Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Birthday Mrs Erniesha Tibs. :)

All through our stay on earth, a lot of people flood into our lives. Some leave us with scars, some leave an “”I was here signature”” boldly engraved with blood tears and pain on our hearts, while some leave indelible foot prints on our minds and lives, foot prints that would forever read that this was the person that made me smile, this was the person that made life worth living at one of the craziest times of my life, this was the person that made it all worth the while. You know what? In her voice, Let’s Talk…

I know woman and Alcohol have destroyed my brain cells a bit, but If I remember clearly, it was on a Friday in June when while I was but surfing the net, clicking on names of commenter’s and getting linked to their Blogs, when bam! Just like an Eureka moment, I saw and clicked on Ernie’s name, and it threw me to a whole new world, like a different portal of blogsville entirely; A world of fun, laughter and smiles… right there and then I had that Oga Boss Colombus moment, you know like when he just discovered America, only that the virtual world I had discovered was far better than just an America where Indians were displaced, it was a Family where everyone was accepted, no matter your past mistakes or errors, no matter your wealth or brokenness ( like me).. It was a Family, the TTT Family.

I immediately started to read through the blog posts with my heart beating as fast as a virgin trying to have sex for the first time, I scribbled through them like a flash in the pan thinking to myself that I must have met another Linda Ikeji that had been blogging for eons, and then just like a surge of electricity through my bones, I was shocked when I hit the bed rock post, I was amazed to find out that she! this awesome writer had been writing for just 14days.. I mean I was awed, amazed! **In Mobys voice shockefiedrified, And Shocked! I mean there was so much content, so much happiness, so much vibe, so much ghenghenness about how she wrote…. But how come, under 2 weeks? How? And then she put up a picture of her, and she said it was at this moment that she got the Eureka feeling to start a Blog… and I was like Hallelujah somebory :)

I read on, and kept smiling.. hehheheh there was a post about a friend who took her Palm reading, and my it was hilarious, and as a guy man I wanted to know more about this Mysterious writer, this geh that had so much Enthusiasm. I wanted to know who Ms Ernie (as I thought) was, so I went straight to her google + page, cause as a player player that I was, I had intentions… **Whispers You see I am a woman wrapper by default so I always do.. And just as I went with my heart still racing, my Bubble was burst, cause just as the picture below yeah, she was married.. goddamnbullshit I thought :( I almost cried in Swahili.. choi!!! I had missed a jackpot opportunity…. I couldnt woo her no more **Shines teeth


Was I deterred? Hell to the No!!! So I kept reading her posts, kept enjoying the humor and warmness that came with her Blog, and then, Just then! she hinted us about Oga Boss.. About how there was someone who had her back, someone who stood by her through the craziest of times, and someone who sincerely loved her… and someone she was ever proud to show to the public. There was Oga Boss Mofaya; someone who I have come to respect a lot cause in his usually silent demeanor, he teaches what a man should be I.e Firm but loving, strong but compassionate, calm but in control…  and then it hit me that he was a huge part of not just her life yeah, but her success story as a whole.

Something I admire about Erniesha’s Blog is how Gangster she is, yet so godly, how humble she is yeah, but yet so classy, how beautiful she is but yet so free and in her words shameless… Its amazing, cause I learn from her richly. I mean her ability to swing from being bad like that, to being good like that always leaves me stupefied, but if I have learnt anything from Ernie it is the fact that no one should ever judge another, because it is in our judging others that we make our biggest mistakes of thinking that we are perfect, I learnt from Ernie that just as at first look a man would seem not so good, but only if we have the patience to listen, we would realize that we had not just met a human, but an Angel wearing flesh…  That’s what you are Ernie.

So today the 2nd of November 2014, this is me saying a Happy Birthday to one of the most awesome writers I know. I mean Erniesha Tibs Tobi is not just a blogger, but a writer. Not just a writer, but a game changer.  Not just a game changer but a mover and shaker of things. Happy Birthday bubba, may the new year bring you various reasons to smile, may your worst days be forever behind you, and may God’s blessings upon your life never ever grow dim. Happy Birthday Bubba, we love you plenty, and even though I haven’t been all there for you, I hope this post certifies that the word family is not based on 1 loud action, but several silent ones. xx

P.S: My Baby sends her love.


