Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Pregnant VIRGINS.

Pre-Script: Happy Birthday to Duru's Elder brother... We at YnC wish him the best today and always..

Children are such a beauty!
They are the most precious things. When a mother hears the cry of her suckling, she smiles for joy and in a second, she forgets the pain of labour, the discomforts, the sleepless nights, the everything! My child is born! This joy mothers feel is almost indescribable. Finally, after 9months she is here/he is here. It's usually celebration all the way. Meanwhile, some hours ago, she was in excruciating pain. Oh! how I love naming ceremonies!!!

Some mothers have passed on during this process, some children didn't make it, some children died months, years later...then... there is pain again...pain! pain!! pain!!! pain can be verrryyy painful... When your heart aches so much, you can hardly see the dawn... What you see is darkness all around...pain!

Couples, young men and women, desire earnestly and dream of having children.
I was with my sister-in-law hours before she had her baby. In fact I was the only one with her till her husband came. She was everywhere! She couldn't stay put! She wanted to take a walk! She wanted to sit! She wanted to do so many things at the same time! Inexperienced me, at a point, I ran out of ideas to help.

There is no child without conception, there is no conception without intercourse...did I forget to add that...there is no child without a woman? broadly... To all the guys, pls do well to always celebrate the women around you...doesn't this sound like a women campaign?!...Anyway, there is also no baby with the sperm... It's a process! Line upon line, precept upon precept. You must DO something to GET it.
Pregnancy dictates everything! What you eat, what you do, sitting or bending postures and so on.

Pregnancy is visible. If you heard of someone who had a baby and you didn't see the belly...wouldn't you be scared? That has happened to me before ooo! We had a tenant who one day, came back home with her like....seriously????  I was too surprised because I saw her everyday but never noticed anything. Though I was young, I was friends with her children and they never mentioned it. The puzzle was, she was really "big" so her body concealed the pregnancy. It was only known to those who were mature enough to recognize a pregnant woman.

Asides this rare case, most times you can tell a pregnant woman.
In this very short time I have lived and with the little I know about life, this I know that in life, pain is inevitable. It doesn't matter who you are.
The finest things, ideas, relationships, inventions, businesses, houses e.t.c were products of some form of discomfort, pain, hard work, fears, failures! Just name it. Alot of rigor.

Some of us are pregnant with great things on our inside, some of us have so much potential untapped, some of us are burdened with things we see around us, some are gifted, talented! The truth is, alot of us are carrying something. We are pregnant with something. Some times, we just hope someone would recognize that and encourage us.

For some our restlessness is as a result of that child on our inside. We don't all give birth to the same things because we are all interesting and unique individuals. Or have you seen your neighbors kids looking alike? If you have, then automatically you would suspect the fathers...abi? But we most likely wouldn't. Some peoples dreams have been aborted by circumstances; by peoples terrible comments; by terrible results; discouraging factors; silly mistakes. 

Some of us have tried so hard to understand ourselves and we have tried so hard to blend in, follow the trend, mingle and just feel among but that only robs us of discovering who we truly are. Some of us are just too scared to let our baby live, some of our babies have been aborted, some of us are just too ignorant to realize that if we endure the pain abit and struggle to bring forth, the baby will be delivered. But it doesn't matter how many times one loses a child, another can still come. Some couples had several miscarriages before one finally came.

We can always dream again,
live again,
try again,
hope again,
believe again,
love again, again and again and again...till the baby comes!
You are pregnant with something so am I.

The process of giving birth is a long and stressful one but my dears,... its always worth it. The joy we fill afterwards like the mother, is called FULFILLMENT!
You are pregnant with something and so am I. Lets not allow the society, family, teachers, leaders, friends, voices, circumstances, witches or even wizards to stop us! You are pregnant with something and so am I. Sooooo... 

keep doing what you know is right to do,
keep advancing,
keep growing,
keep exploring,
Keep learning,
Keep discovering,
keep encouraging yourself,
keep moving, in spite of the fears
In spite of the tears...dont stop...keep at it.....

