Friday, 29 May 2015

Dear Mr. President...


Ref: YnC/OL/FGN/29052015/L.01

The Young and Comfused Inc.

Somewhere in Festac,

P.O Box 0419



29th May 2015.

Office of the Public Citizen,

Aso Rock Villa,



Dear Mr. President,


Time... 4.18 AM.

Making kind reference to the last 6 years of my life as a Nigerian, i write this letter. I write it not out of joy, not out of pain, not out of excitement, or out of tears, but out of a very open yet still confused heart. Permit me Mr. President to commenece by stating that at this time, the FOI Bill is still very much in place, and on this very day.. May the 29th, Nigeria has no leader... GMB is coming in, and GEJ and his cabinet are going out... And I am a tad elated, cause its imperative for a country to be at this point... A point of change.. A point of hope... A point of decision and change in leadership. To this I say a hearty congratulations to my fellow country men..

Mr. Jonathan.. Oh how i remember the begining of your tenure... The promise and hope that preceeded your administration.. How many and I inclusive, refered to you as heaven sent... How in the year 2009, we all stood behind you when a section of Nigeria tried to prevent your ascension to power... Oh i remember the year 2011 when I just turned liable to vote.. I remember the hope we saw in you, the messiah we saw you as... The breath of fresh air you promised us... I believed in you enough to vote for you, Nigerians voted for you in a landslide way, and you won... I voted for you sir... We voted for you... But then l ask you Mr. President, how did you lose it all?! How did you lose the love of the entire nation?! How did literally 60 percent of the same people that loved and supported you in 2011 turn around and hate and despise you so much?! You tell me sir! Please.

As you exit your office today Mr GEJ, i do not know what I will never forget, whether it shall be the mediocrity that surrounded your government... Or the "I had no shoes" phrase that encouraged young people to hypocritically (Pardon my judgement) trek for you with theirs... Or the January 2nd 2012 subsidy "419" that darkened the entire year...or shall it be the strike moments, or the awesome parastatal boses that didnt know their own official website and went "The official website of the NSCDC is www.nscdc. **clears throat ...dasallll... Or more still, shall it be the famous "In all this blood you are sharing Diarisgod" First lady?!... Or should i forget the missing Trillions turned Billions and then Trillions again.. Or the case of the aviation ministries bullet proof cars, that were bought at ridiculous amounts, and still were never resolved... Or will it be the #BringBackOurGirls theme which we dont know of a sincerity if it was true or not... And of if it is true.. We still dont know where those kids are.. Or shall it be the 4 days Darkness and lack of fuel of the outgoing week. **deep sigh... Its sad sir... You failed me... You failed us. 

I cannot say for sure how it feels to be President, but as a Citizen of this nation, I know what went wrong in your Administration... You lost control too early... You could not control your World Bank Financial guru ,with her many many grammar that caused panic, nor your Opec Missy that showed no concern in time of pain, nor your Agbani wife who was more of a leader than you are... You couldnt control the insurgencies... You could not help the masses buy shoes you didnt have.. Hell... you couldnt even control your own words, as you used your words to hurt yourself saying things like "I am not a General, or lion" I agree sir... You were not, but you were leader of a free world.. Leader of the country with the best economy in Africa... The Giant of Africa... The problem Mr GEJ, is you were a king with a medicores mind who didnt give his citizens hope sir...

Dear Mr Buhari, I did not vote for you sir at the last elecSHion. Lets just say that i believe the past is a strong part of a man... And yours didnt show hope of nor faith in democracy... It showed a tad of tyrancy.. Harshness hovered by fear and not love... I am a big fan of your publicity managers Mr. Adebola Williams and Mr. Chude Jideonwo of State Craft Inc. and they believe in you.... Alongside them, over a million other Nigerians do... Please dont let them down sir.I recently read a quote on BellaNaija which was attributed to you, in which you said:

"I cannot change the past, but i can change the present and the future..."
 Please do sir.

As a 23 years 5 months and 17days old Nigerian, Mr Buhari, all i ask of you is Hope... Not a million jobs in 1 year, not an overnight Angelic conversion of my side of this hell hole called a nation, not a drastic stop in corruption over night... Not a ghen ghen ressurection of the power sector, not for all the senseless bulleys called police men that litter our Lagos roads to disappear overnight, not for the Boko haram insurgents to be ambushed, caught and arrested plus then hung at the gallows... All i ask sir is that you give me HOPE... Hope that someday, maybe in your regime or that of another sir, the above will happen... Mr. President, i dont want change i want hope.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time sir, you do me a great honor with it... I pray that the next 4 years of our life as a nation will have no reason to Turn Down... But we shall only Turn uP. 

Kindly be assured of our Highest consideration,

For: Young and Confused /The Blog/

Duru John de Beloved..

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The complexity of the HUMAN BEING...

Precious people, howdy? Welcome to  Wednesdays with MariamOre here on YnC.
Last week, we spoke about lies. Today, I wanna share some thoughts with you. I hope it provokes fellow thinkers to think also.

I realize that we humans are a complex bunch. By humans, I mean you and I.

