Thursday, 1 January 2015

There can only be 1 Janyl Benyl...

Turn up Turn Up ladies and gentlemen, guess what?! its 2015..... Yeeeaaahhh Mehhnnnn.. So from the buttom of my heart i say Happy New year YnC Gang... hheheheh I thank GOD we got here ooo, cause that last year was kerosinely crazy.. I mean if you are not thankful to be here ehn, then you need to be flogged koboko deeped inside Izal antiseptic.. So something comes with January 1st; you know nah, the new year new me lines, new beginnings, new hopes, new anticipations, but in the past 2 years yeah, January 1st has been not only synonymous with the begining of the year for me, but marks a very ghen ghen day in my life, as it is the birthday of one of the most important people in my life, someone I am slowly becoming unable to stay without... Yep! You guessed right, it is my Blog mothers Birthday. Ooooosssshhhheeey.
... do you see how naturally neautiful she is?!
I mean many might not understand why I love Janyl so much, but the thing is she came into my life when my life had little or no meaning, as I met Ms Janyl Benyl at a time in my life that I was fast losing hope, a time when depression was a way of life for me, and i could stroll in and out of 18 room palace on depression island..  Back then yeah, when i felt really bad, I would sit at my desk and search through Google with utmost anticipation, looking for something to reduce the hurt and confusions I felt on the inside, searching for something that would make me feel better, and on that faithful day in 2013 yeah, as usual I went to toast my only geh friend "Google", but this time I asked her for something relating to hope. Now the flip side was instead of Google to bring me an article on hope, it brought me an angel instead, it brought me the true personification of hope. You see back then, what I didn’t know was that Google had brought me to the feet of someone who would go on to not just inspire me, but create me aswell. Low and and behold, Google brought me Janyl.
Something about this young and confused brother is I always have mothers at every phase in my life, I presently have a mother at the office, I have had series of them while growing up, and a good amount while at the University, but one thing I am overly sure of is that if I append that phrase "Mother!" to you ehn, I would in turn expect a lot from you. I would expect you to love me, nurture me and be there for me regardless, and trust me Janyl has done all of these plus jara, and the love she showers on me sometimes makes it feel like she carried me in her womb sincerely for 9 months.
....I think theres a kinda resemblance between me and Ms JB ooo.. Am i sure she isn't my mum true true :)
...the sincerity of the matter is that Ms Janyl Benyl inspired me to start writing, to open this blog, to aim to inspire, to aim to help heal me and as many broken people there are. So as she grows older today, I can only pray that she will find daily series of reasons to smile as she makes me do daily, I pray that she will never lose hope as she constantly gives us her disciples a lot of reasons to hold on even through pain in her intelligent writings, and i pray that she doesn’t just find happiness yeah, but that it grows from within her upwards today and always...

Happy Birthday to the best thing that has happened to me since I turned 20, someone I can sacrifice a part of me and a little more for, Happy birthday to someone I sincerely love; Happy birthday to my beautiful blog mother.. You mean the world and some more to me Janyl, as you made me the man I will become. In simple terms Mama, there is no Young and Confused blog without you. GOD bless the day I met you, GOD bless the day our paths crossed.. Turn up Turn up ladies and gentle men, its my Blog mothers Birthday. xx
Photo Credit: Instagram (janylbenyl)
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  1. Happy birthday to Janyl
    I'm bringing the FTC here since I can't win it on TTT
    Happy new year Bubba

  2. Happy birthday to her royal awesomeness. Many more beautiful years Janyl.
    Happy New Year Duru. Amazing exploits all the way

  3. Happy Birthday JB.

    Happy New Year, everyone.

  4. Happy Birthday Janyl.
    Wish you greater heights.
    Hope you had fun.

  5. Happy birthday janyl...happy new year Duru!

  6. Awwww! I love the bon between you two. X

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwww thank you so much JDB
    Now I really know you want to make me cry
    Thanks a lot everyone
    Best wishes for 2015

  8. That's how some people will be disguising love in the name of blog mother uh?

    1. hahahahahahhahahahahahahah Oga boss T-notes ooo.. lmao... Issorait... lwkmdooo

  9. Now I am jealousing birthday to the one and only blog mother.

    God brings certain persons into our lives to prove his mightiness and also steer us in the right path. Thank you Janyl for being a blessing

  10. Happy new year hunny and happy birthday hun x x x
    Jess x

  11. Firstly, t hank you for the sweet comment on the blog i appreciate and secondly HBD to yor blog mother.
    Duru i must say you are one big package oo