Monday, 17 November 2014 Time

All my life, they always said to me: “in time you would grow up better”, “in time you would fall deeper in love”, “in time you will grow wiser, faster, smarter”, and that with time, life as we know it would become wayyy better. I wish I could say they were wrong, but hell to the No! They weren’t, cause time in my young and confused eyes seems to truly make things better. But sitting here on this my Jangolova chair, I cab boldly say that the society who told me that time would make it all right were not absolutely correct, as that they were wrong at some point. You know where, they were wrong when they told me that “Time heals all wounds”” and That the pain and that the “”loneliness a man feels will fade with time””, and that in time “”I would gather more true friends””. I guess for sure that they didn’t know what they were saying, cause in time none of my scars seem to have ever healed, in  time I have grown more alone than I was years ago, in time my emotions have grown stronger, but have slowly become worse at pushing me closer and closer to promiscuity than to loyalty, and time is showing me that the true meaning of Motherly, or permit me to say Girlfriendly love isn’t in the way the “I Love you” is said, but the In the way the “I love you” is shown.. I guess they were all wrong at this, cause in time, my emotional status has seemed to become more fucked up than it was before this time.

Good morning great young minds, how art thou doing? and how was the weekend? Mehn mine was just there ooo.. hehehe Lemme just say that “”On Instagram I dwelt all weekend””. I want to say a verrryyy loud thank you  to everyone of you for the love showered on me on my Birthday, for all the calls, for all the love, for all the shout outs, the Instagram mushy mushy, the gifts, the cakes.. Cc Janylbenyl, the calling me by 12am, the first to call game, and all. I mean you guys are priceless, and I dunno what I would do without you guys. I mean I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU GUYS, YOU MADE ME, AND YOU OWN ME. May GOD bless you loads, may GOD make you smile, may all that your heart yearns for be granted you, and above all, may you never have reasons to feel unloved. Heheh so I was opportune to take a group picture with all my colleagues, so at one time they asked how old I was.. I boldly said 23.. and you need to hear the screams.. heheh apparently I was too small, but in Cee’s voice Yimu for them o jari… hehehe someone said “”Duru you are a rich man cause you started life so early oo”” and in my head I was like Ifaye.. Me that I am grateful for today, but dreaming of Exxon mobil :)
So since you guys are a part of me, and more like the i in my iPhone that I have not yet bought.. I thought to put it out here for the record. Wajilda and I are no longer an item. I love her and all, but it couldn’t work, so we sat down and spoke for like 35 minutes ( that geh can call sha) and decided to live separate lives. Hehehe She asked for friendship, but hell no! I cannot be friends with someone I love….. So the best I and her can be are Instagram mates.. I want to say a very loud shout out to you guys for all the love you showered on her and my stupid self, I mean you guys rock, and heaven knows that each time I went to a blog and saw Jilda, I would smile like a fish. She still means the world to me, and owns a part of me.. She actually own a part of me for life, but hey.. We have to keep keeping on I guess, so here I am. Back to my woman chasing ways. #Thatsall

In the light of using my own hand to break my own heart, I have kept wondering if in time I would heal. I mean It’s almost a week since we split, but it seems to me that my heart is yet to heal, that the pain is yet to subside, and it seems like the part of me she took away will forever be cut out from me, and left bleeding like a running tap. Have you ever loved someone so much you could give your heart for them? Have you ever loved someone that you would pray that they never shed a tear? Have you ever loved someone that you understand that its only letting go that can make you both sincerely happy? Fuck! My life is fucked up like that. **In Wajildas voice.. Oh Well… The lord is our muscle. I wish I could tell you guys that I would get better In time, I wish I could say that I would wake up tomorrow and be a man again, and right now, I can literally hear someone screaming at the top of their lungs.. and they are like “” Nigga Man up!!”” Well lemme just say to you that I can only write from my emotions, so this is as much a man as I can be.

Why did I put up this post?? Well its cause I wanna heal, and TIME who I thought would do the magic has failed me, cause each time I picture how we met on that BRT to Festac on the 21st of August, I smile cause her memories are ever green in my tiny feeble heart. I am putting this post up because I need your help.

Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time great young minds, you guys rock. I am trying so hard to throw in a joke, but my entire joke ducts are apparently on strike, and the only thing that is wet write now is my right eye. My prayer for you this week is that you will have no reason to feel less than you, but that you will constantly have a  reason to pursue woman/ or man and turn up all time every time. Wanted to drink during the weekend, but chose not to. I decided to be a half teetotaler, and woman isn’t a reason to break it now. Not yet atleast.

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Now I finally got the chance to speak to Ronnii Davies.. Goddamnbullshit that ladies voice is angelic.. hehehe I mean I heard her voice and died and went to heaven.. That lady is not just a fine face, with a beautiful brain, but also with an Angelic voice. **Whispers I have started fasting and praying that we get to have lunch soon ooo, plus trust me nah, when I see a girl I like, I like her noni…

My Craziest Nigga ICE has his bloggiverssary tomorrow. Ice is one of the realest foolish craziest bloggers I know, and the guy is never a dull moment. I mean the mumu boy went to GT bank and is tripping for the customer care lady. Heheh he keeps going back there all time, but hasn’t had the nerve to ask for number yet. Congrats ICE, you rock.. Plus the nigga has 1k plus followers on Instagram.. I mean how do you guys do that??? Nawa ooooo ICE I cant wait for your mega give away ooo, a little birdie told me that you are giving out iPhones on the 18th :)

Now this last news is Turnt Up news… You guys know Ayo of nah? Well she now works with Nigerian Info Radio station.. Yep! The NIGERIAN INFO..hehehehe Yep! She is officially an OAP hence a celeb. Now I know everybody loves Ayo, so please show her some love by tuning into Nigerian Info from 5-10 AM daily.. If you here her voice for phone alone, its like the host of angels singing, so its sure her radio show will be pure.. Her OAP name is Ayo Thompson.

Thanks Fam, and do have a ghen ghen week ahead. Remember that love is the only thing that makes this life fun ooo, so don’t be as stupid as me, by pushing away the ones who love you sincerely. Cheers.

#Udo #itcanonlybeGOD


  1. It's not the end until you get to the end.
    How can you be so sure when it's not even the end yet?
    Don't berate yourself so much, I think you are doing just fine
    The problem is you want it faster, but I can tell you, the slow and steady route is better

    What happened? That was way too fast! If both of you still love each other like you say, then I'm sure you can work things out. Give it a shot.

    Congrats to Ayo. The very first time I saw a video she posted on IG, she was anchoring an event and something stood out - I thought she was very good at it. Happy she is on the right paths.

  2. Oga boss am grateful for this mention, am giving out a Honda Accord oooo. Watch out its dropping 12am tomorrow.

  3. I actually think you n Jilda can work things out if u both really love each other.
    Duru Bubba I don't want to hear you doing any Woman Chasing oooooo

  4. You guys can work something, it is never over until the end

  5. Dunno what to say about you n Jilda... Breathe. Calm down and take it one day at a time. A wise guy once said Love doesn't die it just changes form...

  6. whoop...i was able to find dis place today..courtsey of tasha...hw r u doing dude..Gods grace.....JENNY

  7. You did mention it, TIME IS THE BEST HEALER. Occupy yourself, being a busy bee gives you less time to flash back. But by the way you are already on the journey of getting better, if you can write this down and share with us, dude Hail to the young mind. Your gonna be alright my twinnie. One day at a time and you will look back and even pitch yoself.

  8. There re many reasons you set up this blog, have you figured it out? Hope you won't disappoint everybody!!! Yeah, time heals but i dont think the scars will go, it depends on you cleaning off the scars yourself. Time might have healed you but you will need to overlook the scars it left you!
    I see you smiling!


  9. Baby you will be fine. I keep saying it and I will keep saying will be fine.

  10. Baby you will be fine. I keep saying it and I will keep saying will be fine.

  11. The truth is that it is not every pain that time heals. Time may dull the razor blade edge of some pains but may never heal them. That being said, I think or rather I know for certain you'll be fine! Remember that life is not a bed of roses, there are the good, bad, ugly and most beautiful part and which one presents itself to us, we must learn to take heart and know that life must continue.