The Man:
He is Spirit
He has a Soul
He lives in a Body.
His body is what we see.
What he thinks is who he is.
What he does is what he is known for.
What we see doesn't always portray the state of his heart and mind. He may smile but in his heart is tears and filled with sorrow.
He may speak but his heart is far from his words.
His good deeds may be with evil intentions.
Man is a complex being.
His Mind, His Emotions, His Thoughts, His Feelings, His Perception, His Attitude, His Character, His Responses, His Abilities, Capabilities and His Potentials. All these and many more make Him the complex being that he is.

Man searches for LOVE, for PEACE and JOY.
For every man desires to be recognized, noticed, appreciated and pleased.

How do you explain the action of a teenager who decides to post a crazy picture of herself because she wants to have more likes on instagram?


At least, we all know how we feel when we look good (many of us feel like princesses) or when we achieve something "big".

Man searches for acceptance! Have you wondered why God instituted Marriage? These I believe are some of the reasons. In man, is an earnest desire to be wanted.
It was not good for man to be alone so God created Eve. For Co-existence.

In a man's heart is Evil and the desires of his flesh are insatiable especially if he permits it.
Like Oliver Twist, Man Craves For More!
More likes, More Comments, More accolades, More chocolates, More cloths, More freedom, More Money, More Cars, More Women, More food, More and More!

The man wants to announce to the whole world that he helped someone and finds it hard to forgive another, let alone forget.

The man wrestles with all those who share a different opinion from his. He flaunts and flaunts. He can't be humble and he would not listen.

The man gives excuses for mistakes, every critic is an enemy. He wants to be understood, he wants to be listened to. He points his fingers at others but never to himself.


Who is that Man that is unlike Men? It is the Man that unlocks the mysteries of the human nature and ascends beyond the natural realm. He invests in His Spirit, Regulates the thoughts of His Mind, He cautions what He sees, ears and says.
 He can then have control over his body.
He is brave, he is strong, wise and diligent.
He listens more than he talks.
He desires success but he is also willing to pay the price.
He loves others and gives more, maybe even more than he receives.
He is not controlled by his feelings.
He understands his strength and not intimidated by the success of another.
He is teachable.
He is hard working.
He is humble.
He prepares for his tomorrow. Like the ants, he prepares for winter in the summer.
He understands that life is only a stage and people are one of his greatest assets.
Above all, he Seeks to know His Creator. He seeks knowledge.

He is the. M  Mature
               A. Accurate

               N. Natural
He is mature, accurate and natural.

It's okay if you don't agree with everything above.
I respect your opinions.

Much love.... MariamOre

Thank you for your comments, you may also send an email if you wish:

Monday, 25 May 2015

Angel or Demon?!

Pre-script: I dedicate this post to Esther KoKo.. **Tongue out at Egbon Toin.. I love you, and I miss you :(.. You will be alright bae.. I Pinky swear… Mbok have you met this ghen ghen blogger called Sunshine.. Please please please.. if you havent.. Please go to her Blog.. She is full of life and has a ghen ghen aura around her.. **Oya back to sober mood.

… and the last Generator came to a silent halt… the sun had gone dark… Duru looked at his Ukraine Aba Rubber brown watch, 12: 23 PM it read… it was all so dark.. there was nothing.. not one ray of light shining.. Everyone was indoors as the beast with 7 heads called fuel Scarcity scavaged the roads of Lagos and Abuja… no BoRRy knew what to do.. All hiding place were occupied to the brim…

The end was here.. 
**The Good Bad and Ugly Sound track plays in the background…GHEN GHEN

The chaff had been seperated from the wheat… Before all this Chaos occurred.. DURU ADOLPHUS JNR. his Father, Sister, Wajilda  and the entire Family and loved ones, plus all the gehs he was trying to toast and a selected chosen ones had made it to heaven (ehen before nko?!) .. they had been taken up singing Hallelujah..  They had Raptured.. The few that were left were left with hunger, Fear and… CCcuuuutttttttt…. **Cleans sweat.. Oya it haf do.. It is becoming too scray.. hehehe Turn uP! Turn uP! Ladies and gentlemen.. What gwan fam?! Mehnn as I was writing the above lines ehn.. my heart sef was beating kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo kpo kpo…  As in it was 2 times faster sef like a man trying to haf sex for the first time.. I mean  after Rapture yeah, life would be fucking scary.. I was earlier talking to Toin while I was sending a financial Email (of money that I haf never touched in my WHOLE LIFE) which needed full attention.. **Ehmmmnn Onyibo call it Multitasking.. and I told Toin that if the world Ends today yeah.. What will pain me passsss is the fact that I have been celibate for too many months.. I mean I don’t think they do the do in Heaven nah.. **In one 19 year olds voice I used to know.. Oh well… Me I dunno for you oh! But me I am a Heaven Candidate… **Shines teeth…

So Ifeanyi  Ubah of capitol Oil became a man of Charity and patriotism overnight and has chosen to go against the CABAL of which I suspect T-Notes is part of  **Wears Evil grin.. and has decided to distribute fuel regardless of the marketers being on strike.. Many have called him out.. Calling him a snake in green grass, a blatant politician seeking glory… Even Schwaztzineger my APC office Colleague that can Argue for Africa said Billionaire Ubah he is doing all this to avoid Jail Term as eFFeryBoRRy is suspecting GMB to be **In Asa’s voice..  a Jailer... Me I just taya.. Sitting here a couple of minutes to lunch ( when I get to eat Afang soup ** licks lips) which I unfortunately wont be going for :(, cause I am saving money for all them ridiculous transporters I am typing this post, I ask myself… Which is Ifeanyi Ubah?!?! An Angel or a Demon..

