Monday, 27 April 2015

Action over Emotion Yooooo!!!!

**Singing and snapping fingers...
.. Fashi yesterday...
Make we gbadun life todayyy...
by GOD’S grace! Tomorrow go come…
Asin by GOD’S grace! Tomorrow go come…

Ossssssssssssssssshshhhheeeey Turn uP! Good morning great Young minds.. What gwan gang?! Whats popping?! **deep sigh.. Dont you just hate Mondays?! I mean I was thinking and I realized that Weekends are just myths.. as once Saturday e haf go! Phiammm!! Sunday na DejaVu.. asin Babanla "the more you look the less you see…" So Hope you guys Turned up sha **Tongue out?! Deraest Moby toh Sure..We are waiting for your Gist lori Blogger oh, as per our Minster of Turning up Affairs nah.. **Shines teeth!! Ehen lemme Report Onyilola to you.. **Adjusts shokoto... If you see the food this DoroMegaFine geh ate on Sunday and was now showing us lori Instagram ehn! **Phew.. **Cleans sweat... Mehn guys.. Aswear a neFer hexspeRRed it sam sam! The thing was a very ghen ghen someRRin oh… Inshort all these Ladies oppressing this Young and Confused Man lori Instagram ehnn… Cc. Egbon Clara.. Egbon Ausserehl.. and newly recruited oppressor :p Egbon Onyilola.. Diarisgodoooo.. :). So I had a horrible last Friday at Work.. I mean my Management said something that literally made me feel: Shit! Fuck my Life.. But You know as a hustler yeah, I gats to keep keeping on like the legendary T-Notes taught me… hence the lyrics above.. It’s a song featuring the legendary Sound Sultan.. And I was singing and snapping my fingers from Idowu Taylor by 5;45 am on my way to work this morning, until I got to Oko Awo.. Then I now came and went and saw Dog without Chain on the main road @ Oko Awo.,. I mean if you see the way my voice went down like someone was using remote control to reduce my volume ehhhnn.. Omo! The snapping became mute sef… In my Ride or Die Morayo’s voice.. Omolomo like me cannot come and die osho-free dying oh! Aha! What haPPin?! I mean If I were to choose a type of death ehnnn.. I can like to Die on top woman, orrrrrr Die all those sleep and not wake up die.. But you see Die by dog! Nahh.. not gonna happin! That one is kuku not an option.. Special Shout out to Morayo and Favour who saw my Status lori Whatsapp and showed concern.. I mean Favour called me Twice sef.. If you hear that geh Bed room voice ehn.. Nwanne ForgeRRit.. That geh can make someone fornicate through the phone.. **Shines teeth.. Permit me to say Congrats to my Partner and first geh friend in this life;  Mariam for a ghen ghen Programme last Weekend.. It was the shizzle.. In my Tweenie’s voice Truth Carriers Yooooooo!!!

Oya don’t Fex.. 1 more.. Ppprrrraaaaiiiissssseeeee tha lawd someboRRY! Halelujah everyboRRy.. Gang I finally had 72 likes lori Instagram.. Aswear I dunno how it happened oh! Me I was just jejely on my  own and bam! I started geRRin likes bi Tattoo.. Aswear he is a Miracle working papa… Do you know how hard it is for a guy to get Likes Lori Instagram.. Inshort Umu Chinekkkeeeeee eh!

Aight that been said.. Do you ever hear those voices in your head?! The ones that say: “No! Do it later.” The ones that say “why Love someone who hates or despises, or don't want you no more..” The ones that say “You are not good enough..” the ones that say that “You will never make it..” The ones that say that you should bring down another.. the ones that says you should be jealous of another and hate in return.. The ones that say “Duru come over to the Dark side..” Buahahahaha.. heheh  Do you ever hear them in your head?! Well I hear them a lot gang and aswear I have been hearing them a lot of recent.. So loud they are like my Dad giving me those 2 hours speech about why I need to not be poor.. I hear them loud and clear.. Aswear gang I dunno where they come from, but they scare me… They make me lose focus and they make it seem harder for me to exude excellence.

Okay.. Thing is I am not one who reads.. Hell I have 3 books in my room and I have been TRYING to read them for the past 3 years but haven’t gone past Chapter 5 on any of them **covers face.. but I recently re-started reading Power thoughts by Joyce Meyer.. and mehn that woman can write for states… You see gang you don’t wanna be in my head! It sometimes is Heaven in there, and other times its s Strip Club of Pornography and naked Women **hides from Dr. Duru and Janyl Benyl, and then at other times it is a whirl wind or confusions with me in the center and my confusions hitting me left right and center like they do Bash Ali (hehehe where is that guy sef? He finally agreed to not die in the boxing Ring ba?! Ehen where is Micheal Power of Guinness fame?! Kai our Nigerian Super heroes have fallen **Crying in Latin... We need a Nigerian version of Avengers biko) Anyways and at other times yeah, my mind is calm, peaceful and Born Again…

In the past weeks I have realized that these thoughts in my mind have some how found a way to trigger Emotions.. You know Hate, Regret, Anxiety, Fear, Doubt, CONFUSION, bitterness, Winchie-Wincheness hehehe… Anger (Okay lemme just state here that I am mad at all the girls that haf turned me down, but hey! They are making me a beRRa me) and these emotions just keep pulling me down, and making  me be less of me.. But in the midst of my reading, I read somewhere that our “Actions lead and our Emotions follow…” and then that “we don’t have to feel happy to be happy!” **In Erniesha’s voice.. Fuck my Life.. when I read this I was like huh?!

The truth is gang; life is teaching this 23 years 4 months and 15 day Young and utterly confused old man (I finally chose man, all the boys that call me uncle are far taller than me, so its time to face reality).. that we don’t have to feel right to act right.. I mean our lives could be fucked up and really bad, yet choosing to smile changes everything.. We could feel hate as much as we feel Village Harmattan in Enugu during yuletide, but still choose to Love regardless, and that changes everything.. We could chose to Love even in the midst of hate and Anger… Lemme gist y’all.. I don’t think I will ever Love any geh like I love Wajilda, and its cause loving her was different.. I mean everyDAMNthing was against us.. Tribe, Life, Cash, Genotype, and even Family.. But like Ayo taught me about love being a Choice, hence I chose to love her Totally! And yesterday I was feeling really fucked cause awon Oniranu called PHCN refused to give the entire Festac Light all day.. So in my sadness I picked up my phone and called her Simply to tell her I love her! Why?! Cause I wanted to do it! (Yeah My baby just graduated from B.U with a GP higher than the 3.77 I struggled to have, so I am proud of her.. Congrats WahalaGeh) eheen.. as I was complaining.. there is so much anger in my heart that she chose to not be with me.. But I let my actions lead my emotions.. Called her and although I didnt feel better afterwards, but I felt Good telling her how much I love her. My actions preceded my emotions... So for the last Time ever baby. Meeting you on that BRT on 21.08.14 is the best thing that has ever happened to me.. and I will never love any like I do you... You are heaven sent and to me yeah, you walked out of a part of my Dreams that no one has ever seen. I love you soooo much and I miss you... But its time to let you go... :). Hell! I dont even know if she reads my Blog sef. heheheh

That’s it gang, the morale of my confusion today is that we please let our actions always supersede our emotions.. It don’t maRRa if you feel excited about something! But as long as you wanna do it, then do! It don’t maRRA if telling someboRRy you love that you love them will make you look like a Fool and a Moron like it made me look lano and above.. just do it.. It don’t matter if you feel hate or jealousy towards anyone.. Choose to Love them.. and unconsciously gang.. as it is the rule of life yeah, your Emotions will follow your actions, as if you choose to Act happy.. You will be happy automatically.. GOD Bless Pharell Williams for the happy Track..

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang.. My prayer for you is that when this life is over.. and the Trumpet sounds.. We all shall make it to Heaven.. **Whispers I heard one very Powerful preaching lori Inspiration FM on radio this morning about the end of the world.. Plus I Saw part of a movie titled #The Remaining (Mehn my heart was beating fast fast like I was about having sex for the first time as I watched it, and as the USB started cracking and eventually stopped playing #FileCorrupt. I was mega relieved.. this Endtime thing ehn… **Cleans sweat.. hehehehe Mehn Fear na bastard oh! :( ).. lemme just say that Heaven is now a must go Destination for me and mine oh! :) So repent Gang.. I am teasing.. Just live Right.. I wont tell you how to live.. But Live a life that Christ our savior and Lord GOD almighty would be proud of! Love, Live and Leave a legacy… To me gang… that’s Christianity.

P.S: I will like to say Eku ishe to all those Dropping hate comments here and there..  Mariam and I got to about 60 blogs a week.. and we always subscribe to the comments on each post.. and when I read these Hate Anonymous comments about the post ati be be.. I just wonder… Why?! It’s nothing Personal gang, its just Blogging.. So bikonu.. To all those Hating on these Bloggers.. Life is too short to hate.. Fall in love.. Send nude picshurs on Whatsapp.. Read BellaNaija.. Buy a Playstation 4, or an iPhone 6.. Travel to Abuja.. Sha Try and be excited.. cause Hating will do nothing but make you OLD on Time oh. Be guided :).

P.P.S: I dunno if Lifetitude winner of the best New Blog at the NBA reads my Blog.. I dropped a protest Tweet at the NBA Twitter awards on 18th April, and she was humble enough to send me a DM right there and then, and I felt so humbled… I mean the tweet wasn’t out of spite, but out of the spirit of Politics. Heheheh But I felt stupid for making her sad,. And I took it down immediately.. So if she reads this.. Baby mi.. I apologize AGAIN! More for like for the umpteenth time.. I know its long past..But I in the spirit of the above.. Biko haf Mercy.. I am confused like that. Cc. All her wonderful fans. Cheers.

Instagram: youngandconfused_byjdb

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Friends of Life!

I miss my friends, I love them too.
They mean alot to me.
They're not just friends but have become brothers and sisters
They have contributed immensely to my life, my well being, my growth.
They have supported and encouraged me.
They are special and precious to me.
I don't have so many but these few that the Lord has led my way have been a huge blessing!
In friendship there is love, there is trust, sharing and caring, we laugh and cry together..
They are there whether in summer or in winter.
They'll believe in you, pray for you, tell you the truth about you(sweet and bitter), scold but still embrace you, they are real to you. No pretence.
Not everyone can be your friend, not everyone is your friend. They are not so easy to come by.

When you get one, please appreciate them, they shouldn't be taken for granted.
...the Lord HELPED them to be true friends to me. I hope I was a true friend to them too.
Selfless, pure in heart, free and happy people.

Some of us have been victims of terrible friends... That's sad! That is why you shouldn't throw your pearls to swine
Some of us miss the opportunity to have friends or be good friends.
You don't have try to impress your friends. You can be yourselves and not be apologetic about it. You don't have to fake anything. More like; this is me, its either you like me or you don't...

They will listen to you even when you aren't making sense.
They can sacrifice their time, money, energy for you. You are priority to them.
They are not selfish and self-centered, people who want to associate with you for only what they can get: These are parasites not friends
Your friends are there during the high moments and low moments.
Your friends make you feel like life is worth living and they keep reassuring you that there is a God that cares for you.

Your friends are true to you. Because they truely love you and want the best for you, they don't hesitate to tell you bitter truths about you. They don't flatter you...say good stuffs about you but in their hearts and behind your back, its a different story. These are hypocrites not friends.

Your friends mustn't always translate to be lovers. As a matter of fact, that you are attracted to an opposite sex doesn't mean the next thing should be: Lets go out! Hey, just chill a bit. There may be another reason for the attraction. I am speaking from experience, trust me.

Friendship is a beautiful thing
Some friends aren't to be your friends for life, some are just there for a moment then gradually, you just drift away. They may relocate, get busy or get other friends.If you hold on to them, it may be dangerous to your emotions. People come and people go, don't hold on when you should be letting go.
Some friends are Comrades, they are there to bring out the worse in you thereby strengthening you to becoming a better person.

Friends can be our age mates, they may be years older than us or we could be older than them. What ever the case, they love you
You don't have to have many of them, if you have only ONE TRUE FRIEND, that is all you need. Honesty!

Friends are still humans so they are not perfect, they may make some mistakes, you can as well. So learn to forgive their wrongs and always remember the good times.

If you have some of these friends in your life now, please do not take them for granted, they are priceless. And if you don't, well... I volunteer to be
You have colleagues, school mates, course mates, bunk mates, room mates, neighbors, clients, but all these people are not necessarily our friends.

Every one is not your friend. It doesn't matter if they smile at you, play or laugh with you. Being friends is much deeper than that. It's two hearts that beat in the direction.

To all our beautiful friends please send them this text: I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU!

Monday, 20 April 2015

#MyBachelorsDiary_Why Am I Still single sef?!

