Monday, 29 June 2015

Go.. Go.... Power Rangers.. ;)

Pre-Script: Thank you for always Gang... There is no us without you.. There is no #YncGang without you.. You make me wake up everyday of my life with a smile.. Y’all stick to us regardless our many many shenanigans and wahalasssss.. What am I without you guys.. What are we without you guys?!  NOTHING that’s what… Biko.. I beg you in swahili.. Don’t leave us eh.. Orrrr.. I will pursue you in your dream with broom and cane like Ijagz does… :D.. test me not.. I am Winchie Winchie like that…

**Rubs palms TogeRRa.. Its been long since I did this yeah.. but! Hey! **Singing in my 7 years old’s voice.. Go go power rangers! Pa ra ra ra ra ra.. Mighty morphing power rangerssss.. If you dunno this song ehnn **Takes off brown wrist watch.. Then you grew up at the wrong time.. **Full pun intended :) iKid… Turn uP Turn uP ladies and gentlemen.. What gwan gang?! Whats popping?! Kilo happen?! Whats SheleING?! Whats the koko?! Heheh Do you want the kokO?! Oya JdB geRRa hold of yA self.. Or you geRraRraHia.. So How was the weekend fam?! Hope y’all had a reason to Turn uP eh! Mehn mine was ghen ghen like that! Lemme tell you why.. the beautiful Seyram and I connected on anoRRa level.. iBlush.. theennnn... the legendary forever young and sexy KemiAdetiba replied to my Shoutout on Instagram and even reposted it sef.. **Pops collar.. Oh mennn I am feeling like a PimPim :).. Oya Awon haters someboRRies **Tongue out…  if ye think aYam lying ehnn.. Oya.. Ask the beautiful OnyiLola and the super smart Morayo **Tongue out.. and then to put icing lori cake mi.. YnC Reader... Uloma toh BeauRRiful replied my DM on Instagram.. You might be thinking whats worrying this one?! Well IzIt your concern biko?! Do you know how hard it used to be for me to get Attention of fine gehs before before?! **Deep sigh.. Biko lemme bask in my euphoria of love.. hehehe Meehhn Thank GOD for the legendary Janyl Benyl.. Thank GOD for Blogger.

Gear 2.. So this is supposed to be a quickie kinda post.. Highest 3 minutes and ye haf finished reading this... But you know me nah gang.. **Covers face... Having that I am an abnormal someboRRy like that.. I haf to do it in an abnormal way *8Wears Evil grin hehehe.. Wait first! Who has seen Taken 1, 2 and 3?! Did you guys notice that the actor used to stroll when he was running but still they neFer caught up with him.. Babanla Ojoro ni bobo yi.. kai! Onyibo ehn!! They can lieeeee!!! And he didn’t sleep with woman for 3 movies.. Is he a reverend father ni?!  Nawa oh! So lemme tell you about 2 moments in the life of this blog.. The first was when I was in the Kitchen washing plate.. heheh In my house ehn! If you don’t wash Afternoon plate.. My Sister wihh not kuku say anything eh… She wihh just jejely put ya Night food inside the similitude of Nylon or leave it in the pot… hehe that geh ehn! She has learnt the true act of not arguing about washing plate :(.. Ehenn.. as I was washing plate on that faithful day ehn… I thought to myself that I wanted this blog to be a place where Bloggers come and meet one another, and I hoped to the heavens that that day will be come... Dunno how well we have done as per that one.. But having that I subscribe to every blog I comment on.. and see every follow up comment.. I just look up to the sky and say Thank you Lord… cause we aint living the Dream yet ba.. but we are thankful for the few…

Second scenario: I was talking to mama a while ago.. (I think it was one of those times mama was really on my maRRa of making me a ghen ghen human being) hehehe Mama can know how to tell you something and you will just do it.. You wont know how ba.. But you sha will… cause you will think of her words the entire night.. heheh she Frosh like that biko :)… So I Think it was on FB messenger.. and Janyl said to me.. “JdB.. I read you.. I want you to carve a niche for yourself..” Now the thing about mama is I listen to every alphabet she says… hehehe.... Well that’s after plenRRy plenRRy trial and error plus argument shaa.. hence in the light of what mama said.. I made a couple of choices and then Prayed to Heavens that we could start a gang on here… and that’s what this post is about.. Whoever says GOD doesn’t answer prayers is sleeping on a sinking power bike :)… So Say Heeelllllloooo to the Young and Confused crew.. AKA.. The Power rangers..hehehehe If you were here last week.. Y’all would have seen some new changes.. Welll… last week was a tano tano week.. This week.. We are going all in. :) I am feeling like one Jack Bauer now eh heheh a neFer hexSpeRRed it biko :)…

So here goes:

Janyl Benyl_ PINK RANGER: Well I cannot even begin to say how ImpoRRant this lady someboRRy is to us on here.. She is literally the heart of this blog.. Ehen! Did I tell y’all that I met with mama last week for the first time ever?! Oooossshhheey Turn uP! It was a madantin feeling.. She is all shades of cool…. Mehn if Y’all thought Janyl was beautiful and fine on Blogger.. Then you ain’t seen Nada yet.. She is the similitude of an Angel that fell from the sky lori real life aswear…. I saw her last week  yeah... and as I ran to go hug her.. With all the speed in my generation heheh.. I thought to myself…  “DaYYuumm she fine..” So she is by far the Heart of this Blog… as her Decisions and advice cannot be overlooked.. So yeah Pink Ranger and Boss Lady Janyl Benyl **Whispers.. aYam still fasting and praying that she will write for the Young and Confused gang one day eh :p

EllaHillz_ GREEN RANGER abi LEMON RANGER..  All join :):You see ehn gang.. I and my MOJ gang in IMSU were drooling for Ella from Day 1 that we met her… Mehn that time ehnn! Any opportunity to get close to her we always maximized.. @Ella…  Bia woman don’t let ya head come and go and be swelling like balloon oh!... Be guided :)  Now when I told BeuRRiful Ella about the idea of her joining the Young and Confused Gang… I was scared she would say no… But deep within me ehn gang… I just knew that we needed her on here.. as she could change the game big time.. Mehn reading her first post had me in stitches.. lmao... Now that’s what I call a Blogger someboRRy.. Now Ella works with one ghen ghen coy at Abuja… so she hardly has time to blog.. So from the bottom of my lekpa heart yeah.. I am grateful for this sacrifice she is rendering for the #YnCGang every Tuesday.. Dear Ella, this is me Toasting you in public eh.. You know ya frosh like that nah bae.. Pluse the amazing Rella loves you already… In your mind ba bubba?!

Mariam Ore_ BLUE RANGER: Ossheey Turn uP.. So Mariam is next on the Hierachy of Oga at the top's..  **Sits down well on Jangolova chair.. Now this geh can know how to 'MADAM' ehn! heheheh Sometimes when she advises me  yeah... In my Confused head I be like; “Why do you have to be so Damn smart.." hehehe Mariam sticks to writing on Wednesdays and I admire the fact that she is ghen ghen like that.. I mean I read her Wednesday with Mariam posts and wish I could write like her.. but **Deep sigh.. My Confusion is too skin deep to be as co-ordinated… **Crying in Spanish... But gang.. I am afraid that Mariam’s time here is almost up… **Sniff Sniff.. I wont break the heart breaking news she gave me last Thursday to y’all.. I will let her do it her self **Deep sigh.. ehen! HAVE I TOLD YOU?! MARIAM WAS MY FIRST GEH FRIEND IN THIS LIFE.. @MariamOre Gotchaa :p

Wajilda_ PURPLE RANGER: Meehhnnn this child Is just an annoying someborrY! Hehehe…  See how she collected all my glory last week… **Wears Straight face.. then **Cries in French.. the ghen ghen Lily  toh Sexy lo was even advising that Jilda Kidnap the YnC blog from me.. kai! Shey be you guys see?!  I aint even dead yet  ba, and dem don dey share my property already.. You see life ba?! Diarisgodooo.. :( So Wajilda is my most favorite 19 year old child right now.. Well after Peace Itimi.. and I am glad to have her on here.. Her post of last week was just frosh and had me grinning from ear to ear.. Well in as much as I hate to say it ehn.. the truth is ehn **Scratches head.. haCSHually ehnn.. When I write these slangs: From Oshey to Turn uP!.. I literally hear Wajildas voice in my head… as she taught me the most of them.. Oya ALL of them. Wait first! She is not cool like that oH! I just learnt fast.. :p Okay y’all wanna be giving her all the glory ba?! That’s how we gonna roll ba?! Really niggas?  Really?! Diarisgodoo.

Ehiz_ BLACK RANGER: Now I was supposed to be black ranger oh! But Ehiz is just too much of a boss lady to not be Black.. I mean I read one of her first ghen ghen posts on Punch newspaper a while back… and I immediately ran to Idi-Araba to propose to… No! Sorry I meant to ask her to write for us **Shines teeth.. Now she might not be on here every week ba.. But hey! We are still toasting her..  Hopefully yeah gang.. She is gonna budge **Winks.. She is just an awesome writer I tell you.. her last week’s post got me going: "Damn! she smart.." All though it was all this WOMAN right activist post eh.. heheh.. but it had so much detail..  and had me thinking if the choice to cheat by we guys is really justifiable.

Walase_ YELLOW RANGER… Who best to be the Yellow ranger than this Yellow child.. **Winks… Ehen nah! She is not Fair.. She is Yellow... So... Last but not the least Is this my crazy friend Walase.. Kai if they pay me a Dollar for everyday I have known this weyrey child ehn! I for don RICH by now.. Meehnnn Gang forget her packaging and the fact that she is yellow like MTN recharge card oh! I have known this child for Yeeeeerrrsss.. before all this Sisi Eko started… Since Children choir sef when we used to go for shows.. Ehen nah! So you dunno I was in Choir before before?! I would have been a Wizkid or Timi Dakla... but Barr Duru wanted me to study Climbing pole and fixing wire **deep sigh that’s how my destiny changed oh… :( Walase is by all means a member of the blog.. And although aYam praying for her to one day agree to write for us.. aYam grateful I have her to always call for help.. Tolu this Is me toasting you oh! Berra prepare ya account.. amma come borrow a 100 grand soon.. You know my toasting is neFer free nah.. **Winks.

So that’s it gang.. behold the Young and Confused 'POWER RANGERS' crew.. Its not gonna be easy.. But hopefully.. Its gonna be worth it...Its all for youe growth and entertainment gang... This is all for you.. Plus if we are gonna grow like mama and I want us to.. then we have gotta sacrifice.. But we cant grow without you guys.. So please turn up for us on the days above… Pretty please?! Thank you guys.. You are my why.

Also as inspired by MariamOre: Feature_Thursday is on.. As it implies.. We just Feature anyBoRRy.. and its Free... so fear not :)…

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang.. Ehen! Awon Time keepers.. Ice and Lily.. I see una oh! Oosshheey gan… My Watch e haf kuku spoil.. The Casio battery is out... so aYam jejely using my mind to keep time.. **Tongue out… Soooo... it is 7 minutes in my mind.. hehehe… As I was saying biko **Winks.. Y’all do us a great honor with your time.. and going into this week yeah.. My prayer for you is simple… May you meet someone that will make you smile all week like Janyl made me last week.. I mean I think of the fact that I finally met Mama and I go.. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! #ItcanonlybeGOD

Blogger Stats:

So it’s the last Monday of the Month and my Top 3 posts for June are:

1. Sykik.. I mean I literally typed in her name and got all smiles.. If you have been reading Mzz Sykik’s blog over the year.. Then you will understand why the SPEECHLESS post is so Dope and frosh.. I mean when I read it ehnn.. all I could mutter were the words "Thank you GOD.." You see gang.. GOD isn’t done with us.. Inshort he is just geRRing started.. Don’t lose the light gang.. Don’t! Big CongratuLobia to Mzz Sykik.. Biko where the Turn uP at?! If na plane ish.. I go kuku enter boot come :).. aYam happy likle that :)

2. Sunshine: Oh my days, Week,  months, and Years.. Inshort oh my anniversary.. if you haven’t been to sunshine’s ghen ghen blog ehnn.. ya sleeping on a flying canoe… not boat oh :p...she is frosh like that.. I read THIS POST! And sent a mail to my mama immediately.. It was just a whole different level of cool.. Although it was a tad long… as it took me entering Keke from 2nd rainbow.. Trekking from Alakaija getting a shower and then turning on the HT and playing Track 77 by Hill song to finish it.. It was worth it.. I still sent a mail to the legendary P.R Master Penzaar while at it oh.. That her post was just frosh. If ya interested in governance.. like the AMAZING Favor  ehnnn.. then you will love it.

3. This post by Sophie.. I guess it is an obvious fact that aYam tripping for this child.. But I dunno which one I Trip for the most biko?! Her mind which is as vast as the ocean.. or her beautiful face and cocacola shape and red lips **Smiles.. Or her long black hair which is as soft as wool and black as coal.. Oshey Lover Boyy.. Oya Nonso Hold ya self.. hehehe So I read the Life as a Yoga pose post yeah.. and I went “Damn! She smart.”

3b. :) The final entry has gotta be this Rella’s post about freedom in dating.. It was so deep and frosh like that ehnn.. and had me thinking about how much it is important for couples to be rational in dating and marriage.. Not caging their spouse but understanding them.. Mehn! If you haven’t been to Rella’s blog.. then ya dulling big time.. And Dulling is a BIG sin..


Oh mehN! I didnt state who the WHITE Power 'Oga Boss' RANGER is yet.. Y'all know that the White is always the leader  and source of everything ba **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. Y’all know who the white ranger is?! Well #ItcanonlybeGOD.

Instagram: @youngandconfused_byjdb 

Friday, 26 June 2015

The YnC newbie called Wajilda... :)

Duru: Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and gentlemen.. aYam uber excited.. I mean Uber.. Now this post just confirms to me that ayam really confused.. But hey! When you meet someboRRy as awesome as Jilda.. You cant but hold her close.. So Say Heellloo to my new crazy friend.. and hopefully new writer on the blog.. my Ex and very crush forever friend... Jilda. See you at the end guys.. :) Yep! aYam crazy like this!

Hellurrrr!! Hope y'all are doing great. How was the week?! Cool?! Fun?! Crazy?! Well I dunno about me tho. Cos so far I didnt have a good reason to smile all week…  everybody decided this week was gonna be “Annoy ijagila week”. Gtb now made matters worse by debiting my last 1k, dont they know there is drought in the land?! No wahala sha, God dey. By the way i am Wajilda Ijagila (Ex-Miss YnC). I know I started of complaining, its not my fault I learnt it from Duru ( I lying, abi you want to deny it in public nah ba?!). I go by the name Wajilda Ijagila, but to save you from tongue twisting you can call me Ijagz or like my friends do 'the neighborhood witch' (don't bother your precious mind trynna understand why they call me that........I said don't nah....... Oya suit yourself). Some of you know me only as Duru’s ex.. well in the coming weeks, hopefully you'd get to know me a bit better. This is my first time EVER doing this (I mean.. Nonso begged and cried for me to do this which was accompanied with a lil bribe covered with a BIG name called incentive). If u are wondering I am a couple of minutes to 20 years old… so don't judge me too much and feel free to accept the fact that Nonso was practicing child abuse by dating me. But what can I say he couldn't avoid all this awesomeness (shhh @Nonso eheeenn oh… i know you want to argue.. Just leave it like that). By the way I am haSHually from Adamawa state that's why I have such a beautiful name, dont start thinking its one African country out there. Its just by the corner.

Okay to sum up my introduction, I just graduated from Babcock university on 7th June.. lets just say aYam a lawyer someboRRy (B.ild International Law & Diplomacy) and my eyes have opened just this two weeks I've been at home JOBLESS. It got me thinking 'you old gurrl, they'd soon ship you off to one mans house very soon' and it dawned on me that they really won't remember that i am young and confused… all that would be on their mind is “ehnn sheybe she has finished school na, what is she waiting for?!”. Why are African people like this?! They'd be acting like they are tired of seeing your face in the house and the only solution is to kick you out. Last week Sunday at church, my step-mum was telling some of her friends I had just recently graduated, and the next thing they said was "ehhen congratulations oo, is for us to attend your wedding next year eh". In my mind I was like “Really niggas?! really!” Its the same Ijagila that u claimed to have changed her diapers just yesterday that you are saying should go and marry oh, i pity una… i am not moving from this house till say the next 4-5 yrs. Ahah eezz neFer that deep nah. Ain't y'all happy to see my fine face cooking sweet Jollof rice for y'all, iz not fair ooo. God dey. 

Yes before I continue don't say cause i'm young I don't know anything yet, it will shock you at the rate this world is evolving. No wonder people don't live long anymore, cause we grow faster than our age (premature death is not your portion IJN). So as I was saying earlier, we Africans really need to go back to our default settings and correct some things. We center female lives around five things; Birth of the female child, her marriage, child birth, kitchen and her death. But it shouldn't be so, there is more to us like education, ambition, LOVE etc. You out there trynna pursue your daughter to marry, consider her and see if she's happy… if she's mature enough and if he's the right one (Nonso this is not the time to preach to me about you being Mr right). And for their information u didn't go and struggle all these years in school to be dumped in one man’s house as a house wife. I gotta start something for myself, God forbid he dies or we divorce… ain't nobody gonna take care of me like I need. So they should hands off our matter for a bit while we still have time. But as regards the settling down issue.. I have to say that some of us ladies are not trying oh… as we continue zoning every guy that comes our  way…. waiting for our DREAM man.. it is well oh. If you are one of those ehnnn… I ask you.. Please would you want to grow old weary and in need of company?! Cause I ‘d be sure to visit you with my kids by then, so they can keep their aunt company. So my advice is please let down some golden rules and let a couple of guys into your heart.. you never know… You just never know...

I know a classmate of mine who was 18 when she got married to one man and she's miserable now. I wish I could help her, but what can my small self do?! It’s like me trying to compare my pocket money all my life with the National assembly's wardrobe allowance. The matter is tooooo huge. But if you can help someone around you and stop her from making a huge mistake due to pressure, please do. Don't let her get high on the kush of stupidity (for lack of a better word), and when the low kicks in… it might be too late (p.s in my Beyonce voice I'm feeling myself, I’m feeling myself'. See me going all motivational speakerish outchea. I nefa hexsperedit)

Anywhichway I have to go now  and sadly I stay at Abuja so pardon me if i didn’t remember to ask how the traffic ish case is in Lagos is, Nonso keeps telling me its crazy.. I am sorry it is dealing with you guys in Lagos *evil grin*. I feel your pain , the Lord is gonna expose you from the hold up route to a free one way route that people dont know about yet. And if u leg a lot like my dearest Nonso… may no car splash mud on you this coming week. I want to end by declaring my love to two people n Duru... sorry you didnt make it to the list this time :) not like u ever can sef *tongue out*. So they are Erniesha Tibs and the beautiful Raleeyat… I haven't met you guys in person yet but you guys are the real MVP.

Bye for now loves and please stay safe… plus dream of me pursuing you with broom :) and cane. xoxoxoxo.

Instagram: @Ijagz

Thursday, 25 June 2015

#FeatureThursday_ Stay with me... by Blessing Ehiz.

Osssheeeey Turn uP! Yo YnC Gang! how are weeee?! Permit me to introduce someBoRRy very special to you.. She is kick starting the Feature Thursday as inspired by MariamOre.... So today on Feature Thursday yeah.. We have my very own sweet heart... and one of the gehss I have been tripping for since I met her.. **covers face.. Trust me.. She is gonna blow ya mind away with this ghen ghen post.. Yep!! She bad like that.. and the crowd goes Yeeeeaaahhh mehn!

My experience so far in life has been quite like a football match, not knowing what the outcome would be but knowing that you can enjoy the game while it lasts, play a part in it and also bet on the outcome of a few experiences. But then the story of my life so far is not the reason why I am up at 1:00am writing this article.

In recent times, I have had the opportunity of watching a lot and I mean a lot of wedding movies, I have my roommates to blame for that. I am normally an action movie person, but these days, oh well! weddings have been the main “bane” of my day. This coupled with the fact that I have a well-established make-up artiste as a close friend “ELLAPINKETTE” so I get to see pictures of her works on brides and their trains especially when they appear on the popular BELLANAIJA.

Now, I know every woman’s dream is to one day end up with the right guy, settle down and have kids and live happily ever after without any interference from extended family, but I beg to say that this only exists in our fantasies. I have questions, as I have seen only a few happy marriages, and by a few, I mean, I can count on only one hand.

I want to fall in love, get married, have kids of my own etc. but what happens when the man I love, father of my kids.. What happens when he stops loving me back?! It would be foolhardy to say that love sustains a marriage as statistics have shown that love only carries a marriage as far as its 7th year, and that is best case scenario, and from then on is tolerance.

In one of the movies I was saddled with, the husband met a woman who he was in love with from high school and with whom he had lost contact with and trust me, she was hotter, classier, richer than his wife and no sooner than they had met, he started to rethink his marriage… This was a man who converted from Christianity to become a Jew just so that he could win the heart of his wife while they were courting, someone whose wife never nagged, who waited up for him during his late night rendezvous with the other woman without as much as a complaint (by the way, I would never do this, my quick temper, impatience and love for sleep won’t let me lol), she was a total darling and all he could pay her back with was asking for a divorce. Imagine the pain I felt watching this movie, of course I know it isn’t real and it is far worse in real life with best case scenario being that the moment a man starts keeping late nights, the woman starts nagging because she knows something is wrong but she just can’t quite put her finger on it and then ends up pushing him away the more, or worst case scenario being that the man beats his wife on countless occasions and parades the mistress in her face.

Bring it down to the dating level shall we?! On a daily basis, we meet guys who want us for reasons best known to them, some we are able to detect are players, others, we fall head over heels in love with. I have had a guy leave me because of a new girl he met, I mean, this is someone with whom I went through a lot, who I did a whole lot for, someone who was supposed to be my backbone in times of crisis, someone I could give an eye for if asked to, but no, he met someone new and off he went, to make matters worse, I found out later that he was asking out a friend of mine while we were together. You can’t begin to imagine the agony I went through. Let’s say my case is not strong enough, I met this girl who dated this guy for 8 solid years. Not 1, not 2, not 3, 8!!! and the guy left her and went on to this new girl who is not half as classy as his old girlfriend was. I can hear you say, it might have been the girl’s fault but I know this guy cheated on her while they were together even though everyone overlooked it because they felt she was the "iyawo" and we made sure to never tell her about it. But then it was on one of such flings that he met this new girl who he left the "iyawo" for. She stood by him when the goings were tough, she met him when they were both nobodies and followed him through the hustle, and when he was made, he dumped her, just like that! The girl is still struggling to get over it. Sad isn’t it?!

I have to ask what the problem is. What is it with guys and why can’t they just stay with one woman who is giving her all and who they have at one point claimed to love. Of course we have our flaws, mine being that i don’t trust any man on earth's surface, but I know to give my man the benefit of doubt and not to listen to hearsay and to give him a 2nd and a 3rd and a 4th and a 5th chance if he *fucks*up… at least then it would be known that I at least tried.

We definitely won’t cheat on you guys, we have given up a lot of seemingly better guys out there, just to be with you and believe me you are worth it so don’t put us through the stress of having to even worry about if you are with someone else. And to married men, please remember when u first met her and how you promised your all… and know that she said yes to you not just because she loves you but because she needs you and you leaving her would break her.


Contact her at:

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Halo Precious people. What Gwan?

Trust we doing great. My sincere apologies for this late post! My Oga almost flogged me.
Yea, I sure think he'll make great a me, I am not washing you as you always say/think...

So guys, Welcome to Wednesdays with MariamOre. Thank you for the love you all showed last are amazing!

Today, we would be talking about a word: it's BOTCHED. Anybody heard of it?
I am an advocate of looking good, smelling nice and creating a lasting impression. But I am thinking, in our bid to look good, is there a limit? Especially for us ladies, we love, love, make up, nice dresses and all that! All these in themselves are good but my concern is, Should there be a line between make up or altering a part of us to get our desired look and when it's excess?

Back to the topic for today, Botched!

  • It simply means to carry out a task badly or carelessly
  • To perform poorly or ruin through clumsiness
  • Badly done or badly planned and therefore unsuccessful.

Anybody heard of Botched Plastic Surgeries?
I read Apryl Brown's Story and I was close to tears, as I looked at some other pictures, I felt soooooo.... its a negative word, don't wanna say it!
In as much as i believe we all are free to do whatever we feel comfortable with, but I still think beauty or a desired physical appearance is not worth my life! I am sooo in love with my looks and I am greatful to God for all I have...So so so Grateful.

Apryl Brown 47, lost her arms, legs, and the flesh around her buttocks after injecting fillers into her posterior in an effort to get rid of her flat butt. In 2004, Brown was a successful hairstylist and happy mother of two. But despite living the good life, she still had an itch to fix the "one flaw" she was teased about as a child - her butt. So when a client offered her a silicon injection for cheap, she jumped at the idea. This beautiful woman was injected with an industrial grade silicone used in bathroom sealant, as a result she had a staph infection that cost her her hands, limbs...she went through 27 surgeries just to save her life. this is an example of a BOTCHED SURGERY. But indeed, I am so glad she made it alive to share her story:

While some patronized in-experienced surgeons, some people like some celebrities have done surgeries that didn't turn out well. In my opinion, they looked better before the surgery. "In a bid to maintain a youthful look, unfortunately some cases, some stars come out from under the knife with a face full of mistakes.

Many people are suffering from botched surgeries after spending so much to look beautiful. Some have caused death.

My dear friends, when I say I love you guys I mean it, you all look beautiful and handsome the way you Bloggorrati says...appreciate yourself!
Don't kill yaself to impress no body!

Much love guys...


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

...walk of shame :(

Okay this is Duru Gang! :) Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen…. Drum Roll… Stage Lights.. Camera.. Actttttttiiioooonnnn… heheheheheh.. Ladies and Gentlemen… Say Hellllluuuurrrrrr to EllaHillz… **Covers face… JdB is just a clown..

Hiya Everyone, Hiya MariamOre... I am EllaHillz.. a chatterBox by Day and a ChatterBox by night… So JdB has been on my matter to write for him and thereby join his “confused gang” and I finally decided to do so.. However, when he asked me.. I didn’t know what I was to write about… and he said ANYTHING… So I thought to Tell you wonderful young and confused readers about a Walk of Shame…  I do pray you can relate.. See you at the end..**Smiles** 

On the 15th day of October 2014, at about 3pm, Sallah day to be precise, my friends and I needed to eat Sallah meat so badly and equally have a treat. We all made phone calls to people we were so sure could make that a reality but for where?!  ' e no click’. They were all Muslims and had travelled to their hometowns to mark the celebration.  It was all shades of disappointment for  Uchechi, Justina,  Stella, Bisi and I (all not real names oh, before they cut my head) but  lie lie we no gree, we had to come up with a plan B.
At about 6pm we had come up with an alternative of clubbing and felt so cool with ourselves .  We booked a cab ASAP and that was how it all started. :(
Some of us might have seen that movie titled "walk of shame” directed by Steve Brill Starring  lead  Actress Elizabeth Banks  as Virginia Walker. To those who haven't seen it yet, it’s a must watch… TRUST ME.  Well, the unfortunate thing was that co-incidentally , we saw that movie that evening before we dashed out, and same night, my friends and I experienced the Naija  version (what an ugly co-incidence) but this time around, It was a real life situation and wasn't funny at all!...Well, maybe it is right now as I relate the ordeal.

At about 11.15pm, we tried calling the cab guy, niggur didn't pick. 'The devil was a liar sha' lol. We had to call up some other male corper friends of ours to help us get the contact of another cab guy and luckily for us, they had some contacts and that was how we eventually set out.  When we had  headed out already, the initial cab guy called back to apologize that he slept off but as the gang leader nah *winks*, I had to explain to him that it was too late already to come over . The new cab guy was young and confused, (lol), easy going and full of plenty gist’s but like the foolish virgins in Matthew  Chapter 25, the ode driver wasn't prepared.
I'm a correct ‘Eko gal' that  was born and bred in Lagos, Surulere  for that matter and serving in Niger state, Minna wasn't funny when it came to having an amazing social life. Niger state is a Sharia state and asides hotels where you could visit the pool side during weekends, nothing else is there. The club houses were located in the outskirts and it was always a journey whenever I went clubbing with my friends and colleagues.

In the craving or should I say longer throat to club…  here we were enroute a poorly planned journey abi na escapade and then it began… First, the driver used the wrong route and that was how calamity befell us. Second, we ran out of fuel and had to look for 'black market' retailers in one of the villages and pheew! we eventually got but only 5 Liters... That village was a very poor one! What could 5liters do? But Oga young and confused driver bragged that we were so good to go and that it was enough to take us to our destination and we unanimously replied with an “Okay oo” plus a very very very very skeptical look  though. It was 12:43am already.

This time around, we averted and took the right route but you won't believe it, The 'Nigerian Police' stopped us. Who stops girls who intended to have a good time?  Hell let loose eventually when they asked us where we were coming from, we truthfully answered them and they so bullied us big time.  Amidst the very many signs God gave us, we failed to comprehend. Those beasts ordered us out of the vehicle, and started questioning us, from questioning us, they called us wayward girls with zero home training and asked us why we were wearing bomshorts, they went as far as telling us that our parents would be so disappointed in us if they got to see us in that state, they said all sorts that fateful day abi night :), I had heard enough, I couldn't take it no more. I snapped back at them, I told them I knew my right and that I was a Corp member in the Niger state Government house and that I could so sue them for harassment, I equally rubbed it in their faces that they were so shameless for not being hospitable enough at least for the fact that service year brought us to their town was enough reasons for them to at least pretend to be kind, further concluding that they should even be happy that we were exploring and upgrading their dead town. Lol. See me making mouth...Omo straight off, they got so angered they took us to another spot and instructed that we should stay on a single file. Looool.. Nigeria Police I hail thee sha!  Another round of questioning commenced and before we could say jack, they had made a call, asking a van to come and pick us, and in less than 3mins, just like an action film, the van was there.

They   claimed they were going to lock us up in the cell, Uchechi immediately knelt down, cried her eyes out and began to plead with them, others followed suit but in my head, I was already calculating how to scale out through the nearest bush. lol.(I'm secretly a fast runner sha and also with a crazy soul but e no dey show for mah face). They wasted so much of our time but they said their mind shamelessly. We paid them off eventually and set out but with our stubborn heads, we still continued the journey, we were determined to fix all that had gone sour by still making our night worth it. we  got to another point still far from our destination and our vehicle stopped , we had run out of fuel and just immediately, an incoming vehicle just in front of us dived into the bush, an accident had occurred. it was just so glaring  that GOD Almighty loved us and it was just not our time to die. Our Vehicle had stopped in the middle of a high way and we could move nowhere. Now, imagine again how we would have all ended assuming the vehicle ran into us.

This time around, my heart was in my mouth, all I could think about was how to assist the driver push the vehicle out of the road immediately before a more tragic scene occurred. We cleared, the driver crossed to assist the accident victims out of their somersaulted vehicle, two people were involved, a man and his lady, and so for the lady,' she was a woman of easy virtue'. The woman of course had a bleeding hand; we tried to stop it by tying a cloth round it, the' man' refused to come out when our driver tried to help him out. You don't want to know his reason, trust me. Lol. He said he purchased the car for 1million naira and that it was damaged that he rather remains inside and dies. hahhahhaa.

He stepped out eventually after advising him to, other incoming vehicles that had witnessed the scene stopped to assist, only to realize that the man was even a learner with a learner tag on his vehicle and luckily for him, his car wasn't so damaged. A good Samaritan volunteered to toll his car and back to my crew and I, we were still SCREWED. I looked at the time, it was already 3:27am. All efforts to get more fuel turned out fruitless.  The yeye driver began to convince us with his cool story on how we should all sleep in the vehicle. That place was a village that we couldn't even identify, to crown it all, if the villagers got to see us in our bomshorts at daybreak, they would so have to throw stones at us ehn (AS PER SHARIA), we were not on any Hijab you know. Some of these northerners ehnn.. It Eez welll

Well, we resorted to the last option of flagging down vehicles, luckily for us, another good Samaritan helped us out, he took us home and we couldn't even say a word to one another. The hangover from the ordeal left us numb. I looked at the time once more, It was 5:25am, the next day. The combo of a walk and a ride of shame was indeed a story to remember.  Would I ever forget that experience? Hell No!!!

Moral lesson: Never ignore the signs. Trust me, they are ever glaring before us.

One last thing, Stay positive people, never give up, Nigeria and the world at large is hard, that I'm so aware of; at least I'm a living witness. Lol. The try attitude would eventually pay off some day, that, I entirely believe in, brace up, worry less, laugh more and of course do have a nice day. It's your cream chick and your new friend Ellahillz, a young budding blogger who tried to nurture her infant blog but got caught up with a life as a grown up AKA a JOB… One which drains all my energy and  consumes all my time. My blog would begin to function immediately I sort things out. You can still check it out at: www., You'll be seeing more of me too. You'll love JdB a.k.a "Duru" but you'll love me more :). 

*winks* *smiles* *tongue out* #Flips hair and walks away#.

Monday, 22 June 2015

15-For-15 Challenge_Family (June post): Sunset...

Pre-Script: Hiya Gang... If you have been reading this blog since September 2014 (Don’t mind going to check gang.. I took down the Broken post already).. This might be a tad confusing.. but hey **Cleans Lone Tear and **Then wears cheeky smile.. That’s the name of the blog nah **Sniffs hehehe. I am sorry about the comments box gang.. I am reeeaalllyy sorry.. This post just had to happen Gang. I needed to strike the balance. If you read this.. Thank you.

**deep sigh… I kinda don’t know where to start writing this post from.. Or why I have to write it sef.. But what I do know is that if I try to go all ghen ghen on you guys now.. With how I feel.. Amma woefully fail.. You see gang.. That thing they say about Life being unfair ( I say this with a totally open heart).. Sometimes if feels true.. I mean think about it.. Why is it the one who gives the most that most times gets robbed or hurt?! Why do the one’s like me who love the most, most times never find love in return?! Why dos the one who is most sincere earns the least?! while the one who cuts corners rides in fancy cars and makes expensive Trips?! This is not a post for pity gang.. it’s me striking a balance.

My life is strange.. I mean people see what they can see on the surface.. but deep within me is something that cannot be explained.. I called it a "hole" at a time.. But I don’t think that’s just what it is… nnnnah! A hole best explains it… Or Is it a spiritual problem?! Are the village winchie winchies hard on my matter at Umuaka?! I guess that I will never know.. You know what Fuck it! Here goes…

Mother! Since you left its been twice as hard..Mummy, we 3 have been working so hard to turn out well.. Daddy tries, but its still hard... I mean thinking about it.. its basically being 7 years… My eyes are watery right now cause I miss you so much… We can’t say we know where you are cause nobody does..  Hours turned to days.. Days to Months.. Months to Years.. and soon it will be a decade.. Life is just fucked mum.. But I miss you sooo…  Mehn! Just like I felt in 1998.. I felt same in 2009.. I felt a part of me go away…

I sometimes remember how you would stay in your room and scabbash night after night.. Praying for our success.. Praying for the success of our home.. praying that we wouldn’t die… I vividly remember how you loved me like I was your own. How you loved Daddy and showed it without fear or rancor… How you took me to all the places I dreamt of.. How you bought me stuff only RICH Adults had back then in 2007.. How you believed in me and always asked me if your clothes matched before we left for Church every Sunday.. hehehe You wanted to Turn me into a Mai Atafo :)… How you saw only the best of things in the 3 of us.. And how you loved us and your own sooo equally.. You were our yellow rubber band Mummy.. Holding us together as a family… Why is Life so unfair Mum.. You don’t deserve any of this.

I remember when you bought me my first Pierre Cardin Jean.. Mehn it cost a fortune back then… but to you it was nothing.. As long as your “Nonso” looked good.., Then you were happy.. As long as I wore a smile.. Then you wore a smile too... Talk about a mothers love..  I remember when you said to me “Nonso.. take this and buy a new pair of Uniforms..” mehn Mum… I was dashing in **Sniff Sniff Secondary school cause of those... My rating among the ladies even stepped up a notch... I remember when I thought I had an STD for the first time and went for a test.. How when I told you the Doctors asked if I was having Sex.. You Said “No godforbid.. my Boy is well trained…” I miss you Mum.. heheheh aswear I never thought I would miss you so much.

Yesterday was madantin Mum.. and that we survived was a miracle… I just thought of my kid brother…  Of how when I took that drug outta fear.. The one that made my heart hurt so bad.. He gave me the beef from his burger and said “Junior take this.. the pain will stop..”  **my eyes just got more watery right now… the exact same words I said to him when he had a stomach pain some days before… Do I miss you both Mum.. Yes I do… Do I regret not being a better Son back then?! YeP!!! Every single day… But I promise that wherever you are.. The pain will end soon.. I promise to be bastardly rich and buy you everything you think of when I do so.. Hang in there ma.. Wherever you are.. Hang in there.. I promise to not fail you by getting some girl pregnant before I say I do… I wish you well mum.. Cause that’s all you wish us 3.

You once said to me in the kitchen while showing me an onion bulb…  You said.. “Nonso Human beings are like Onions.. hence as there is no perfect Human.. So is there no perfect Onion Bulb”.. Although back then you were referring to a role I was supposed to act at Church as a Thespian.. But now I understand it better Mum.. Now I geRRit.

P.S: Have you met the YnC gang Mum.. Hopefully you will before I stop writing.. They are the Best there is. have you met Janyl Benyl.. She is super cool... I call her Mother too cause she deserves it.

I am sorry gang.. I am really sorry.

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What's for Grub?!

Hi guys!

How are we?
Am so happy, cos am having plenty of fun. Remember I talked about taking a break? Yes ooooo! It's been 10 days of no stress, I sure needed the brake.
I wasn't sure what to write about. Some topics were popping in my head but they just didn't seem right.
I believe God answers prayers because He saw in my heart that I searched for a write up, then gbam!!! I saw it!
This is the gist, I was standing at the bus stop when something caught my attention. Some guy was cutting watermelon in bits and then he poured it into his bowl of rice, stirred it and food was ready. I was still pondering on that scene when his Friend or brother brought another plate of food, this one was rice, yam and beans. Am like "what is it with these strange food combinations?"
I stylishly held my phone above him and took the shoot:

So what's for Grub?
The importance of good food cannot be over emphasized. A Lot of us have favourites but I don't, I love good food.
However, there are sometimes when, maybe out of lack or hunger, we create strange food combinations. Don't get me wrong, cooking in it self is a creative art but when we come up with weird combinations then...I rest my case.

These are a list of some I could gather.

1. Rice and Yam and stew.
2. Semo, Eba and Egusi Soup
3. Eba and beans
4. Noodles and bread
5. Bread and pap
6. Bread and coconut
7. Yam, Eba and Vegetable soup.
8. Beans, Boiled eggs, fish and bread.

If you notice, these combinations are imbalance.
Rice and Yam??? Noodles and Bread??? Semo and Eba???
Ah ah! Hunger is not a good thing.
But then, people say they taste great!

Nos, 5 and 6 I can testify that they taste nice.
My sister suggested No 4, that was so funny. I had a good laugh but she said said it tastes good. Imagine stuffing bread with noodles and eating the combo. Whoever thought of that? And when did noodles become bread spread?

I'll link this here, everything you see around you has an origin. Someone some where thought about it, carried out the research, spent time and energy till it was created. Lets think about it.
  • Electricity
  • Computer
  • Air planes
  • Fashion, trends.
  • Food recipes
  • Cars
Even other things like;
  • sponge
  • Tooth brushes
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Skin care products

It's beautiful! The human mind. Our ideas, imaginations. It's beautiful!
Utilise your mind's capacity. All you need is you! If you can think it, you can do it.

Which of the above food list have you tasted, please be honest ooo! Or maybe you have other suggestions.

Food is good, but good food is the best.

Stay healthy guys... Stay inspired...

Much love, MariamOre.

Monday, 15 June 2015

#MyBachelorsDiary... Why the Woo?!

PRE-SCRIPT: Special shoutout to OgaBoss Victor Okoronkwo.. Mehhnn Baba I saw your ghen ghen comment of Life on my bloggerCrush’s  blog toh sure.. and I was blushing like a Tomato and shining teeth like a chimpanzee.. kai!! You  ghen ghen #YnCGang e haf learnt the special act of washing and setting oh! You guys can wash someboRRy with Ariel for Africa ehhhnnn.. kai! Victor washed me and Mariam  ehhnn.. hehehe and even put starch and join sef.. heheheh and then my day1 bae sef  nah joined him.. Diarisgodddoooo :) Thanks Gang.. You are our why aswear!

.. and that Gang was how the cookie crumbled **Crying in French… Turn uP Turn uP ladies and gentlemen.. what gwan people?! What popping?! Mehn I am on a low key kinda chill this moRRing eh.. lets just say someboRRy went to come and go and pour sand sand inside my Ijebu Garri  and just rained on my parade :(.. Well its about time that that happened though.. It was a long time coming.. I get luck say no be slap them gimme sef.. **Wears Evil grin…  How are you doing gang?! How was your weekend?! So any gist?! Huh?! Huh?! Sophie to BeaRRiful?! How was tush Turn uP Bubba?! **wears Mr. Nigeria smile?! Mmmaaa Nigggaa..  Moby koko.. Hafa nah baby mi?! We shall come over to read ya weekend Download eh! As usuall nah **Winks.. We gonna be cracked up abi?! Trust you.. :*

Okay sooooooo something crazy happened over the weekend... **takes off Confused Bracelet (and the crowd goes.. Ghen ghen).. So I had to make an appear and disappear trip to Abuja last Friday, cause I had ishe to do there.. Hence as usual nah.. when I got to Abuja the work started from 6AM -6PM.. I mean it was so bad, I couldn’t instagram or do nada.. There was no even network sef.. :(.. Oh my Abuija! Anyways by 8 pm on Saturday when the work e haf finish yeah.. I went home.. took off my legendary black laborer tee hence exposing my ghen ghen biceps and triceps and 6 packs that only a Lucky few haf seen… **Covers face… Had a shower and had dinner.. But you see ehnnnnn gang.. having that I am confused like that.. The woman wrapper in me will not lemme rest.. **Crying in Igbo... hence I took my small phone with the last surviving credit in side.. Called Ribena.. around 8 pm oh! And before you know it I was all dressed up and leaving Lugbe.. Now gang that wasn’t the Koko oh! The koko was I had to board a cab.. So cheap skate and legendary stingy koko like me who prefers to trek entered Taxi 1k.. And we were go go green.. and then bam! The Mogbe moment happened Cc. Mo! The cookie crumbled so fast that night.. I was shocked like Nepa wire… What happened?! Mehhnn gang.. I realized that the captain of the vehicle didn’t understand English.. Nor did he know where exactly ShopRite was… Nor Did I! Meeehhnnn **In amazing Erniesha’s beauRRiful, ghen ghen and Bedroom voice ehnnn.. I was… Mehnnn my heart started beating 3X faster.. My temperature was hot enough to fry plantain cause was I furious to my teeth… I mean come on!! And he charged me 1k! I mean here I was, in a land I didn’t know, with a captain that was asking me DirecSHions in Hausa.. me!! Me that does not know shinGbain in Abuja even with a Google map sef.. **Deep sigh.. Well we thank GOD oh that they didn’t not use me and do Ritual.. I thought about yall at those last hours sef **Cleans lone tear.. Meeehhhn oya lemme lie anyway I wasn’t too scared like that eh! I mean If they kuku use my head to Do Blood money ba.. na Counterfeit money go comot.. heheheh  My head is not for Ritual biko, It is for clean money.. We finally got to Shoprite and I saw Ribena.. I have to say that Ribena is an Angel. I mean in all my anger that night… She still found a reason to lighten up my heart with a warm smile… Plus even offered top pay my Taxi fare back.. Now tell me that she isn’t the One?! Oh well.. :)

So gang! The koko of today’s gist is anGRYing me seriously! I mean adongeRRit! I just don’t geRRiT.. why do ladies make smmmmaaaalll thing.. I mean small tintinli thing oh! They will turn it to bigggg thing.. I mean this maRRa of wooing abi toasting woman e haf taya me biko!  Before I get into the gist.. Please note that I haf officially giFFen up hope on dating biko… I mean I don’t haf strength for this wahala… **Wears straight face.. Come onnnnnn…  what is hard there?! What’s so difficult?! If a geh likes a guy ehhnn.. Why can she not just open her mouth and say I like you oh! I will date you oh! I will sleep with you oh! And dassaall.. I mean in my awesome Egbon Toinlicious voice… its not Rocket science nah.. It’s just a common choice to love. **Wears Angry face…

Okay since Ribena said no ehn!!! There has been anoRRa very beaRRiful geh I haf been toasting.. Plus I haf been thinking of her daily since the past 2 weeks… Kai if you see her ehn gang! Your world will pause for a bit.. and your head will turn 360.. Plus your heart will beat faster.. Lets call her Rogue. I mean Rogue can fine for Africa and United states togeRRa ehn.. Chisos! Her beauRRy can make a dead man warm again.. plus she is sexy for stateess. I haf to run.. Work e haf start :( 7:41Am And has the voice of Angels… AGAIn I reiterate that “Kai! I spent the entire last week with this geh on my mind” hehehe just in case she gets to read this.. :). I was thinking about her 247.. Calling her night by night before I go to bed with so much dedication.. Like all those Festac security men hit abi ring bells at night to scare armed robbers.. But the thing gang that shocked me was that this bae was just fronting all the way..  and when! Just when I had given up hope on her and traveled to Abuja to go work.. She sent me a green light message..

You see Gang.. I know when a geh is tripping.. Meeehnnn don’t test me oh! I haf seen far too many trippers.. AMAZINGLY AYAM STILL SINGLE.. but that a fine geh wihh be tripping and forming Agbani darego for me that is already tripping for her oH! Haba!! Regardless that it makes me want her more ehnn.. That thing can TIRE Omolomo Cc. BeauRRiful Morayo :*.. and it is just multiplying my confusion biko… I havent dated too many ladies oh.. Oya lemme count..   1, 2, 3.. and 31/2.. okay 31/2 it is.... 

Middle Script: I haf to run gang.. They are on me. Please ignore any Typos from here.. I stopped proof reading here Gang! 

But the thingy is all these 3 ghe ghe sexy and fineeee ladies ehnn.. we just met each other.. Liked each other.. and chose to love each other.. Dasaalll… I mean if  I tell you how me and a couple of them wonderful ladies I haf had in my life met ehnnn… You will go Awwwggghh (iThinkOh).. One even bought me Jack and Jill wafers and our lof begun.. So my kweshion this moRRing is simple.. Mehn ForgeRRt all the many many up and down English I wrote up.. heheh my Kweshion is WHY DO I HAVE TO WOO A GEH THAT OBVIOUSLY LIKES ME?! I mean Dear ladies.. Coming out plain doesn’t always spell desperation nah.. Me I haf Taya oh! I tell you! Abuja has Kuku suck my small green blood like Vampire.. and I don’t kuku haf liquid.. So I give up on pursuing woman biko… :( Unless I get a loan though.. ;)

Thanks for the past 7 minutes of your time.. To my Chief Time keeper.. Lily… heheheheh Bubba check it.. Today is exactly 7.. Time it.. you wihh see.. Ehen.. Sorry.. As you go int o the week ehnn Gang.. My prayer for you ehn.. is that SomeboRRy wihh not come and go and use their reggae to spoil ya Blues.. but GOD will win in every area of ya life.. remove ya hand from Bad thing sha oh!! #PastorJdBMode…

Blogger Stats:

Lily: Now first  of all go down Low.. Lily is an Amazing Blogger.. I knew this bae before she started blogging yeah.. hehehehe She was always first to comment on one ghen ghen blog.. and when I read her for the first time.. I was like Bravo Bae!! Bravo!! And trust me gang.. she hasn’t dropped the beat ever since.. But she keeps geRRing beRRa day by day.. Please check out her blog if you can guys.. Trust me.. You will love it there.

Ausserehll.. Now someRRing about this bae is that you just love to love her by default.. Plus meehhnnn she Fine.. **cleans sweat.. I mean I remember how we met on blogger… heheheh Sheread this post!  And asked if I was 18 or something.. hehehehe I mean it was so free a comment and I lovveeeddd her like money immediately.. She is just Frosh like that biko.. She is a young lady who writes about Nationalities and the life of a Married YOUNG again :) woman in Diaspora.. hehehe I mean she writes about everything.. Food oh, Family wahala oh,Will oh! Cremanting oh! love oh! She is just all shades of fun.. I tell you… And she has a smile to die for.. Please go over to her page if you can gang!

Nike!!! First of all, lemme just say that Nike is my TFA crush all time everytime.. I mean I like this babe pieces.. Gang haf you ever met somebORRy who barely standing next to her makes your heart beat 2X faster?! Well then meet Nike.. Ice.. Minus you oh! Biko! Don’t go and cast me here oh! BeRRa leave my Nike for me.. hehhehehe She is an awesome blogger and she is sooo smart that she makes smartness and wittiness seem  so effortlessly easy… If you think aYam lying gang.. Oya go to her Blog and be blown away…

A click on their names will take you there gang.. ;) Do have a Ghen ghen Week ahead.. REMOVE YA HAND from bad thing oh! :*

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD