Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Time is Time...

Hi guys, how has your week been? You are welcome to the beautiful month of May.
Its my first post this month, wasnt here last week due to some little ishes(i.e. If there is any word like that) with my gadgets.
Am glad am here, missed you all. To my lovely Rella, thanks for checking on us and my boss didn't sack me ooo, well.... not I still have about eight more posts to go.
Many many thanks to you my people for the love you have shown, so grateful. Ese pupo, Dalu o!

Two weeks ago, we shared thoughts about our beautiful friends, reading your comments made me glad.
Today, its about The Mean Guy Called TIME. You'll understand why i called him Mean.

Time, it ticks....tick, tick says the clock... Time moves at its own pace and velocity, it doesnt care about anything, it cant and it wouldn't wait for nobody. I think the guy is mean and selfish.
6am....6pm....12midnight....24 hours is gone! Yep! Its GONE...another 24 hour cycle begins.

The 6 month old baby girl, 24years later, is thinking of getting married.
The 4 year course you started studying in the University will be over before you know it.

So time indeed flies...Abi? Or Is it my imagination?
I wonder, time...who are you?
Are you are specie of bird and you fly? ....time flies!
Are you are a currency note that can be spent?....spend time!
Are you a type of food that can be wasted?.....waste time!
Or are you just a wall clock that controls the sun's rising and setting?
I was born into this world and you have been there for as long as the world fact, am sure the time i was born was recorded only that i never asked,... that is if my mom can remember. I mean, our day is measured in time, our life measured in time(years). Or maybe time is a measuring scale.
It is well! Time is time I guess....

Time passes, yesterday becomes a memory and all we have is today and the years ahead.

Do you sometimes sit down and wonder, what have i done today? You just know that you are alive, living sha but you cant really account for 12 hours of your day.....well, i think about it. Honestly guys, i look forward to living my life being time conscious and spending it on things and with people that "really matter". I realized early in life that time aight recoverable at alllll! If its wasted, its WASTED. FULL STOP!!!

Lets look at some time wasters, there are many but here are a few;

1. Giving excuses is a waste of time: A lot of us, instead of thinking of ways to be productive and adding value to ourselves and our society what we do is give excuses. No time for excuses o. Do what you need to do. We all have one excuse or another but its a choice we make to live above our limitations. Thats what makes one a champion.

2.Brooding over our past is a waste of time: I agree that our past is capable of influencing our present but sincerely, it must not dictate our future. Let the past be in the past, lets work towards the bright future we all dream of. This may not be so easy but its possible.

3.Lazying around doing nothing is a waste of time. Very simple and short. I have had times when i slept so much, my head started to am serious... Rest is very good but don't over do it.

4.Thinking negative thoughts is a waste of time: Although, for some people, its their specialty and we all battle with negative thoughts every now and then but really, it never profits anything. You think bad thoughts, you get negative results and vice versa.

I must also add that some people are time wasters, some conversations are completely unnecessary so please lets save ourselves some stress and also, some time.

You could decide to learn something, play your favorite sport, read a book, study your bible if you are Christian, sharpen some of your skills, spend time with family and friends, and so many other profiting things you can think of.
Its always good that we have a daily plan. It helps us organised. Time to wake up, time to pray, time to go to work, time to play, time to see a movie, time to hang out with friends, time to tweet, and so on...and of course, time to sleep...*winks*.This is something I am learning myself. I have observed that successful people are not only disciplined, they are time conscious people.
Take care guys....

Time is key, spend it wisely or spend it wasted....which do you choose....
I'll choose the first option. I am sure you would too...
What do y'all think?!

Much love...MariamOre.



  1. Time should be spent wisely even tho most of us waste time without knowing. Nice write up as usual. Missed it post last week

    1. Thank you Morayo. Your words are so true. I hope we all spend time wisely....

      Hope your week has been good?

      Much love... Mariam Ore

  2. Lovely post, it is so true time is a precious thing, we should use it wisely! After all time is one of the very few things we cannot get back x x
    Jess x

    1. Thanks jess... Momentsofbeautywars...loving your blog name...
      Time indeed is a precious thing,

      Enjoy your week.

      Much love...MariamOre

  3. Me sef was just thinking of how time really flies just last night.. like it seems yesterday I was in high school and now I can FEEL my self getting old. Mehn am really like a time conscious freak these days, even if it's been ages I last saw you I have a limit for chatter with ya, when that time clock, I will carry my small phone and start blogging, when you see me lost in the Blogsville and not paying attention to you, you will go ooh. Mariam time now for me is MONEY! See don't even think about it ooh,no fear Duru CANNOT sack you, ehn? If I hear?... hehe. It's all good girl am glad you are back

    1. Time is money ooo. Truely. You are always on point!
      How has your week been?
      Hope you good?

      Much love...

  4. 1st to comment...even though I can see 3 people's comment, in my christian mind I am the 1st...oosssshheeyyyy....time waits for no one and I am going all out. No time to be wasting time. If I see that what I'm doing is wasting my time, I fuck off mehn..I am getting close to my grave o...hehe. And that's why I'm getting duru a wife sharp sharp. The man is getting old abeg. ..hehe

    1. Mobi. Indeed no time to be wasting time. And about getting Duru a wife, please do dat ASAP. Just find out his kind of lady n am sure he'll appreciate it.

  5. I love this post. Time is no man's friend

    1. Thanks Mo'. Glad you love it...

  6. I really loved the break down on the possible ways time can be wasted
    Nice one

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  8. Lazying around is good sometimes but yes I do agree, it should be in moderation. Great piece, very timely too. Let's retrace our steps and asses what we've achieved so far this year 2015. It's mid-year already people, stop wasting precious time and get on those projects/tasks/apprenticeship right NOW!!!
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks dear. Yes ooo...its mid year already. We hope to make the best use of our time always.