Wait first, you sev that is paying full attention to this post, which one are you?! Me sef, which one am I?! An Angel or a Demon? If the world ended now yeah, where would we go?! Heaven or Hell?! Mehnnn me I know I am far from a saint.. Soteyyyyy if they call the first 1 Billion-Trillion righteous people in the world ehnnn, I no dey there sam sam… cause I am a sinner by default… But lemme ask you a kind kweshion.   A young man who wants to CONSENTiously sleep with as many women as possible before he hits 27, who helps women who their husbands leave at home and go sleeping with other ladies in the name of business trips.. That young man who makes these wives feel like women again but still goes to the GROTTO  to pray every Monday and goes to his cupboard to kneel and beg the heavens for forgiveness after every act of fornication and Adultery.. Which is he?! Angel or Demon?!

A 24 year old who writes Dud Cheques to defraud people but still goes ahead to pay his tithe and give Thanksgiving after every sure deal. Ooorrr… in a more detailed manner.. A man who inflates the values of projects by adding 3 extra zeros to a contract sum all in a bid to buy himself and his Dad a new land at  Ajah Free trade zone area, an I- Vtec  or a Mercedes or a RangeRover or an iPhone 6 and a playstation 4 :), but still goes to the Hospice at Surulere to make those orphaned children smile with gifts and tips the attendants with 500 Naira bills.. The man that gives his money (stolen or not) to help widows in his village at Umuaka yet still.. Which is he?! Angel or Demon?

A Brother who preaches the gospel daily, holds house fellowship on his street changing lives for the better, and goes to Church every Sunday all suited up that he looks like a Christmas Tortoise and sweats like fish outta water all cause he wears a bullet proof in the name of 3 piece suit and packs cream on his hair..  Wishing the blessings of our ALMIGHTY CREATOR  AND EVER LIVING AND TRUE KING to all and sundry.. And then bam on Monday morning changes his time of resumption from 10 AM to 7: 45 AM on the register at the  office’s security Post.. Did I forget to say he also makes MAD unprotected love to the Choir mistress at the back of the Drama costume room weekly after Sunday service.. Which is he?! Angel or Demon?!

A girl who prophesies undying love for a young man in University just because she wants to use him as boy-boy through Uni.. and the Mumu+ode+anumpama Ewu-Gambia+Oloshi boy is in turn collecting school fees per semester (instead of Yearly) from his single father all in the name of **In Tiwa Savage’s voice “my Darling.. I will do anything for you” .. only to later find out that his lover geh goes to Tinapa and Golden Tulip et all every weekend with a man old enough to be her father and who makes love to her in the back of his **in T-Notes voice…  bad Ass 4x4 Range Rover Evogue, and then on Wednesday she goes to church and sings soprano and he sings bass that makes the pulpit flood with new believers  and converts, putting eachother's “School sweet heart’s” picSHurs all over Instagram..  Which are they?! Angels or Demons?!

A young man who prophesies undying love for a sexy geh he met lori Instagram like i recently did **Winks all just because he wants to sleep with her, and even goes as far as claiming he is a virgin where as he has a Wife and 3 Children at Owerri?! And the woman who consents cause boRRy no be fire wood.. Which are they?!  Angels or Demons?!

Truth is I don’t geRRit… Truth is I dunno know.. Truth is I am too Young and confused to understand… Why I can be so Dirty yet so pure.. Why the same very man who many would adore and look up to with respect could still be a DEVIL in hiding.. I very recently was  very HORNY as usual  craving  at midnight, and to that effect I updated my display picSHur lori whatsapp to one of a man and a woman sharing an Uuugghh aaahhhh.. Uuuugghh aahhhh moment of ecstasy..  a YnC reader saw it and said she lost respect for me that day.. And I was like Respect?! Really?! cause I chose to be myself?! Nawa oh! So sitting on this Jangolova chair with my cha-cha White AF-1 kicks that I stole money to buy last Friday, I ask myself, which is preferable?! An Angel  under a Demons cloak, or a Demon under an Angel’s Wings?!

The source of my confusion today is simple… I used to be very clean.. like a white cloth on the outside but a scarlet red blood stained man on the inside.. I was the one that went “Damn! She is such a sinner”.. The one that would ban all the cultists I knew from coming to my Room in Uni and defriend them on Facebook… the one who insulted all the runs gehs..  all cause I saw ONLY the Demon in them.. Who was I to do so?! Was I not a demon myself all along?! Was I not a demon in the making?! Not cause I am currently outta control.. But cause a true show of a Demon is to condemn and judge another rather than show love…

Lord JESUS my savior and king was a true Angel.. Cause Niccodemus, Mary Magdalene, the 10 lepers and the so called “unclean” yeah, it was to them he showed the most LOVE… So if the Chief.. no Scratch that.. if the KING of Angels can show so much love and see the good in all men… If he could see an Angel in every Demon.. Who am I to do otherwise?!