Pre-Script! A big Ghen ghen Shout out to Oga Boss Blogoratti! I mean that Brover is one of the most ghen ghenly consistent persons on blogsvile that I know.. (just like Erniesha), and he has shown Mariam and I so much love in the past weeks… I hope you get to see this sir, as i am really grateful...  Bigger you I pray! Thanks for being a strong support Oga Boss… **In Wizkids voice.. Amin o! Amin! Wa kpe l'aye oh! Amin! God bless You Amin! Oh! God bless me Amin oh! Pa-ran-ran-ran-ran-ran-rannnnnn .. Pa-ran-ran-ran-ran-ran-rannnnnnn.. PO-ro-ro-ro-ro-ro-rooooo… PO-ro-ro-ro-ro-ro-rooooo

**Cleans face.. and then **Rants!! I had to change a flat Tire by 4: 47 AM today! Gang Can you imagine?! Me wearing all this my baff up and changing Tire.. Mcheww!! Mcheeeww again sef.. The stress killed my perfume and had me smelling all engine oil engine oil up and down.. :( Hmmnnn A nefer Hexsperred it aswear! **Takes off confused bracelet like a Jim Iyke… then **Takes off Brown Rubber wrist watch in slow motion like Paul Walker (R.I.P) in F.F.7... The Ojoro in that film ehn!! Chisos!!! **cleans sweat! a kuDunt BeliFit as in a Nefer Hexsperred it pichinkom! Paul Walker could literally run on air! Kai!! Onyibo pipo ehnnn.. I hail thee... Ehen! **Takes off Red Rubber band that I have been unconsciously bathing with since the past 4 days **Covers face… Oosssshheey Turn uP!!! Turn up! Turn Up! ladies and Gentlemen.. **In sexy beauRRiful Moby’s voice.. Kilopnpop! Kilonshele?! and **In the amazing Sophies Voice… What gwanning gang?! Whats the freaking 411 people?! Ossshheeey Turn UP **Singing.. and Bumping Head like an Agama Lizard.. Turn Down for what?! Turn Down for what?! So you see guys! Before I begin to commence to start, I will like to say an Oya Shake Borry  loud rooftop kinda Congratulobia to the great NaijaSingleGeh!  **Scratches Head! I dunno her YET! But she won the most Humorous Blog award in the NBA 2014! **Sniff Sniff hehehe and then **Cleans Eyes.. .. I beg Y’all to head on there ASAP.. Shout out to my wonderful Blog mother  whom I love to pieces, and all who voted for the YnC blog! I mean you guys are the real MvP's. Hehehehe When I went to Dr. Duru’s room to tell her we didn’t win yeah.. she went all Ehyaaaa!!! Ndo! on me.. Aswear.. E remain smallllllll... I for cry! heheheh Mehn the Ehya pain me pass the not winning sef :D. If basic N.B.A dey pain like this, I wonder how Jonathan must haf felt..  **Deep sigh Heheheheheh Issorait! My Sister can know how to make me feel mushy mushy ehn! If that geh preach for you, you will become Born Again twice...  So gist me awon goons mi.. What did I miss?!

Oya to the koks of the koko of the day… Guys is it me, or is that NoBoRRy wants to date me?! Or is that I am too broke a Nigga?! Or am I wowo like that?! Or am I trying too hard?! Or is it that I am too confused a brother?! Well this I can say yes to shaa or is that I am just not ready?! or that my village people are hard on my maRRa?! I mean Since I kinda stepped on the brakes with Ribena, my love game seems to be crashing like the Stock market of 2008.. **Deep Sigh.. Its either love is waaayyy too expensive or that it is not my calling?! Oh well.. Leggo...

So what do I love about being single?! PlenRRy things biko.. I love the fact that I can go to the club and get grinded upon by Random girls like I am a grinding stone.. I like the fact that i can do Touching boRRy and end with an "Oh! I am sorry.. It was a mistake" line heheheh.. I like the fact that even though I haf not successfully hit the mark recently, I can invite old female friends to my hotel room and play randy with no remorse… I like the fact that I don’t have to dress to impress for an outing :p, as I can wear whatever shoe I want whenever, I like the fact that I can play stupid investment pranks with my entire small salary and not be afraid cause I have no responsibility to make another mans child smile monthly… I love the fact that I can trek from Costain to Alaba eating hot burning Egg Roll and pure water, with my shirt unbuttoned like Superman without the fear of 

“T! I saw your boyfriend trekking” 

**Covers face… **In Ayo Thompson’s voice.. I lovvveeeeeettt… But the what do I hate about being single?! Omo e PlenRRRyy.. I hate that regardless that I can sleep at night, I wake up and shower almost 3 times each night cause boRRy no be fire wood **Winks.. I hate the fact that there is noborry to tell me "JdB I need Mac Lipstick and a new shoe…" meeehhnn that Mac  shi is almost 3,500 per 1 on Konga oh! "Or this or that" and I have to bring out calculator to punch my account balance.. I hate the fact that NoBorry calls me after this suffer head place and asks **In Wajildas voice.. "How are you Jo?! I just wanted to check if you are dead".. Kai I miss that child.. and the crowd goes.. Awwwgghhh.. I hate the fact that I have to feel so alone all the time..

In the light of this I ask myself; why tha Hell am I stil single?! And the truth is aswear I dunno! I mean I could go out and get hitched right now.. All I have to do is wear my “I know who I am" charm, smile like a Turkey and Fake it Till I make it...  plus if I kuku like you, it will take Amadioha's Lightning to stop me from Toasting you, cause I am a very persistent SomeboRRy… But I don’t just get why I don’t wanna… Maybe I am just not ready.. I mean everytime I have tried to fall inside the wahala pit of love ehn, I have realized that I had to give something up! I had to step up my game, I had to sacrifice my time or my kinikan, I had to pay a price... I sha just had to give up something and that’s the part I do not totally get! I mean why can’t I just meet a girl, fall in lof with her.. have her like me in the same EQUAL amount, play protected dice in the bedroom randomly but hope to not SCORE a six, meet our families, get married and live happily ever after?!  I wonder why there ALWAYS has to be something to determine our love.. a sorta price: be it Wealth difference, Tribe, or Distance e.t.c.. The truth is I am tired aswear.. and I might just go celibate till further notice, cause I just cant afford it. The pain or the time.

