Monday, 24 November 2014


Pre Script: Dear Fam.. do you guys see that beautiful lady on my template? yeeeaahhh Mehn! Thats the ever cheerful and always beautiful Abimbola Akinmade i told Y'all about. She is one of the finest and smartest humans i know, and I bless GOD that I know her.. Did I state that she writes for Bella Naija? And yep! She is my Blog crush for the week :) Turn up!

Turn Up Turn Up great Young mind… In Eric Thomas’ voice: “Thank GOD its Monday Ladies and gentle men..” How are you guys nah?? Damn! I have missed disturbing blogsville oh! Whats it been? 7 days or so… mehn make una no vex jo, this nigga right here needed to clear his head. I mean last week was kerosinely mega crazy for me, and my emotions were on a hellish bound level. But you know nah, “man no die man no rotten”, and in Barr. Duru’s voice “JdB if we didn’t die last week, mehn we no go die again…” How have you been? heheheh mehn I am so excited to be back here.. lemme just say a quick thank you to you guys for dropping your kind comments on my last post… lemme also just say, that that post was one of the most painful posts I have ever written, and I hate it so much that I might never re-read it.. Okay I might shaa… So how was your weekend? Mehn a phrase has been in my head all morning oh! And it’s what Mannie said a while ago… It went something like “We’ll all be rich… “So hold on to that Fam… Cause the fact that you don’t have the Range Rover Evogue today yeah, don’t mean we won’t have it tomorrow.. Can I hear an Amen somebody… #PastorJdBmode. 

Now I had one really playful post in my head all last week, and I had said to share with you great people, but yesterday evening, I saw a butterfly. Now there are very few things you see in the Durus self acclaimed “mansion” no go believe ooo there is no Mansion yet, I just said that cause it felt good in my head.. Plus you know nah, Fake it till you make it. , and that includes butterflies. Now that was the Eureka moment for this post, but I shrugged it off. When I went to draw the rope of generator when this Awon oniranu withdrew power again, I saw the butterfly again! And you know when I was a Pastor in training till woman and alcohol changed my destiny, Bro Chinaza taught us in Sunday school, that in the Bible yeah, when GOD says something twice, then na serious gbege, so I tapped into the spirikoko side of me and saw it as a sign!  Can I hear an amen someborii..

Now in the past days my life has been bleak, it’s been like I lost a part of me, like CBN froze all the money that I don’t have, and like nothing meant much to me.. I couldn’t think! It was so bad that last week Monday ehn, I was an Emotional wreck and I couldn’t as much as compose a mail at the 8-5, and letters took me hours to draft.. But that beautiful butterfly I saw twice last night taught me something, it preached to me. Fam, permit me to kindly tell you something you already know.. The world ain’t all sunshine, mushy mushy, lovey dovey,  and rainbow, No! it’s a really mean and nasty place, and It don’t care how tough you are, its gonna beat you to your knees, and keep you there permanently if you LET it. So me you or nobody should ever treat life with a soft spot. But the thing ehn is that it aint about how many times you are hit, it’s about how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward, how many times you can keep keeping on. That’s what it is. Life will never give us that which we sincerely want, I mean pardon my expression, but I see life as a rapist that rapes us all without protection, and leaves us at the mercy of 9months, destiny, and the never satisfied and judgmental public... So here we all are, after being raped and declared with child, we go on with that unwanted pregnancy in our wombs daily, constantly keeping on and not knowing what to expect.. Some of us after being raped by life and realizing that we are pregnant look for a way to terminate our life, some of us look for a way to terminate the pregnancy by indulging in drugs and alcoholism and more random sex, some of us quit, while the really few brave ones like Erniesha Tibs, take life as it comes and just keep keeping on regardless. The few believers carry the pregnancy for 9 months with hope, believing that regardless that the child is in all ramifications unwanted, yet still we love it regardless. We live life with our pain expecting victory regardless.

