he was yet to see, adding that if I found that passage and showed it to him, he would stop effective immediately (Thing is, our Parents raised us well. Life is distorting us a bit, but GOD is our root). And so this had me thinking, if he knew it was right, then why was he searching endlessly for a religious Justification? And if this substance was as inspiring as he claimed, then Why was his mother so quick to Unjustify him, Why?

I guess these are questions that I cannot get answers to, but what I know for sure, is that anything a man does, for which he seeks justification, is a proof that his inner self is yet to believe that thing as right, and hence he knows it is wrong, but only seeks proof to make it right.

Truth is I fear for T, he is a stupid, crazy, smart, useless, and very intelligent Engineer, but I fear that the Jah Rasta fried rice lifestyle will only make him go loko! I fear to lose my friend. L

So this is a kind appeal, a mayday cry for help!!! How do I un-justify my Friends Right as wrong? How do I proof to him that regardless what he believes, he is on the wrong path of life? How do I save him from getting addicted? Please, If you know how, kindly send me a personal email at or leave your advice in the comment section. Cause who knows, just as T seeks justification for his Achilles heel, there might be others and even me, in need of your advice to Unjustify my Justified Evil.

Thank you so much for the past 7 Minutes of your time, you do us a great Honor with it. My Prayer for you is that every person that has planned to shine on your head this new week, you will disgrace them like Robben disgraced Cassillas… can I hear an Amen. :) #PastorJdBmode

P.S: Thank you My Blog Mother Ms JB,  Tibs, Amaka and Temi, You ladies made my Weekend, and I smiled with every Notification I read. The Excitement of updating woke me up by 3:11 AM, and I am very GRATEFUL to GOD that I stumbled on your Blogs. Cheers Bubbas.

Unnecessary P.P.S: Testimony time: #1. I can now do 100 Push ups at a stretch, talk about getting Stronger :p. #2. Dad finally allowed me to Drive the car solo, so no Turn here, match Brake, reduce your speed et al :). I had madt fun, and sped like a Boss with a License. #3 @ Cee, I still haven’t caught feelings all June oh!! so that makes it a month and a half :p



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A letter in a Bottle...

Good Morning Awesomely great Young mind, how are ya? Wetin dey sup? So this is a kinda Quickie post that I have to do. I know it’s a tad( new English that Bim taught me) out of the books to do this oh! But you know nah, “Gratitude and Love na like Mosquito, if e bite you ehn, you gats scratch am!” **ShinesTeeth. 

I remember vividly my first article on the Young and Confused Blog. I didn’t know for sure what I was doing, but I knew for sure what I wanted to do. I had learnt from my Beautiful and outstanding Blog Mother Ms Janyl Benyl, that writing was not just a Tool, but a weapon to change lives, a way to make another better. So, I wanted to reach out to the world, I wanted to Touch lives, I wanted to use this great gift of scribbling my thoughts that GOD had dropped into my heart to make someone smile, to change just 1 more life, and make the Youths of Nigeria realize that the world, “their world” could be better and easier at living through my articles. As I write this post, I wonder if I am doing so well at it, but I guess I am not the Judge of that, so I will keep keeping on until I do, Until I get that Praise the lord Testimony. :) #hope

One of the great things Blogging has done for me is that, it has helped me realize that Life is relatively simple. Writing has helped me realize that I am not the only Young and confused one out there, and that sharing my thoughts and reading that of others is not just a means to an end, but an avenue for change. Plus, Blogging has helped me meet people; people that made me smile with their comments, those that encouraged me with their private messages, those I learn from, those that ignored me,  and those that I CAUGHT FEELINGS FOR. na this ones important pass. lmao

So Today, I am writing a letter, putting it in a Bottle, and throwing it into the wide ocean of the Internet. A letter of gratitude and love to everyone who comes around to read our Blog, a letter to those who send me mails of encouragements, a letter to Super smart Akagha Justin and Beautiful Duru Mimi who have not just being my biggest fans, but my Biggest Airconditioners too, as they have read almost every single post, A letter to Bim my Blog Girl friend #IfshereadsthisIamdead!. Today I want to say Thank you.