Photo Credit: Instagram ( @ernieshatibs and @skinymofaya ) and the Ghen Ghen Application i used to steall all these pictures was 6Tag for windows phones.. That App is bad like that :)

TTT Fam Blog:


Monday, 27 October 2014


Pre-script: This post is written directly from my Lustful Emotions, so please just in-case I tip you off as Immature, just know that this 22 Years, 11 Months and 16days old boy is Flesh and Blood, and the only reason I write is to learn. And trust me, I am learning… ;)

Good morning great Young mind, what’s popping? What’s the 411? What’s up what’s up people??? Mehn this Monday is just a very ghen ghen Monday (I did something crazyyyy), so I am not going to start it on a whining note… mehn Scratch that jo, I am still sad Today is Monday.. Mcheewww… bet why?? Why did there have to be Mondays so quickly? Why couldn’t there just be Saturday, Reflectday, Sunday( 3 days of rest) and then Monday.. Why did there have to be only 2 days of rest? **crying in French. Nawa oooo, well diarisgod.. So my Baby is going to this Adventist University, so she goes to Church on Saturday.. Mehn that ghe Likes Church eeeehhnnn.. kai. 20 out of 22 times I call (that reminds me, I will paste my number somewhere on this post so I can easily be reached) and be like “”baby where are you””, and she be like Church. smh Don’t be deceived ooo, she is not Wife material like that oh Jari, she just likes Church :p.. **Tounge out at Wajilda. So can you believe that geh e haf start to threaten me? First off She has given me the maximum number of kids we can have. And I am like me!! Engr Chief Brother Cousin Blogger Commenter Duru Adolphus Jnr.. 4 kids?? Only?? How?? She berra get ready to be a lawyer and Baby boomer ooo ;). Me that my Blood is boiling more than Volcano Lava?? Hell to the No! We will have as many as possible jo.. **Wears straight face.. after all I am the man of the house nah.. I make the decisions.. ( abeg na play ooo):p. Also she said that “”IF”” we get married, having that her own Sabbath is on Saturday, and mine on Sunday since me I am a normal Human being (pun intended) , and having that the Good book says “Thou shall keep the Sabbath day Holy”.. Then Wahala go dey oooo…  As in that would leave us with only Friday to do and act Midnight action film. No!!!!! The thing is my Baby is a strong ghen-ghen believer, she is Chaplain sef, but why I love her Plenty is that she is real like that, and she understands that regardless of the fact that she is a Spiri Koko,that, Me! Duru Adolphus Jnr is still a Man! Asin Flesh and Blood. Hmmmnnn I just pray I can write this post without Koba’ing myself, but Anyway, In Tibs voice. Lets Talk….

Before we start Fam, I want to say a very Heart filled thank you to 3 people…. First off is to all of you that commented on the Who is a mother post, I didn’t know that anyone would read it, hence I did it with tears in my eyes., **whispers I am a very emotional writer ooo. I do miss her though. Nextly Thank you to the Beautiful, smart, and witty Engr. Chioma Cliverly of The Real Cliverly Blog. I mean that Lady is just too Awesome.. Erniesha Called me yesterday, and mentioned that there was a mention of our YnC blog there, and so I ran over there sharply even though I don’t like blogging with all them touching body devices, I sacrificed, and my I was awed… Bubba, I want you to know I actually Teared up when I read your description of the YnC Blog.. I mean you put my best Selfie ever (the one with my Dad), and then you mentioned my babies name… What more could I ask of you Bubba? You Rock… This is where I enter my Wizkids zone and be like… I fit die on top your matter eh, Cliverly ooo, you too sweet God bless your Mother eh… Blogy’m ooo (heheheh that’s your New Nicky Bubba). Finally I would like to say thank you to Raleeyat… I met her just last Night, and my oh my we had a really nice chat on Twitter, plus she inspires me a whole lot. Now most of you guys know my Baby is Hausa now, so we are having a hard time facing the society being her Fam, and Half of my fam, but you see this Fine beautiful Lawyer called Raleeyat? She made me understand that Love is boundary less, nor Tribal less, and that if we really love each other, we could stick together no matter. So..  Thank you Ralleyat, I will not forget your strong kind words in a hurry.

So… Cravings… Have you ever wanted something so much that it felt you would die if you didn’t have it? have you ever wanted something so much that you couldn’t sleep at night cause of it? Have you ever wanted something sooo much, but the whole society makes it seem like wanting it makes you more of Evil than good? Well I have, and sadly I have been wanting it so bad all through October, and my it often leaves me with a gloomy look. I mean the kind of look I wear when my account balance reads 1,045 naira at FBN ehmm that’s what it is now ooo I am even owing Stanbic sef :(... I don’t know how you guys do it yeah, I mean I need ya help Fam… cause craving for something you want so much, something your flesh longs for, and something that you know the only thing standing in between you and your cravings is your soul or would I say your conscience is plain HARD!!. In Ernie’s voice goddamnbullshit, I mean Damn!.

