Friday, 1 August 2014

So I accepted The SUNFLOWER award on a cold rainy day... :)

Good morning great Young mind, whats the 411? and how was your week? mehn I love the way the Public holiday just scattered this week oh. hehehehe now this is the life :). Happy new month Peiople, may August give us plenty reasons to pop Champagne. As I type this post ehn, I am freezing to my Marrows.. The rains in Lagos no be here oh, plus I had to walk through river Niger to get to my desk this morning. So just in case you live, or do anything in Eti-osa local Government Area Nigeria, I kindly advice you leave your car behind eh, and carry a boat, cause the floods are crazy. As in ehn, at one time yeah, I thought a crocodile  was swimming next to me. Dear Fashiola ( Just in case you read our Blog hhehehehe #BIGDREAM) diarisgoddooooo all this Drainage you people are refusing to share, diarisgodooo.. see as Lagosians just dey waka come with no shoe and socks now oh, Brazillian hair are wrapped in nylon bags, diarisgodddooo Chei. I do hope the Ebola Virus doesn’t travel through water oh, cause mehn its crazy!

Okay this is a quickie kinda post I have to do, TGIF Bebe! as I have utmost respect for those who thought of the Young and Confused blog and nominated us for the Sunflower award, mehn I am glad, my prayer for my Nominators (is that correct English? My brain is cold this morning eh) is that their children will not resemble their neighbor. My able Nominators were Moby, Erniesha Tibs, My Agbani DaregoTosyne, and Corper shun Amaka. Now one thing I respect the MOST about all the above ladies is that they all Blog daily, abi na Hourly sef. Each time I rush to go and do first to comment on their blog ehn, I usually jam like 10 comments already waiting for me, and I am like damn they are good, I so want to be like them when I grow up... Yepp.. They Bad like that :)

So the drift of the award is that I am supposed to put up 11 Random facts about me, then answer 7 wahala questions thrown at me, and then Nominate another 8 Bloggers in turn to keep the ish going (This is harder than all others awards oh! nawa oh! :( ) Aight, So leggooo.. 

1. I am Catholic. I once thought of being a Reverend Father, but remembering that if I did, all the Reverend Sisters in my Parish plus the choir mistresses will all go on 9 months sabbatical leave simultaneously, made me change my mind.

2. I was born on the 12th of November. It was a Tuesday eh, and I have always suspected to be Twin. When I came to this world ehn, I looked into the eyes of those Nurses like Gbemi et al, and I suspect they sold my sister.. heheheh I mean they were shaking when they washing me nah, so they must have being hiding something. :p

3. I don’t know how to dream small. My dad once said I am too Ambitious, and I am like Ehmmm Sir, isn’t that a Good thing?!

4. My love for Good Footwear will never die, and the only thing I love more than Women and Gadgets is a Good shoe.

5. I am a master in Catching feelings. Mehn you see ehn.. **Wears Mr. Nigeria Smile, we bad like that oh! I can meet a girl today, and fall in love with her in 7 days.. hehehe. People always complain that Its bad, but me I am like Lobatan, I don’t have patience to be pursuing woman for 2 Years. Its either a JdB I like you back, or a Jdb you are a really Nice guy but… Anyways, if it s the latter, I drink and club and move on

6. I lie a lot. Now don’t take this the wrong way eh biko, I started lying Professionally when I was made the President of a group in school. You know my lie is a good kinda lie, I lie to motivate. Like I would tell them we had cash in the group purse so they wouldnt loose hope, when we were as broke as a church rat, I would tell them I believed in them so they would work harder, I would tell them I wasn’t afraid at a competition where as I was as scared as hell. I took lying as a career after graduation, and it has been a part of me ever since. :)

7. I am tripping for 1+The One, don't ask me how or why?:p

8. I am a loyalist. I don't trust people easily yeah, but once any one gives me a reason to believe in them, or trust them, I hold it to heart for life. Thats why I hold my Blog Mother Ms Janyl Benyl and Erniesha Tibs close to my heart. :) Yepp..

9. I don't have a Best friend. The thing about me is that I am a very strange Human being, I have plenty niggas that can take a bullet for me eh, and I for them, but we always get separated so, I cannot point at one person and say this guy is my best friend. At various times in my life, various peeps have had my back, but best friend??? Nahhh… I don't have. 

10. I always wanted to be an Alter Server, but my sins are Many. Let me chip in here that I fear Rapture a lot oh. You know the way they say that Every one will disappear, and then Tribulation will come… hmmmnn GOD help me oh, cause I don’t know where I stand. I just pray that when GOD is judging me, he does it 1 on 1, cause if he does it based on Group standards, I am so failing, but if its one on one, ehennn I will tell him the reasons for all my sins. you know, there is always a reason for every woman I pursue, and every bottle I have nah. :)

11. I love my Dad more than life.

Pheeewww. Nawa oh this was tough oh, I am so glad that I was able to do this oh, but hey I know I lie a lot but, I solemnly assure you that the above is as true as possible.


Q/A. So in line with the Nominations I received from the beautiful ladies above, I will take a question from each and answer, I hope I do well oh.

Ehmmmm I am not a TV person oh, but when I mean to watch anything, it has to be scary or science Fiction related. I hate Love stories.

Hmmmmn Wow, this is a very Ghen-ghen Question oh, if I could do so ehnn, I would travel back in time to when I was 7. I need to ask my Mum why she didn’t love me enough.

Ehhhmmm I rarely have Boring days like that oh, but when I am Broke I turn Bored automatically, as in I always have that NEPA has taken the light feeling when I don’t have money. So on such days, I sleep, or I clean the dust of My Playstation 2 console and bam… we are better.

Me? Vacation kwa! Lai lai oh.. so you expect me to count money, board a plane abi enter a bus, travel for hours and chill? Do you know how much I will waste? Mehn I don’t do vacations oh, I stay in my house, buy Pizza (I have not eaten that Thing before oh) and watch a movie. If I have reasonable geh friend, she will come over and you know... That’s enough a vacation oh Jari. As an Igbo man we cannot waste money.

Damn! And I tried to avoid this Question oh! Tibs this is Pure Set up.  ;p Well 16. Moving on…

I am Righty for life oh, I tried to be Ambidextrous at a time in my life, but e nor work, I mean Grandpapa no dey learn sagging at 60 now, so I just stuck to my right.

Mehn I think it is WRONG! I mean how? Why? What tha Hell? I went for one Big man lunch yesterday, and I saw this song Video about gay on Trace, I was like Tufiakwa.. nawa oh… Verily Verily I say to you, the Kingdom of GOD is not just at hand, it is now at Elbow oh! Kai.

GOD, My Dad, and Every girl that once looked down on me. Plus like Steve Jobs said, I don't know how long I will live, but I am sure that when this life is over, I will not Live again, so I try to do it all, achieve it all, save it all, make it all.

F.N: I have total respect for all that Nominated me, so I had to take a question each from every one of you beautiful ladies, and do it like a cycle, hence we had 2 per Nominator. heheh Thank you guys for the Nomination, this was so much fun replying to.

My Nominees are: **Drum rolllll....

My Questions are:

1. Who are you?

2. Why did you start Blogging?

3. What do you aim to achieve via blogging?

4. When do you intend to stop Blogging.

5. What is the one thing a guy does that pisses you off when he tries to woo you?

6. If you could give me one advice, what would it be?

7. Can we have Lunch? Please say Yes to this one oh! :p

P.S: Testimony time.. Yesterday I was on my own oh, just tiringly doing an assignment when I got a message from a random Sexyu Chick that she needed airtime. I hadn't collected salary so I managingly gave sent her 200. Nne ehn,  you will not believe that GOD turned my 200 into a 2000 Naira meal oh. My boss stepped out for Lunch, forgetting his pack of cigarettes, and asked that i brought it to him. On getting there (he has Lunch at a Lounge oh! kai Big Boys) , he asked if I had had lunch, mehn if you see the speed I used to say no ehn! Heheh my Head almost fell off. Heheh so I ate Pounded yam, and Plennntyyyy soup. Can you imagine they sell water 300, I was like taa. Its 50 Naira oh! Remain small, I for fight the woman sef. Hehhe Poverty no good oh.. but 300. Nawa ohhh. N-tyce diarisgoddoooo. J

P.P.S: I met one very Beautiful Blogger by name Peace Itimi, and mehhhnnn she can write for Africa. Kindly click on her name to visit her Blog. Mehn she is goooddd, and i connected with her like a magnet. Now thats Talent. :)..

P.P.P.S: Congratulations to Amaka on her Posting. Hehehe Wetin dey for Sokoto, e dey for Shokoto oh. Hehehe **Winks. Bubba, you will do just fine, dont worry. I promise you that you will have plenty good things to gist us about. BUT PLEASE DONT GO AWOL OH OR MIA biko..

One of our Young and Confused readers whom I am also  tripping isnt feeling too well, her name is Eve, and I am worried. Her Email addy is: please send her a get well soon mail if you can. Like Ernie teaches us, we choose our Family, and I chose you guys, so please lets make today count, lets make share love, lets write Evey-koko to wish her well.

Thank you so much for the Past 7 minutes of your time, you do us a great Honor with it, and you are why we write. Cheers.



  1. Awww.. I was reading with a smile and then I got to no 7 and the smile grew wider lool.. iBlush! (and 7 is my favourite number :-D) + I was born on Tuesday too hahaha..
    It's always nice reading a post from you.. Whether it's an award response, a tale from your day/life or when you dig into your soul to produce your fantastic piece!
    What did Mama John do now? I sense a lot of partial love for your dad oh!
    Happy new month - may ity be a blessed and beautiful one for you and yours xx
    PS First to comment!!!!!

    1. Heheheh no be small iBlush oh. Lol. Thanks for your kind words Bubba, I am glad you accepted our wahala words **winks. I was kinda scared you would go gangster on me for indicating interes sha. Lmao. Cheers 1, and do have a ghen ghen August. :)

      About my Mum.... in time Bubba, in time...

  2. Would brb Duty!!. This one name rush rush reading, *running to the kitchen....*

    1. Hehehe this your food.... hmmnnn Bubba, I must eat it oh. **winks. Thanks for stopping by, plus we want to see Birthday pictures on IG nah... **crying in French

  3. Yaaaaaay... Duru has received his award o.. So nice getting to know you.. Ehhrm *clears throat*, sorry Duru for asking but why would you like to ask your mum why she doesn't love you enough??? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

    1. Hehehehe Inspector Mobi **smiles. Don't worry Bubba, I will tell you guys more in due time.

      Your writing inspires me Mobi. it's so simple, yet fun to read. You are a really great blogger Mobi. Thanks for the questions too Bubba. :)

  4. Hahaha....Papi...I gotta be honest eh...I read this earlier buh I was a lil busy...I got to the 'lying' part and I was like...*F@#k...I need to read this again.......hehe......tibs la hehe... Papi...I RESPECT you alot too...**duffs my hat**... #1...thanks for not making that decision...cuz you just spared the nunnery alot of drama...hahaha......and I am sooooo happy you are a november really....we november babies are loyalist...being a scorpio comes with a lot right...**looks around and sees Amaka**...hehe....#4....shoessss!!!!!!....if you want my deepest and darkest secrets, take me to a mall or buy me a nice pair of shoe....(I would basically tell you anything!!!!)...hehe.......#7 question....That's one cracker...hehe....Papi...I am honored to have met you here...I am thankful for your life and I ask God to give you more strength to continue to motivate people...**whispering** cuz you motivate me alot......Psst....I sent you a mail.... :)

    1. Knock knock! Blessed Sunday papi!

    2. Yeah mami, good shoes gives me orgasm *bats eyelashes *
      Uh, I'll have to read this layer.

    3. Thanks Tibs, you are the best. Didn't see your mail oh Bubba, kindly resend it if you can **wears cute face. Life would have been fun as a promiscuous padre, but mehn, I can't risk the Anger of my creator.

      @Corper did you say good shoes give you Orgasms?! Hehehehe now that's interesting. :) **winks no go dey bat eye lash for Sokoto soldier oh. Lmao.

    4. Duru don't call me corper now *sad*
      Moby said I should do sexy for 'em soldiers and batting my lashes is part of it now.

  5. Nna I am jealous of your sense of #3 answer is so me, you don't wanna see my face when am broke, everything becomes boring. Lool @ur answer to the dream vacation. ..xx

    1. Hehehehehe Asin ehn... I hate being broke, I feel like my world is on pause at those times. **winks. Mehn Agbani na you bad pass oh, I so wanna be like you when I grow up Baby mi. ;)

  6. Wow, you remind me of my mother. Your love for good shoes is on another level, lol. Btw, very interesting questions, and you must be a very funny person

    1. No oh!!!! I should remind you of your dad oh. Hehehehe Baby mi, I love big good shoes and I cannot lie.... **singing and Tapping feet. :) Thanks for stopping by Yours Truly, there is always this breath of fresh Air each time you comment here. :)

  7. Nne, why must I always laugh when I come here. I had a feeling you'll nominate me and ask the same questions and I was already saying a silent prayer when I got to one number lol. Btw, I sold your sister :p we can't have you, your twin, and mobi. That's humour death. You want us to laugh every minute?
    I've done my award before you nominated me na. How are we going to do it now? Please say "don't worry" lol

    1. hahahahahahahahah Gbemi be always cracking me up.... :)

  8. so can i still accept this award now??? i'm so stale :(
    i'm so accepting it - anything to take my mind off law school!
    and thank you for the nomination.

    1. of course you can. No wahala Baby mi, I am just happy you are back, and praying that you stay this time oh! In fact where is my rope, i need to tie your leg to a table :)