Aswear I am currently crushing on Molola like mad, and I barely just met her on Blogsville oh **covers face.. I mean you need to see this Childs Instagram page, she is a very beauriful someboRRy! the kind that I could literally give my arm to be with.. She is amazing gang! I tell you.... Amazing.. (go on her blog if you doubt me)But the thing is just like it has been each time I get to this cross road, something always comes up that makes the relationship too costly to buy.. Plus i have a tendency to get bored easily and want more.. **my colleague teases me like crazy as he asks if i will ever get married.. smh! I haf been talking with Barr. Duru a lot about marriage lately sef.. **Whispers..That man is definitely planning someRRin marriage related.. I feel there is one Igbo geh in the village being groomed for my maRRa.. as the talk is becoming PleNRRy.. But the truth is with the way I feel, the consistent want for more.. Will I be able to stay faithful in marriage?! This I ask myself time and time again.. :(

Thers a babe from Uni on my head now who no wan make I rest! "JdB lets go to ICM Ikeja" "lets hangout.." "Lets do this" and "lets do that!" And in my head I am like "Je ki orie kpe oh!" Am I look like your father?! And this my people is why I might never be hitched anytime soon.. Some gehs put a price tag on, and just want to milk you like a cow.. I mean milk both your wallet and your lower boRRy :).I mean on my way to this place of survival, I almost promised to not date till I am 24 years 6 months old, but since I know how **clears thorat  Hungry I am for a real TLC, I haf decided to reject the demon whispering that in my ear! So I will not come and go and be laid again till I am 24 years 6 months?! I reject you that evil spirit mbok and cast you into River Benue! heheheh.. All in all, I still dont geRRit! Why am I still single?!

P.S: All posts written under the #MyBachelorsDiary series are born out of cravings, Lust, lack of love and the want for the midnight touch of a woman in love.. If you still dont geRRit and you are like this “boy is confused..” **Well **Scratches head! No vex oh! Please remember the name of the blog, I really! Am! **Wears Mischievous Mr. Nigeria smile…

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang, you guys are the real MvP! My prayer for you is that you will not have to change Tire when you baff up finish and be smelling like Engine Oil up and down inside sweat with your white packet shirt afterwards, cause **in Ijagila’s voice… that shi aint easy.

P.S: I would like to say a ghen ghen Thank you to Uloma from Instagram, she has been a silent member of this Blog and all the while. Before we connected yeah, each time she lofs me sori instagram by liking a picSHur, I just had this.. “Pastor says this is my next geh friend feeling..” about her **Okay that was a joke oh! Heheheh Well we connected last week lori WhatsApp, and she is just as amazing as Raleeyat who is President of The Silent Readers Association and my personal Baby mi toh Sure :).. Thank you for loving us Bubba’s… You both Rock…

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Pregnant VIRGINS.

Pre-Script: Happy Birthday to Duru's Elder brother... We at YnC wish him the best today and always..

Children are such a beauty!
They are the most precious things. When a mother hears the cry of her suckling, she smiles for joy and in a second, she forgets the pain of labour, the discomforts, the sleepless nights, the everything! My child is born! This joy mothers feel is almost indescribable. Finally, after 9months she is here/he is here. It's usually celebration all the way. Meanwhile, some hours ago, she was in excruciating pain. Oh! how I love naming ceremonies!!!

Some mothers have passed on during this process, some children didn't make it, some children died months, years later...then... there is pain again...pain! pain!! pain!!! pain can be verrryyy painful... When your heart aches so much, you can hardly see the dawn... What you see is darkness all around...pain!

Couples, young men and women, desire earnestly and dream of having children.
I was with my sister-in-law hours before she had her baby. In fact I was the only one with her till her husband came. She was everywhere! She couldn't stay put! She wanted to take a walk! She wanted to sit! She wanted to do so many things at the same time! Inexperienced me, at a point, I ran out of ideas to help.

There is no child without conception, there is no conception without intercourse...did I forget to add that...there is no child without a woman? broadly... To all the guys, pls do well to always celebrate the women around you...doesn't this sound like a women campaign?!...Anyway, there is also no baby with the sperm... It's a process! Line upon line, precept upon precept. You must DO something to GET it.
Pregnancy dictates everything! What you eat, what you do, sitting or bending postures and so on.

Pregnancy is visible. If you heard of someone who had a baby and you didn't see the belly...wouldn't you be scared? That has happened to me before ooo! We had a tenant who one day, came back home with her like....seriously????  I was too surprised because I saw her everyday but never noticed anything. Though I was young, I was friends with her children and they never mentioned it. The puzzle was, she was really "big" so her body concealed the pregnancy. It was only known to those who were mature enough to recognize a pregnant woman.

Asides this rare case, most times you can tell a pregnant woman.
In this very short time I have lived and with the little I know about life, this I know that in life, pain is inevitable. It doesn't matter who you are.
The finest things, ideas, relationships, inventions, businesses, houses e.t.c were products of some form of discomfort, pain, hard work, fears, failures! Just name it. Alot of rigor.

Some of us are pregnant with great things on our inside, some of us have so much potential untapped, some of us are burdened with things we see around us, some are gifted, talented! The truth is, alot of us are carrying something. We are pregnant with something. Some times, we just hope someone would recognize that and encourage us.

For some our restlessness is as a result of that child on our inside. We don't all give birth to the same things because we are all interesting and unique individuals. Or have you seen your neighbors kids looking alike? If you have, then automatically you would suspect the fathers...abi? But we most likely wouldn't. Some peoples dreams have been aborted by circumstances; by peoples terrible comments; by terrible results; discouraging factors; silly mistakes. 

Some of us have tried so hard to understand ourselves and we have tried so hard to blend in, follow the trend, mingle and just feel among but that only robs us of discovering who we truly are. Some of us are just too scared to let our baby live, some of our babies have been aborted, some of us are just too ignorant to realize that if we endure the pain abit and struggle to bring forth, the baby will be delivered. But it doesn't matter how many times one loses a child, another can still come. Some couples had several miscarriages before one finally came.

We can always dream again,
live again,
try again,
hope again,
believe again,
love again, again and again and again...till the baby comes!
You are pregnant with something so am I.

The process of giving birth is a long and stressful one but my dears,... its always worth it. The joy we fill afterwards like the mother, is called FULFILLMENT!
You are pregnant with something and so am I. Lets not allow the society, family, teachers, leaders, friends, voices, circumstances, witches or even wizards to stop us! You are pregnant with something and so am I. Sooooo... 

keep doing what you know is right to do,
keep advancing,
keep growing,
keep exploring,
Keep learning,
Keep discovering,
keep encouraging yourself,
keep moving, in spite of the fears
In spite of the tears...dont stop...keep at it.....