Now I miss so many things about being Single, you know promiscuity, Drinking and getting sober at random, little or no Conscience talking in the background on Friday nights and all, asin there were series of opportunities to do a lot of things, but since I got **in T-notes voice, hitched, lets just say shit got real. Now my Baby doesn’t police me oh, but whenever I attempt ( as in emphasis on ATTEMPT) to sin, **Clears throat Like this morning or do something for which I crave, I Kinda feel a truck load of guilt on my shoulder. Not basically cause the society undermines the action I was about to do yeah,  but cause I know it would be like stabbing Wajilda in the back, like betraying the love we spend an average of 25 minutes professing daily. And I just don’t know what to do anymore. So let’s stop running around the pool and just take a plunge. So lets take the craving for Sex for an example.. **Whispers this is one of the posts I pray that One + THE ONE and Tomi will comment on. in my 23 year old eyes, Its relatively hard to stay loyal to a partner who is far away. I mean you guys haven’t heard Wajilda’s voice, but that voice ehn, is Adultery inspiring (hehehehe Ijagz this is where I set you up) and then having that she is soo far away makes it harder, and then I don’t understand the winchie winchie that is working ooo, but if you have been reading this our blog for a while, you will know I have been in and out of plenty  CLOSE to Girlfriend events, so my point is now that I finally found someone that knows how to press my Mumu button well, I now have all the ladies I ever wanted inviting me for things I always wanted… bet why?! Why does Life have to be sooo unfair?! **Wears Mischievous smile.

So that’s it Fam, I declare it openly that I need your help. I cant do it alone. Before I started writing this post I had to pray to God, and then I heard something like “I gave you this Emotion, write from it”. So this is me writing directly from the inside inside Lustfull part of me. What do I do? I know everyone would be like stay Faithful to Wajilda and all, but its just plain hard. god help me if Wajilda reads this post, my life e haf finish be that, but I am in a sick dilemma, cause the truth is this distance is fucking with my mind. I had to talk to my Blog mother Janyl Benyl, and trust me, she did this miracle on me. Even Janyl’s silence has answers, and when she finally spoke, it broke me. But I need more help to an extent... Sometimes I wonder how Ms JB has the patience to handle this Young and utterly confused man… but let me say that she is doing a great job. Love you loads Ms JB. So this is my cry for help. What do I do?

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time great Young mind, you guys do me a great Honor with it, and coming here every morning has become the high point of my living… You guys Rock. My prayer for you this week is that all this Nepa rain that is falling anyhow in Nigeria will not fall on the day you go out and forget to lock your window. Heheh Lets just say that the last time shit happened to me yeah, I slept on Water bed :(

Cheers Fam, and do have a ghen ghen Week ahead oh, remember that it is the choices that we make that we will live with, No body plants Cocoa, and harvest Chocolate immediately.

Bloggers Alert:

** brings out Journal… :) Cee.. Now Cee was one of the first Bloggers I met down here. In order of the way we jammed it was Janyl, Cee, T-Notes and then the remarkable Toinlicious  (I will be putting up a picture of Toin very soon ooo so watch the upper space to the left. :p) , Cee means plenty to me.. More like my First Blog crush **Covers face.. heheheh I mean it ooo.. I am a Sulker for fine gehs, and I have this Fine geh search Button that kind of searches and finds them even without meeting them.. You want Proof, my Baby is fine nah, and I searched her on the BRT.. if you hear how we met ehnn… (Wajilda beg me now ooor) smh.

Zoe… I Finally got to chat with Zoe on Watsapp yesterday. Heheheh I just kept laughing, that child said she had to consult the Oracles to make one decision as regards a TTT fam thingy, and she really went away for like 2 hours.. Smh.. Zoe ehn..

Bim Akinmade.. Now remember I told you I am a helpless lover.. Well I had a crush on Bim Akinmade just by reading her post on Bella Naija, as I was Awed by her dexterity, and mode of writing.. We got kinda close, but life is just funny.  Lets just say Bim is an awesome writer, and she was at a time one of the most popular writers on Bella Naija. Please visit her Blog by clicking on her name..

Angel Tomi… Heaven knows I miss Tomi.. I mean she is one of the few people not related to me by Blood who I sincerely hear their hearts praying for me to be a better person.. I mean I almost became a Born again at one time cause of her, and i still probably will when i marry sha, but I just settled with Acting Pastor, I think its better to be sincerely me nah. :) Please click on Tomi, to zoom to her blog.

Changing Post Codes: I miss you. 

Cheers Fam, You are why I write. I got a lot of overwhelming E-mails and comments last Night, and I just want you guys to know that I am humbled to a fault cause of you guys, there is no Us without you, aswear. I would have dropped my number, but i figured that if you want it, just ask and i will send it over ASAP.

P.S: I don’t know if Funmi Reese still reads my Blog yeah, but Bubba I got your mail, I wasn’t trying to get all Inspector Duru on you, I was just… I like what T-Notes does, asin Blog reviews. And I think that T-Notes in his ussual tact manner had me thinking really deep, and confused too. You are a good human being Funmi, I just wish you did the only thing I ever begged you for… But in Jilda’s voice.. Oh well.

P.P.S: thou shall not forget that I turn 23 on November 12th, still dunno what i will do that day sha... And Ernies Birthday is on November 2nd. All TTT Fam, please reach out to Lily, she has info for you guys...


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Who is a mother?

Is a mother the one who carries you in her womb? is a mother the one who shields you from pain? is a mother the one who gives you her breast to suckle even on days when she fasts and prays all night? is a mother the one who begged Daddy to not hit you when you broke the glass plates? is a mother the one who reminds you to marry the right woman?! I dont know, but what I know is that a mother isn't just one linked to us by blood, but one linked to us by love.

All my life i have tied the word mother more to hate, pain, fear and grief making it seem like there was really no one, but wasn't there? The truth is there was you ma. You came in and met me and my siblings. A young and Confused boy with pain in his heart and growing confusion in his head. I didn't know you, and heaven knows that for a while i didnt like you. But you loved me regardless. That melted all my stubbornness away, as i grew to love you more and more.

No one believed that I wasn't yours, that you hadn't carried me in your womb for 9 months, that you weren't the one who rocked my cradle from birth. Why? Why didn't they believe? cause you showered me, your Husband, and my siblings with so much joy and love.. I remember when you would give all your salary so we wouldn't go naked... You made me feel loved.  I love you Mrs Duru.

Sometimes i wonder why life is so unfair, why the good go thorough pain, why those who deserve to smile are tortured the more by this Bitch called life.. But then mother, i look at you and realize that you are more of a victor than a warrior, and this makes me work Harder. You are my Why Mrs Duru.

As i write this mother, I am all teary and shit, I fell in love with an Hausa girl... We are willing to battle the society and end up together, she is strong Mummy, just like you, and she loves me to pieces, heheh Just like you. Heaven knows I miss you, and from the bottom of my heart, that I love you. I have had to battle Sex, drugs, peer pressure, Alcoholism, and all by myself. I couldnt talk to Dad, i tried to talk to a couple of people, but they dont really understand.. You know Mum, i used to tell you everything, but this distance is fucking with my mind. 

I promise You Mum, that for all the pain you went through, i will one day make you proud, that for all the nakedness you went through to buy me Pierre Cardin and Next clothes, i will never forget you. Mother someday, I promise you, we will have more than we need.

Happy 47th Birthday Mum... You are why i didn't turn out so wrong, you are my real Mother figure..

Monday, 20 October 2014

14- FOR-14 CHALLENGE (GROWING UP_ October 2014) The monster in me...

Good morning great young mind, how are you guys doing nah? How was your night? Hope you slept well my children (heheh this is where I act like I am an old man) what’s up People?? What’s the 411??? And how was your weekend? Mehn is it me or is it that Saturday and Sunday are not up to 24 hours again?? Sometimes yeah, it feels like they are both 16 hours each. Person will just sleep and wake up bam, and Monday e haf reach.. :( Any way we thank GOD oh, cause we are alive.. Last night I was doing vigilante work in the midnight inside Festac, and I saw a procession of youths doing a candle light procession. Apparently someone had died, and with the level of youthfulness they displayed yeah, the person must have been young. So if you think that you have no reason to be thankful, Welll… Think again. I had this very strange dream on Sunday ooo. Hehehehee You know all those Angel versus devil kinda dream. Oluwa bu Eze ooo.. The Yoruba Angel won sha, and I am glad to be alive. I think I am watching too many Yoruba films :).

