Wednesday, 3 June 2015

... The 6th Month

Halo people........

Happyyyyyy New Month, Happy democracy, Happy half year, Happy everything worth celebrating! It's Month number 6 already. We @ YnC wish you all the very best. And to June Babies, Happy Birthday guys! We love you!

I guess it's that time in the Year when we need to sit down and evaluate ourselves. Well, this doesn't work for every individual but if you can please do.
Am not an expert in evaluation neither am i good with sticking to goals and plans but let me give some tips that i'll use myself and if you have suggestions, please post your comments.

  • Sit down with a pen and paper or any writing material:sit down is highlighted because it's important your mind is at ease enough to think.

  • Start out with the things you Said, thought, would love or wrote down to do this year.

  • Cast your mind back looking at every month since the beginning of the year if your activities were geared towards realizing your set goals. And if they were time framed, some should be done by now.

  • Write down the areas you are  making progress in and decide to begin doing something about your other Goals TODAY.

Yeah, we shouldn't be too rigid with our goal. We should be flexible, some may not be forth coming, some outcomes you may not be able to  influence. But do well to play your  part.

My advice
  • Write things down and dates. I mean everything. It's very helpful.
  • Keep growing and advancing.
  • Be happy, Smile and care for Others. Don't Forget, people and time are very Important.

Some of My Plans
  • To resign at my Job: thats done
  • To get a new Job:     partly done.
  • To reach out to more people: in progress.
  • To travel: I felt I may need a break from Lagos: I haven't been able to do this oooo. But I should travel soon God's Grace.

The little while I have spent here on blogsville has been beautiful. Thank you for being there. And Mr Duru, thanks for the opportunity. Plus I must say, this wasn't part of my plan. It just happened! But I guess it falls under me wanting to reach out. So again Be Flexible and be S.M.A.R.T with your goals.

I would like to also add that my boss Duru has been very encouraging and supportive in KIND and in CASH oooo! Lol.

**Ghen ghen DISCLAIMER: Hey! i haf die... Biko this is Duru Adolphus Obereagu Jnr's part of the story oh... #YnCgang Don't come and go and Mind Mariam oh! She is just washing me with Ariel and cold water starch... :) #ItcanonlybeGOD 

Much love people ....MariamOre.


  1. Wow that's exactly what I did oh. I re-evaluated my life at the end of last month. Good luck with the achievement of your plans girl. My prayer for you is that you get your dream job.

    Yayyyy first to comment, where's my gift?

  2. Darling...first to comment, u get a standing ovation, a BIG THANK and a big YnC shout out!
    I hope thanks good enough for a princess.
    Amen to ur prayers.
    Thanks for ur wishes...
    Have a great Month Mo' n happy anniversary.

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  4. Hmmm... Very very important. I'm just happy seeing everyone around me buckling up to better theirselves, no more procrastinating or lazying around. This has triple activated my energy. Thanks for this piece.

    1. Adenike thanks. Yea n am happy because u sound charged up to hit ur targets.wish u well dear.
      I thank God also dat d people around u r ghen ghen people.
      Cheers dear.

  5. Hmmmnnn... Mariam... biko how come ya Brain works fine fine while my own is too slow and playful?! I need to get serious with my life... ehmmm.. **thinking... scratches head... Nahhhh... Biko I like my confusions like that...

    You know ehn Bubba... life is teaching this er years D months and 21 days old younf and confused man that there is something powerful about writing out our aspirations... I mean it's miraculous that when we keep our dreams in our head ba... they are only wishes... but then when we write them down.. they become goals... Nice one Mariam... this was a very ghen ghen read... Insha Allah yeah, we are gonna celebrate the new Job eh!!! me I want Domino's Pizza oh!!! Hot one.. **winks...

    Keep dreaming Mariam... Keep slaying Bubba... cheers...

    Sent from my BedRoom... :)

  6. Mr Duru, surprisingly I always av to extra think of what to reply u.
    1stly, u r not unserious n confused as u like to say of ur self. U r just a free young man in pursuit of meaning, happiness and purpose.
    Dreams r wishes not only when u keep them in ur head but also when u do nothing about them n also when they r totally unrealistic.
    N d pizza, when d job comes. I may put that in my budget.
    Am not much of a dreamer bro, I am only passionate about the Lord, Life and People.
    Sent from ur bedroom.... u r just so hilarious!
    All d best.

  7. Even as I look back at the last six months, I don't dwell on it much. My mind and whole being is to reach my goals I have set for my self before I go for service in November.. I pray God help me. The long and extra hours at work must pay off to make way for something bigger! Btw Duru must you shook that your Spongebob, square pants head in every post on YnC?.. better CLEAN that your cancel cancel off this beautiful normal post you hear *raised eyebrow*. Hope you know am not afraid of you.. LOL

  8. Hi Rella. If it's a prayer, the Lord will surely help you reach those goals. N most times, hard work always pays off on d long run. So keep at it n u will see d fruit of it n be glad at the outcome.
    However, the good thing about looking back is dat it puts u on track par adventure you have lost track somewhere along the line. It will also help u follow up on ur progress n encourage u to keep going.
    As for Service, God's Favour all d way!
    About Duru, spnge bob is d exact I was going to tell in same. Stay off my post o!
    Alright babe's, more grace n happy working!

  9. ...Write things down- that crossed my mind yesterday. Lord is this a sign? lol. RME.
    Well done Mariam.

  10. Hi @ Lord is this a sign? It's not only a sign, it's a confirmation! Lol.
    Thanks dear. So write dem down ooo! Biko!
    Much love.

  11. Hi Clad. Thanks for your comment. It put a big smile on my face. You're amazing too...
    Thanks for checking in.