Looking inwardly yeah, what are you?! Angel or Demon?! The world is really ending soon.. and I hope I get laid again before then oh! :D  But from now till then yeah.. You decide where you wanna stand. With Angels or with Demons.. But while you do.. Pleases choose right.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us at Young and confused /The BLOG/ a great Honor with it… My prayer for you going into this week is that you wiihhh not have a reason to trek, swim or Jug from CMS to Eko- Hotel roundabout due to Fuel Scarcity and be using #FitFam to be deceiving ya self. #FitFam ko, #PhatFarm ni?!

P.S: 2: 15 PM, heard they just called off the strike.. :) We all just moved from Hell to Purgatory in Lagos.. ** Runs away...

Oya Blogger Stats.. The post e haf too one kain.

Most of my peeps from Uni are really getting in on the swing of Blogger.. annnnddddd.. one of my Day 1 crushes recently got back on active blogging and she be bursting my head still.. her name is Ella iTrip iBlush… Ella is a fantastic blogger and she writes it as she thinks it..  She kinda writes like the ghen Esther.. I really do enjoy her reality posts… She bad like that.. Please swing in to say Hello if you can.

Ms TLG is baccccccckkk.. Now I have 3 very favorite Blogs from the blog Generation before ours; Ms TLG’s, Mzz Sykik’s and **Drum Roolllllll my Toinlicious Toin.. I loooovvveeee Toin! Although she is now insulting me Non-stop lori  WhatsApp.. I love her still..  Ehen! Ms TLG is on fire Gang, and she is dropping gist as it is hot.. Please do well to enjoy it. She has this very ghen ghen post up already. I am thrilled.

Modupe Abolade. You know ehn Gang.. There is someRRin about being young.. and it the fact that you have your entire life ahead of you… Now Mo. is my Baby and I love her scaRRa.. she is back on Blogsville after a very Annoying Hiatus that I haven’t forgiven her for  **wears straight face.. Please show this geh who means a part of me like Itimi and Sophie, if you can, and I will always love you.

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD 

Internal CONFUSED Memorandum...

To all ghen ghen members of the ordinary YnC  Gang

If you are in Nigeria yeah, and you are reading this ehn, then I am glad to inform you that you are still one of the few that survived the #PetrolCalypse of last weekend.. Mehn at a Time I thought the world was ending.. **Crying in spanish.. I am thankful for ya life eh and that of ya battery… Kindly be informed that Duru  (who is confused normally) will be unable to put up the Monday post before 8AM today due to the below:

Duru is currently in a state of Hooompaloompa.. as he has little Fuel left in his Fathers  generator as 1 litter is Naira 300 in Festac… he has no Money as salary e haf finish.. No GehFriend… Hasn’t seen NEPA Light in the last 2 days 12 hours fourteen minutes, the water in his fathers house e haf finish so he has been fetching H2O from the well sinceeee.. and now has muscles like The Rock :(, he still has not gotten laid since 19kokoro cause all the gehs are doing Nyanga and want to either eat free money THAT HE DOESN’T HAVE, or get married that IS NOT EVEN AN OPTION NOW.. **Yimu 

In the light of the above.. My confusion just as my cravings have reached its peak, and it is wrong for a man to be confused, frustrated  and Horny at the same time.

We sincerely apologize for this post to those who might be offended by my sincerity, and we promise to put up a post once I have fuel to put in my brain…

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. Esther Koko, Oga Boss Alphasoar , Funmi toh sure and all those accurate time keepers wihh not talk now. You guys do me a great honor with your time, love and support. I am the most worthless NOTHING without you guys

P.S: I plan to go to the photo studio on my way back from the 8-5 today to take some picSHUrs and will try my bestest best to put up a post before Dawn today .. In the words of the great, smart, sexy DoroCuteandClassy plus ever beauRRiful someboRRy called Eniwealth  (whose picSHur is on my Template as her beauRRy trips me.. )"Thank you for always gang.." You guys rock… Lemme go and drink coffee, try and hustle money to buy a Q10 and a Star Times decoder.. and go and look for woman to disturb on Facebook Messanger or Whatsapp… hehehe **Tongue out Maybe I will be better after wards.. Oya bye bye. See you before Dawn insha Allah

Oya no vex, 1 more play play shenanigan :p... 

"If Bae that I dont have.. tells you: Duru No sex till you turn on the gen and put on the Airconditioner..  Mehnn Clean your eyes with Tura Soap and water so it shines brightly.. look bae in the eyes koro koro and tell her.. Baby I Love you with all my heart yeah.. but I am going Celibate till May 29, cause #AintNobodygotFuelforthat :*"

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#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Hi people!
How was your weekend? Mine was full of activities. And your week? How is it going? This week seems to be running. It's Wednesday already!
It's all good!

Please you all should help me compare or analyze these two stories.

I was at a friend's place when his friend walked in, he was courteous, he said hi and we introduced ourselves. I continued with my business. Soon after, he brought out a bunch of raw plantain from his plastic bag. I watched in anticipation wondering what he would do next and am sure you wouldn't guess right if you tried.

There were 5 of them, he peeled them one after the other and ate them all right in front of me. Mehn!!! I couldn't help laughing. Interestingly, the guy didn't send at all. he ate his raw plantains unapologetically after all, it was his money, his mouth and his belly. As he ate, he was lamenting about how being a bachelor hasn't been easy and how he needs to get married soon. Curious, I asked "have you eaten today"? He said he ate rice in the morning but was hungry again. He narrated that he wanted to buy roasted plantains from a woman but she had sold all but 3 which she said had been paid for. Because he was so hungry, he waited for the owner of the roasted plantain and pleaded with him to sell one to him but the guy refused. He explained that he got angry and decided to buy raw plantains to eat. I asked why he didn't cook or fry it and he said his stomach would process it. He added that the raw plantain was very filling unlike bread or any other food he could think of. I had a good time laughing.

