Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The complexity of the HUMAN BEING...

Precious people, howdy? Welcome to  Wednesdays with MariamOre here on YnC.
Last week, we spoke about lies. Today, I wanna share some thoughts with you. I hope it provokes fellow thinkers to think also.

I realize that we humans are a complex bunch. By humans, I mean you and I.

The Man:
He is Spirit
He has a Soul
He lives in a Body.
His body is what we see.
What he thinks is who he is.
What he does is what he is known for.
What we see doesn't always portray the state of his heart and mind. He may smile but in his heart is tears and filled with sorrow.
He may speak but his heart is far from his words.
His good deeds may be with evil intentions.
Man is a complex being.
His Mind, His Emotions, His Thoughts, His Feelings, His Perception, His Attitude, His Character, His Responses, His Abilities, Capabilities and His Potentials. All these and many more make Him the complex being that he is.

Man searches for LOVE, for PEACE and JOY.
For every man desires to be recognized, noticed, appreciated and pleased.

How do you explain the action of a teenager who decides to post a crazy picture of herself because she wants to have more likes on instagram?


At least, we all know how we feel when we look good (many of us feel like princesses) or when we achieve something "big".

Man searches for acceptance! Have you wondered why God instituted Marriage? These I believe are some of the reasons. In man, is an earnest desire to be wanted.
It was not good for man to be alone so God created Eve. For Co-existence.

In a man's heart is Evil and the desires of his flesh are insatiable especially if he permits it.
Like Oliver Twist, Man Craves For More!
More likes, More Comments, More accolades, More chocolates, More cloths, More freedom, More Money, More Cars, More Women, More food, More and More!

The man wants to announce to the whole world that he helped someone and finds it hard to forgive another, let alone forget.

The man wrestles with all those who share a different opinion from his. He flaunts and flaunts. He can't be humble and he would not listen.

The man gives excuses for mistakes, every critic is an enemy. He wants to be understood, he wants to be listened to. He points his fingers at others but never to himself.


Who is that Man that is unlike Men? It is the Man that unlocks the mysteries of the human nature and ascends beyond the natural realm. He invests in His Spirit, Regulates the thoughts of His Mind, He cautions what He sees, ears and says.
 He can then have control over his body.
He is brave, he is strong, wise and diligent.
He listens more than he talks.
He desires success but he is also willing to pay the price.
He loves others and gives more, maybe even more than he receives.
He is not controlled by his feelings.
He understands his strength and not intimidated by the success of another.
He is teachable.
He is hard working.
He is humble.
He prepares for his tomorrow. Like the ants, he prepares for winter in the summer.
He understands that life is only a stage and people are one of his greatest assets.
Above all, he Seeks to know His Creator. He seeks knowledge.

He is the. M  Mature
               A. Accurate

               N. Natural
He is mature, accurate and natural.

It's okay if you don't agree with everything above.
I respect your opinions.

Much love.... MariamOre

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  1. I was frowning at your post for the first two paragraphs, thinking to myself this girl wants to murder man abi, and then I came to the third and smiled.. nice post sweet and just want to ask have you ever read any of Paul Coelho's books. Like this post so reminds me of one of his books 'The Pilgrimage'

    1. My precious one. Am glad u went further to read ooo! When I started reading ur comment, me sef fear. When I saw dat u smiled,den I smiled. Am glad u read further.thanks.
      I haven't read any of Paul Coelho's books but becos it's 4rm u, i'll find it n read at least 1.
      Hmmmm...the Pilgrimage, Av seen d movie though.

  2. According to Vera Nazarian, love is made up of three unconditional properties-acceptance, understanding and appreciation. Having said that, its hard to live in today's society and not seek acceptance. But when you accept who you are, understand where you are going, and appreciate where you are coming certainly becomes a lot easier.
    A purpose driven life is one of love, courage, and humility. That's what we all should strive for. Best wishes!

    1. Very true bro. Ur words are ever enlightening. Thanks.