Sunday, 14 December 2014

14-FOR-14 Challenge (Growing Up_ December 2014) Concluding post (Signing out...) **Sad face.

...And just like in the days at MOJ IMSU, its a wrap fam :)

                                                                    The Young and Confused Blog.
                                                                    No. Kini kan kini Kan Blogs ville,
                                                                    Festac Town,
                                                                    14th December 2014
Ref: YnC/JBS/14for14/JdB'sWahala/Ossshhheey.
Attn: Ms. Janyl Benyl, My mama, Blog Best friend, and Blog counsellor. :*
Dear Mama,
Submission of final post for the 14-for-14 challenge.
Making reference to your letter abi na blog post of December 29th 2013, remember nah Janyl? the one that changed  our lives for good, and made us know all this wonderful people. The post where you advertised the subject mentioned above. Also making reference to another post abi na letter of January 8th 2014 where we started this 365 days long positive Isrealite journey :), i write to kindly inform you that me I haf finish my own oooo Ms J.B. Please do be so kind as to see all my submissions below, and their coressponding dates;
14. Concluding post (Signing out...) **Sad face.
All in all Mama, i just want to say thank you, as it has been a good run. In this challenge i wrote with the most awesomely smart, beautiful, intelligent and witty writers there are, and my! if compared to them on a yardstick, i would be but the least. I dunno if there will be any first position or last position, any victor, or vanquish, but what I know is that I am grateful Ms JB. Thank you. You might not know this yeah, but this challenge helped me to write, gave my life more meaning, helped me meet my 4 blog pillars as on the top left of the blog, and helped me to meet well over 50 awesome human beings, with whom i am creating friendships beyond this online community. May God bless you Mama for this wonderful initiative.
In the light of the above and as per protocol, i kindly tender this letter post as my 14th submission for the challenge, and in the words of my Ex MOJ Directors just after movie shoots, "its a wrap ladies and Gentlemen.." Heheheheh You know i use to write letters at the office, and one Onyibo man used to scrutinize my letters lime madt, sometimes it takes me 2 hours sef, so kindly permit me to insert my most favorite threat line to the clients, I practically crammed it..
Kindly note tha as per FIDIC, any cost incurred due to our mobilization and demobilization due to wayleave related issues shall be on the clients budget, and EPC reserves the right to claim in the nearest future. Hehehehehehh Thank you so much everyone..
Do be assured of our highest consideration (this is said after threatening client oh!)
Yours Faithfully,
Duru John de Beloved,
FOR the Young and Confused Blog.
P.S: Oya the official e haf do... MAMA i know you haf money, plentyhyyy money for that matter, so just in case i come 3rd or last, kindly buy  me an iphone 6. Or buy me a new girlfriend, or a Honda Baby boy, or a white pair of Versace kicks :)... Thank you so much mama.
P.P.S: To Oga Boss T-Notes and the ever beautiful Cee, the people who made me not to give up, the people inspired me all through 2014, and made me understand that being Young and Confused wasnt a bad thing after all :), the people who are the real MVP's and online veterans, I say Thank yoh so much fam, it was a great run... MAMA, an all expense paid dinner with Cee will not be a bad idea oooo... :)
Thank you so much to all the YnC readers out there, i mean you guys rock totally, and there is no us without you. You made me, and i love you all now, and forever. IOU guys big time.
Cheers, and dont do evil ghen ghen on Sunday ooo, JESUS is coming soon, and the Airconditioning in Hell fire and Purgatory e haf spoil finish, so Repent :)**winks.

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. Well done Duru..........this challenge is over and i know you'll come through in the next ones to come.
    Cheers to Janyl for being an inspiration:)

  2. Well done Duru..... You've done well bubba

  3. I hail thee o YnC Captain, its a good thing to start on a journey and a most beautiful thing not to quit but to finish. I appreciate your blog mama, she gave you the purpose - the propelling power, to carry on to the end.

    Now i can call you a champion.

  4. Well done dear even though I haven't been long enough to understand the 14 challenge stuff. Hope you are good?

  5. LOL
    Well done, JDB
    All 14 posts checked
    This is certainly how to do the challenge!

    Did Cee tell you she wants to have dinner with you? LOL you're just a case

    P.s. Thanks everyone for the kind words xx

  6. Weldone boy *pats you on the back* I'm proud of you.


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  8. Thanks fam, you all do me a great honor with your time and kind words, you are why we write and there is no us without you. E-hugs