One thing I appreciated about this very interesting young man was his sincerity, he had no reason to act like what he wasn't, he was himself.
His sincerity may seem like no big deal but being sincere is not so easy for some other people even in the most little things.

On the other hand, I have a female friend who for as long as I have known her hasn't been 100% truthful about anything about herself. I mean, it's difficult for me to even give an accurate info about her to someone else.
She would lie about her schooling, about her course of study, about her relationships and so on. Although, she may not always be telling a lie, but since she has been untruthful in the past and told people different things, it's only natural for me to find it difficult to believe anything she says.

Recently, her boss told me the babe duped her of a large sum of money. They asked what she did it and she said she used it to fund her make up studio. We were surprised because, is it your madam's money you should use to set up your studio? Plus, am sure she must have given people an impression that she was a BIG CHIC and of course, with plenty money too. She must have hyped her status so much that she just had to meet up to what she had claimed to be and no thanks to these Social media, people can easily want to lie. Her habit of putting up a false image pushed her to the extreme.

She lies about things that in my opinion are not worth lying about. It's just terrible. The irony is that this chic in my eye is beautiful and I believe she is a good person and has good attributes. But these lies ehn!!! It's a big issue. I pray she comes out of it because her image is at stake.

People have different reasons for telling lies and faking their self image. But what do we think?

I feel, if you can't be honest about a matter then don't just talk about it. It's even worse when you don't ask the person and the person decides to engage you in a conversation that is filled with lies.

I guess, some of us can't help telling lies at times but our self image is always at stake. A lie is never the way out, it may seem so initially but not on the long run.
If you don't want a person to know the truth about something then don't start the conversation at all.

It's about one's VALUE SYSTEM. 
Honesty is a virtue of a person of integrity.

May we all be people of integrity where our Nay is Nay and our Yea is Yea. Amen.

Much love...


Monday, 18 May 2015

#MyBachelorsDiary_ What am I?!

Pre-Script: I am absolutely NOTHING without you guys... The ghen ghen love and support you great Young minds show to me hacSHually amazes me, and melts my heart like boiling ring... I mean all i am is but a 23 years 5 months and 5 days old young and utterly confused man in search of peace, but its you guys that are the real MVP...

Turn uP Turn uP ladies and Gentlemen, what gwan?! Kilonpop?? Kilon freaking shele?! **wait gimme a sec... I need to send a lie lie mail to the place of survival... **reaches for Mobile...OKAY guys I am back... The ish is i am ill... I have a cold, and a tano tano fever that comes and goes like Nigerian NEPA light... And on top of that i had to travel, so i am currently at Enugu, but i had to lie to them at work that i am just ill so they will not goan come and be thinking i haf found another job, whereas Omolomo is still hustling..... I mean i haf collected and chopped my leave allowance siiiiinnncccee 19 kokoro.. So i cannot afford to go on whats left of my annual  leave  till like Mber month :(. Hope you guys Turned uP oh, hope you had madt fun?! Oya lemme just officially tell you that i will be going on a ghen ghen date with one very ghen ghen Fashion blogger next week Saturday... In beauriful Clara's voice... Yyyyyaaayyy... i haf been asking this geh out for over 1 year nah, **crying in french... her senselense is just too much, but last week yeah, she had an ish with her comment section, and as a guy man nah, i did it for her and inturn asked her out AGAIN for like the 1 millionth time... and she said Yes... heheheh you need to see my smile right now gang, i am so feeling lile a fish....
....and FYKI the hair didnt end up looking too bad afterall :)

So guys I am glad to tell you that i think its time for me to change... **wears straight face... I need to cut a bit of my woman wrapper lifestyle off, and reduce on pursuing woman like Ant does Sugar... I mean I AM DONE, and this time, unlike my letter of resignation post, its for real..  Cc. Ice. You see ehn, before i came to Enugu ehn, I called one very faaaiiinnneee sexy geh to meet me at the Enugu accomodation so we can PLAY small, and gang y'all wont believe that this oniranu geh was saying Yh Yh Yh up and down Lori whatsapp... giving me full assurance that my night was gonna be ghen ghen when i get here... as in ehn... In my mind the groove was sure, as i was ready to shake the foundations of this house regardless that i have Fever oh **winks... Maybe her heat would have healed me sef faster than all these drugs... And then bam... I got into Enugu by 6:33 PM last night and reached out to my bae and she refused to turn up... i tried to get her hear, but for where?! The bae had deceived me... **crying in Catalan... So that Gang was how omolomo slept Solo and is writting this post without woman warmth... and the crowd goes... Aaaawwwgbghhhh... But guys truth is I am done... I am tired of this kinda life... I cant keep on with this kinda life... I cant afford an STD, pregnancy or anymore disrespect as I have gotten in the past years... I mean last night yeah, I was talking with the amazing Sophie and she was like you always say that, but end up going back... Well this time fam, amma gonna try To stick to my guns...