So last Friday yeah, I was on my own ooo.. Remember that I told you guys that I was buying something from, well those goons called me 5 days into my order, after I had waited, Fasted, starved, trekked, and hoped for my device, and told me Mr. Duru, we don’t have your order, we are sorry. I almost killed the geh ehn.. I mean I didn’t have Lunch all the week, and you say I am sorry.. Really? If not that she had a Bedroom kinda voice that can make someone commit adultery ehn, I would have insulted her life finish. So story short.. I forgave her sha, but not Konga grr.. Last Friday, one of my Oga’s gave me this really cool Versace shades. I mean it's DOPE. I wore it as i went to Stanbi, and I looked like all those Exxon Mobil brovers, and even one guy who was trying to help me switch coys earlier this year saw me in front of Africa Re Tower and was staring hard at me for like 3 minutes till he called out my name.. hehehe The brother couldn’t recognize me. He then said I had started chopping V.I money, and in my mind I was like “” Bros chill jo, it’s the power of Versace wey them just dash me..”” 

Moving on from the 8-5 that day, I boarded this Mini busses home. In Festac ehn, there are many keke Busses than Human beings now. I men those guys are everywhere.. They are the new Okada in my area. I mean I had my weekend all planned out for me, ready to turn up, watch Jack Bauer till infinity.. eheenn jack Bauer finally had sex ooo from season1 to season 7 my brother had sex only once, that guy needs a Grammy.. Not to digress too much, as I sat in this keke enroute my Mansion like room, we pulled up at a traffic light, and then a car NO! 2 cars pulled up right beside us. Mehn these rides were fresh, all slightly tinted and all. Me I just sat in the front of the keke bus forming gangster as I still wore my Versace glasses around 6PM ooo and inside bus oo smh for me.. hehehe Thinking about it ehn, I feel ridiculous, shey its called Sunshade na? JdB is there sun by 6PM in your village? And who wears Shades in a bus? my answer to me iss.. Well its Versace nah **Winks And then as I stared admiring this IV tech, I realized that the occupants of the car (both driver and drovee) were my contacts from wayyyy back. I finished secondary school almost at the same time with them, and there they were, in a Honda IV tech, and here I was in the front seat of a keke bus wearing my Versace glasses. I mean as I Looked on to them yeah, I couldn’t but help to wonder if Education was really the key. I mean it was an open secret that both of these guys who moved out of my area llllooonnggg ago and were now living the life had become Yahoo ++ boys, and so they were swimming in cash, and here I was bursting my ass 3:47 Am- 11 PM daily for the past 18 months, and I didn’t even have a Keke of my own yet ( this is where I sniffle and cry). Mehn to say I was slighted was to say the least :(
look how calm the angel looks, guess thats how we should battle our fears, with calmness.

As they drove off in what seemed to be a convoy, as they had this really tech Audi ride in front of them, My mind started the battle. The battle about how I was doing the wrong thing, the battle about how all my friends seem to be online all through the midnight doing cyber crime.. How do I know hehehehe Trust me, I use a windows phone, who is offline on FB all night, and online all day.. And buys 2 cars in 2 months? And then I started to feel less of myself. As they drove away, I felt the Monster of un-satisfaction with my now grow stronger in me, the argument about what exactly is the worthy course to success got louder in my head, The question about if the end actually justifies the means, or if the means is not relevant began to haunt me, and I almost concluded that the means didn’t matter, but the end was most important, and that if I wanted to get all them fine chiks like these guys had, and them fast cars, I had to indulge. To say the least, my insecurity began getting the better of me. Would you blame me? I am 22 Years, 11 months 22 days old purpose driven young man. :(

You see life through my eyes is a bloody confusion, and I seem to not understand why growing up is so damn hard. Sometimes I feel like I am just not doing as well as I should, but you know, regardless of what God has given me in the past 18 months since leaving Uni  yeah, I still have that negative consciousness. You see I for one feel like we are our own enemy, and that humans have the subconsciousness of Negativity more than that of positivity, an outlook to look at ourselves with the eyes of mediocrity as against hopeful excellence. We frequently often fail to see the good in our position, as we steadily look at the great status of our neighbor, and few of my kind who are suckers for success often just want to get there sharp sharp. The truth is we are our own driving force, our own inspiration, our own ability to believe, as well as our own Brakes, and our own self destruct button. But unless we find a way to ignore the monster within, and refuse its theatrics, we will never be able to sincerely enjoy life. Unless we are able to drown the inner roaring of that enemy of progress called YOU, the continuous conversation telling you that you are no good, telling you that you will never fulfill purpose, telling you that you do not deserve the degree of success which you have attained, telling you that where you are is not where you want to be. Unless you are able to see through the eyes of hope as against doubt, then I have learnt that we will never be what we really can be 

