Wednesday, 4 June 2014

14 FOR 14 Challenge ( GROWING UP _ June) The END...

"Where did I go wrong? What didn’t I do for you? I sent you to the best schools, bought you the best of everything, sponsored your trips abroad every summer, made sure you had everything you ever needed, and now, at this time of my life when i need you to put a smile on my face, when I need to hear Thank you Dad for everything, you bring me nothing but Pain.."

Good evening great young mind, how is the week turning out? I hope everything is going great. I must say that I am still sad that the #BringBackOurGirls campaign is yet to achieve its ultimate purpose, I am still hoping for the best though. @Shekau and his wrong Zombies, if you get to read this, DiaRis godooooooo... So man up and set those girls free you Nit Twits and dumb Bozo's **AngryFace.

So, early this morning I received a very strange call. It was strange cause it was past 5 am, and it was my Friends Mum. That I was startled by the calll, is to say the least. But when I finally was brave enough to establish a conversation, and was able to put pieces together, and after she asked me many many questions oh like a dang police interrogation :), realised she was upset, she was pained, she was heart Broken. I recognised the pain in her tone, cause its the same tone I hear in my Dad’s voice when I push him to the wall, and he is so pained, that when he finally overcomes the grief, and sits me down for the 2 hours 50 minutes guidiance and counselling lecture,  I can nearly see the tears gathering in his eyes, cause he is scared, scared he didn’t do well enough, scared I might not turn out good enough, scared cause its the end, he has finally lost control of my life, and from here onward, what ever i became was of my own doing. He had set the foundation. He had sent me to Uni.

Since graduation in 2012, life has been kinda strange for me, as I have gone from totally dependent, to Totally Suffering for Kobo :) and I noticed that, from 2012 till now, My Dad has had little time to call me to admonish or advice me like he used to do.. Mehn it was a Daily routine before oh! My PAPA is a Chief counsellor. :)

So the event of Today got me thinking.. At a time in our Growing up years, we are all alone. No dad to shout at us, nor Mum to plead with us. We are all alone, all we have is ourself. Cause believe it or not, The End of their support will or has come, as all they did for you is all they could do for you. So its time to take your life in your hands, its time to get off the Auto pilot cruise on which you have been from Childhood till now, and pilot your own life, cause from here onwards, whatever you make of your life is yours to handle. If you screw it up, then screwed up you shall be.

Permit me to leave you with one of My Dad’s best admonishing quotes, i am sure every Nigerian parent used this ghen ghen advice sometime or the other.

"As you lay your bed, so shall you lie on it"

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time, you do me such a great Honor with your time.

P.S: See what Blog Updating has done, it has made me prepare ROASTED indomie, instead of Boiled indomie :( Nneka do and come home oohh!!

P.P.S: I have a meeting with my Friends mum come sunday, I really don’t know what to tell her, cause lets just say, she is scared that he isn’t turning out as she expected. But what I told him, was what Nneka told me when i was over misbehaving she said: We dont know how much longer we have with our parents, so why dont we celebrate, cherish and savour every moment we still have with them. Let them know you arent the perfect child, but at least you aint the worst there is. Thats what i told my Padi today. It is well.

DISCLAIMER: I am not he who claims to know, but he who scribbles down his thoughts with an inetent to share, and to learn from you.



  1. Njokuocha Ugochukwu6 June 2014 at 11:54

    Nice one @ DJB. Life is a school that only ends when we pass-on.

  2. Blessings....
    You make your children you do not make their minds and there will come a time when they will do what they want, how they want, when the want, with whom they want and there is little the parents can to say and what parents say simply falls on deaf ears. Unfortunately some children feel they must learn everything the hard way, they are not wise enough to realize that we not only learn from their own mistakes but they can also learn for the mistakes of others.

    Parenting at times is a thankless job. All you can do is a parent is to love them anyway, they will make mistakes - its the human experience. The thing to remember is, a person is not the sum total of their mistakes and poor judgments.

    1. Hello Rhapsody, this is one of the most knowledge filled comments i have ever received. We are very grateful.

      Truth is as kids, we will always get to the crossroads of doing what we want at our discretion, and most times, experience has taught me that the result isn't too pleasurable. Funny thing tho, is that Parents are most times right... I cant fail to admit this.

      Lmao @parenting is a Thankless job. But the words ""a person is not a sum total of their mistakes and Judgements....." hit me cause it is true in all ramifications.

      Thank you so much for stopping by the YnC Blog, you do us a great honor with your time, and kind words. :) :)

  3. Sigh
    I used to be very stubborn but age mellowed me. I had to cry and beg mum to forgive me. Parenting! I miss being on allowance's not easy to earn money oh

    1. Lmao @ Amaka, it seems we had pretty similar Childhoods oh, i was the Igwe of the Stubbornness kingdom :). Its kinda a miracle how i changed sha oh! Lol. Omo this Independence thing haf tire me oh Amaka, its hard to hustle your own cash, but harder to spend it, its like your spending your sweat and blood. You ned to see me ehn, i calculate every dang thing. Thank you so much for your commentsssss, i am very excited to have you here. Amma go stalk ya blog right away Cheers. #Udo ;) ;) :) xx

  4. Hmmm.... At least he got a parent worrying bout him nonetheless.... He's got his life to live and his mom has gotta trust that just cuz it's dark today don't mean it can't be bright tommorrow..... Hmmm...

    1. Yeah Tibs, those are very wise words. I found out that his mum was just been Overly protective, and that was pushing my poor friend towards rebellion. Issorait. Guess they are good now.

      Thanks for the kind advice. The Woman has been dialing my number at every provocation she gets from him, she has turned to Peace Ambassador in their house. I don explain tire. :(

      Trust me, I will use your words on the next Peace keeping mission call. Lol. :)

  5. So not kidding
    Facing reality is scary sometimes
    See me the other day trying to sit down and figure out my career path, and try to find advisors for myself, sth my parents used to do Mehn!

    1. **smiles at Career path... All I can say is "Been there, done that", and "I am still there, doing that" :). The whole responsibility thing just hits us all of a sudden. My! it scares me atimes. :(

      Thanks for stopping by Ms. JB, I am so glad you could relate to this post.