Monday, 29 September 2014

Life as Jilda's BOYFRIEND...

Pre-script: I want to say a very heart filled Thank you to everyone for their kind comments on my last post about my Mum, I was really hurting, and just needed someone to say it was alright, and trust me i learnt a lot from your comments. So thanks Fam, you guys are the best readers a Young and Confused 22 years 10 months old could ever pray to GOD for. Big ups fam, GOD bless you loads.

Good morning great young mind, what gwan? What’s the 411? Mehn I wish I could do the ooooo… Its Monday Drill, but nahhh.. I won’t.. You know why? Wednesday is October 1st, and October 1st is Nigerias Birthday, and Nigeria’s Birthday is public holiday nah, and as if that wasn’t Testimony enough, there is another one on Monday and Tuesday next week, so **In Jilda’s voice Oshey Fans… Turn Up… Turn Up People, October is gonna be super awesome. I mean Mehn! heheh I am so getting ready as I never Xsperrred it. :) So how was your weekend, mehn mine was very ghen ghen oh!I mean it was inspiringly  awesome. I went to the book reading of Chude Jideonwo, Author of “Are we the Turning Point Generation”, and there I met the Coolest CEO ever, and my mentor from far away The Debola Williams.. Mehn I was so thrilled to meet and shake hands with these 2 great men, and it was such a ghen ghen feeling. I even saw the delectable Kemi Adetiba, mehn that Babe can finnnnneeee sha.. I almost proposed to her, but if no be say I never get Range Rover Evogue, and she senior me with like 12 Years, I for just pop the question, but thinking of how I would wreck after 2 dates to Sheraton, I was like naahhhh :). Its amazing how all these Young inspiring celebrities are so free minded, I mean we could all just walk up to them and have a chit chat, it was super fun. And trust me nah, during the Q/A session, I asked a question, and I strated my question with “” H!! Everyone, I am a very Young and Confused Brother so…”” I have to sell my brand name nah.  So.. Hope you guys in Lagos are seeing Rain oh, I just Pray that one Noah somewhere is not building an Ark and we do not know about it, cause NAWA!! oh. I mean October don reach, and we are still waiting for August Break :( it is well oh. As I got to this place of WiFi flowing with Milk and Honey **Wears Cheeky smile… My first mission was to turn of the refrigerator they call AC hia. I mean Inside this cold these people be using Fridge! Haba to cure heat! Na only them waka come?  I refuse to die before my time ohhh… :(

So I came here to Rant. You see ehn life as the Boy friend hasn’t been difficult, It has been HARD!!! shey be if I know, I for just jejely stay solo like I been dey stay before. I mean atalam ahu ( I haf suffered in Igbo)…. Heheheheh Okay so let me go straight to my Rant.

RECHARGE CARDSSSSSS….. In Erniesha Tibs voice goddamnbullshit… Do you guys know how much me and Jilda spend on Call card weekly? Omo ehn.. I am sure Airtel and MTN go be like these 2 young people haf changed oh, haba! Sometimes ehn, when I sit down and calculate how much we spend, in my mind I be like Baby we need to start writing letters and sending through the post office oh! I mean its crazy! If not for call card, I would have bough my White Timberland boot, IPhone 6, and my car by now. Heheheh But its all for lof. ;(. Here’s why, THE GIRLFRIEND in Yours Truly’s, voice is in a ghen ghen Private Uni, so she can come home until a break, and thanks to the Ebola scare caused by that craze man called Sawyer, my Landlady can’t sign Exits for long distance trips so Skype, WatsApp, PHONE CALLS!!!! Text messaging, and Instagram have been our medium of propagating love. On an Average, my baby calls me for 18 minutes daily, and I Must reciprocate. I love you Wajilda aswear. Now this freaks me out, cause I miss her so much, and I just wish I could teleport to her Uni but, this 8-5 is vampiring all my time. Anyhow, shey be na me fall in Lof ba?