No matter the mistakes, your past...dont worry too much...keep moving...'ll hear the cry of the child.
In JdB's Voice...Dance like no one is watching...
The world awaits that child!


I'll do the SAME! So help us God!

Love you guys!



  1. Encouraging words, and lovely post. Thanks for that!

    1. Thanks darling. I really like that you always read posts and encourage us....
      You are too much....
      Pls remember to inform us about your baby's naming ceremony....
      Have a great day week.

  2. Beautiful inspiration. check out my blog 234 Jam Blog for Nigerian News and entertainment summary.

    We YnC, may God grant us success.

    1. Amen oooo...may the Lord truly grant us success...thats our earnest desire.
      Thank you for checking in..
      Wish you all the best dear...

  3. Yes dear, I must give birth to the ideas ramming my head each night as I lay on my tiny mattress. They must be birthed.
    Nice post dear. Erm *is Duru there?, no*. Miriam it seems finally you sure pass Duru for writing ooh *tongue out * she is a girl like me, who do you expect me to side??... Looool

    1. Dearest Rella...Sir Duru is my sure Oga at d top oooooo! He has thought me ALL that I know about blogging. He is a great teacher and I am humbly learning...thanks for d compliment tho'...its the woman to woman connection*winks*...
      About your must be birthed indeed by God's Grâce...
      See you at the TOP...
      All d best..

  4. Happy Birthday to Duru's elder brother.......

    1. He'll hear....we all wish the very best...hmmm...let me do small amebo, calabar geh, I hear say u dey chat with my boss...ok
      Thanks for checking in dear..

    2. No be only chatting - we are progressing to midnight calls...... Cougar Alert!! LOL!!

      Dig Deep and Challenge Yourself

  5. Nice post. Hello Mariam, hi Duru!

    1. Hi Molola....Duru says hello...
      Thank you... With your many nice posts, its evident that your baby is kicking!!!

      You are the bestest!
      Go girl!!!

  6. Bros, an you dey describe pregnancy, labour and childbirth like a pro *keeping a straight face*', if I hear, how old are you sef?

    Happy baiday to your elder brother, I wish him many more years in good health, peace, joy, love, abundance and all good things of life

    1. Ma'am...I no be bros oooo...i am a And I am 7days younger than Duru.
      Our emphasis is on we birthing our dreams...
      Cheers ma'am...

  7. Beautiful through and through. Thank you. I particularly like that you were able to mirror childbirth with birthing our dreams, how you connected the processes. God bless your thinking. Keep flourishing.

    1. Thank you ma'am...thank you for checking in.thank you for your kind words and I am so glad that you appreciate this piece...
      God bless you too.

  8. hahahha at some point i taught your babe was pregnant . Thanks for the encouragement. Btw Duru all this people site you put on my blog comment eh, i dont gerit oooo biko *raised brow am sure you know what that means

    1. Hahaha....yes nah!!! We r pregnant but not with human babies but with big dreams...interesting, I would like to hear yours...maybe to anchor your own fashion show..*winks*
      About Duru's posts...una two go settle dat matter o!
      Takia dear...thanks for checking in

  9. Great post
    I really loved how you connected both scenarios to paint the overall picture
    Good writing skills, hun
    Keep it up

  10. Many many thanks ma'am...really really appreciate it...let me do small amebo, ma'am JdB adores you and he is so glad to call you his blog not exactly jealous sha...cos it's not one of d Fruit of the Spirit...but can you plsssss adopt me????!!!! JdB save your comments ooo! It's btw me n
    So glad you checked in, have a beautiful weekend.
    ...and thank you for your kind words

  11. Nice one! Well done Mariam
    And happy birthday to Duru's older brother. May God bless him richly in Jesus name

  12. How encouraging. We take pregnancy and child delivery for granted we don't honor our women as often and as much as we should. :)

    Happy birthday to Duru's older bro.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Well done! Women are not celebrated enough. Lol any deep feeling is being seen as feminism. we all know being a mother isn't just about the pregnancy. A woman doesn't need to carry a foetus to understand love. I also like how your post can be read from different angles.
    Happy birthday to Duru's brother and we hope you write more here Miriam