Friday, 13 February 2015


Turn up Turn up Ladies and Gentlemen.. How are you fam?! How is the prep for Cupids day going?! I await gist oh!! **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile. So this is a kinda quickie we just had to do... The Awesome and beautiful Sophie of will be giving us our very first guest post tomorrow... and its gonna be turnt up insha Allah. Trust me yeah, its gonna be madantin... Happy Valentines day in advance #YnCGang... Turn down for what mbok?! @YnC yeah, we only Turn up in Style.. and the crowd goes oooossshhheeeyyy... **Shines teeth. Cheers Gang, and if you have to play, please play safe biko.. I love you guys too much.

P.S: I shall be writing on her blog as well, so if you can Fam, do come around.. I beg you in the name of Fidelity Bank oh! Dont leave me alone in the cold **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. :) Cheers. You are our why... Sophie and I.

#Udo #ItCanonlybeGOD


  1. Duru Duru! you and your sweet mouth lolol
    Hope you good?

  2. Lol I'm telling you, Buiti - sweeter than honey