I am now Brand Ambassador for the Mushy Mushy Society of Nigeria (Lagos Branch) Now this one na him vex me pass. Since I met Jilda, and since she used love to tie my neck like goat, I have become uncontrollably Mushy by Nature, and my last post bares me witness. Most of you know that I can be a Loyalist to the core, and that my Fam is both a good thing and a bad thing. Sometimes when I am on the phone and i talk all the Mushy Mushy finish, I  be like Dayumm.. JdB is this You? I mean she has broken me in little pieces, and I cant find a place in me to be hard, to be mean, or to find fault in her. Initially I was kinda trying to be gangster, and be forming man of the house and all, but since I read that a “”Man needs to know he is the man and not force to be the man”” on a particular series of Convo with One on One +THE ONE’S Blog, and since reading it, I just let reality take its course, and be the man, not act the man. (If you haven’t been reading that series on One + THE ONE’S blog, then I guess, NO!! I am SURE you need to, cause that Series is like a Dating Manual, Nice one Bubba. Oya pay me for the free advert Ayo)

I am now Now this one is just plain annoying. Before I met Wahala Geh, I used to be a Crazy Human being, you know one that didn’t give a damn about how ladies really felt, mehn I was Bladdy. I am the kinda guy that will do something Justifiably mean to you (emphasis on the Justifiably oh!) and be like Deal with it. But since the wahala geh came in to my life, I have realized that Ladies are not just wonderful beings, they are wonderful beings that crave affection, love, and regardless of their many many wahala, respect. Also mehn the way I behave now ehn, peeps at the 8-5 wonder if I am planning a white wedding. I mean I am more co-ordinated, and more in tune with reality now before, plus hustling for 2, although I need to pay attention to Focusing, there has been tremendous improvement .. Lets just say shit got real! One of my Oga’s saw me a while back and said “”Duru ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED too””.. lmao.. Plus hey! My land ladies picture is my PC wall paper most of the time. Smh for me oh.

So all in all, seriously dating has almost given me high Blood pressure. There have been nights I was like what tha fuck!! Duru You Well? But the truth is this is something deep, and something real, and I for one know that when a man meets a woman that can make him feel how this wahala geh that can trouble me for Africa is making me feel, then the person should appreciate the love nwan-tin-tin and just enjoy all the moments with her. I for one feel like the modern day Lovers attach too much to dating. I know there is a lot of bonding, Touching bory and affection involved, but its not a by Fire by Force thing, it is called a RELATIONSHIP, not marriage. I hate to think of tomorrow, cause I believe there is No Tomorrow, so I just enjoy Today, I enjoy now, I enjoy this very moment, cause maybe in the nearest future, I could walk up to Jilda and say “”Baby I love you, but we are done””, or she could walk up to me and say “”Baby one man from Obodo Onyibo has come to ask for my hand in marriage, and since you aren’t ready, I have to go””.  Well its very Possible. Will I be sad? Yes of course, will I drink to Stupor? Yes of course! Will I die, Hell to the No, there are many Fishes in the River nah. So right here and Now I am saying Jilda I love you Baby, and I thank GOD you are in my life.

I put up something on my Facebook page Yesternight abi na YesterEvening  and read:

Dear guys.

A True woman doesn't want your money, she needs it. She needs your money to keep her beautiful, to make her feel wanted, to make her happy. Sadly when any woman is totally dependent on you, and your finances seem to dictate her love for you, then there is a problem, cause that one no be True woman oooo.

Life is teaching me that women want to be taken care of, loved, appreciated, and cherished, But they need money to do all of these and most of us see this as ""She want chop my money"".

Women were made from men, so a lot of them need us to survive. My kind advise is that if you meet a girl you love, regardless the little we have, please make her happy with your resources in your own little way, but be sure to first confirm that she loves you sincerely.

All I can say is when you meet the right person, she will straighten you up.

Thanks guys for the love and support you have been giving to the YnC Blog, I mean its amazing how we have come here and formed bonds with everyone, and its not just Intention inclined but sincere to a fault. Thank you for checking out the Young and Confused Blog week in and week out, thanks for being Patient to accept my Confusion and in Toinlicious voice Long Epistles, thanks for the past 7 minutes of your time, you guys do me a great honor with them.  Do have a ghen ghen week ahead eh, and happy Independence day in advance fam..