I once heard a story of a 7 year old and a butterfly. Now this child saw a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly, he watched with awe and patience, as the butterfly struggled to come out of the cocoon which bound it as a caterpillar, he watched how the insect struggled,  pushed, pulled, cried, and strove to be free from the cocoon of being the caterpillar, and then the young boy with the best of intentions had mercy, he had pity on the butterfly trying that was struggling so hard to be liberated from the cocoon, and then he ran into his mothers room, got a pair scissors,  and began to cut open the cocoon.. He did this so happily, because in his na├»ve innocent mind, he deserved the Nobel peace prize for setting the innocent butterfly free. But he didn’t know he had done the butterfly harm. You see what this lad didn’t know was that the butterfly that he helped to liberate would from the point of liberation, till death never fly, cause his wings didn’t develop fully, as he had only a wing and a half. You see fam, the boy didn’t understand that the butterfly had to go through so much pain at his evoliution stage to move from being a caterpillar that crawls to a beautiful butterfly that flies. He didn’t understand that the pain, striving, tears and hustle that the butterfly underwent to be freed from the cocoon of the caterpillar was a training period, one that was necessary to develop the wings, a period of training. The child didn’t understand that what looked like a period of pain was in actuality a period of EVOLUTION, so he infact did harm trying to do good.

You see many of us strive to receive pity from the society, we want to get all the “ehya’s” and “Ndo”, and “sorry” as if that is gonna make us better. We hate the evolution stages of our life cause it looks and feels like hell, but we fail to realize that pain is temporal, it might last for a minute, and hour, or a second, but eventually it will pass, and something else will take its place, VICTORY, SUCCESS, WEALTH, TRUE LOVE. We fail to realize that if we quit however, then pain and failure will be ours forever, and we will end up like that Butterfly with a wing and a half all our life. So this morning great young mind I implore you, NO! I beg you to be willing to go through pain, to not take disappointments and failures as the end of the road, but to understand that at the end of everything yeah, everything will be alright. So if everything is not alright now, then we are not at the end… I want you to know that pain, failure, Rejection and being broke is a part of life… so don’t sweat it when you are these phases of life, but just go on your knees, look up to GOD and say “Papa, we are in this together sir.”

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time great young minds, you do me a great honor. My prayer for you this week is that that person that is supposed to give you a ride, or pay money into your account, or toast you on the BRT will not forget you or change his/her mind. J Cheers Fam, you are why I write.

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Changing Post Codes: Now this is one of my most favorite bloggers, I have no idea why I like her so much ooo, maybe its cause she and my Mum are from the same State of Orijin…  dunno where that came out of She is an aspiring lawyer like my Beautiful padi Raliat, and she writes about life through her eyes.. heheheh I would have loved to Nicky her Ms. Young and Confused cause her life is similarly as confused as mine, but I don’t wanna blow it, so CPC is fine.

Janyl Benyl! I think it’s obvious that I cannot get enough of my Blog mother: Ms. J.B, she is like the coolest blogger on blogsville.. I mean I recently stumbled on her page views, and my! I was I was like Damn!! She good.  Janyl is both a fashion blogger, my mother, and an inspirational blogger. She does this ghen ghen Monday inspiration series, and its frosh like that.. heheheh You guys now see why I love to write on Monday ba?? Well like Mother like son.

Esther Koko! Now why I love Esther Koko is that she says it the way she sees it. This Beautiful Damsel is one of the most realistic bloggers I know, and it is sssooo easy to relate to her writing. If you hevn’t been to Esther Koko’s blog, Nna mehn you are dulling oh! And dulling is a sin, punishable by law! Abi Raliat did I lie?

P.S: Congratulations to Raliat on her soon calling to Bar.. Bubba you are one of the best things that have happened to me in this last quarter of 2014, and you are the I in my iPhone 5 and iVtec that I haven’t bought yet. Love you loads Bubba.