No matter the mistakes, your past...dont worry too much...keep moving...'ll hear the cry of the child.
In JdB's Voice...Dance like no one is watching...
The world awaits that child!


I'll do the SAME! So help us God!

Love you guys!


Monday, 13 April 2015

15-for-15 Challenge_family (April Post) Sister Sister.. :)

Pre-Script: Happy Hippy ghen ghen TurnT up Birthday in Advance to the most amazing Elder brother in the world (April the 15th).. I might screw up most times Bruv, but deep within Puppa, I love you to my marrows and deeper below... Osssshheeey Turn uP!.

Pre-Pre- Script: Mbok when is someboRRy gonna Monday Crush me on Instagram?! Its not fair oh! Aha nah! Fine boy like me.. **Wears Straight face... Inshort, we are all quarreling...

**Admires freshly cut finger nail.. Chei it haf tey since I cut it oh!! Dr. Duru's preaching worked :(.. I am a Samson at Finger Nails **Takes off Confused bracelet.. **Takes off Aba made Ukrainian rubber wrist watch #naJokeoh!… **Cleans face like C. Ronaldo about to take a free kick… Ehhmmm Ossshhhey Turn up!! Turn up Turn up ladies and gentlemen.. What gwan fam?! Whats the freaking 411?! Oshey Turn up! Hehehehe (Disclaimer! I stole the Turn up line from Wajilda, she is a lawyer in the making and is threatening to sue me, so mbok, I cannot come and be Linda Ikeji’d :) ) Soooo… Agbaje lost.. Mcheewww.. democracy is Dead in Nigeria.. Thank heavens I am not a gambler oh! I would haf lost beRRa money like kilode on this mumu ElecSHion.. So in the light of eFery boRRy in Festac and in my office dumping the P.D.P and porting to the APC, I am glad to inform you that I am now **Clears throat and folds sleeves of Agbada.. hehehe I am now a bonafide APC Member mbok.. Jo oh! I cannot come and be in the loosing PaRRY for 4 years biko! I haf to and the crowd goes.. bet of coouuurse… :) So effective immediately, the new greeting is: Sai Baba.. heheheh How was your weekend fam?! How was the Turning up?! So mine was ghen ghen like that.. Although I was under room arrest all weekend, but it was frosh like that.. Oya hear gist…

First off I finally got to connect with the amazing Calabar geh Lori Watsapp.. I mean I felt so humbled.. She is one of the coolest and I repeat COOLEST Bloggers I know.. I was just blushing like a fish as we chatted for a bit.. **Whispers SomeboRRy promised to call someborry oh! **Winks... Jo oh! Then I got a call from Habeebah my ride or die Bubba... Jo oh! Then I was watching one ODE-full movie and got to exchange plenRRy V.N’s with Clara my Egbon Toh Sure… Jo oh! Hehehe and then I got to find Toyin Tomato's Trouble as ussual.. Jo oh!!!  Lmao! And I started eating well… Osheeey.. SO I doubt if anyone had as much fun as I did on Saturday.. The peak of my Saturday however was talking to Anu!! Chisos! A neFer hexsperred it faa! oya lemme give you Amebo.. The beauRRiful Anu e haf been toasting me lori Instagram for quite a bit **Tongue out, and me i haf been jejely scoping her noni.. But when I heard her voice in real life ehn! It was sounding like Angel Gabriels Twin Sister voice.. Oh! Buoy!! Na bed Room voice toh Sure baje baje.. aswear that Voice can make a guy man commit Fornication Solo.. Inshort After hearing her voice ehhnnn, I had to go take a shower effective immediate cause the voice was making my blood to boil fast fast like hot water lori fire wood. Osheey Turn up! Its an amazing feeling yeah, connecting with you guys.. Please lets do more, as you are my strength.. Oh yeah! I went to Jug yesterday.. I am geRRin really good at that thing oh… **Whispers.. haf you hia?! Wajilda and I haf started playing lof sori Instagram.. hehehehe maybe we might Chris Brown and Kerreuche ourselves soon.. **Winks…

So the 15- for-15 challenge is 5 posts gone, and I am like: Shuo! now now?! 10 more and it’s a wrap… wait! I went to Janyl's page last week.. My mama had 75k views under 2 weeks.. Ish is she got to 2 Million views in March and under 2 weeks, she hit 2 Million 75 k.. How sweet is that?! I mean Janyl who ever is your bablawo P.R agent that is helping promote ya blog ehnnn.. mbok they are badder than bad.. Biko jamisi nah mama…

So my big sister is Backk.. and I am excited for 2 ghen ghen reasons… 

1.. I will never ever haf to enter the kitSHen again except to carry my food, and to go drop the washed plate. 

2. It is sure that me, my Father and my elder brother are not gonna die of food Baifran poisoning any time soon.. kai the joy of a mother.. Yep! She is my mother sister, so all join.. So this post is about my Sister.. Did I Tell you guys she is now a certified Injection Chuker under the N.M.A! Oshey Turn uP #ItcanonlybeGOD. So here goes:

Sister Sister.. It is you alone that I have.. You alone that makes us complete.. You alone that holds the family together like rubber band.. Most times I fear that because of how different we all are we are gonna fall apart like the Wall of Jericho, most times I fear that we are going to use anger to just one day break all our heads in that house... But sister sister, it is you that keeps us sane.. It is you that super glues us togeRRa with your motherly lof nwantintin, it is you that makes us understand that even though mother(s) isn’t here, having you is all that we truly need.