So this morning great young mind, I implore you to not Live a life based on comparison, to not measure your success based on that of another, to not live a life of envy, strife or pride in an attempt to make you feel better, but to rather live a Life of Gratitude, cause in the words of my awesome Blog mother Janyl Benyl(Did i tell you Janyl initiated this 14-FOR-14 challenge? I am so proud of her :) )


I know this part sounds like me trying to make me feel better yeah, but use your church mind believe that its not :p. As I looked into the I-V Tech, I realized those 2 Ex- friends of mine had the cars yeah, but not the smile, as I saw an eager tensed feeling for the next deal to fall in place, I saw gloominess. So as a sort of compensation, as I got down from my keke Bus, I put on my Versace shades, and I was baddooo with a smile.. Guess I aint doing bad afterall… I guess at the end, Money is not all that matters, Versace matters too.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time great Young mind, you do me a great Honor fam. In ONE + THE ONE’S voice I pray that this week shall make all your dreams come true, and that even f you are caught in the battle of Yoruba spiritual warfare (as I was on Sunday morning), God will send you your Yoruba Guardian Angel to come and rescue you. Hehehe mehn I saw a flying Tuber of yam in that dream oh.. Chei my life. Heheh Cheers. Mehn Ayo can pray for Africa ehn. Yesterday I was going through her Chat on Watsapp, and I replayed back her Audio Prayer. And mehn I found myself echoing Amen. Ayo is awesome, aswear. She is just awesome.

P.S: My Baby starts writing her Mid-semester Exams today, please say a kind prayer for her, she is my world, my happimess, and my heart beat and anything less than a 3.77 wont cut it for me and her. Pleasee. Thank you in advance for praying for Jilda.... xx

P.P.S: I apologize for the length of post, just use your church mind and read it bikonu. You know I write only once a week nah, so would I be wrong to make it long?? :*

BLOGGER ALERTS: Have you guys met My Tweenie? Her name is Ritah Nakyeyune, and She is Ugandan. I mean I met her through Ugo of Beautiful Eagle, and each time I go to her Blog Yeah, I always come back more inspired and fulfilled. She is a wonderful writer, who balances both youthfulness with reason... Trust me, she bad like that oh.  :)

Also I met this really cool Blogger last week. Her name is Oyinlola.. Mehn she Is awesome (and as a guy man, I followed her on IG sharp sharp.. hehehe she can fine for Africa shaaa…).  Oyinlola’s is a really articulate Blogger. She wrote this post about Sex, and let me just say that that post had me committing Adultery in my mind **Winks as she has the ability to bring her writing alive.. Mehn that’s how good a writer she is. Its official Bubba Oyinlola, I want to be like you when I grow up. 

And then Drum Rolllsss… Eden Suzaanne. I mean It’s wonderful how we meet people that can write and give us peeks into not just their heads yeah, but their hearts as well. Reading Eden Suzanne’s blog always lives me awed at how Natural a writer she is. I mean she is an awesome lady who is able to heal others with her words, inspire other with her lines, and experiences. Mehn Susu :) You are one of the coolest writers I have met o- Jari…  ** In Toinliciou’s phoneh voice… I am proud of you :).
Have you guys gone over to my Otunnes blog. I mean one thing I love about Adaeze’s blog is her ability to give voices to her alphabets. I read her Blog and I am like in Ernie’s voice..goddamnbullshit this geh can write..:) She is able to tell tales that makes you get lost in your own imagination. Go on and check.

And finally my Blog smallie, and the only geh that calls me an Aristo ( I mean who ever heard of a 23 year old Arist? I love that child already). Hehehe let Wajilda catch you.. Mehn if you haven’t met Modupe, then you are on a looonnngg thing. Mehn she is a real sweetie eh. I love the way she is all young and confused. Kinda reminds me of me when I was 17. To me she has a great Future as a blogger. 

Someone please help me Beg Changing Post Codes to come back on.. :( She is one of my most favourite bloggers, and i know she is under a lot of pressure and all, i just wish she will write more. So this is me tossing my wishing coin into the well of hope, believing someone could help me beg one of the coolest writters I know to come back on.