Do you remember the “I am only Human post”? The one I wore boot inside Naija’s Sun? Ehen that one.. I wrote it for a Blogger called Bim Olanma Akinmade. She is a Wonderful blooming writer who life carried me to, and for whom the Scorpion of lof nwantintin stung me. Bim is someone whose smile always makes me be like UP NEPA!!!, as she always lights up my world. She is my own Ms. Ballotelli. She gets a Year older today, and I also dedicate this letter in a bottle to her. It’s amazing how 1 lady can be so beautiful, unique, outstanding, and so much of a cause of Heart attack, and High Blood pressure. This geh haf suffer me shaaaa….. She can vex me for Africa ehn :(, but she is still my Olanma, and so she will never stop making me smile with her wise ass jokes about life. Trust me, this girl sees life in Rainbow colors :), you need to meet her, you will catch feelings too. She means plenty plenty to me.

Today, I just want to say Thank you to my fab Blog Mother Ms Jany Benyl, for always been there for me, encouraging me, and making me belief that I can be better. You are super awesome Mama :), I mean it. And a Thank you to you, yes you, You give me a reason to wake up every morning and want to be a better JdB, I want to say Thank you for everything. And to Bim, my prayer for you today is that; that beautiful smile which you always wear, you know the one that makes me think of how much I need you, My prayer is that that smile will never turn into a Frown, and those sparkling eyes of yours will never mix tears.

Thank you every one, as you water my life Day by Day, may you also be watered.

Thank you so much for the past Three and a Half minutes of your time ( Ehen now, this one is short) You do me a great honor. Do have a Gehn-Gehn week ahead. Cheers.

HBD Bubba. :)


Monday, 9 June 2014

The Hour Glass.

WHY? Life through my eyes is a growing imbalance. Day by day, I get more immersed in my unresolvable confusion. I wonder why stuff happens, I wonder why things are just so sad, I wonder why life is just so dang hard, I wonder why the best is served last at parties, and most of all; I wonder why those who deserve to stay and live the longest, those with a seeming Heart of gold, those with so much love for the Universe and humanity, I wonder why they are most hurt, I wonder why they are often times the first to go .

Over the weekend, I was immersed in thoughts of the Big WHY, as I couldn't stomach the fact that THE Dora Akunyili who we all loved and respected so much had left us. The news came to me as a shock, as I read it on one of my mentors (@debolaLagos) Instagram page. And then Questions hit me from left, right and center, like I was in a Boxing ring. “Is good ever worth fighting for?”  “Is there any real reason to life for, and work for Humanity?” is this life really worth living, when at the very end, you will be blown away as chaff?  “Is there any true value in actually pursuing change especially in Nigeria?” I pondered on these questions, until I got to Ikoyi (You see I was going to grove, but this bad news dampened my spirit) :(

I was but in Secondary school when Mrs. Dora was D.G of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, and we saw things, We read things, We saw how much of Titan she was, as she fought so hard against all those Ndi 419 and other Nigerians and international criminals who tried to poison others in the name of making profit through importing and marketing poorly manufactured, and processed food and drugs items, as well as importation and sales expired items. Those days, we would look at all those cartons of indomie, and milk, and all the Orishishi being burnt in the eyes of the Public and say when I grow up I go work for N.A.F.D.A.C, free food dey there wella :p. I was awed at her steps. I said to myself time and time again, I want to be like her someday, to stand for the RIGHT. I thought to myself, that as long as she could stand against injustice, and create the change she wanted, then we all could. I had Hope in NIGERIA.

We all know the rest of the story, she went on to became the minister of Information. I mean wetin concern Pharmacy with Information? but oh well, welcome to NIGERIA, the home of impossibilities :). So I kept on in my silence. And then Finally, I always thought she got too ambitious by resigning to run for Senator, but I guess that's what working in NIGERIA government does, it destroys your worth kinda. So in an Over Ambitious way, she ran for Senator against Ngige and then she lost. So she was neither here nor ther, Neither Senator, nor mister.. She fell. That was the very end of my Dora, my role model, my epitome of Justice, as she just went AWOL.

It’s sad that she had to go, but in the light of her passing, I have come to understand that life as we know is an Hour glass. One that never gets broken, nor gets stuck, one whose values can never be miscalculated, but is always spot on accurate, and one which keeps running, till it cant run anymore. And sadly, at the very end, when the sand runs out great young mind, no one can refill it.

In the light of this knowledge, I implore you great awesome reader to give your heart to whatever you want to do all time every time, hold nothing back, but take from this life everything you can. I mean, if you choose to sweep the streets, then sweep them with all your heart, if you choose to be a Banker, then give it all you have got, if you choose to be a Doctor or Nurse, then serve your Patients and humanity with all the love you can muster, if you choose to be Engineer, refuse to compromise on Quality. Cause at the end, we will only live once, so when we are at those last hours of life, which would you prefer? Do you want to regret all the great things you didn't do, or laugh at the foolish things you did, and say "That was just plain stupid". Do you want reminisce on the great things you did, and tell the tales of how great they were to anyone who cared to listen? The Question all boils down to You. Cause it wont be about as much awards as you won, as much as about how many lives you made better, and how much value you added to this world. What do you want to be remembered for? I look at the above picture of Late Dora, and the previous ones, and think to my self that someday we all will be that frail, someday, we all will go, cause life as we know it is a withering rose.

Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time, You do me a great honor with your kind words, comments, shares and Views. 

May the soul of Mrs. Dora Akunyili, and all the faithful departed through the mercy of GOD rest in peace, May their souls rest in peace, Amen.

P.S: I saw a head line about one of the Chibok girls who said she was raped 15 Times daily or something. I couldn't muster courage to read about it tho... Its sad, this world as we know it is self destructing, thats the only reasonable explanation. Can we just go back to the begining? I only wish we could. GOD help us.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

14 FOR 14 Challenge ( GROWING UP _ June) The END...

"Where did I go wrong? What didn’t I do for you? I sent you to the best schools, bought you the best of everything, sponsored your trips abroad every summer, made sure you had everything you ever needed, and now, at this time of my life when i need you to put a smile on my face, when I need to hear Thank you Dad for everything, you bring me nothing but Pain.."

Good evening great young mind, how is the week turning out? I hope everything is going great. I must say that I am still sad that the #BringBackOurGirls campaign is yet to achieve its ultimate purpose, I am still hoping for the best though. @Shekau and his wrong Zombies, if you get to read this, DiaRis godooooooo... So man up and set those girls free you Nit Twits and dumb Bozo's **AngryFace.

So, early this morning I received a very strange call. It was strange cause it was past 5 am, and it was my Friends Mum. That I was startled by the calll, is to say the least. But when I finally was brave enough to establish a conversation, and was able to put pieces together, and after she asked me many many questions oh like a dang police interrogation :), realised she was upset, she was pained, she was heart Broken. I recognised the pain in her tone, cause its the same tone I hear in my Dad’s voice when I push him to the wall, and he is so pained, that when he finally overcomes the grief, and sits me down for the 2 hours 50 minutes guidiance and counselling lecture,  I can nearly see the tears gathering in his eyes, cause he is scared, scared he didn’t do well enough, scared I might not turn out good enough, scared cause its the end, he has finally lost control of my life, and from here onward, what ever i became was of my own doing. He had set the foundation. He had sent me to Uni.

Since graduation in 2012, life has been kinda strange for me, as I have gone from totally dependent, to Totally Suffering for Kobo :) and I noticed that, from 2012 till now, My Dad has had little time to call me to admonish or advice me like he used to do.. Mehn it was a Daily routine before oh! My PAPA is a Chief counsellor. :)

So the event of Today got me thinking.. At a time in our Growing up years, we are all alone. No dad to shout at us, nor Mum to plead with us. We are all alone, all we have is ourself. Cause believe it or not, The End of their support will or has come, as all they did for you is all they could do for you. So its time to take your life in your hands, its time to get off the Auto pilot cruise on which you have been from Childhood till now, and pilot your own life, cause from here onwards, whatever you make of your life is yours to handle. If you screw it up, then screwed up you shall be.

Permit me to leave you with one of My Dad’s best admonishing quotes, i am sure every Nigerian parent used this ghen ghen advice sometime or the other.

"As you lay your bed, so shall you lie on it"

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time, you do me such a great Honor with your time.

P.S: See what Blog Updating has done, it has made me prepare ROASTED indomie, instead of Boiled indomie :( Nneka do and come home oohh!!

P.P.S: I have a meeting with my Friends mum come sunday, I really don’t know what to tell her, cause lets just say, she is scared that he isn’t turning out as she expected. But what I told him, was what Nneka told me when i was over misbehaving she said: We dont know how much longer we have with our parents, so why dont we celebrate, cherish and savour every moment we still have with them. Let them know you arent the perfect child, but at least you aint the worst there is. Thats what i told my Padi today. It is well.

DISCLAIMER: I am not he who claims to know, but he who scribbles down his thoughts with an inetent to share, and to learn from you.


Monday, 2 June 2014

Eko la wa oh!, Ma lo gan!

Good morning great young Mind, what’s the 411? Ki-lon-shele? (Means what’s happening in Yoruba) So, how was the weekend? I hope it was a Doro Weekend for you oh? Mine was super sweet, filled with experiences. Plus I had the rare opportunity to sit at a meeting with The Adebola Williams who founded Red Media Afrca with Chude Jideonwo (They run The Future Project, Rubbing Minds, and Y! Africa Magazine). It was dope, those guys are Inspiration personified. Hehehe I done dey get there oh! Someday we will here JdB founder of Young and Confused Inc. I still dey find the Co- founder sha, plus Girl friend too…. 

Permit me to start  my epistle this morning by saying a very Heart deep, fully emotional, loud and ghen-ghen THANK YOU to everyone who had my back during my close to being fired saga! Okay it wasn’t that bad oh, but it was my first real official screw up, and the tackle Mail came from way high up in the Government, so the afraid wey catch me NO BE HERE OH!. But I thank GOD I survived, I still have my PC, WiFI, desk and ID card, so we good. I got a raised eye brow from my bosses tho, but they covered up my fuck up professionally, so #grateful. Thank you so much, may your Children never call you Aunty or Uncle… xx

Pre. Script: PLEASE BRACE YASELF, THIS POST IS LONG! But it will be worth it I promise. ;)

So I live a very busy life, since graduation I have been not just a busy bee, but a Blaady Busy mosquito, and I despise Mondays, it makes you remember that life is just plain hard. ;’(. Anyways Saturdays is another Monday for me (as my Sister isn’t home),as  I have to wake up early, drop all my fine boy and upcoming millionaire status at home, and board all this Lagos coaster to the market to buy Foodstuff. You see, I am the kinda guy who cooks for the family. I hear some one saying Na lie! Yimu for you jari!. My Papa always said to me: “Junior learn to cook, so NO woman will do shakara for you , or hold you to ransom on top of  food”. Mehhhnn the advice worked oh, and now, I can cook for Africa. :) 

So on my way back from the Market last Saturday, you know all those kinda markets that when you are going in, you fold your Trouser and Brace yaself, plus you arrange all your pidgin English so they don’t 419 you, and call you alaroro(dunno the meaning of this one oh, I am Igbo :) ) on top. And then when you come out, you give a Wiper because na from battle ground you for just comot. Well that’s the kind I go to. So when I was done, I quietly but tiredly boarded a bus back to my Festac  jejely with my Biscuit and pure water handy.

While on the bus, I noticed an activity that inspired this post, plus I learnt a new slang. You see the Conductor was forming Gangster and shouting on every passenger. Having that my muscles are still up coming, I just respected myself said yes sir, and sat at the back as he instructed regardless how uncomfortable it was :(. We started going… later on, 2 other guys boarded the same vehicle, and the Conductor started his Alagbara again shouting ”e lo si wa ju oh" (meaning go to the uncomfortable Tight stuffy dirty useless back) whereas there were better sits up front. These 2 guys no gree oh, but rather stood up to the bully of a Conductor and sat at 2 of the many comfortable spaces in front. The Conversation started boiling and a fight almost ensued, and the “I will make phone call” line started coming up. Mehn,  as a sharp igbo man who graduated from 1 of the most cultism prone Universities in Nigeria, that single line has led to loss of many lifes, and body parts as possible, so I started arranging myself to pick race when WW4 starts :).  My Dear when you hear I will make phone call, especially when it is said by touts, run for your safety oh, cause those are war drums being played. Anyways to cut my story short, the guys stood up to the conductor vehemently, and the conductor who was shining on all our heads before, quietly chickened out. The 2  guys even got a free ride sef. I mean no body knew if they know Asiwaju and the entire lagos Assocaiation of Agberos, so the conductor was scared. However, during the Fight, all I kept hearing was “Eko lawa oh! Ma lo gan oh!” Which means “This is Lagos, don’t Dull oh”, “This is Lagos, Stand up for your Right oh” Well, I went home with this new found mantra.

So in line with the above,  I learnt that  it is a natural inclination for humans to want to put other humans down, it’s like a survival strategy of living creatures. Lizards fight for territoriality, Lions fight for a larger share of the prey, Dogs fight other dogs when they see a Female dog to show they are the Alagbara(strong) Dog e.t.c, But what I also learnt is is that as against that of Animals, Humans do it out of weakness. It is the weakest and brokest of us, that makes the loudest of noise. They try to put others down, so they look stronger. They try  to make other feel insecure, so they strengthen their deflated ego.  They try to make others look less appreciated, so they can increase their self worth. Ladies struggle to  put down others, guys struggle to outshine, outwit, out girlfriend, out drive and oppress others, at the Airports, immigration officers try to dehumanize others , men of a different race sometimes try to make other races seem of less value. That’s life! It will never stop, it will never change. But you can change your own sphere of life,  you can add value to your own life, you can stand up for your right..

My sermon this morning is simple “EKo La Wa, ma lo gan oh!” Stand up to your rights, as a Youth, as a Citizen of this nation, as a Human being. Never let anyone use you to feel better, cause deep within them, they know you are better than they are. Stand up against any form of oppression that may arise, let them know you have self worth that is far greater than any oppression they attempt to throw at you. Don’t  let any lady make you feel less beautiful or less important cause of some bag or dress she is wearing, one she is probably still owing money to complete payment for, never let any guy wearing one Jumper suit, and driving a 2008 Honda pilot, for which he probably has no money to buy a full tank for put you down, always stand up to Bullies, always stand up for your right, cause truth be told: YOU MATTER. Refuse to be a push around.

Having that I have never really traveled out of the country, oya make I no lie, comot the really, I never travel before, I have heard tales of how Nigerians are treated by Immigrations of other nations cause we are on some stupid watch list, and I think to myself : That’s just plain wrong! Why? Are we less humans? Are we less smart? Are we less Beautiful? Because an Igbo man stole Red oil, does it mean all Igbos are now bad? I weep :(, but I think it’s time we let the Eko la wa factor in all of us stand out, and let these guys understand that we are all not terrorist, that we have rights that shouldn't be violated. Human rights! Cause the truth be told, no Man deserves to be looked down on, cause we are all Equal. Well I am sorry if I sound like a Lawyer, I met a FIRST CLASS Lawyer blogger, her name is Changing Post Codes, and she runs a really fun Blog. So I am learning. Trust me nah, I have stalked her blog wella, Plus she is very BEAUTIFUL! I can here the Catching feelings master in me saying: “Go boyyy”.. But Nope, I am on restrain for now.

Ehennnn… Testimony time: Overcomers Time. #PastorJdBmode remember how I told you guys that I had been over rejected this year, and I was done dating??… #Roadtocelibacy, well I was on my own oh, and 1 of all those many girls I was using Okada to pursue those days started dying for me :)… She sent me a message early this morning saying that she needed me(paraphrased)… heheheh I am feeling like Lamido Sanusi right about now, and my Pride is in the clouds :p. But I think I want to take a break for now, plus I want to be sure if she really wants me, or just needs me, So I will let her keep stalking me (regardless that I really really like her, and she was the finest Junior in my secondary school)! **singing this is my time to shine! lmao.  Plus Blogger Cee thinks I will catch feelings soon, so I am on a Temporary mission to prove her wrong. :p

To all those who taught I was lying about my 1st class cooking technique, please find attached the Diagram, abi na picture below, it was supposed to be peeper soup that I prepared for my Dad on his Birthday, I apologise if it looks like concussion :( … Well I tried small nah, Abi???

Thank you for the past 14 minutes of your time(this was long sah), my prayer for you this week is that; Every boy or girl that has been doing shakara for you since all these many many years, from today, there shall be a turnaround, and you shall start to do shakara for them… can I hear an amen! :) :) :) 

P.S: Please never let anyone put you down, no one has the power to do so, but you. You matter! You are special!

P.P.S: Have you heard the DoroBucci song by the Mavins Crew? Its amazing! It has been on replay all weekend. So Doro Young and Confused, Doro Great people, Dorome, DoroYou. :) hhehehe I love that Song!

Do have a Doro week, and a Doro month. Did I say Happy new month already? Sorry I got carried away with the story tellin. :p