Wednesday, 13 May 2015

We are NIGERIA...

My name is Mariam and I am Nigerian.

When I look in the mirror, I see beauty in my rich dark skin. I don't just see beauty, I see beauty, I see brains, potential, I see hope for a new Nigeria.
If you have seen the movie: THE BUTLER, 12 YEARS A SLAVE and other slave movies and also if you are conversant with the African history, you will understand that the black race indeed has gone through a whole lot. *deep sigh.

Our Fathers have had to suffer alot for us to get to where we are. To all those who fought for justice and freedom. We celebrate you and to those who were given power and mis-used it, God dey.

Its no news that the Nigerian economy is shaky, little improvements here and there, insecurity, corruption, name it. I mean if we were to mention all the vices, it will probably occupy a full page if not more. But then i believe that the quality and hope of a nation is in the quality of its people.

In Lagos where I live, I hear people talk about what was done, what wasn't done, and what should have been done.

Everyone around here seems to proffer solutions to our many problems, its like an average Nigerian is a political analyst. I love my country because its people are passionate. We seem so concerned for our Country, our leaders, our system and our leaders.

I think that if our 'talkings' were the solution to our many issues, then we ought to have gotten many solved by now, but of course as we have seen, this is far from the truth.

The talk is good because we really must air our views but what good is the talk when our words aren't backed up with actions? Or our words are not in line with our actions. That is Schizophrenic.

What good is the talk when in our hearts, we are divided. He is Igbo, she is Yoruba... I am Hausa...

What good is the talk when a large number of us are so religious but we do not produce fruits. Doesn't the bible teach that you are known by your fruits?

What good is the talk when there is greed and impatience. All you need is to drive on Lagos roads and you'll understand this.

What good is the talk when many are not people of integrity. I mean, why do you write 7:30 am in your office register when indeed you were there at 8:30.

What good is the talk when we cannot love one another.

What good is the talk when parents are getting too busy trying to make all the money and have no time to nurture their precious little children?

What good is the talk when we don't want to sacrifice and be criticized for doing what we know is right. Like Ben Bruce Said: 

"the problem of Nigeria is right and wrong"

What good is the talk...

I believe in people, yea...I cant help it. In my opinion, there is no other way.
If you have a productive people, you'll have a productive Nation. If you have a excellent people, you'll have an excellent Nation. Its really about the people.

Some one once said that if all Nigerians travel to America and vice versa, all that hasn't worked here will begin working and all that has been working in America will stop working. What does that tell you?

Our image as a country has really been dented by acts of Nigerians in foreign Countries but we must also not forget that there are so many others who are flying our flag high, I mean really high. In every sector, business, entertainment, media, advertising, leadership, and so on.

One reason I am glad to be on this platform (Blogsville) is the opportunity it has given me to interact with so many other bloggers.

I read alot of our posts and i am so glad and amazed at the quality of minds that are here. Some peoples writing skill are impeccable, some others are so so creative, open minded, blunt and witty. Wow! I am a proud Nigerian... I mean words cannot express how much i believe in this Nation and in our Country Nigeria and her people...

So now that,
Girls are being kidnapped, raped, impregnated and abused. And boys are all about money, fame, sex and swagger.

Now that you are tempted to pay your way through the things you need to get done and cut corners.

Now that, the dollar price has gone so high and fuel is scarce and you cant understand why.

Now that, you want to curse the Government and society for the things you have gone through, maybe poor education, lack of jobs e.t.c.

I would like you to stand up, look in the mirror and tell me what you see...
What you see is what you believe that you are, it is what you will become, it is what you will contribute to Nigeria and it is what you'll pass on to your unborn children and great grand children.

What you see is the hope of our Nation...
What you see is what will keep you going despite of all these chaos and confusion... What you see is Nigeria...

We are the Change. We are Nigeria.

Much love.... MariamOre.


  1. Ooooossssshheeeey Turn uP! And that ladies and gentlemen is how i was finally first to comment on Wednesdays with mariam **Shines Teeth... and the crowd goes Yeeeaaahh Mehn! You know its funny cause As a child my father said We would heal as a country when i grew up, he said things would get better.. he said i was the future.. he said I needed to go to Uni and get an EEE Degree so i can be part of the change that was coming.. But here i am Bubba, at 23 years 5 months and 1 day, and still no change, no hope, and nothing has gotten better.. I wonder if this will ever be corrected though.. But you know what the Onyibo man says nah.. "Hope Dies last..."

    Mariam you are right, We all talk the talk, but no one or should i say very few are willing to work the work.. Cause thinking about it yeah, on my way to the place of survival today, someone said on the bus that Corruption is caused by the Federal Government.. and in my confused mind yeah, I think to myself that the problem with Nigeria, the TRUE problem with Nigeria is that as you said above, we have refused to believe that we are NIGERIA, and we are the cause of our own problem but we prefer to point fingers.. So rather than point fingers Baby mi, i guess its better to search inwardly within us all and find the true desire to change our reasoning and actions cause.. I am Nigeria.. and the crowd goes.. Yeeeaaahh mehn!

    1. Oga mi. i enjoyed reading your comment. your first comment here for that matter.
      thanks bro. my young and NOT confused fellow Nigerian.

  2. I don't even recognise this place. It's been so long. Sigh.

    1. Toin Toin. you are always welcome anytime. thanks for checking in.
      much love..MariamOre

  3. Mariam can't lie I am more weighed down by some heartbreaking news like rape than I am at a probably pleasing news like Nigerians making waves abroad

    1. my dear Rella. i understand your pain because i feel the same. but we must also not loose sight of the other positive side of the country. we pray for all those in pain, who have been victims of our country's ills that they will be healed and they will find joy and happiness again.

  4. My name is Bolaji and I am Nigerian. Irrespective of negative reports, I am Nigerian. I enter traffic every morning but then I watch the funny fight between two keke napep guys, I laugh and I'm happy I'm in traffic. I dont even want cars to move at that point cos the insults is just amazing. I know change is coming...I can smell it like I smell rain. Lets quit complaining and start doing enjoying the traffic *covers face*. I love you mariam *mwaah* *famzing mode activated*

    Duru no recharge card today ni....ahn ahn

    1. hi Bolaji. my fellow beautiful Nigerian. your comment put a smile on my face. i love you too dear. God will help our country.
      take care of you.

  5. Good stuff, positive and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks blogoratti.always good to hear from you.

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmm...... great post. Thanks for sharing..

    1. hmmmmmmmm.... Immanuel. thank you so much. thanks for checking in.
      have a great wek.

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    1. yep. blogsville sure is a wonderful place.

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    1. dearest Favour. you sure are. proudly repesenting.

  9. Nice Mariam....really nice.

    Duru how ya doing, so I miss you. *side eyes*

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  10. Thanks Mariam. I am extremely Nigerian!

    1. Thanks Pat.
      Best Regards.

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    1. thank you Anu. am glad you do..
      enjoy your week.