Sister Sister.. Most times I wonder how life would be without you?! I sit down and think of all the good times we haf shared.. Remember at the beginning of your cooking career?! When we went to the front of the lere house and harvested all those many many leaves all in a bit to prepare Asharo.. Mehn its amazing how we didn’t die that time oh! :) Remember when we just moved to Festac, and we thought the Bathroom was the Ocean, diving in and sharing that tintinli Bath tub.. hehehe Jaccuzzi style... Remember How we would lap on the bus enroute ELSS, how when you did my Homework for me I would get 10/10, but when me that was in the class did it I will get 2 and a half with abeg and bribing of my marker oh.. **Cleans eyes.. remember how you taught me "greater than" and "less than" by drawing the signs on my hands when i was in Primary 5?! I used that ish even in Engineering Maths at Year 3.. You wont believe.. I remember when We would go late to school, and when Mr. Illekenachi asked why I came late as per flogging protocol, I would say: I was waiting for my sister.. hehehehe I remember you as Chapel prefect, and having that you and Ifeanyi had my back, no one could mess with me in ELSS, I was the freaking kings son then.. and even when they were flogging for Songs of Praise on assembly, you always found a way to sneak me in.. Oshheey Chapel Sister 419 toh sure…

Sister Sister.. Without you, we would starve.. Without you, we would not eat Archi, and Ofe Aku, and all those ghen ghen food that we only eat in our dreams.. Without you Nne, we would not eat these meals at home.. Sister sister you Rock. However Sister sister, you haf big eyes and great taste oh, and for that I love you more.. You always have those grande Ideas like "Junior lets eat Sharwama", "Junior lets cook something special", "Junior lets do this for this person.." and my I always appreciate each time you did these, cause regardless that we used to check all our pockets insearch of Ego to furnish our grande ideas, it warms my heart  to know that even though we aint rich yet, having you makes us feel as wealthy as one can be as you have a heart of gold.

Sister Sister.. You are my mother, our mother, our friend… The lof nwantintin that you show to us is enormous as you haf time and time again given your all to make us eat.. There is no one like like you sister.. Not now, not ever Nwanyi Oma! Otunne toh Sure… Sometimes when they shout on ya head, as all of us, I always haf your back cause I know you will haf mine too.. Cause I know you can do no wrong.. Osheeeeyyy Angel Dr. Duru :) Mbok Dont let ya head swell oh! :). Sister Sister You Rock,  and I pray that when the time comes for me to enter Life imprisonment sorry I meant get married, I will find a woman that will just be like my you my lovely sister sister.. You are the best Nne, and no one comes close.. Jilda has come the closest,  but no maRRa my lof for her yeah, she wasn’t like you.. You are my Numero uno.. The kween of my heart, my belle and my life…  Sister Sister, you sha know you are the pastor of our house nah?! The Scabasher! The Prayer warrior and the Preacher preacher.. If I will ever forget any of your many many words of advice or many many Preaching yeah.. I will never forget these great words below:


Ossssheey turn Up!!!.. Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time #YnCGang, you do us a great honor.. My prayer for you is that going into this week yeah, rain will not fall on you when you are trekking with your starched cloth, hence leaving you like a wet chicken.. and that you will always haf reasons to say Ooossshheey tun uP!

Blogger Stats:

-You guys need to Read this Post by Favour: Its called How to be Nigerian,..  Aswear it’s the dopest ish I haf read all April.

-I met one knew DoroFineGeh… her name is Tomi Molola.. and she has this post about A-Z of life in Lagos.. She is funny like kilode.. Aswear, you will like her... Is it me or all the Tomilola’s on Blogsville are smart and pretty cool like kilode.. I mean check: Tomilola Lawal, Tomilola Escada, and now this new Tomi.. its official, my second sons daughter name must be Tomi.

- I haf met 2 new ladies that are officially bursting my head and they Toinlicious, Calabar geh and E-Rella… **Winks Yeah I know I said 2, but you know ehn.. Me and Toin haf an understanding above the understanding of men.. I like that lady like Kilode although now that she has plenRRy ghen ghen boyfriendsssssss she don’t haf me time no more.. **Crying in Catalan.. But its fine…

P.S: I need a loan oh gang.. CC Sykik and all my bank people… I promise I will pay back, I need to build bridges to my future.. Ehmm for Collateral ehnnn, can you manage Ice the blogger?! Okay having that his head is counterfeit hehehe na play oh! Can I add iMannie and my PS2 on top of him?! hehehe I will not run away I promise… **Whispers Gang it is like Access Bank did me ATM Christmas last week oh! I am not sure. The money e haf go shaa…

Instagram: youngandconfused_byjdb

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

So OLD and so cold...

Pre-script: Oshey! Haf you guys read Mariam Ore’s first post.. It was frosh like kilode… You guys really really need to.. Please click here to see it.. Its ghen ghen like that mbok..

Ta ran ran ran rannnnn.. ran ran rannnnnn… Ta ran ran ran rannnnn.. Ran ran rannnnnn… Ta ran ran ran rannnnn.. ran ran ran rannnnnn… Ran ran ran  ran ran ran raannnnn… hehehehee If you guess that tune right ehn, then you watched DBN a lot and had a fantastic child hood.. hehehe It’s the background music from The movie: The Good The bad and The ugly… **Takes off brown rubber wrist watch.. **Takes off confused bracelet.. Turn up Turn up ladies and gentlemen… what gwan fam?! whats going on?! Let the people of the Lord say Yyyeeeaaahhh mehn!!! Oshhheeey Turn uP! So I am glad to say Happy new month to you all, and I want to say a very very very ghen ghen shout out to yall for the lof nwantintin that you showed to us both at the Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 voting stage and on #ThePROPOSAL post.. aswear gang we Nefer hexsperred it aswear! **in Wajilda's voice yeah… Y'all be making us feel like a pimping’s… The results for the NBA comes out on April the 11th, and I just want to say that I dont really care as much if we win, as much as i care about the love you guys haf shown this confused boy.. I was humbled to tears aswear.. You guys are the bestest best aswear.. Thanks thanks Thanks... May your Children neFer be as confused as me... 

Osheey Turn up! So I will like to in ANOTHER very special way say Ndo (Sorry) and Eweliwe( Don’t be angry) Wether we drown inside Lagoon or not, we shall not vote Ambode to all who endured all my NBA Voting Adverts on Instragram.. Pele.. At a time yeah gang, me sef a taya for myself.. but **in Erniesha’s voice.. What to do la?! We haf to hustle for vote noni… Oya EfEry boRRy icceeee…. **Whispers.. I think I met someone new on Blogger.. I mean I was tripping for her right from when she put up her birthday in Dubai post, and now that she is giving me GREEN light.. You no what.. scratch that.. hehehehe.. I don’t just see Green, I see all the colors of the Rainbow that Eniola is showing me.. hhehehe.. I think amma go in for the kill.. hehehehe Kwara here we come.. **Winks… Please help me Tell Egbon Toin that I will soon Dis- Sugar Mummy her oh!! Aha! Nah ToyoN!!! Its sooo not Fair!! You do know you 'IS' breaking my heart with all this distance ba?! Well **Wears straight face… Just so you know.. I haf met me a new somebory that is willing to Cougar me for free **Winks! And her name is the Calabar geh… So be kiaful oh! Or else in Craig Davies voice ehn.. **I’m walking away…. :)

