Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The 14-FOR-14 Challenge (GROWING UP_ JULY) FEAR...

Good morning great young mind, what's the 411? what's the story? In the GREAT  words of my Jah rasta fried rice brethren "wat a gwan"? :) Permit me to start by saying a very loud shout out to Tibs of everydaytibs.blogspot.com and Amaka of seyonhundeyin.blogspot.com. They have been a huge motivation to keep writing, as Tibs has been encouragingly knocking on my invisible blog door, and Amaka  has been batting her eyelashes at me all weekend. :( These were sure reminders that they have been silently EFFCC'ing the Young and Confused Blog, and having that they are overly important to me, (just as you reading this now), we decided that why put off what we can do today till tomorrow? so I jumped off the "later" wagon, and tada... :)

I am still so thrilled about the 14-For- 14 Challenge (I mean everyday I have to Blog about it ehn, you need to see me preparing like a 14 year old going to write Jamb), and I was reminded via a wonderful post on my Blog mothers page (See it here) that we are 7 months gone already, and I thought to myself ….Hmmmnnn if these were a pregnancy, the time to do push!! Push!!!! Push!!!! would have been around the corner **smiles. Why am I so thrilled about this challenge?? I guess its cause it has almost single handedly given more purpose to my life **Wears straight face. I mean I have given it more attention than I have given any of my past Girl friends, and trust me, it has been worth it, as to say “I have learnt a lot” is an understatement, plus the YnC Blog is growing really fast.. Shey you guys now see why Ms Janyl Benyl is so much of a wonderful Human being, and in the words of my Boy who I trained through Nursery school Wizkid, **I fit die on top her matter eeeeeh.... :) 

So Fear... Fear kills dreams, fear kills hopes, fear puts people in the hospital, fear limits the true abilities of people, making great men walk through life in  mediocrity, as against the great people they were created to be. Can I ask you a question? As at when you started blogging, were you not scared that you wouldn't have an audience? Now Looking back, don’t you feel great that you ignored your Fear? Life is teaching me that fear is an integral part of life, a part of existence that no matter how much we try to fight yeah, IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY, and the more we fight our fears, THE STRONGER THEY BECOME. Permit me to share my story of life with you.

Oya Tales by moonlight time… **Shines Teeth. During my 3rd year in the university, I was obliged to study how Curent flows through wire, and thinking about it now, I am like who created all those mumu syllabuses sef, well sha that one e haf pass. THANK GOD.  Having that we had just gotten into 300 Level, we were all thrilled about coming back to school, you know we could see the light at the end of the Tunnel, we could countdown to Graduation. Upon resumption, I was faced with 2 things, a lecturer that I was not only scared of, but I was SCARED AS HELL OF and dreaded his very voice, and a course which I found hard to understand, and sadly nature was unfair and paired both together. My Woes begun :(. From the first lecture of that course, I lived and studied in absolute fear. I remember telling my friends how afraid of both the lecturer and the course I was, and they in their usual manner assured me that everything would be fine, and brushed away my fears with light encouragements and saying like water on a rock I would be fine. Deep within me, the fear grew, and so I knew I wouldn't be.

Day by day we went on and I struggled daily to overcome the fear, as against understand the course. You see I had subconsciously created in my head a phobia that could, and would not be solved no matter how I tried, and it had rooted deep in my mind, forming day by day into a reality, like a baby in the womb of a woman. You see I was pregnant, and my Fear was my foetus.. Fast forwarding to the end of the semester, and day on which we were to sit for the exam, I remember turning still to my friend sitted across the hall and saying to him in Igbo language “guy ujo na tum” which translates into “guy I am scared as hell” (You see anything wey make me speak igbo na real wahala oh) . He assured me that I would do just fine, and then we received our question papers... Mehn I did far from fine oh, I did terrible... Glancing through the entire paper I couldn’t answer shingbain! As in every question looked as though they were set by Einstein himself :( as the fear in my mind had become real, i had given birth, and in the words of  Job,

“that which I feared had  come upon me.

It was sad. My hands shook and trembled like there was an earthquake, and I started sweating like a goat, I mean the sweat emanating from me alone could have caused a Noah kinda flood. Long and short is I flopped that exam, as I gave up 20 minutes in, and tendered an empty sheet.

The story above makes me ask why? Was I unprepared? Had I not studied well enough? Was I daft or dumb? The answer to all the above is a sure NO, but what I am sure I was was: I WAS SCARED.   You see the fear in me had rooted deep within me and created a reality. Life through my eyes is an imbalance, but isn't it funny how those things we fear always tend to come upon us? Those things we dread the most just  always seem to become a reality. Well that is life. Permit me to go a bit religious now but the Bible says “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. We are what we dwell on, what we constantly think about, and what we constantly focus our minds on. Remember the Bible also says again that: we are created in the image and likeness of God (omo Tomi and 1+ The One don turn me to acting pastor finish shaaaa... See me quoting Bible like Oyedepo :) ).  Having that we are created in the image and likeness of GOD, we have the ability to create just as God did of us, and just as we can create lifeless creatures with our hands, life is teaching me that we can create real living events with our minds just by focusing our thoughts on them. What we constantly focus on we become. If we focus on fear, we strengthen it and create it, and if we focus on faith and our dreams, we likewisely strengthen them and create it.

Just as in my story above, I am compelled to believe that I accepted my fear and then it ruined me as regards the subject above; I had failed not just in the Exam hall, but from the beginning of the course when I became sorely scared of it. So today I ask what is it you Fear? What is it that you constantly pray and beg of God not to allow come your way? Now having that you have identified it, I ask further; are you focusing on your Fear? Is it the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of before you sleep? Well if your answer to the above is a Yes, then I am sorry that from my sad experience of life, I fear that you are heading for the creation of your fear, and bringing it into reality. You are heading to bring that which you fear the most upon you. So from today I implore you to ignore your fears, Yes I do. I don’t promise you that they will disappear, but I promise you that life has taught me that focusing on that which you fear is like a magnet, with which you gradually attract it towards you, but ignoring your fears repels it further away from you.

So as you go into the second half of 2014, nawa oh, now now we don reach July....hhhmmmnnn man don dey old oh, I should be planning my marriage by now…, that you focus on your Faith and try to strengthen it, and that you ignore your Fears totally. How? By not talking back at it, by not conversing with it, by just staying quiet and letting the voices of fear in your mind slide like water on a rock. In my life, my fears talk to me in my own voice, and try to commence a sorta argument, but it is us who have the ability to control the conversation, to not talk back. And as long as you ignore your fears by not replying, I promise you that life has taught me that they will disappear.

Thank you so much for tbe past 7 minutes of your time, you do me a great honor. My prayer for you is that as you go through this week, you shall not mistakenly step on your Tablet, or sit on that your Touch screen phone :p can I hear an Amen somebody. #PastorJdBmode

P.S: Permit me to kindly introduce to you guys a fantastic blogger, her name is Tibs, and in case you haven’t met her, or visited her blog at everydaytibs.blogsot.com then in the words of my mentor Dbanj oh!  not Bangaleee... You are on a looooooooonnnnnnnggggggg tttttthhjhhiiiinnnnggg... Try visiting her Blog, as she I s a real fab writer, and she always puts up some Positively thought provoking posts, plus she can make you laugh for Africa. 

P.P.S: Please you guys should pray for D Banjs career, I no know wether na front abi na sideways that guy dey go.

P.P.P.S: @ Cee, this is my 4th month, and in the great words of Micheal Jackson (R.I.P), I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it.... ***moonwalksaway.

P.P.P.P.S: When I was having my bath this morning, I remembered when I was 7. You see I was born fair, like an Onyibo, but at age 7 my skin started going Black (You see, I was supposed to be born in London, but the Angel that delivered me into my mothers Womb, lost his GPS and bam... I landed in Nigeria. Well my Parents are the best, so Thank GOD the GPS loss sef. :) ) . My Dad who was a big fan of my Boy must grow up in London had this kinda Iron sponge, and he would scrub the living day light outta me whenever he was opportuned to bath me. He did so in search for my once yellow colour. Hhahahah my Papa ehn..

P.P.P.P.S: Remember the You are a very Nice guy and I like you very much post? Well it was written out of inspiration from my 1st Girlfriend. Today is her Birthday, and I haven't missed it in 7 years. We dated for only like 2 weeks oh. heheh So i had this big plan of sending cakes and gifts to her office Today, but my Padis were like oya Mr Duru your Mumu don Reach, if you send her anything, we will deal with you. so I have decided not to call her sef. hhhhmmmnnn She hasnt missed my birthday also in 7 years. I hope i am doing the right thing sha... You see i am such a mumu lofa.

Do have a Fab week. Cheers.



  1. WOW!!!!! Duru your really fabulous....Thanks for talking about the one thing that has kept me stuck.
    Happy Birthday to Duru's girlfriend........Have a fabulous day

    1. **Smiles Thank you Ugo, you want to make my head to burst ba? **Winks I thank GOD you could relate to this article. heheheheh @HBD to my geh friend.. Well I didnt contact her oh, and I think it was the right move :p, you know the 7 Years Jynx is FINALLY broken. **Winks

      Bubba, I am wearing my Mr Nigeria smile now cause of you oh, I am glad you stopped by Ugo. Please dont leave me.. **crying in Spanish

    2. lmao...i'll always be here*winks*

  2. **points to a corner and asks my husband to go stand there** **points to Duru - I need to have a private conversation... this brought tears to my eyes... Mehn....**deep sigh**... I didn't want to say this buh I am glad you made me comfortable enough to say this.... While growing up..I was the most hated kid in my house...I mean , my intelligence fazed no one...my good attitude fazed no one....it was so bad that my dad shipped me at that young age to a neighbouring african country... I mean I feared that they would forget me if he did, I feared that that would be the end of any kinda relationship I hoped for between my mother and I....It was sad mehn...buh hey!...I got on that horse, finished high school and left the country for good...never looked back for a second. Fear taunted me when it could...mehnnnnn....I was AFRAID of anything that wasn't certain.....when I started blogging, bout a week later, my husband basically became a shrink...he shrinked hope back into my big head.....and today everytime I open my laptop...I swim into a different world and I close my laptop feeling accomplished.... Mehn thanks alot for this....like you said, 'as a man thinketh, so is he'...I 'think' I am a millionaire with a private jet **looks out my window and sees no Jet** **looks at Duru and pointing** ....you were saying??? ..... **calls hubby from corner** Let's go home... .....Thanks for this papi...

    1. Erhmmm.....don't you even think of taking a break...I will be knocking here tomorrow if I don't see a post......**smiling**

    2. Tibs, Tibs, Tibs... I wish i could just take a snap shot of my face whenever I read your comments and posts, and then send to you... You see ehn, you make me smile those kinda first kiss smiles.. lmao. Thank you so much. I read this comment over and over and over again in the last 3 days, and it touched a part of my heart that I wonder if Blogging has ever reached, so thank you so much for your sincerity and kind words. :)

      I am glad that you stood your ground against Fear, and overcame it to become the awesome person you are today, I mean your husband must be like ""Yessss..... I hit a Jackpot by marrying Ernie"" each morning he wakes up... **Smiles.

      About Blogging, Bubba, these words broke me......

      ....."" when I started blogging, bout a week later, my husband basically became a shrink...he shrinked hope back into my big head.....and today everytime I open my laptop...I swim into a different world and I close my laptop feeling accomplished.... ""

      Truly writing brings peace, and meeting great people like you here makes me feel I am in heaven sometimes.... You know.... that chilling with the Angels kinda feeling... lol Ehhhhmmm About the Private Jet, ehhhhmmm Oga Boss Husband, you can come and Take your wife now oh Thank you... lool. Please Keep Being you Tibs, I mean your Personality alone is PRICELESS.

      Finale **in my French accent, ehmm **Scratches head, and takes 4 Steps back away from Tibs, i am on Vacation till next Monday oh, you know, i have some soul searching to do, so I won't be posting till say Monday ** Runs, NO!!! in the words of Toinlicious FLEES away... heheheheh

      Thank you so much for this comment Tibs, it broke my heat into tiny bits of gratitude to GOD that maybe I can finally touch 1 life if I don't stop writing, asin you gave me 1 more reason to keep writing.. xx

    3. Awww....eh...I dunno what happened to my comment...I used my school's computer to write 'Knock Knock' hours ago and it didn't show here....(goddamn restrictions)......this is nice actually.....blogging is a different world that brings serenity.....**In obama's voice**....You cannot give the people a taste of goodlife and hold back...you gotta give the people what they want......**in Joan rivers voice**....Get your ass up and write!!!....hehe....Monday is far...buh hey...I am very much in support of that 14-for-14 challenge....If monday brings the required drive you need...then hey!...I am willing to wait....cheers papi......

    4. Thanks Tibs. :) I just left your T.T.T blog, and I am all smiles. hahahahahahah @ In Joan Rivers Voice... that womans voice reminds me of Aliens in Ghost Busters... Cheers Bubba. Thanks for everything.


  3. Fear *sigh* when I was a kid I had this fear my parents were going to split so I was always reluctant to leave for school. Oh well it got to a point in my life I had to tackle my fear head on.
    Talking about University in 200l we did ODE and you needed to see the way I was vibrating in the hall! Choi Choi
    The only solution to tackling fear is facing it head on.

    1. hmmmnnn Amaka, are you sure you aren't my lost Twin Sister? As in, that the Nurses at the Hospital didn't steal you away upon birth... **Smiles.. Our stories are so similar Baby mi. :) @ ODE hahahahahahahahah You are funny ehn, and you never fail to amuse me. **smiles

      Truly Bubba, the only way to overcome Fear is by taking it head on.. Thank you for this wonderful comment, i am most grateful for your time.

    2. Lool @ lost ejima, then we must be fraternal twin then *tongue out*
      Waiting for a new update *bats eyelashes *

  4. Wow I love your writing. Most people that know me personally assume I don't have fears (I know cos they don't stop saying it), if only they can see the heights I dread but I decided not let weigh me down. Its just simple am good at concealing fears and I laugh most times.
    Bros you did the right thing concern dat geh I just hate when people like to sleep in past memories..in oda news S/O to ur frnds for cautioning you

  5. Replies
    1. @I am good at concealing fear, and I laugh most of the time.... thats nice, shows that you must be a really strong lady. Hahahahahha well thanks Tosyn, funny thing yeah is that having that I didnt call her, I met another girl on the same day. Isnt it remarkable how letting go, just brings us new and better things?

      Not to do too much Amebo Tosin, I just feel that no matter how scared we may be yeah, we should learn to have confidence in us, and faith in GOD at those dark hours of fear... thanks Bubba for this comment, it left me with a smile... and I am still smiling.... and the smile is getting wider. Cheers Baby mi. xx

  6. People actually see me and think 'moby is bold, and confident, and doesn't have any fear'. *pulls Duru's ears...don't tell anyone.. I have a huge fear of facing people. I am the shyest person you would ever meet*. But I have a super power...its the most amazing super power anyone can ever have.... I hide it. You see me now and I'm all jumpy...don't be fooled. I am shaking inside like a baby. I have climbed the altar in my church before and everyone thought I was amazing *pulls Duru's ears again... I peed on myself before I climbed the altar* not pee like pee but I think I did. Every of my fear I think I've faced really well and it has made me a better person... But I have one fear now sha. Its fear of dying and then waking up in my coffin... Is it just me or every one has that same fear? Just saying. I'm really inspired by your write ups...nice one Duru.