Friday, 29 May 2015

Dear Mr. President...


Ref: YnC/OL/FGN/29052015/L.01

The Young and Comfused Inc.

Somewhere in Festac,

P.O Box 0419



29th May 2015.

Office of the Public Citizen,

Aso Rock Villa,



Dear Mr. President,


Time... 4.18 AM.

Making kind reference to the last 6 years of my life as a Nigerian, i write this letter. I write it not out of joy, not out of pain, not out of excitement, or out of tears, but out of a very open yet still confused heart. Permit me Mr. President to commenece by stating that at this time, the FOI Bill is still very much in place, and on this very day.. May the 29th, Nigeria has no leader... GMB is coming in, and GEJ and his cabinet are going out... And I am a tad elated, cause its imperative for a country to be at this point... A point of change.. A point of hope... A point of decision and change in leadership. To this I say a hearty congratulations to my fellow country men..

Mr. Jonathan.. Oh how i remember the begining of your tenure... The promise and hope that preceeded your administration.. How many and I inclusive, refered to you as heaven sent... How in the year 2009, we all stood behind you when a section of Nigeria tried to prevent your ascension to power... Oh i remember the year 2011 when I just turned liable to vote.. I remember the hope we saw in you, the messiah we saw you as... The breath of fresh air you promised us... I believed in you enough to vote for you, Nigerians voted for you in a landslide way, and you won... I voted for you sir... We voted for you... But then l ask you Mr. President, how did you lose it all?! How did you lose the love of the entire nation?! How did literally 60 percent of the same people that loved and supported you in 2011 turn around and hate and despise you so much?! You tell me sir! Please.

As you exit your office today Mr GEJ, i do not know what I will never forget, whether it shall be the mediocrity that surrounded your government... Or the "I had no shoes" phrase that encouraged young people to hypocritically (Pardon my judgement) trek for you with theirs... Or the January 2nd 2012 subsidy "419" that darkened the entire year...or shall it be the strike moments, or the awesome parastatal boses that didnt know their own official website and went "The official website of the NSCDC is www.nscdc. **clears throat ...dasallll... Or more still, shall it be the famous "In all this blood you are sharing Diarisgod" First lady?!... Or should i forget the missing Trillions turned Billions and then Trillions again.. Or the case of the aviation ministries bullet proof cars, that were bought at ridiculous amounts, and still were never resolved... Or will it be the #BringBackOurGirls theme which we dont know of a sincerity if it was true or not... And of if it is true.. We still dont know where those kids are.. Or shall it be the 4 days Darkness and lack of fuel of the outgoing week. **deep sigh... Its sad sir... You failed me... You failed us. 

I cannot say for sure how it feels to be President, but as a Citizen of this nation, I know what went wrong in your Administration... You lost control too early... You could not control your World Bank Financial guru ,with her many many grammar that caused panic, nor your Opec Missy that showed no concern in time of pain, nor your Agbani wife who was more of a leader than you are... You couldnt control the insurgencies... You could not help the masses buy shoes you didnt have.. Hell... you couldnt even control your own words, as you used your words to hurt yourself saying things like "I am not a General, or lion" I agree sir... You were not, but you were leader of a free world.. Leader of the country with the best economy in Africa... The Giant of Africa... The problem Mr GEJ, is you were a king with a medicores mind who didnt give his citizens hope sir...

Dear Mr Buhari, I did not vote for you sir at the last elecSHion. Lets just say that i believe the past is a strong part of a man... And yours didnt show hope of nor faith in democracy... It showed a tad of tyrancy.. Harshness hovered by fear and not love... I am a big fan of your publicity managers Mr. Adebola Williams and Mr. Chude Jideonwo of State Craft Inc. and they believe in you.... Alongside them, over a million other Nigerians do... Please dont let them down sir.I recently read a quote on BellaNaija which was attributed to you, in which you said:

"I cannot change the past, but i can change the present and the future..."
 Please do sir.

As a 23 years 5 months and 17days old Nigerian, Mr Buhari, all i ask of you is Hope... Not a million jobs in 1 year, not an overnight Angelic conversion of my side of this hell hole called a nation, not a drastic stop in corruption over night... Not a ghen ghen ressurection of the power sector, not for all the senseless bulleys called police men that litter our Lagos roads to disappear overnight, not for the Boko haram insurgents to be ambushed, caught and arrested plus then hung at the gallows... All i ask sir is that you give me HOPE... Hope that someday, maybe in your regime or that of another sir, the above will happen... Mr. President, i dont want change i want hope.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time sir, you do me a great honor with it... I pray that the next 4 years of our life as a nation will have no reason to Turn Down... But we shall only Turn uP. 

Kindly be assured of our Highest consideration,

For: Young and Confused /The Blog/

Duru John de Beloved..

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. Replies
    1. True that Bubba... my it's nice to read from the ghen ghen Amaka again... it's literally been forever... **crying in French... please don't leave us again oh Bubba... PllllleeeaaasSseee...

  2. Buhari is our hope. I believe Nigeria will be a better place from now henceforth

    1. Awwwwgggghhh me too Bubbammm it's amazing that we all believe in this new leader... I beg him in the name of petrol that we don't have to not fail us oh :) thanks for loving us today and always Morayo... you are the real MVP...

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad, and its great for you to give him a shout out here. Best wishes to him.

    Moving on, the idea behind your letter is a great one. We all should write a letter to express our true feelings about our dear country...weaving through past and present events and holding politicians accountable.

    Having said that, I believe that change will lead to hope. After all what is hope if not endurance, faith, expectation and achievement. The future starts now. It starts from you and I...going out of our way to do something, to be active, to talk when it matters, and to stand up for what is right. Change should start from within, as well as hope.

    1. Truly Blogoratti... inshort forget Osinbanjo... after Buhari na you... Ooooosssshhhheeey Turn up.. winks... I was hoping in my mind that you and T-Notes Baba and Janyl would join in reading this... truly I believe that if nothing. has been proven in this past elections yeah.... at least it has proven that our voices and votes as ordinary citizens counts... hopefully my hope will come... hopefully Buhari will deliver... thank you for being a back bone to this confused blog boss... Mariam and I appreciate... Cheers Oga boss...

  4. Replies
    1. Oooooooosssssshhheeeeey Turn uP... zeezah?! it's a lie... ** Gouges out eye balls and soaks them in Hypo... I can't believe my eyess... thanks for stopping by Bae... it's been agessssss.... How are you Baby mi?!

  5. Happy Birthday to Barr Duru.

    Brother me once there is life there is hope, I also hope Baba brings this change, even tho it will never be instant.

    1. Yeah... ice for the ladies... I hope so too... make we dey watch sha... hopefully Buhari won't fail us like GEJ did... Thanks for the best wishes to my ghen ghen Papa @Ice for the ladies and Oga Boss Blogoratti... he will hear. cheers

  6. Happy belated birthday sir! This is sure an aproko letter! Nice. Duru after everything said and written, how do we send the letter to them? And besides it seems we have a big issue on our arms, how do we share the letter to them both? Abi you never knew you brought GEJ wahala to GMB's desk in your letter right?.

    Okay here is the solution, we gonna tear the letter neatly into two halves, the first part straight to Otuoke and the other to Aso Villa. What do you say... Applauds!!!!

  7. Awwww! Happy birthday to your dad.
    I've never understood Nigerian politics or any other for that matter which is sad cos I'm writing an orientation test regarding politics in Germany soon!(I will so flunk!) However, I do find it strange that pasts presidents keep campaigning and in some cases, winning. How will tour rule be different from earlier. What do you plan to do now that you couldn't do before? Johnathan was like freshly baked bread when he first burst on the political scene and were all excited in regards to how he would make things least I was. A friend said she thinks a younger person should be given the chance at aso Rock. My opinion? Your age isn't the deciding factor. Sure it would be great to have a president who isn't "close to the grave" for lack of a better phrase but let's see sha. Who knows, he just might be the distraction needed to change things. Would I have voted for him? No. I don't agree with former presidents making a come back. Do I believe he would make any difference? No, but I hope he does.