How did i get here?! 

As a kid yeah,  i always wanted to be what i am becoming... A cassanova... TOTAL one... The kind that has load of cash and cars and who got laid daily by different women... To me it was an endearing Lifestyle... You know i saw Jim Iyke and Ramsey Noah in all their glamour back then, plus all their player player movies and i was like... this is what i wanna be when i grow up... **covers face... But enroute becoming the man of my dreams, i realise there is nothing much to it than wasting body fluids on a daily basis, and since i am not RICH yet, i realised that it is now my small tintinli savings that is suffering... Bikonu... If i am to hit the Target by 25, i gats stop.

What Am I?!

 Do you ever ask yourself this question gang?! Well i do all the time... on a flip side though, I would like to officially tell you gang that after 5 months and 7 days and 6 Hours 48 minutes since my last geh friend broke up with me... I have finaly moved on... I mean it was long over due... I have been hurting on a low and silently hoping we would get back together.. but Naaaahhh... I dont think its ever gonna happen... So i called her last Monday and said Baby I love you... But i have gotta go and i have gotta let you go... She kinda sounded like there was a future when we leave the shores of Nigeria Insha Allah, but bikonu.. I am done... Now gang, the end of that relationship last November 11 killed the good side of me... i mean i literally loved that geh with all my heart... and her not aggreing to be with me kinda made me go "what tha hell... this love ish aint worth it..." You see her choosing to not be with me shattered me... You know after she left yeah, all i used to heal was sex and Alcohol... Aswear it was a deep ish and my it was crazy... I almost slept with a married woman sef just to heal, and it was madantin... I became a freak, pervert and a sex freak show, and thinking of how little the amount of financial deals i have struck from then till now makes me realise thaat this sex life isnt it. You only lose and never gain.

Where am I going?! 

Truth is i dunno... i have no idea what the future holds for me, but I will dance like no one is watching regardless... Looking forward from here, i dunno who i will be with tomorrow, but what i do know is that I need something stable.. I know i am scorpio and we like sex like say na food, but its time to get some control... Its time to live and not exist.... I mean i have been asking myself a series of kweshions for a bit, and i havent been able to get a sincere answer... So this time, i need to set my life straight... And i need to be able to understand that I aint better than any 24 years old young man with raging hormones and Ego..but at least i need to realise that I can be different from them. cause this chasing woman life yeah... e haf tire me aswear... If you are a young man like me out there, kindly understand that the Cassanova lifestyle just aint worth it... **deep sigh...

Oya wait this post it haf too insult me and finish... aha kilode?!... EveryboRRy will now come and be seeing me like i need MFM deliverance. Hehehehe... I cant believe i even wrote it without being under the influence?!**cleans sweat... damn! I am really growing... Wait its not like i haf gotten laid so mamy times oh... But just that i know i lack self control and i need it.

So last week was a very ghen ghen someRRin for me oh... Cause ehnn the something that haPPin ehn...mehn Gang a NeFer hexspeRRed the amazing 1+ The ONE  had me invited to come speak on a show called Men Room at Nigeria Info (99.3)... And i had to say it was the shiZZle ma Niggles **shines teeth... I had so much fun ehn... I can only wait and hope to be invited again... And then i gotta see all the celebrities that e haf been bursting my head since all this whil... Oya see picSHurs below.
... and that ladies and gentlemen is the beauriful Ayo Thompson... iTrip

Gang, i am a big fan of and seeing her was just a dream come true something...

.... See the a neFer hexspeRRed it smile...

For the record gang... Radio life is the fu life... i am even considering doing a double.... Engr. by day, OAP by night...
.... and i also got to see Emma Oh my GOD...Amazing guy i tell you.... 
And I got a shot with the Amazing Mr. OJ Adaba.. awesome guy i tell you...

Aight guys, i have to run, need to catch a bus outta Enugu in some minutes... Ehmmm lets just call this time of my life The Pursuit of happYness..

Blogger Status...

As a big time fan of Bella Naija, I met a new blogger last week as she wrote on there... She talks a lot of women gist, so i bet all the ladies in the YnCGang will like her.... I dunno why oh, but i feel Eniola will love her the most **wears Evil grin... Her name is Savannah... Kindly click on her name to link to her blog...

Tomilola Lawal is back and waaayyyyy ghen-ghenER... she had been MIA for a bit, and hell i missed her... but now she is back... please click on the link to see..

Mzz Sykik.... now i just love this lady beyond words... She is giving us tales about her Pregnancy journey and its loadddd of fun... trust me its never a dull moment with Mzz Sykik, so please gang, go on ger blog and join in our happiness... That lady and Egbon Toin are just drop dead Hillarious aswear... hehehehn.

P.S: I know Janyl Benyls current secret oh, and i am still trying to blackmail her into buying me an iPhone 6 or a Playstation 4 at least... wish me luck guys... **Winks at Mama

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang, you do me a great honor with it.... My prayer for you is that in this new week yeah, no body will disappoint you like my Enugu body warmer did... **covers face...and the crowd goes... Ooooossshhheey Turn uP!

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

We are NIGERIA...

My name is Mariam and I am Nigerian.

When I look in the mirror, I see beauty in my rich dark skin. I don't just see beauty, I see beauty, I see brains, potential, I see hope for a new Nigeria.
If you have seen the movie: THE BUTLER, 12 YEARS A SLAVE and other slave movies and also if you are conversant with the African history, you will understand that the black race indeed has gone through a whole lot. *deep sigh.

Our Fathers have had to suffer alot for us to get to where we are. To all those who fought for justice and freedom. We celebrate you and to those who were given power and mis-used it, God dey.

Its no news that the Nigerian economy is shaky, little improvements here and there, insecurity, corruption, name it. I mean if we were to mention all the vices, it will probably occupy a full page if not more. But then i believe that the quality and hope of a nation is in the quality of its people.

In Lagos where I live, I hear people talk about what was done, what wasn't done, and what should have been done.

Everyone around here seems to proffer solutions to our many problems, its like an average Nigerian is a political analyst. I love my country because its people are passionate. We seem so concerned for our Country, our leaders, our system and our leaders.

I think that if our 'talkings' were the solution to our many issues, then we ought to have gotten many solved by now, but of course as we have seen, this is far from the truth.

The talk is good because we really must air our views but what good is the talk when our words aren't backed up with actions? Or our words are not in line with our actions. That is Schizophrenic.

What good is the talk when in our hearts, we are divided. He is Igbo, she is Yoruba... I am Hausa...

What good is the talk when a large number of us are so religious but we do not produce fruits. Doesn't the bible teach that you are known by your fruits?

What good is the talk when there is greed and impatience. All you need is to drive on Lagos roads and you'll understand this.

What good is the talk when many are not people of integrity. I mean, why do you write 7:30 am in your office register when indeed you were there at 8:30.

What good is the talk when we cannot love one another.

What good is the talk when parents are getting too busy trying to make all the money and have no time to nurture their precious little children?

What good is the talk when we don't want to sacrifice and be criticized for doing what we know is right. Like Ben Bruce Said: 

"the problem of Nigeria is right and wrong"

What good is the talk...

I believe in people, yea...I cant help it. In my opinion, there is no other way.
If you have a productive people, you'll have a productive Nation. If you have a excellent people, you'll have an excellent Nation. Its really about the people.

Some one once said that if all Nigerians travel to America and vice versa, all that hasn't worked here will begin working and all that has been working in America will stop working. What does that tell you?

Our image as a country has really been dented by acts of Nigerians in foreign Countries but we must also not forget that there are so many others who are flying our flag high, I mean really high. In every sector, business, entertainment, media, advertising, leadership, and so on.

One reason I am glad to be on this platform (Blogsville) is the opportunity it has given me to interact with so many other bloggers.

I read alot of our posts and i am so glad and amazed at the quality of minds that are here. Some peoples writing skill are impeccable, some others are so so creative, open minded, blunt and witty. Wow! I am a proud Nigerian... I mean words cannot express how much i believe in this Nation and in our Country Nigeria and her people...

So now that,
Girls are being kidnapped, raped, impregnated and abused. And boys are all about money, fame, sex and swagger.

Now that you are tempted to pay your way through the things you need to get done and cut corners.

Now that, the dollar price has gone so high and fuel is scarce and you cant understand why.

Now that, you want to curse the Government and society for the things you have gone through, maybe poor education, lack of jobs e.t.c.

I would like you to stand up, look in the mirror and tell me what you see...
What you see is what you believe that you are, it is what you will become, it is what you will contribute to Nigeria and it is what you'll pass on to your unborn children and great grand children.

What you see is the hope of our Nation...
What you see is what will keep you going despite of all these chaos and confusion... What you see is Nigeria...

We are the Change. We are Nigeria.

Much love.... MariamOre.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Live and let Live Biko...

Pre-Script: Please Please please gang.. Come over to the blog for Wednesday's with Mariam.. She is frosh like that and so full of wisdom.. I beg you in the name of Petrol :) Oya thank ya don't menSHion :).

**Wipes spiritual sweat.. **Looks at right hand… Kai what I have done with this my hands in this my short life ehn!! LawddavMercy! **takes off confused Bracelet.. Good morning great  young minds.. what gwan gang?! Whats the 411?! Kilonpop?! Kilonshele?! Kilon freaking happen ninu aye e?! okay so I have been geRRin into some serious Woman troubles of recent cause of this my yeye lifestyle.. its so bad that I got a couple of strange IM’s.. Okay don’t call me a pervert orrr a Woamn wrapper or a Home breaker oh! cause I am definitely not.. I like to see myself as a Young and Confused 23 years 4 months 30 days old child who just likes to Dance like no one is watching….. That’s fair enough yeah?!  Aight so lemme Amebo you a  bit gang.. Last month a Friends husband read a couple of sex related chats I sent to his wife.. and lets just say if I near their house in Rivers state yeah, I am dead :(…  And as if that wasn’t enough  trouble… Someone's Boyfriend just outta the blues wrote me a message on Facebook saying and I quote “stay away from MY Girl” hehehe Really ya geh! Haf you pay bride price ni?! heheheh and I was like lobatan! If you haven’t married her she is free in the market.. I didn’t tell him that oh, but I washed him with Hypo and my guy calmed down :).. And to put icing on the cake.. One geh said to me last week.. “JdB god will judge you for all the innocent girls you have been deceiving” and I am like AH!! Me ke?! I did not deceive anyboRRy oh! Its official gang having that I am not ready to die or have a broken head… I need to quit this life and either get married.. Orrrr start donating sperm for 20k a case :)… orrrr Join the monastery.. Cause if I goan come and give Omolomo Pregnancy before I hit 27 ehn.. My Papa is definitely gonna disown me and the child. Nuff said.. Say no to my kind of life when my head is not in control or is it my HEAD that is actually in Control?!