So do you guys feel it gang?! Do you feel your youth fading away?! Do you feel your skin glow reducing?! Do you feel your once insatiable urge for sex and its activities dying, and your desire for responsibility and more money rising?! Well I don’t (pardon my language) Fucking know why yeah, but I have been feeling this way in the past 2 weeks.... Oh shit!! Aight I think I haf spiritual Malaria, cause I have been feeling relatively OLD of late.. I mean just yesterday I was 13, and the next I was 16, and the next I was 21 and now I am enroute 24.. Mehn! How scary can that get?! Screw my life! I am in Nsogbu! I mean how did I get here so fast?! How did this 7 year old mickey mouse and voltron fan with a million dollar smile that got all my aunties and and mothers friends giving me TLC and dashing me money.. how in the world did I  have all this hair all over my boRRy like a chimpanzee.. Mehn now I know I am old.. How do I know you ask?! **Deep Sigh… Legggooo... :(
I am old cause my urge for sex is dying! Yeah! You read that right.. Don’t be scared gang, I didn’t use my “Moses Rod” for Blood money ritual.. at least not yet... it’s just happening.. I think it started a couple of days to my last trip to Abuja… Prior to then, I was an **Scratches head.. Eyesore as regards **Clears throat… but recently yeah, the urge to do all the stupid making out and all the older and younger women Drama kinda faded like Nollywood ghosts.. I still dunno how it happened,.. I mean I knew the day would come but at just 23 years 3 months and 28 days?! How can I not want to get Laid so much no more.. How can all my midnight cravings just fade like a flash... How did my desire for the heat of a woman turn to Desire for the cold Naira and wisdom?! Damn! I am in trouble.. Damn! I am old...

I know I am old cause I watch the news now and not Soundcity.. I mean for as far back as I can remember yeah gang, I have been a fan of Wizkid.. You know in my head he is living the Nigerian dream.. He has a Porsche Cayenna, has a hot, sexy, beauRiful and i Reiterate EXTREMELY SEXY  onyibo geh friend, he has a truck load of cash, and he has all the shoes in the world… But of recent yeah, I have found my self less interested in what Wizkid has, except his bae sha.. I mean in my confused head, after Eniwealth **wears mr. Nigeria smile, Tania be my Dream kinda woman mbok …  I realize that my role model has shifted from a Wizkid to an Adebola Williams.. Its funny that I realize that I am more interested in Politics and the state of the nation.. That I watch Richard Quest and Donald Trump more than I do Trending and Prime Time Jamz.. heheheh.. I am more interested in governance, partnership, money, growth, building bridges to my future, and education.. Damn! I am old. Whats happening to me?! A don't BeLiF this aswear.. **crying in Catalan..

I know I am old cause I don’t do watsapp so much no more.. hehehe lemmme just say that if it were possible to get women pregnant via watsapp ehhnn.. I would haf been a Tu-Face Idibia by now **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. but thanks to the Stupid GLO which is ho-rr-ible at Festac, and a reason I cannot totally understand, I haf more self control now.. hehehehe I think the wahala I got into earlier this year kinda helped, but its more than that.. The amount of nude picshurs received and sent scares the hell outta me, and now.. Now that I feel the way I feel.. I fear my past not to hurt me… Now I know that I am old… cause image means a lot to me...

Finally I am old cause even though I am still broker than a coca cola bottle, I am not looking for a ghe friend but for a wife **Covers face…Strange yeah?! Well true that.. I should do a WCW today on IG, and it will be about Wajilda.. Since loosing her yeah, my life seems to have been difficult to re-adjust as regards lof.. I mean I tried a bit with Ribena, but the distance from Abuja to Lagos is mad.. and I support 1+ THE ONE’s view that LDR’s suck.. So now I find myself wanting to not date just a sexy geh that can make me cum my blood pressure double merely by holding her hand, but a girl who is homely.. A girl who is loveable, who is pretty and knows what she wants.. Fuck my life.. a neFer hexsperred to get to this level of confusion.. at least not now.. HacSTually ehn.. I am shocked.. But now that I am here.. Its sure that I am old.. So gang my kind kweshion this Wednesday morning is: Is it just me?! Do you feel this way too?! Am i okay?! Am i sick?! **Deep sigh…

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang, you do us a great honor.. My prayer for you is that all your nude picshurs will not go out in the open.. **cleans sweat.. Phewww.. merely the thought of that makes my heart beat faster sef.. hehehehe Cheers gang… OShey Turn up!

**Sits down well on Jangolofer chair! So March was madantin.. And I am sorry I really sucked at replying comments.. **in T-Notes voice.. I was RabBBIsh with Time Management mbok.. Insha Allah ehn  fam, we shall do berra in April, Ajala or not.. :)

In other news, I didn’t read as vast as I could in March, but I read some really Dope ghen ghen posts, and our Top 3 most ghen ghen posts were.. **Drum Rolls… **Flashlights.. **Cameras.. Action!

1. This Post By Nma: It was Frosh! Nma is a wonderful writer and has a unique style that is next to none..aswear.. Nma is running over with wisdom..

2. This wonderful Poem by Seyram. It had me thinking from my heart outwards.. about who I am.. Who i could be.. and who i try to be.. Its madantin gang i tell you.. Sey ram can write!!! Choi!!!

3. Hehehehehee #ThePROPOSAL post by the YnC team.. hehehe bet ofcourse.. we haf to hype ourself noni.. **Shines teeth

Asin the above 2 were frosh like that… and my blogger of the month was the amazing Janyl Benyl… Janyl goes up on our wall for her love, support and unquestionable motherliness all through March.. I can say that we connected on a whole different level, and having that she means the world and some more to me, It made me feel extra special.

Oya I know nah.. It haf over long.. Don’t fex… I wil like to say a very Huge Shout out to Blogoratti! Mehn!! I dunno if you are male or female, **Whispers.. I am yet to go make mad unprotected love to your blog, but thank you so much for the support.. You Rock aswear.. You are the bestest best.. and the crowd goess.. Yeeeaaah mehn! Loud shout out to amazing Calabar geh, the pretty Nma, the awesome E-Rella, the ever beautiful Favour, and all the YnC new friends… You guys are the real MvP aswear… You guys are my why… Egbon Toin, Atiya, Ms TLG, Gbemikoko, Tomi, Sykik, 1+THE ONE, and Mo (Baby mi). I miss you all like Kilode… :( ** In Lagbaja’s voice.. Wherever you go.. pa-ra-ran.. Whereverrrrr you are.. Pa-ra-raannn Baby baby babes you are neFer far awayyyyyy. Y’all always on my mind… **Tongue out.. hehehe at least this should get some of you to call me or send me an email at least **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. Osheeey Turn up! Do have a ghen ghen week fam, and mbok Dance like no one is watching and live your life with as much passion as you can muster, cause truly yeah, we dont know how much longer we have...