P.S: I met two very wonderful bloggers recently, and why I admire them is cause they are both Young and Confused like me :p hehehe I mean it: Zoe and Modupe are just wonderful craze people :p. I mean I can so relate to their Blogs, as I love the Youthfullness with which they write, so I use MTN and Airtel to beg you to check out their blogs by cicking on their names. Thanks Fam, and in Moby’s voice … Oya Chop Kiss. 

P.P.S: You guys know my Partner in crime nah  Peace Itimi? So just incase Jilda Breraks my heart, it is Peace I will date Next oooo.. **Winks. #naPlayoh! So her Birthday is on the 8th of October, and she put out this very interesting Wishlist. As GOD would have it, there is no IPhone 6 there, so I would like you guys to encourage this wonderful Young lady in your own little way. I just feel at home on her Blog.

P.P.P.S: My Blog Crush C.P.C is starting hare BAR 1 exams very soon. I don’t really understand why I like this geh sooooo much. One hateful commenter said I was Ass licking on her Blog, but its more than that, I mean why would i? GOD has given me something to survive, for which I am grateful, and I have the most beautiful Girlfriend in the world, so why would I sulk up to another geh nah.. Some people can hate on good thing sha…. I wish you the best in your Academics Barrister Blogger C.P.C, do kick some legal butt Baby mi Bubba. On behalf of alllll your disciples, We miss you Bubba. :P

My prayer for you this week is that one crazy Driver will not splash mud water on your white oh, and that somebody that you have been fasting and praying to put you inside budget will remember you this week you, and in turn will remember me the acting pastor that laid hands on your account balance. #PastorJdBmode.


Monday, 15 September 2014


Pre- Script: All post written under the #MyBachellorsDiary series, are born out of total confusion, and search for wisdom. I mean I am a bloody young and Confused 22 year old, and if you don’t Teach me, then who will??

Good morning great Young mind, what’s cracking people? How was the weekend. Grr.. Its Monday and mehn this is most definitely the hardest day of the week, I  mean why! Why!! Why!!! did there have to be Monday? Mchheeewww.. I started following Eric Thomas the Hip Hop preacher on Instagram, and the guy dey form Thank GOD it’s Monday, and each time his video clips play ehn, I be like this guy has spiritual problem. I mean what tha Fuukkk… Monday  and  Gratitude are never supposed to occupy the same sentence. Mchewww… awon oloshi! Well sha, shey na me dey form Inspirational movement :( So how was your Sunday, mehn mine was very ghen ghen oh! I ate.. ate… ate and slept.. slept.. slept... Plus My dad finally let me go out with the car again, but it was to the petrol station this time. What can I say, Half Bread is better than Chin chin nah.. You won’t believe that after I form Fine boy finish, with my Bad Super man tee and matching Converse All Star kicks, came down from the car like a Baddoo, and was like in Olamide’s voice Shout out to awon goons mi,  bought the Petrol as asked, and then bounced back into the car, my Dads limousine of life refused to start oh! Kai! It was humiliating. That car is dragging age with me sha, so I am not surprised :( I was like haba!! And in Ernies Voice, I shouted…. Chei My Life! Heheheheh I had to throw away my Pride of Africa, and ask the Petrol attendants to help push the vehicle to a side.. I have been telling Daddy to buy PATHFINDER 2008, he no gree, now see falling hand. As a guy man now, and as Engineer that I am, I came down from the pushed vehicle, popped the hood, hit the battery head, and Bam, the car started… hehehe if you see as I screeched out of the MRS filling station ehn, you would think I was Paul Walker (R.I.P).

So all of you know that I am in love nah, in case you don’t know, well I am. We CELEBRATED OUR 2 WEEKS ANNIVERSARY YESTERDAY and we are even planning on meeting the parents sef.. but on a second thought yeah, I am like babe wait first, let my Money reach 7 figures. Shey I can talk for Africa ba?? Heheheh Yep that’s what Peace always says! **Whispers I like that ghe ehn. So I have been thinking: Why don’t they teach us about SEX in church? I just don’t understand why.  See I have always been a problem child, I am kinda surprised I haven't sent any geh to Pregnancy leave yet. I mean I woke up at age 7 years, as in my eyes just opened, and so I remember every bladddy thing I have done fronm age 7 till now, and you see I have always liked ghesss… I was the kind of 7 year old that my class mates would say “”Ah!!! Everybody see what Nonso and …….. ( the blanks always contained a girls name) are doing, and they would sing the “”Ghen-ghen-ghen, I will tell aunty for you”” song (So you see why I like the ghen ghen phrase :) ). Lets just say I did thingsssss ehn, and this my hands have been there and done that. 

Moving on to Teenage life became different, I became a religious brother, Drama President and all, so I had to wear Tie like I was the owner of the church, and Tuck in my every shirt, every Sunday. It was good oh, and I had a good image outside, but you see in the midst of my HOLINESS, I still had the Monster in me, the cravings for Sex and all. And while the Pastor always thought us to Zip up, and Close up Sunday after Sunday, I was but a Pastor by Day, and a Sex Monster by night **covers face.. I pray my sister or Mother or Blog mother don't read this post oh! If not I am I was like the Wear Wolf kind ( Sheybe my name is kuku Adolphus meaning Royal wolf). Sex was still a part of me but on a concealed level, and looking back at it, I see it as Self deceit, as no one had to know I was indulging in sexual activities where as I was. Later on, University came and I totally went, no Sex for 5 years, no clubbing, and no dating.. Don’t be scared, I entered Uni at 15, came out at 20, so it was in my Pre- maturity stage, and I did this cause I wanted good grades, and I thank GOD that I got them small. However, since I graduated in 2012, and refused to serve, abi na was refused to serve the Government, I have been chasing women, and money like they  have both been running outta fashion.

This post was however inspired by a brother i met on one of my jumping bus, and Trecking sprees a couple of weeks ago. You see this my friend, more like a Christian mentor works with KPMG. Now for a heads up, if you work in KPMG Nigeria, then you are on your way to 6 figures in no time, so this Brother is relatively rich! But having that we are racking brain for ourselves, neither of us have been bold enough to spend more than 70 percent of our savings on a car, so we both haven’t bought our Range rover Evogue yet.. Kai Dear Lord please give me my Exxon Mobil Job, and my TCN job too oh! Not forgetting my Oando own.. As we cruised around Lagos in our LEGxus jeep that evening, we got talking about cash, about our careers, and off course as inspired by me about Women.  And then he said something that struck me: he said that He is freaking Nervous around women, to the extent that when he sits next to a particular lady at the office, he gets nervous, and starts to sweat. First of, I laughed my ass out! hheheheh Shit I have to go! My Oga just came :( and to say that I was surprised was to say the Sincere Truth! The thing is this Brother who I am sure is totally straight cause I know his present Churchy geh friend, has issues relating to the opposite Sex due to what we were taught about sex Years ago. I mean they scared us soooo much about Sex that it seemed that if we indulged, we would die sharply. That was just wrong.

I guess we all agree that at one time in our lives, the church was the major point of gathering where we met our Friends, where we me our First love, and where we were always super excited to be, and I hate to say it but the Church in Nigeria pretend a lot. They fail to admit that more than 70 percent of their Youths are sexually active. I mean they know yeah, but they just fail to accept it and that to me is worse than sad. I put up an update on Facebook last night, and still few people were willing to comment, as many still believe the norm that Sex shouldn’t be spoken about talk less of indulged in. As a Youth, all I hear in church is Abstain! Abstain!! and ABSTAIN, and even here on Blogsville, I have come across a couple of very Nice blogs, with really vibrant Blog authors, plus really Beautiful writers who totally make Sex look like its wrong on all basis, I think that if the church teaches people more about the freedom of sex, and don’t paint it so much as a holy grail as it is depicted in the society of today, then I believe that there would be less amount of STD’s transmitted, less amount of Children born out of wedlock, less amount of abortions, and less amount of Deaths, as the level of curiosity and inexperience will drop. So my Qustion this confused Monday morning is Why don’t they teach us about Sex in church? Cause whether they accept it or not pleeeennntttttyyy people are doing the deed in the dark.

P.S: I might have lost connection with this post at a time, you see my Boss walked up to my table and asked I prepare a document by 6:23 Am, and I hate to paste later than 8:30 am, so we tried to rush this up by multi tasking, and forming superman.  Plus i have a meeting by 9 Am. Shit My Life!!! Sorry for any Typos, biko :( pardon me Biko.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time, you do me a great honor with it, and I am humbled cause you wonderful awesome human beings, make out time to come and teach and inspire me with your kind comments, and your time. So my prayer for you this week is that all that your heart longs for, whether good or bad na you sabi oh, will be yours in this coming week. Turn Up Turn Up People, the month will soon end.. Don’t you smell christmas already??

Cheers fam, and do have a ghen ghen week.


Monday, 8 September 2014

THE 14-FOR-14 CHALLENGE (GROWING UP_September 2014) Memories.


Good morning great Young mind.. Whats cracking? Whats popping?? I mean whats the freaking 411??? Mehn as I type this yeah, I am so freaking sleepy sha, as in my eye lids are closing as if 2 magnets were attracting them together :(. I had to do the 8-5 yesterday, Yep.. on a Sunday.. and this was so I can meet up with one crazy dead line oh, so you see my Monday started Yesterday :(.. I mean how more annoying can life be? **Whispers I am thinking of applying for a raise oh! Haba, I cannot be WAHALAing and the others be chopping the money nah (Abeg put me in your prayers eh), oh well.. It is well oh! Cause “”Say we no ride Range Rover Vogue or use I phone 6 today doesn’t mean we wont use it tomorrow nah””  #Grateful. So how was your weekend? Hope you turned up oh! Hope you balled? :p

The 14- FOR-14 Challenge initiated by my Beautiful ghen-ghen Blog mother is in its 9th month (and i am like already???), hence we have about 3 more monthly posts to go, and  then 1 more jara post, and it’s a wrap from all of us. To say that I am sincerely grateful for the challenge, cause it helps me write from my heart is to say the least.. **Whispers and **Wears straight face… you see ehn, I cannot afford to over Jonse on 14-For-14 posts eh, if not ehn, my own e haf finish, my Blog mother will just kih me **Smiles @Janyl Benyl. She wants the best for me all time every time, and that includes character wise, so I always imagine her giving me “”THE LOOK”” when I over talk about women on a post.  Soooo... on this Post: NO WOMAN TALK.

So... Memories… Doesn't life scare you? Doesn't it amaze you how just yesterday we were running about in our diapers, and now we are the ones about to be buying diapers?  Life through my eyes is a bloody imbalance, as it freaking confuses me. Someone said NONSO I hope your girlfriend will straighten up your life oh, cause you are confused a lot, and I laughed so hard.. Oh well, I gues it’s a huge part of my persona. (NO WOMAN TALK) 

One of the fondest of memories i have was when I was 5. I remember saying these exact words to my mother one night while i laid on her lap (That woman like me shaaaa that time) I said:

""Mum when i grow up, I will have BIG MONEY, and I will buy you a Limousine ” (** in Jilda's voice, my eyes got all teary as I wrote this sha, I miss her) 

You see in my 22 years 9 months, so many people have come and gone in my life. Girlfriends have disappeared cause I wasn’t Rich enough, friends have gone AWOL for the most insignificant of reasons, and women I trust the most have walked out of my life. Its not like anyone died yeah, but they just left.  Maybe my name ADOLPHUS (meaning Royal Wolf) comes to play here, and maybe that’s why they always just leave, as per: Lone wolf kinda lifestyle now... I don’t really know.  But the thing is just as I never forgot the words I said to my Mother when I was 5, I never ever forget people who came and left my life, as every single person played a role in making me. Some made me cry, some made me laugh, some broke my heart, some stole my heart, some chop my money :) and didint call back after the first date, but all in all they all exist only in my memory now, cause many of them I will never see again.

On my way home yesterday, it re-struck me that someday, all I will be is a MEMORY just like others are to me, I mean a figment of one’s imagination, a thought pattern. Oneday someday when this my ghen-ghen life is over, when my heart stops to beat, and when my Mr Nigeria smile vanishes, all I will be is a THOUGHT. Damn! That scares the hell outta me eh! Since these thoughts hit me yeah, I have constantly asked myself, what kind of a memory will I be? What kind of thoughts will I trigger when I am gone? Will my memory be one to create a smile on a sad face, or one that makes one frown at the thought of me? Will I trigger pain, anger, hatred, tears and anguish, or will I trigger love and peace? I can only wonder.

The Truth is I don’t know, but what I know for sure is that the day of my wait oh! why am I personalizing this Dying thing? the day of OUR going is coming, :p, and when we are gone, if we do not live a positive mark on a life, if we do not inspire someone to be better, to think better, to act better, to not give up on love and on life, if we do not make our lives count for something, then I guess we won’t end up as a memory after all, but we would just be a Rest in Peace prayer point. So today as you go into this week, I implore, NO! I beg  you to make your every action count, and make sure that you keep making a difference. I beg you great Young mind that we live each day like its our last, cause someday, someday we will most definitely be right (Steve Jobs). I beg you to please choose to NOT live for you alone, but to devote your lifetime to an idea, to a worthy cause, to a positive and worthy fight. Yep, I know... Money is priority, but when we go yeah, the money will stay behind, REMEMBER? 

Permit me to leave you with these words i read somewhere a while back,  it went something like this: 

"People will forget what you said to them, they will forget what you did to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel. The memory you inspire will outlive you."

P.S: YOU HAVE ONE SHOT AT LIFE, ONE OPPORTUNITY ON EARTH, ONE SINGLE CHANCE TO LIVE, PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE. In other news.. one of my most ghen ghen Bloggers: Toinlicious is back on Blogsville eh, she went AWOL sinceeee 19-kokoro.. that geh ehnn.. She bad like that oh!

Oya Woman Talk: Dear Blog mother, forgive me Mother for I have sinned, i had to add woman talk :)…  Mehn is it me or is it BLOOOOODDDYYYY HARD!!! To be in a relationship? Do you know how much credit I used last week, and all through the TOASTING period? Mehn Street is military oh! Kai! On some days yeah, I grumble to the Airtime Dealers as I go to buy call card, and I am like, How the hell am I supposed to save at this rate. Anyhow sha, shey na me go find trouble.

So me and Landlady are 8 days today, and trust me, we have fought and tire. Truly I applaud her for being such a lady through the process sef, cause me I can complain for Africa shaaa.. One day I will call her and be like Babe why Haven't you raised Lazarus from the dead :p. But trust me, the singular reason okay let me not lie one of the reasons why we are still together is she is my best friend, and aint nothing better than that.

Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time great young mind, you give me a reason to keep writing, and to wanna become a better man. May GOD bless you eh, and may your children not resemble your neighbor.  My prayer for you this week is that you will not wear a suede shoe, or Brazilian hair on the next day that Lagos rain will fall cat, dog and elephant.  

Do have a Ghen-ghen week Fam. You guys are why we are here, aswear. 



Monday, 1 September 2014

#GratitudeChallenge + She said yes ;)

Pre- Script: This Post is going to have the lowest amount of Paragraphs, ehmm why?? Because I am an Igbo man.. :P Please take only 1 oh!

Good morning great Young mind, what’s cracking? I mean turn up turn up people, its September 1st Baby.. Don’t you just like the new month feeling? Mehn just watch, before we sleep and wake up 2 times nah, December e haf reach, and they will buy Christmas cloth for us we will get to go on BY FIRE BY FORCE leave and get Christmas Allowance heheheh **Whispers I haf already spent my own in my head sef :(. So first of SHE SAID YES.. So now that I am officially Hitched In T-Notes voice, I have to step up the game. Moving on… Erniesha Tibs of the Most Ghen Ghen Blog in the Universe nominated me for the Gratitude challenge last week, and I want to say a very Loud I am sorry for not replying earlier.. You see ehn, I had one very CRAZY training last weekend, And I mean Crazyyyyy. Having that I am the true definition of restlessness, I was forced to sit down in one place! I mean 1 place for 7 Hours learning one very ANNOYING thing. I mean ehn, at a Time on Day 1 of the training, I Blanked out, as my Brain stopped assimilating nada! Asin I stopped hearing words, and could only hear alphabets. Aswear if not that it was the coy that paid, I would have just packed my load and be going to Ozone Cinema. Haba!!! It was hard oh! To Temmie and all ma padi’s doing ICAN sessions, all I can say is the Lord is your muscle oh! Haba! Kilode??? Shey Na by force to learn ni?? (1257-1654-5603-3893 AIRTEL) How on earth will someone sit down in 1 place for 7 hours? Even Albert Einstein my uncles brothers last born’s cousins father inlaw didn’t suffer like that nah. Mcheeww **Whispers, I pray I pass oh, if not My own e haf finish, they will just deduct all the money from my Salary :(. 

So for the Gratitude Challenge, I am supposed to say 3 Things I am most grateful for, and then Nominate 3 other people, so leggooo… First of, I am grateful for my Family. You see ehn, my Family is all that I have in this life. They have had my back through the Storm, through hell, and through the relatively crazy times. I mean Dad, Mum’s, Puppa, DocKitar, Mr. Mamman, and T have been not just my family, but my all. As a child, I used to wish I had a Dangote kinda family. You know the ones that had all the money, and all the cars, and all the reps, and went to the really Ivy League schools. But now I am older, I realize that I don’t need those things, the Duru’s Family is just fine for me. They make me smile, give me hope, cheer me on, Bitch slap me, and shout out Devil from my head when my head turns upside down and I become the Problematic son. Also my sister can cook for Africa ehn, if you see my dinner last night, Choi!!! It was my family that made me believe that EVERY dream is achievable.  (139-216-933-716-827 ETISALAT) You know my family is the kinda family that you have to work out your salvation with fear and Trembling, so DAD made me understand the true value of life from the moment I started to understand what ""YOU THIS CHILDREN, DO YOU THINK I HAVE A TREE AT MY BACK YARD WHERE I PLUCK MONEY FROM??? meant. Yep!! That was the line that described You are on Ya Own!!! 

I am grateful for this Blog, you see ehn, I always say that when I started Blogging yeah, I didn’t know what tha hell I was doing. I mean I didn’t even know that we would get to meet great people up here, nor attain this ghen ghen level of ecstasy I have each time I blog. My intention was to just put my thoughts out into the open, so I just took the leap of Faith into the dark, and bam.. we are here, with you wonderful Reader.. In the words of Moby ** Oya Chop kiss…. You see I am very very very Grateful for my Blog mother Ms. Janyl Benyl… I doubt if she knows the depth of my Love and respect for her, I mean she is almost like family now, and I owe her so much. She is like super awesome, grateful for 1 +THE ONE (for always being that very calm voice in my head that says John the Beloved you are a great man, infact **Whispers I am still tripping for her oh. She genuinely wants me to be better), for Temmie of life (for all her Tips on how to toast women. Heheh Temmie of Life I think I finally caught ma a fish oh **Winks), for Moby (for always making me smile wella. As I write this sef, I have my Mr Nigeria smile on cause of you eh Moby, you just make me happy by default Bubba), for Erniesha Tibs (for making me understand that this life is a beautiful place, and that we Only Live Once, so why hold anything back. You see ehn, Ernie is just an awesome by Nature kinda babe, like the babe that you wake up and say ""Dear GOD thank you for bringing Erniesha into our lives"" Yep!! She baddoo Like that!) for Amaka (who never fails to make me laugh.. hehehe this geh ehn! Kai She cracks me up like mad **Oya Chop Kiss) for T-Notes (for being a great Inspiration from the very beginning till now, although he seems to have totally forgotten me sha hmmnn Oga Boss Diarisgodooo), for Cee (for being such a ghen ghen lady. Although she is still hiding eh! I am still chasing her. I just wish we could get to know her a little more :( ) Thankful to C.P.C ( now this babe… Hmmmnn I just don’t know.  I mean I am just subconsciously drawn to her, I can’t understand. She is the most ghen ghen Blogger I have ever seen. If not that I got hitched last night, I would have still tried to toast her, but ehmmm **Scratches head I will figure out something. ** looks at I.W, na play oh!. Mehn she fun), for, Seyram (for being such a sweet heart. Bia why are you AWOL sef?), Ugo MY!!! yep my own personal Beautiful Eagle :) (You are Wonderful babe, thanks for believing in me since the very beginning), for Sykik and Toinlicious.. (heehehheeh These 2 ladies are just Amazing! I mean they have the most wonderful sense of Humor on the whole Blogsville. When I started blogging yeah, I so wanted to be like Toin. She is such a Natural. And then I met Mzz Sykik and I was like see these 2, I will never let them go until they bless me), for Muriel (my TTT babe of life), for Mannie ( In I.W’s voice myyyyy Niiiggggaaaa, and my Partner in Crime, and in causing havoc on very good days.), Ritah (my twin that is older than me, but whom I love so much from the otherside of Africa. I mean we are so alike. Babe you need to come to Lagos eh), for Evey-Koko (the Lady with the most ghen ghen Bed room voice I know, I just love her by default jo, **Oya chop kiss), for Gbemi (My runaway nurse of life. Amma gonna Track her right away :) ), for Your’s Truly (My Beautiful anonymous blogger friend. You see ehn, I have the 3rd Eye for fine gehs, and even though I know I haven’t seen her face before, I have more Faith than Abraham, that she fine like that, sooo..), for Ms BNG (This babe is the realest lady I Know, mehn GOD bless you Bubba for being you, and GOD bless the Day I met you) for Skinny Mofaya (my Oga Boss and DonDorobucci), for Ronii Davies (my ghen ghen Blog Model.. **In Banky W’s voice; Will you be my lover?), for Tosyne (My Agbani of life, my Numero Uno), for Funmi (Funmi, you are just the best, I mean meeting you is one of my Top 10 achievements for 2014), for Peace Itimi ( my future geh friend **Winks yep.. I mean it), for Adaeze (my otunne, and big time friend and sister E-Hugs), for Tomi (for being an Angel,) and for Atinukemi ( the Lady that has the calmest Blogs I know.Reading her posts brings peace) You guys give me a reason to live.  (26079-96161-24727 GLOBACOM)

Lastly I am grateful for JildA, Bubba, I know you will freak out when you see this, but hey Like you always say to me, I AM THE MOST CONFUSED 22 year old alive.  (8759-4183-3870 MTN) You said yes last night, and I am putting this out here, not because finally I got hitched, but cause I want you to know that I am hanging my Women pursuing boots for the next 4 months cause of You Bubba. You know our case is really fucked up yeah, but hey, Together we will work something out. Something in me says I shouldn’t do this babe, but whats the worst that can happen? You leave me, I drink plenty, wear my women pursuing boots, and life goes on.. :P 

Having that I have to nominate 3 people, i decided to scratch that, and Nominate everyone listed on this Post. So if you see your name here, then You are Nominated. Yep.. Just go out and do something Nice today, ANYTHING! its up to you. Thank you so much for your time great Young minds, you are why we write. In the first 4 paragraphs of this Gratitude challenge, I have put in Call cards as my responsibility for the challenge. So if you are In Nigeria, and you permit me to let me touch your life in my little way, and be as much a blessing to you as you have been to me, then kindly load ONLY 1 of any of the above.. Do have a super fab and a ghen ghen week great Young mind. Cheers.

P.S: To all the girls that used me to catch crews in the past, and were forming NO! **Tongue out… :p