P.P.S: A very heartfelt thank you to everybody that called me during my 1 week Hiatus.. I mean Moby!!! Moby!!Moby!!! Thank you for the 20 something minutes call, although the Trip to Owerri didn’t help our evil plans **Winks, but you rock Bubbba. Thank You Toin for making me smile and feel loved last Friday. I mean ToyoN Tomato, you are a blessing aswear, and words fail me to explain how much I thank GOD for knowing you.. I mean you accept me as I am.. My confusions, my craziness and all, and you take it as yours.. You are a real Obirin Egbo jo.. Oya in Moby’s voice, chop kiss... You rock Bubba… @ Ice law.. Mehn this Nigga ehn is a correct guy.. I mean a sure boy to the core. He called me daily all last week, and even checked on my trip at Owerri… Badoo don’t worry, for being such a correct guy, that geh we are dragging for on Blogsville is officially yours.. I leave her for you Oga Boss. **Shines Teeth. Congrats on you Blog reaching 2 once again.. Mehn, that’s a huge achievement sir. @ Mannie: Myyy Nnnniiigggagaaaa.. Heheheh My Nigga called on Saturday to check if I had died, Brother mi! 3 gbosas for you oh Jari. Mehn I loved and lost sir, simply to live to love again.. You know nah, once a woman wrapper, always a woman wrapper. You Rock… @ Tosyne! Hhehehehehe Baby mi as I write this line I am smiling like a fish. You know I love you now Baby mi, and that my love for you cannot be distorted my Watsapp shenanigans.. You are a blessing to me Agbani. What would Watsapp be like without you ehm ehm. Ehm.. it would be just an App... and to Lily. Mehn babe I love you loads… You are a true Mother, and you have a very accommodating heart. Love you pieces. Ehne.. **Wears straight face… To all those who didn’t check on me.. all I can say is so if I died nah, you people will just lock up! Hmmmnnn diarisgodooo.. Well I love you regardless sha…  I mean my love for you isn’t based on anything but just pure love.

P.P.P.S: Please where is Beautiful Ms.Temidayo Adegbite?

P.P.P.P.S: Mehn Christmas e haf rich finish oooo! Having that I had to semi treck from Festac to V.I today, I smiled as I saw Christmas decorations everywhere.. Chei this is when I miss Mrs Duru the most, our house used to look like a Christmas carnival at one time. Oh Well, life goes on.
A niggas Current situation :(
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Monday, 17 November 2014 Time

All my life, they always said to me: “in time you would grow up better”, “in time you would fall deeper in love”, “in time you will grow wiser, faster, smarter”, and that with time, life as we know it would become wayyy better. I wish I could say they were wrong, but hell to the No! They weren’t, cause time in my young and confused eyes seems to truly make things better. But sitting here on this my Jangolova chair, I cab boldly say that the society who told me that time would make it all right were not absolutely correct, as that they were wrong at some point. You know where, they were wrong when they told me that “Time heals all wounds”” and That the pain and that the “”loneliness a man feels will fade with time””, and that in time “”I would gather more true friends””. I guess for sure that they didn’t know what they were saying, cause in time none of my scars seem to have ever healed, in  time I have grown more alone than I was years ago, in time my emotions have grown stronger, but have slowly become worse at pushing me closer and closer to promiscuity than to loyalty, and time is showing me that the true meaning of Motherly, or permit me to say Girlfriendly love isn’t in the way the “I Love you” is said, but the In the way the “I love you” is shown.. I guess they were all wrong at this, cause in time, my emotional status has seemed to become more fucked up than it was before this time.

Good morning great young minds, how art thou doing? and how was the weekend? Mehn mine was just there ooo.. hehehe Lemme just say that “”On Instagram I dwelt all weekend””. I want to say a verrryyy loud thank you  to everyone of you for the love showered on me on my Birthday, for all the calls, for all the love, for all the shout outs, the Instagram mushy mushy, the gifts, the cakes.. Cc Janylbenyl, the calling me by 12am, the first to call game, and all. I mean you guys are priceless, and I dunno what I would do without you guys. I mean I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU GUYS, YOU MADE ME, AND YOU OWN ME. May GOD bless you loads, may GOD make you smile, may all that your heart yearns for be granted you, and above all, may you never have reasons to feel unloved. Heheh so I was opportune to take a group picture with all my colleagues, so at one time they asked how old I was.. I boldly said 23.. and you need to hear the screams.. heheh apparently I was too small, but in Cee’s voice Yimu for them o jari… hehehe someone said “”Duru you are a rich man cause you started life so early oo”” and in my head I was like Ifaye.. Me that I am grateful for today, but dreaming of Exxon mobil :)
So since you guys are a part of me, and more like the i in my iPhone that I have not yet bought.. I thought to put it out here for the record. Wajilda and I are no longer an item. I love her and all, but it couldn’t work, so we sat down and spoke for like 35 minutes ( that geh can call sha) and decided to live separate lives. Hehehe She asked for friendship, but hell no! I cannot be friends with someone I love….. So the best I and her can be are Instagram mates.. I want to say a very loud shout out to you guys for all the love you showered on her and my stupid self, I mean you guys rock, and heaven knows that each time I went to a blog and saw Jilda, I would smile like a fish. She still means the world to me, and owns a part of me.. She actually own a part of me for life, but hey.. We have to keep keeping on I guess, so here I am. Back to my woman chasing ways. #Thatsall

In the light of using my own hand to break my own heart, I have kept wondering if in time I would heal. I mean It’s almost a week since we split, but it seems to me that my heart is yet to heal, that the pain is yet to subside, and it seems like the part of me she took away will forever be cut out from me, and left bleeding like a running tap. Have you ever loved someone so much you could give your heart for them? Have you ever loved someone that you would pray that they never shed a tear? Have you ever loved someone that you understand that its only letting go that can make you both sincerely happy? Fuck! My life is fucked up like that. **In Wajildas voice.. Oh Well… The lord is our muscle. I wish I could tell you guys that I would get better In time, I wish I could say that I would wake up tomorrow and be a man again, and right now, I can literally hear someone screaming at the top of their lungs.. and they are like “” Nigga Man up!!”” Well lemme just say to you that I can only write from my emotions, so this is as much a man as I can be.

Why did I put up this post?? Well its cause I wanna heal, and TIME who I thought would do the magic has failed me, cause each time I picture how we met on that BRT to Festac on the 21st of August, I smile cause her memories are ever green in my tiny feeble heart. I am putting this post up because I need your help.

Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time great young minds, you guys rock. I am trying so hard to throw in a joke, but my entire joke ducts are apparently on strike, and the only thing that is wet write now is my right eye. My prayer for you this week is that you will have no reason to feel less than you, but that you will constantly have a  reason to pursue woman/ or man and turn up all time every time. Wanted to drink during the weekend, but chose not to. I decided to be a half teetotaler, and woman isn’t a reason to break it now. Not yet atleast.

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Now I finally got the chance to speak to Ronnii Davies.. Goddamnbullshit that ladies voice is angelic.. hehehe I mean I heard her voice and died and went to heaven.. That lady is not just a fine face, with a beautiful brain, but also with an Angelic voice. **Whispers I have started fasting and praying that we get to have lunch soon ooo, plus trust me nah, when I see a girl I like, I like her noni…

My Craziest Nigga ICE has his bloggiverssary tomorrow. Ice is one of the realest foolish craziest bloggers I know, and the guy is never a dull moment. I mean the mumu boy went to GT bank and is tripping for the customer care lady. Heheh he keeps going back there all time, but hasn’t had the nerve to ask for number yet. Congrats ICE, you rock.. Plus the nigga has 1k plus followers on Instagram.. I mean how do you guys do that??? Nawa ooooo ICE I cant wait for your mega give away ooo, a little birdie told me that you are giving out iPhones on the 18th :)

Now this last news is Turnt Up news… You guys know Ayo of nah? Well she now works with Nigerian Info Radio station.. Yep! The NIGERIAN INFO..hehehehe Yep! She is officially an OAP hence a celeb. Now I know everybody loves Ayo, so please show her some love by tuning into Nigerian Info from 5-10 AM daily.. If you here her voice for phone alone, its like the host of angels singing, so its sure her radio show will be pure.. Her OAP name is Ayo Thompson.

Thanks Fam, and do have a ghen ghen week ahead. Remember that love is the only thing that makes this life fun ooo, so don’t be as stupid as me, by pushing away the ones who love you sincerely. Cheers.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

14- FOR-14 Challenge (Growing up_ November 2014) #Grateful.. Duru is 23 and counting :)

Turn Up! Turn up! Great young minds... I am 23.. heheheheheh I can’t believe I am finally here.. Asin ehn, I am super psyched, and very grateful to GOD. heheheh aint no holiday like your Birthday I guess.. :). I mean I am grateful to GOD that i have met Y’all, as you guys have become an integral part of my life, as you make me a better person with your kind words and advices. This time last year yeah, my life was just there, boring, simple and grumpy. And then came you guys, you gave me a reason to smile, an additional reason to live, and a reason to strive to be better.. You guys Rock aswear, and I am humbled. So from the bottom of my heart this is me saying Thank you.. Thank you for having my back, for being here, for giving this Young and Confused 23 year old a reason to love mondays, and for being so ghen ghen all the way. There is no me without you, aswear.

I mean blogging has to me being a walk of faith, as most times when I blog, I ask myself who is gonna read this? but I am learning to just put my thoughts out there in hope, and my! I thank GOD that I have met you, yes you. I am smiling like a fish right about now.. Oya lets gist tintinli.. So last night yeah, I went to the Barber shop to get a hair cut. Now many who know me well well know that I am born from the Samson lineage, hence I hate, and I mean HATE!! Cutting my hair, but as I turn 23 nah, I cannot carry 22 year old hair over.. **Shines teeth. Soooo upon entering the barber shop ehn (did i mention that this is the same shop I have been patronizing since I was 14? so the barber knows me intoto heheheh), ehen, as i entered ehn, **In Wajilda's voice.. the Barber saw my hair and shouted Guy wetin chop your hair (paraphrased)... heheheh He said i was growing bald... mehn! Bald? Me? How? I was dumbefied. Now having that it is only Dr. Duru's room that has mirror in the whole house, except you want to go and be using outside window to do make up at 4:30 Am, , I hardly use mirror oh Jari. I just pour water, brush teeth, brush hair, wear cloth, look for where i threw my socks, wear shoe, and zoom offf, so i hadnt reaaly noticed.. Well the "Bald" phrase just kept resounding in my head, as they seemed to have sunk inside me like a needle piercing the Ikebe of a sick patient attended to by a winchie winchie nurse, all those wicked ones. :(

You see all my life I had wanted to grow up, wanted to be the cats meow, wanted to be the Don- Doro Bucci, and a one man mopol not under my Dad’s tuttelage no more. But right here and right now as i strike 23, I miss being Young again, I miss not being bald.. **Crying in French. I don’t know how the coming year will be for me Fam, but I don’t care, I thank GOD for now, for this very moment, cause thats all that truly ever matters. I am thanking GOD for you guys love. So right Now!! i am kicking of my shoes, wearing my Aba made All stars foot wear, and flexing my day. Cause we only live once, and Dulling is a sin.
23 and counting...
Shout out to all the participants of the 14-FOR-14 challenge... You guys rock... Please dont vex for me oo, I had to use my igbo sense to convert my birthday post into the challenge post for November.. **Shines Teeth. :D 3 2 more posts and its a wrap init?

Cheers Fam.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

When this Blog is over...

When this blog is over, I wonder what would be said of me, I wonder what I would be remembered for, and I wonder what time and tide will have as my record. I turn 23 in 2 days, and here I am immersed in an ambivalent feeling, with uncertainty and confusion clouding my mind, teary eyes, wondering if I have achieved, wondering if I have touched at least 1 life, wondering if I was born to be alone. But I guess I will never know. I guess it is only time and tide that will sincerely tell how I fared. 

As we drove from the place I sleep, to this place where I have turned to not just a battle ground of survival, but a place of hope, It was said on the Radio about how Dr. Myles Munroe and his family had passed away a couple of hours ago due, to a plane crash at the Bahamas. This in a little way justified the question a PhD student and blogger friend :P asked me yesterday when I sought her for advice. She said “”Duru I love you and all, but what if you died tomorrow? Would you be happy for the decision you are about to take” This was a sincere question that had me stop and think. If I died tomorrow, would I say that I lived, loved and left a legacy? Well I dunno, but what I am certain i would know, is that i would have numerous tales about how I have subconsciously pushed away everybody that has loved more out of fear of not being good enough, than out of them not loving me enough. You see last Saturday, I THINK I pushed away the only person that has ever loved me, the only person who even right now I thought about and smiled, the only person who believes in my dreams, and who can call me an ODE without me closing my Fist in anger, I think I pushed away Wajilda.

So today, I am both tired of myself, and angry at myself. When I started blogging yeah, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I had met Janyl Benyl, and she had inspired me in the most subtle of ways to be a better human being, she had giving me hope to stay true to who I was, and best of all is that she had given me attention. I mean I was numbed by her acts of kindness and sincerity, so I went out on a journey, a journey not aiming to be like her though, but to touch at least 1 life the way that she had done mine. Truth is most times I ask myself if I have been able to touch a life, cause in all sincerity, it is you guys who touch mine week in and week out as against the reverse. 

My Journey of blogging has brought me to the feet of many awesome writers, and when I met 1 + THE ONE I felt bliss.. I remember the first day I visited her blog, I mean iFROZE.. Now! Having that I am a woman wrapper by default, seeing both ladies and guys confess to Christianity, and abstinence the way they did over there left me (MTN 9723-8870-8709) Sitting down on this my Jangolova sit, swaying from side to side, I dunno what I love more about Ayo, whether it is her Stick-to-itiveness to her believes and faith, or her ability to NEVER judge nor look down on anyone, more like on me… Lemme give you a gist, beneath all these Gentlemanliness and Confusion is a Monster in a cage, but Ayo always finds away to tame it, and tell me how much GOD loves me. I almost became a Born Again oooo, but hey, why deceive myself, she helps me to love GOD more, and that’s just perfect. 1 I love you loads..  From I met Tomilola Lawal. Now Angel Tomi as I know her is this very simple smart lady that never, and I mean never! gets upset. I mean she only saw my comment, and reached out to me, taking time to explain to me the need to become better. Why I will never forget Tomi is because she came across to me more like a friend, than a Blogger, what more could an utterly confused 23 year old looking for peace ask for? The journey in my confusion kept me going, and then Like a missile from the USA sent to the distraught Afghanistan, Erniesha Tibs came to the YnC blog, and my oh my this place became not just a Freaking Party, but a home. How can I forget you Ernie or your Awesome Oga Boss Skinny Mofaya ( A brother and an Egbon) ? Why will I forget you guys who make me smile at each opportunity, and gave me hope beyond measures? nah.. In Wajilda's voice.. Not gonna happen... :) Or Shall I forget the beautiful and witty Cee? Hell No! Cee was the second person to ever drop a comment here, and it was on a beautiful Sunday. As I took out my Tab and saw her kind comment, I knew straight away that such a beautiful comment could come from a beautiful lady. I must say that as at when Cee came yeah, I still didn’t know what I was going to do with this Blog, but then like a strike of lightning, T-Notes the blog sniffer came here, and my I was glad. He was the first person to ever believe in me, to ever Feature the ordinary Young and Confused blogger, and he gave me a direction. Its more like T-Notes threw the bone and said JdB fetch, and my oh my was I glad to fetch. T-Notes doesn’t know this, but he gave direction to my confusion, as before him yeah, all I was was a scalar quantity without a direction, like smoke being blown here and there by the wind. It was even T-Notes that brought the awesome Toinlicious Legend or is it Toin Alsina now?? **Winks, who has morphed from just being a mentor and a blogger, to being a true friend and my Obirin Egbon. Then came Amaka the first person who transited from Blogger to Friend, I won’t forget how I met her, and how she introduced me to the beautiful Temmie whose teachings of love were ever effectfull in helping get hitched to Wajilda. I mean at a time yeah, I had to go to to get tips on how to score, and my I did, so Temmie your name is going to be on my heart for life. With Amaka also came Mannie, who in Wajilda’s voice I love to call Myyy Nigga, this brother has my back all time every time, and I am glad to have him on the YnC blog. Shall I forget the ever beautiful Moby who always leaves us all in stitches, who gave me tips on how to get Laid, and told us about the cockroach that almost killed her? No! She makes blogging fun. :)

Blogging has been to me more of a search for wisdom as against a means of teaching, that’s why I will never forget Rhapsody’s comment about the values of Family, and why I will always remember and smile at the thought of Mo who calls me an Aristo. Lmao… That child reminds me of me at 17… I think she should meet Seyram, as both of them are in my eyes the future of blogosphere, as they are ghen ghen like that. I recently met Chukwuma, and although I have been trying so hard to survive that I haven’t been to his blog yet, he strikes me as someone similar to Ice Law who is not just a fashion blogger, but a friend, and a partner in crime since we both are tripping for and eying the beautiful  fans of Ronii Davies whose smile seems to make everything right. I mean visiting Ronnii’s blog always leaves me with a (ETISALAT 47664-70090-54634) song in my head.. The track by Wizkid that goes.. She be my fine fine fine lady eeh…. Fine lady :).  heheheh May i also clearly state that I am also tripping for the beautiful Ugo who is currently serving her country at Nassarawa state ( Mehn i am not sure if i will do that thing ooo...) Mehn that girls smile na die, and her beauty is spot on. :* See how life without Jilda is leading me to my old ways **Crying in French...