Growing up.. My father was a big fan of Late Chief Oliver d Coque.. I mean my Dad was a rolling stone and player Player  like that when he was younger, sooo he would literally blast his record all day on Sundays while my mum would be making pepper soup or something in the kitchen.. Mehhnnn I had a relatively fun growing up oh! Where did all those fun times go?! Now the ish was I had no idea what the Phrase “Mbili oh! Mbili kam Mbili” in his fav track meant until I was 17 in 300 Level of an Igbo speaking state.. It was then I realized it meant Live and let live… hence this post... you see gang, life is one kain..  and we Humans are just one kain by default.. Soooo.. In the voice of someoRRy I used to reallllyyy love yeah.. Lets Talk.

I was supposed to go represent the coy which i work for outside Lagos some days back.. I mean it was a small something.. But it meant a lot to me.. Now my job is a very interesting one.. I cant really describe it because when Ribena went with me to the Abuja consulate office, my Boss found out that I write for a blog so Amma not jeopardize my job by writing plenty plenty details here. But what my Hustle entails is you proving yaself, or you are fucked **For lack of a better choice of words.. (Tomi taught me this one lori Instagram last week).. You know ehn gang.. Most times everyone is oblivious (Janyl taught me this one too last week) of the fact that you are bursting ya ass. They just want you to impress.. and a member of top management said to me a some days ago.. “Duru you never Impress” Mehn that day ehn.. remain small gang, I would have gone to sleep with 10 women of the night. So in line with my trip above, a senior colleague called and canceled my trip for no just cause indicating it was a waste of funds.. and I was like fuck my life.. You know everything was ready.. I had collected the cash at the office, I had called my Outta Lagos bae friend that I was coming so i wouldnt be lonely on cold nights. And I was going to help Dr Duru apply for housemanship.. (Yeah that reminds me.. Please if you can help my sister get a placement at any Federalm Clinic... I would be very grateful.. She is a Full Medical graduate) and then someboRRy checkmated the move. I mean the guy just thwarted it all.. I was sad, but most of all I was surprised  cause this trip meant a lot to me as I really needed to grow.. Apparently it feels like this someboRRy that canceled this trip is just bent on putting me in a box as it seems like he fears I will take the shine… and I am like me? Me that is trying to not get sacked.. smh

You know I am not perfect.. but aswear I do my best… I mean I am human myself, and atimes I feel the urge to want to be jealous… to want to not let another surpass me as I am only human.. But life is teaching me that being Jealous in its stand isn’t bad.. but acting upon this jealousy is wrong.. I mean some people obviously feel intimidated by the work of another.. They feel like no matter how hard you try you should not pass by them.. They feel like your time is not now.. But what I will tell you is what Aisha (My High school Crush) Dr. Duru and my Dad told over the weekend.. which goes... "At the right time,  whats yours will be yours". So no Pressure. I mean I dunno the secret to success, but one secret of Failure is trying to put down another.

You know there is something about life.. and it’s the fact that no one can block another person’s shine.. Kindly permit me to paint you a picShur gang.. Imagine picking a star yeah, and putting it in a black Box.. Now I mean a REAL Big Star from the sky oh! What do you think would happen?! Would it stop shining and become dim.. or would it shine brighter and illuminate a glow so bright the box would look Yellow?! Yep! I thought so too.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us a great Honor with your words.. and my prayer for you this week is that you will find a minute of stillness and peace in the midst of all these confusions of life and fuel scarcity and senseless traffic jams. You Rock gang and you are guys are my legitimate why. And the crowd goes Ooossshheeey Turn uP!

Blogger Stats.

So I met a really amazing new blogger, and her name is iBlog with grace.. Now one thing which I really do love about her is the fact that I can TOTALLY connect to her as she seems really young and full of life.. So gang if you can.. Please show her some love.

EgwumbA! Gang there is a new blogger on the block.. and his name is Egwumba and he is bad like that.. We went to University and were class mates for 5 years.. Now me and him are like cat and Rat as we fought more times that I can remember in Uni, but that doesn’t change that fact that he is an excellent writer full of wisdom. He was Chief Editor of our Year Book, school Newspaper and a whole lotsa stuffs... Please go over to his blog and show him some love if you can gang as he is frosh like that.

Oya this post e haf too serious.. its Play Play time…

So having that I am trying to form fine boy up and down… I am trying to up my swagger game, shoe game and Investment game all in a bit to get laid more times in 2015 oh! Soooo.. that was how Omolomo went to come and go and relax his hair yesterday.. I mean I knew I wanted to be frosh.. but I had to Idea that it will turn me into a Micheal Jackson someboRRy as my head was now looking like Rat ate part of it.. **covers face… So please enjoy the picShurs below, and don’t trip for my muscles and sexy abs too much oh! **Covers face.. Cheers.
... the 150 Naira cause...
... The Process...
.. The result where rat ate a part...
... and The Final fine boy... Ooosssshheeey Turn uP! **Winks...

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD