Friday, 29 August 2014

Dear Daddy... I love You Lord.

Dear Daddy,

Good morning sir, ehhhmmm I just want to say Thank you. Thank you for today the 29th of August 2014, for my life, for your love, for your guidance and for your Protection. Daddy as I type this post yeah, I smile. Why is cause I know that I should do this. This morning I had series of battles deciding if to do this or not, and you know i tried to justify why I shouldn't, but You won now papa :) and I thank you I did. heheh I mean Papa I had already finished this post and then Bam, the system refreshed and we were back to scrap, so I know that that man down below doesn’t want me to do it. It is well oh.

I thank you for my life, for Daddy, Mummyssss, Dockitar, Puppa, Mr Mamman,  1 +THE ONE, Janyl, Temmie, Moby, Ernie, Amaka, T-Notes, Cee, CPC, Seyram, Scarlet, Ugo, Sykik, Atinuke, Toinlicious, Muriel, Mannie, Ritah, Evey-koko, Gbemi, Yours Truly, Ms BNG, Skinny Mofaya, Lhurve, Tosyne, Peace, Akagha, Mimi, Igbe, Eloka, Tolani, Adaeze, Funmi, Bim, Chinay, Sarah, all Mirror of Justice Theatre Troupe IMSU members, and for everyone who makes out time to visit our Blog. They give me a reason to keep writing. 

Papa, you know my name, my pain, my shame, and my cross. You were there for me when life got so fucked up, and I saw no hope. It was you who kept me going when my world was darker than coal, you helped me when the people I trusted in Uni tried to sink me in a plight to be more successful, but you held my hand through it, and brought me out of that Wahala school. You were there for me when the people I trusted sooo muccchhh looked me in the eyes in 2013, and told me I was no good, and I wouldn’t serve with my colleagues, you saw my tears and my pain. Daddy do you remember how I called you out?? Remember how I cursed and blasphemed your name? Remember how everyone I ran to for help said they could do nothing? ** Deep sigh** Well Lord I remember, and I say Thank you very well. I mean I never knew the future, but when I did all those things, you never got mad and took my life, when I tried to drink to death, and Sex was my only succor, you kept me strong. Today I just want to thank you cause looking forward, all I can say is that it can only be GOD. You gave me 6 figures, gave me a WONDERFUL blog Fam, gave my famly hope, and made a 1 time slave a king. Why do you love me so much? Thank you GOD.

Today is a BIG day for me, as I intend to step up my status both Career wise, and Emotional wise **whispers daddy amma gonna propose Today, and all I can say is into your hands I commit this day. Please dont let my heart Break again oh :). I thank you cause you are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the ancient of days, the unchangeable changer, the Girlfriend provider, the Hope of the sick, the life giver, the Billionaire maker, the game changer, and the King maker. 

Why did I do this post dear GOD? that I don’t know. But what I know is I fought many battles to do it, but as David said, I will not give unto GOD that which cost me nothing. So Thank you for the grace to. Thank you for this wonderful Job that turned my life around, thank you for Jilda who makes my life beautiful with her voice, Thank you for my first delegation. What more can I say papa? I love you Lord with all my heart. xx



P.S: Great Young mind, I don't know why I did this post, but all I want you to know is that in this life, when you feel you are down to NOTHING, please know that GOD is up to SOMETHING, and never forget that at the end of everything, everything will be alright. So if everything is not alright now, then you are not at the END. No matter what, PLEASE don't, NO! please NEVER give up on your Dreams.


The Dear Daddy series was initiated  by 1 + THE ONE of, and this post was inspired by her love for GOD. Hey GOD reads Blogs you know, he is Ominipresent. :) 




  1. Praise is my attitude, sometimes I just say thank you Lord and I forget to ask God anything. God is always there through our dark corners if we hold on to Him. I wish you success today!

  2. My nigga!!
    We're always Thankful 2 our Heavenly father. Scanned thru d letter. Nice 1.

    Will be back later.

    :* :* :*

  3. You made me laugh and cry a little. Jehovah is always there for us in hard times. Reminds me of when I had to spend an extra year in uni, I thought the world had ended. Yet God saw me through that tough period and even tjose times in uni when I'd be sick during exams only to recover after the last paper and he still saw me through that place. Nwannem you've just reminded me of just a few of my reasons to be grateful to our God, thanks darling, thanks.

  4. Wow.. You always leave me amazed whenever I visit your blog...

    This is one of the realest Dear Daddys I have read (they all are)... There's just something about being bare, open and unashamed before our God, our Dear Daddy.. He loves communicating with us and also when we communicate with Him..

    I am really grateful to God for your life John (The Beloved).. I always have to add the Beloved to it because I believe so much that you are truly special to God, that He loves you deeply and that He has great plans for you :-)

    Greater things to come! Oh you ain't seen nothing yet Bubba!!

    Much love xx

  5. Waoh!
    This is so intense Duru.And I thank God for your life. There are things God allows us to go through just so we can have a big testimony to share.
    There is no relationship one can have that is as important or as true and loving as the one with God. He is just so amazing.
    My number one super daddy. Ever faithful, ever kind, ever giving, ever thoughtful and constant.
    Without him I for don die siiiiiiiiiiiiiince.

  6. Wow.... This really touched me. Guy abeg after you don propose, just send me a mail to give me gist. You know me I like gist....cnt wait o. God sees our heart, he knows our deepest secret, he knows us dele when he wants to bless you, he would shame your enemies. I'm so touched by this. Keep it up huni. God has big plans for you. That I know for sure.mwaaah

  7. Yup!!....I am here....I mean I have been feeling like I am missing something....hehe.....I think I should write something like is very nice of you papi....mehn...I am soooooooo thankful for alot of things...I mean I am super grateful.....

  8. Another name for God is Johovah my boo provider hehehehehe!!
    Goodluck in ur girl friend pursuite. Even for a girl mehn! Keeping a relationship isn't easy. Sometimes I feel like holding my boy friend and shaking him to reboot his brain.
    Its always good to thank God. Counting ur blessings is important.

  9. Thanks You guys. I mean you guys are the best people a man could pray to GOD to have. I am glad that you could relate to this post, and I pray that we will constantly find a reason to say THANK YOU to GOD, regardless how crazy the storms of life may seem, cause at the end, everything will be alright by his grace. Cheers Fam.