 Now this post promises to be really long, but I promised my sef that I would state everyone, so kindly bear with me, please. Down here on Blogger, I have met people of different professions; lawyers, Bankers, Doctors, MBA and MSc Holders, PHD holders that don’t want us to know they are doing PHD :p , financial analysts, CEO of start up coys like the Prestigious Mamman Ashraff my Brother, mentor and Friend, who by the way is hugely tripping for One.. I just pray one day they will meet in real life,  and live hapily ever after., Engineers and Students, and it leaves me awed at how we can all drop all that we are at the door of our Monitors, and come down here and be equal. No Pride, no Variation in Level, all same, and all humble. Shit my spine is hurting ooo Now this; Blogging! In my eyes, this is living. I met Scarlet and Fredilia a while ago, and my I miss them. I haven’t been the most faithful of bloggers to them, but still they have a place in my heart for life. This next person has me melting and not just tripping. Oh mehn! Barely her thought makes me smile.. I mean the thoughts of Changing PostCodesI HAVE TO PAUSE HERE.. I GOT TO THE 8-5 LATE, SO I COULDN’T HAVE ENOUGH ME TIME, AND MY OGA IS ON MY HEAD FOR ONE REPORT! :( brb…. 20minutes after Oya now I have small breathing space, the report can wait small :) She is officially the most beautiful lawyer I have ever met, and what amuses me the most about her is how she always smiles at my utter confusion, even when she is under immense pressure from NBA. It is sure to me that she will make a fine barrister. I should be in Abuja soon, and I pray I will meet her. Oh! Chioma of life.. hehehe in my head now ehn, I am hearing that Igbo Artist going Chioma eh!! Chioma!!! Hehehe there was a time we traveled by road in my dad’s only travelable car, we heard that song all the way, as that was the only CD in the car: :). It feels like just yesterday when I first met Engr. Chioma Cliverly on blogsville. She and Sogie Iggie showed up at almost the same time, and their beauty as well as simplicity left me wowed. I mean I always saw ladies as adorable creatures yeah, but here on Blogsville, they are more of Adorable Angels, who have a heart of gold if properly handled. You need to see how i blush like a fish each time Chioma calls me handsome.. choi my head use to swell ehn... Cliverly introduced me to Auserehl, and she and Jessica Allen are 2 bloggers I am looking forward to stalk, lets just say I have been Rabbish with Time management, but I promise to get better. :D Are you still reading this?? Wow! Thank you so much, I am humbled by your time…
I have always wanted to meet a couple of bloggers outside blogsville, especially that crazy geh called Zoe, as her blog never dulls, and she can make your stomach muscles ache out of laughter.. Zoe is gifted abeg, and writes just like Moby. :) Hence when I received word of am opportunity to  meet and chill with My Numero Uno and personal Agbani of life Tosyne, the Fine boy of TTT Fam Blog, who we are still planning to kidnap Gbolahan, the awesome and co-ordinated Lily, who is an awesome event planner... the amazing and ever pretty Judith and the Zeezah-Choi of life whom due to merely sitting next to, all the hairs on my body stood attention :), I was glad and felt utter fulfillment, as i grabbed it like a one time opportunity. However 2 of the people I will never forget, No! 4! That I have met here are Mzz. Sykik, Wonderful Beautiful Toinlicious, the classy Ms TLG and the Intelligent Oyinlola Sobowale. These 4 ladies are wonderful in every facet, and I never go to their blogs without leaving with that Wow feeling. Hehehe Sykik and Toinlicious are like Siamese twins in my head ooo, and with all due respect accrued, they are the craziest tush bloggers I have ever met.. heheheh But I have to say that I have a natural respect for them regardless, as even in the midst of their Play play and Jonezing, I still have full and utmost respect for them by default, I still don’t know how they do it ooo. Oyinlola and Ms TLG  on the other hand are 2 calm insightful and wonderful writers, blessed with the ability to give voice to their alphabets. They write similar to the funny, and ever bubbly Vira of life and the remarkably warm and accepting Funmi Reese, as whenever I visit Vira and Funmi’s blogs also, I don’t read words, I hear voices. Now that’s a gift. My I will never forget Ritah, my Tweenie and awesome Ugandan partner in crime. Hehehe Her blog has a way of (AIRTEL 1000-1461-1454-9055) triggering hormones in your mind and brain, that will make you think deeper about the norms and dogmas of life, and if you pay attention to her writing well well, you will realize that apparently we leave daily bound in  chains, chains not made of irons, but of believes initiated by our fellow humans, which are more often than not wrong and should be questioned. 

Omo I don travel for this blogging ooo, and my journey has brought me to the feet of Atiya, Atinuke and my Pastor partner in crime Peace Itimi whose writings are so sincere that you could more or less connect to it the way a pen drive connects to a Laptop. Peace and I are doing this really big project ooo, so watch out! :p… There is this peace I derive form reading their blogs ehn, you know how it feels when you sit by the ocean and hold hands with your significant other **Deep sigh.. (How I miss Wajilda), how you don’t want time to pass, and just hope to be there forever? Well yeah, that’s the kind of peace that comes with their writing. Oh! I will never forget Ms BNG for ever hilllarious comments that has us laughing sooo hard all the time, or Muriel for being such a darling, and for promising me that when I do come to Abuja yeah, I won't have to sleep under the bridge.. **Shines Teeth

One thing I admire the most about Blogging is the versatility that comes with each different individual I have met, how some of us are Reality Bloggers ( Today is not just my day oo,, just got a really crazy mail mcheeww it is well), others Fashion Bloggers, and some skilled enough are Fiction Bloggers, and in Fiction blogging, no body inspires me more than Adaeze and Oyinlola. Adaeze is my Otunne who is so tact in her writing, and is able to play 3D movies in the readers brain through her words. Did I tell you that there is a Gym blog! Well yeah, there is Gbemi and she inspires me to get that Modelling body that Wajilda always asked for.. My I miss my baby, life without Wajilda Is pale. :(  At this moment, I have to say that I have utter respect for people that Blog daily, I mean when I go to Esther koko, Ms cookie, Erniesha, and Your Truly’s blog, I only wonder how they do it? I mean these ladies are wonderful by default, and it is written all over them. But top of the list of the people I will not forget is Eden Sussanne, who inspires me to inspire, and I am humbled simply by knowing her. Her mails always give me purpose, and I wonder how in heavens name she is able to understand my confusion… GOD bless you Bubba.

Will I ever forget Raliat for all her advice and support, or Dami Rouge, or Mazino, or Sweet Dee or Gbemi Oladele, or Evey-koko the geh with the most bedroom voice ever.. Choi that ladies voice is Angelic, or Wendy or Cassie Davies or all those that commented under Anonymous.. Will i? No, when this blog is over, I will never forget, Never.

Special Shout out to my Family, Dr Duru, Ashraff Mamman and Duru Mimi who come visiting but never comment **Folds hand. Shout out to my FB fam: Engr Akagha, Engr. Igbe, Engr. Obiora, Kome, Faith Kadoski, and all who take  time out to read this blog, you guys Rock, you are why we write.

Permit me to say to this to Raleeyat the lady above: Bubba, you mean more than a reader to me, but I can say boldly that I have found a friend in you. I mean your words, your concern, your love, your time, your sacrifice, and your excitement make me all In Wajildas voice Teary and shi... I wish i could pay you back yeah, but all I can do is pray for you, that your love stands the test of time, and survives the pressures of the society.

To Wajilda, Baby they say PDA’ing is wrong, they say when you leave me that I would be too ashamed cause then you would be all out there, hence the pain would be more.. Well baby they are right, but do I care? No!! You mean the world to me, and heaven knows that I miss you, and that I love you with every muscle in my body. The past 39 hours 33 minutes have been horrible without you yep I counted, but I find it to difficult to swallow my words.. So here and now, I am leaving on the wings of Que Sera Sera… xx (Globacom 11480-10234-19215). I miss you Baby.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time fam **Shines teeth, you guys do me a great honor with your time. My Prayer for you is that you will never get a flat tire on a day that rain will fall… and may every body planning to dance shoki due to your misfortune get muscle pull of the hand, leg and eyes all at once. Cheers Fam.  If you read this post from start to finish, then you are the real MVP. kindly accept the little Top Ups above, they are little yeah, but its all I have.

P.S: I apologize for posting late, we left home late, had a flat tire, and some guys from the F.G have been on my neck for one report all weekend.. smh.. My life can be frustratingly fun sometimes.:( :)

Please if i didnt say your name, No vex, GOD bless... 

At the end of everything, everything will be alright, so of everything is not alright now, then you are not at the end. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS.
Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD