Monday, 2 June 2014

Eko la wa oh!, Ma lo gan!

Good morning great young Mind, what’s the 411? Ki-lon-shele? (Means what’s happening in Yoruba) So, how was the weekend? I hope it was a Doro Weekend for you oh? Mine was super sweet, filled with experiences. Plus I had the rare opportunity to sit at a meeting with The Adebola Williams who founded Red Media Afrca with Chude Jideonwo (They run The Future Project, Rubbing Minds, and Y! Africa Magazine). It was dope, those guys are Inspiration personified. Hehehe I done dey get there oh! Someday we will here JdB founder of Young and Confused Inc. I still dey find the Co- founder sha, plus Girl friend too…. 

Permit me to start  my epistle this morning by saying a very Heart deep, fully emotional, loud and ghen-ghen THANK YOU to everyone who had my back during my close to being fired saga! Okay it wasn’t that bad oh, but it was my first real official screw up, and the tackle Mail came from way high up in the Government, so the afraid wey catch me NO BE HERE OH!. But I thank GOD I survived, I still have my PC, WiFI, desk and ID card, so we good. I got a raised eye brow from my bosses tho, but they covered up my fuck up professionally, so #grateful. Thank you so much, may your Children never call you Aunty or Uncle… xx

Pre. Script: PLEASE BRACE YASELF, THIS POST IS LONG! But it will be worth it I promise. ;)

So I live a very busy life, since graduation I have been not just a busy bee, but a Blaady Busy mosquito, and I despise Mondays, it makes you remember that life is just plain hard. ;’(. Anyways Saturdays is another Monday for me (as my Sister isn’t home),as  I have to wake up early, drop all my fine boy and upcoming millionaire status at home, and board all this Lagos coaster to the market to buy Foodstuff. You see, I am the kinda guy who cooks for the family. I hear some one saying Na lie! Yimu for you jari!. My Papa always said to me: “Junior learn to cook, so NO woman will do shakara for you , or hold you to ransom on top of  food”. Mehhhnn the advice worked oh, and now, I can cook for Africa. :) 

So on my way back from the Market last Saturday, you know all those kinda markets that when you are going in, you fold your Trouser and Brace yaself, plus you arrange all your pidgin English so they don’t 419 you, and call you alaroro(dunno the meaning of this one oh, I am Igbo :) ) on top. And then when you come out, you give a Wiper because na from battle ground you for just comot. Well that’s the kind I go to. So when I was done, I quietly but tiredly boarded a bus back to my Festac  jejely with my Biscuit and pure water handy.

While on the bus, I noticed an activity that inspired this post, plus I learnt a new slang. You see the Conductor was forming Gangster and shouting on every passenger. Having that my muscles are still up coming, I just respected myself said yes sir, and sat at the back as he instructed regardless how uncomfortable it was :(. We started going… later on, 2 other guys boarded the same vehicle, and the Conductor started his Alagbara again shouting ”e lo si wa ju oh" (meaning go to the uncomfortable Tight stuffy dirty useless back) whereas there were better sits up front. These 2 guys no gree oh, but rather stood up to the bully of a Conductor and sat at 2 of the many comfortable spaces in front. The Conversation started boiling and a fight almost ensued, and the “I will make phone call” line started coming up. Mehn,  as a sharp igbo man who graduated from 1 of the most cultism prone Universities in Nigeria, that single line has led to loss of many lifes, and body parts as possible, so I started arranging myself to pick race when WW4 starts :).  My Dear when you hear I will make phone call, especially when it is said by touts, run for your safety oh, cause those are war drums being played. Anyways to cut my story short, the guys stood up to the conductor vehemently, and the conductor who was shining on all our heads before, quietly chickened out. The 2  guys even got a free ride sef. I mean no body knew if they know Asiwaju and the entire lagos Assocaiation of Agberos, so the conductor was scared. However, during the Fight, all I kept hearing was “Eko lawa oh! Ma lo gan oh!” Which means “This is Lagos, don’t Dull oh”, “This is Lagos, Stand up for your Right oh” Well, I went home with this new found mantra.

So in line with the above,  I learnt that  it is a natural inclination for humans to want to put other humans down, it’s like a survival strategy of living creatures. Lizards fight for territoriality, Lions fight for a larger share of the prey, Dogs fight other dogs when they see a Female dog to show they are the Alagbara(strong) Dog e.t.c, But what I also learnt is is that as against that of Animals, Humans do it out of weakness. It is the weakest and brokest of us, that makes the loudest of noise. They try to put others down, so they look stronger. They try  to make other feel insecure, so they strengthen their deflated ego.  They try to make others look less appreciated, so they can increase their self worth. Ladies struggle to  put down others, guys struggle to outshine, outwit, out girlfriend, out drive and oppress others, at the Airports, immigration officers try to dehumanize others , men of a different race sometimes try to make other races seem of less value. That’s life! It will never stop, it will never change. But you can change your own sphere of life,  you can add value to your own life, you can stand up for your right..

My sermon this morning is simple “EKo La Wa, ma lo gan oh!” Stand up to your rights, as a Youth, as a Citizen of this nation, as a Human being. Never let anyone use you to feel better, cause deep within them, they know you are better than they are. Stand up against any form of oppression that may arise, let them know you have self worth that is far greater than any oppression they attempt to throw at you. Don’t  let any lady make you feel less beautiful or less important cause of some bag or dress she is wearing, one she is probably still owing money to complete payment for, never let any guy wearing one Jumper suit, and driving a 2008 Honda pilot, for which he probably has no money to buy a full tank for put you down, always stand up to Bullies, always stand up for your right, cause truth be told: YOU MATTER. Refuse to be a push around.

Having that I have never really traveled out of the country, oya make I no lie, comot the really, I never travel before, I have heard tales of how Nigerians are treated by Immigrations of other nations cause we are on some stupid watch list, and I think to myself : That’s just plain wrong! Why? Are we less humans? Are we less smart? Are we less Beautiful? Because an Igbo man stole Red oil, does it mean all Igbos are now bad? I weep :(, but I think it’s time we let the Eko la wa factor in all of us stand out, and let these guys understand that we are all not terrorist, that we have rights that shouldn't be violated. Human rights! Cause the truth be told, no Man deserves to be looked down on, cause we are all Equal. Well I am sorry if I sound like a Lawyer, I met a FIRST CLASS Lawyer blogger, her name is Changing Post Codes, and she runs a really fun Blog. So I am learning. Trust me nah, I have stalked her blog wella, Plus she is very BEAUTIFUL! I can here the Catching feelings master in me saying: “Go boyyy”.. But Nope, I am on restrain for now.

Ehennnn… Testimony time: Overcomers Time. #PastorJdBmode remember how I told you guys that I had been over rejected this year, and I was done dating??… #Roadtocelibacy, well I was on my own oh, and 1 of all those many girls I was using Okada to pursue those days started dying for me :)… She sent me a message early this morning saying that she needed me(paraphrased)… heheheh I am feeling like Lamido Sanusi right about now, and my Pride is in the clouds :p. But I think I want to take a break for now, plus I want to be sure if she really wants me, or just needs me, So I will let her keep stalking me (regardless that I really really like her, and she was the finest Junior in my secondary school)! **singing this is my time to shine! lmao.  Plus Blogger Cee thinks I will catch feelings soon, so I am on a Temporary mission to prove her wrong. :p

To all those who taught I was lying about my 1st class cooking technique, please find attached the Diagram, abi na picture below, it was supposed to be peeper soup that I prepared for my Dad on his Birthday, I apologise if it looks like concussion :( … Well I tried small nah, Abi???

Thank you for the past 14 minutes of your time(this was long sah), my prayer for you this week is that; Every boy or girl that has been doing shakara for you since all these many many years, from today, there shall be a turnaround, and you shall start to do shakara for them… can I hear an amen! :) :) :) 

P.S: Please never let anyone put you down, no one has the power to do so, but you. You matter! You are special!

P.P.S: Have you heard the DoroBucci song by the Mavins Crew? Its amazing! It has been on replay all weekend. So Doro Young and Confused, Doro Great people, Dorome, DoroYou. :) hhehehe I love that Song!

Do have a Doro week, and a Doro month. Did I say Happy new month already? Sorry I got carried away with the story tellin. :p




  1. i died at up and coming muscles. looool
    mahnn, i don't think i can survive in Lagos - the few minutes i spend from the local airport to the International airport is enough Lagos for me. but then again i can never say "Never ever"
    The pepper soup doesn't look bad at all - now i'm craving pepper soup :(

    1. heheheheheh No wayo! when you come home yeah, I will prepare it for you, and then Waybill it to Abuja. :)

      Eko is actually not that bad sha oh, it actually teaches you to develop a relatively Tough skin. If you can survive here, you can survive anywhere. ;) Thanks for stopping by CPC (Your Nicky sounds like a political party in Nigeria) I really appreciate. :) Cheers Baby mi. #Udo

  2. It should be "go" not "gan" the latter means freeze.
    Phew this pepper soup *scrolls up* rme. Let me proceed to gate two

  3. Lmao @Amaka. Your comments always bring me joy :), you need to see the smile i am wearing ATM. lmao Yeeessss ke! I will correct the Title ASAP, Bia how many Languages you sabi sef? You Na real 1 Nigeria person oh. :)

    About the pepper soup, pay me some US Dollars, and I will photocopy my cookery book. Lol. Cheers Baby mi. Thanks for giving meaning to this post with your wonderful comment. Cheers.

    1. I don't want your cookery book. Am sure it will be filled with the measurement for preparing Kelloggs cornflakes *tongue out*
      Am not really vast in languages oh, just a little bit of this and that plus am a product of intertribal marriage

    2. Lmao @ kelloggs corn flakes. You this girl, you wont kill me sha. Lwkmd4ho. Okay so I wont give you my secret book of recipes anymore.. **angry face. Wow! Intertribal product, that's pretty cool tho. You must travel a lot. Trust you have seen a fair share of Nigeria :) :)

    3. Duuh me self no want *adjusts wrapper* travel a lot? Erm not really. I've been to like ten or eleven states only. Not cool but I hope to explore during my service year. I want to go on a road trip self, looking for partners *shines teeth*
      Oya no vex, if you can successfully boil water, kpam I'll die for your recipe book *moon walks away*

  4. Hahaha.... Is it ok to laugh??... Hey WTH!! Hahahaha

  5. Great 1 d master cook *big smiles

    1. Ifaye... You need to see me in the Kitchen, its like a Dang Chemistry lab, I just pour everything in, in no particular order. lmao... Na real Taste, Hope and Eat style i dey do. :)

      Thanks for stopping by Temi, I greatly appreciate the support.

  6. En en, sorry to burst your bubbles o but this looks like badly prepared ewedu not pepper soup *flees*

    1. hehhehehhehehehe Lmao! You haf come oh! since Everybory has been praising me, untill you show.. lwkmdoo na only you waka come ba? Thanks for coming back Toin, your comment and posts always gives me unexplainable joy. xx