Instagram: youngandconfused_byjdb

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Monday, 6 April 2015

Hi guys!

 I am super excited....
Thank God Monday is finally here and to top it up, its a special Monday(Easter things). How is the celebration going? Trust we all having fun?! If u Av some excess rice at home, please people like us wouldn't mind, send me your

Okay! Sir Duru thank u so much for this opportunity. When he approached me to write on his blog, I had mixed feelings. Am like, WHY ME? Things became more complicated when he told me about THE PROPOSAL IDEA, am like this bros ehhh! But u know what guys? I admired his zeal. He was so full of life and ready to give this idea a shot. What more could I do? Duru, am so proud of you, you saw it, and you went all out to make it happen thank you for this opportunity.
 To we all who have been "wanting" and "dreaming" to do something, maybe to start a business or write an exam or e.t.c. JUST DO IT! Duru is an example. There is no doubt he is going places and even in spite of his joking and all, he is a guy with big stuffs inside.

To all who have supported this blog, by reading and exhausting your MBs, by posting comments, by voting...WE ARE SO GRATEFUL. BUT WE MAY STILL VOTE FOR THE BLOG AS IT WILL CLOSE TODAY BY 11:59PM. THANK YOU.


 Hi Friends!
My name is Mariam,
 I am young but I am not confused. You know why? Because my confused days are over. However if there is anyone who hasn't been confused about something in their lives before, please hola at me, I would like to meet you, your kind is rare.

It seems like we all at some point have been confused, some people are even still confused about their purpose, career, academics, relationships, family and alot about life. The obvious question is WHY THE CONFUSION?
To be CONFUSED is to be LOST.
An old secondary school mate of mine came to see me at work, its been years since we last saw and you can be sure that we had a lot of catching up to do. He gisted with me what he had gone through shortly after our exams. He said due to the fact that he had failed a number of times, he was so depressed and he didn't understand why he was living so he attempted to take his life. he decided to take overdose of a drug his mom usually took to sleep well so he went out to different drug stores to get this drug which he believed will help him die fast.  But guess what, all the drug stores he checked asked him for a doctor's prescription which he didn't have so they didn't sell to him. But notice that all the times his mother sent him to buy, they never asked for a prescription, but why this "faithful" day? Only a lost, confused and hopeless person will attempt suicide...dont you think so? This story may sound crazy but am sure there are many young people like this friend of mine. CONFUSED

In his fury he cried out and said, God, since you didn't allow me take my life then tell me what your PURPOSE for me is.... The rest like they say is history. He is now a graduate of Economics and hearing him speak, I knew he was going to be a great guy.

A man who hasn't discovered purpose is bound to be confused. Why do you think relationships between two people who don't have any sense of purpose never lasts long or amounts to anything productive? Its because they are confused. I am sorry but the truth is that we have confused students, confused graduates, confused teachers, confused couples.

You may think, must I have a reason for living? Well, yes you must. It will go along way in helping you set your priorities and help you focus. Believe me guys, a life with a clearly defined purpose is always worth living.

How do you discover purpose? Connect to your source and your questions about you will be answered and gradually with time, the things you are confused about will become clear. The truth is that you can NEVER know a product better than the manufacturer that's why for every product you buy, there is always a producer's manual. Self discovery and self development are also very important.

My confused days are over because I am plugged to my source and He is Helping me with the reasons why He made me. I may still have some areas that I am not clear about but well, I am not as confused as many years
Enjoy the rest of your week and live purposefully!

Love you all!
Please send your posts. Lets learn from you. What have you been confused about?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#ThePROPOSAL_ Turn uP! never Turn down...

Pre-script: Please can you be so kind as to vote for The Young and Confused Blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards?! We are in Category 11 (Best Humor Blog..). We beg you in the name of Baba dudu, choco Milo, Vicks Lemon plus.. (not Vicks blue oh!) and licky licky.. Kindly click on the Ghen ghen in capital to vote.. Oya see it here: This->> GHEN GHEN. Osheeeeeyy Turn uP! You are our why... Please Buhari us.. Please.. (Voting closes on April 6th). **Wears Puppy face.. Pretty please?!

Oossssshhheeey Turn up!!! **takes off confused Bracelet… **takes off wrist watch..  Turn Up Turn up ladies and Gentlemen.. What gwan?! How was the ElecShion.. I am sorry it took so long to put this my engagement post up mbok.. all the winchie winchie's in Umuaka didn’t want me to get married.. :) bet #naGODWIN.. So GMB won ba?! **deep sigh.. Mcheeewwww.. Welcome back to teh miltary regime gang... No comment… **In Eminem’s voice.. Have you ever loved someone so much you could give your all for ‘em.. No! I mean literally give your all for ‘em.. Cause you know they are your heart and they are your armour?!... Well that’s how I am feeling for you guys now, and lemme just sha tell you before we start nah.. ME and the entire #YnCTeam suffered for this post, my Brown timberland almost spoilt out of trek trek sef.. bet we thank heavens it is finally up... It is alllll of you guys.. .. **Points around like Erniesha.. Its you guys that made us go through sleepless nights and plenty fights with the people of this world because of this.. We pray this post makes you smile… Oya everybory iccccccceeeee....

You see yeah, my life has always revolved around confusions just like it was when T-Notes gave me a sense of direction... Aswear its There have always been questions in my head.. KwesHions that don’t seem to have answers.. questions as to why i was always left alone, abandoned and hurt.. Hence this Blog was formed thanks to Janyl Benyl's inspiration, Love and support... But the day I saw @Ore and @Walase at KFC Festac, I knew right there and then that everything would settle in my head and that my life would seemingly begin to swell like soaked ijebu garri does.. And so it happened.. On that faithful day in 2006.. I saw her.. ghen ghen...

Her eyes sparkled like the night sky, and although I sat far away and could not understand shingbain of what they were discussing yeah… I longed to know her.. Not the yellow one that yellow geh that is shining like bulb oh **Tongue out.. But the one